Rui sits up on his bed black lines forming on his forehead, why did Bai Chiyu come to his house, “Why are you here?”

    “I have been unable to reach you on your phone and there is a major problem with the construction of the new wing.”

    His voice is tinged with annoyance,“That’s no reason to intrude into my bedroom. Go downstairs and wait for me.”

     “Yes Dr. Qiao.” Normally she wouldn’t be this bold but she wanted to see him desperately. When she heard the butler ask the maid to take the tea before the maid  could grab the tray Bai Chiyu had taken it up the stairs.

    Fuck! He goes to his walk in closet and puts on pair of black athletic pants and a white long sleeved cotton shirt.

    Bai Chiyu waits for him in his living room sitting on the couch. The construction delay wasn’t why she came, she rushed over after she heard a rumor at the hospital this morning he married Wang Rebecca! It was an impulsive move on her part but seeing him without his clothes makes her more determined to climb into his bed.

    Rui comes down the stairs into the living room, “What was so urgent you needed to disturb me at home?”

    “The construction company we are using is being pressured from Zangwa Construction. They are blocking the delivery of the steel beams Gong Construction ordered. They can’t continue until they receive them from Fang Steel in Chiyun City.

     Gong Sinian tried to resolve the problem but was ineffective, maybe you should have used Zangwa Construction ” Her cousin works for Zangwa Construction and she tried to persuade Qiao Rui at the time but he was against it.

    “ Chiyu I don’t need an assistant to second guess my decisions. Keep that in mind if you want to keep your job. I have my reasons for using Gong Construction. I will make a call.”

    “I’m sorry Dr. Qiao it won’t happen again.” Bai Chiyu can feel the chilliness emanating from him why did she say that! Looking around she doesn’t see Wang Rebecca or any luggage. “That was the only urgent matter. When will you be coming into the office there are several documents that need your attention.”

    “I’m still on vacation until next week I will only be checking on a couple patients, I can stop by the office tomorrow. I will email you when this is settled about the steel beams.”

    That’s right she heard Feng LiMei left the hospital this morning without being discharged, she had forgotten after hearing he was getting married. Is she one of the patients? She is going to feel him out, “Dr. Qiao speaking of your patients Feng LiMei left the hospital this morning without being officially discharged.”

    “Feng LiMei? The girl that was poisoned?” Why would Dr. Woo’s relative leave without being fully recovered. “Call Dr. Woo to inform him. Anything else?”

    “…” Dr. Qiao sounds like his usual icy and  detached self, Feng LiMei must not mean anything to him. “No.”

    “Expect an email later this afternoon about the building materials. Don’t call me I will be unavailable the rest of the day.”

    “I will be leaving then.” Bai Chiyu leaves his house thinking the rumors about his marriage can’t be true.

    After she leaves he calls his elderly butler into the room, “What were you thinking allowing my assistant to come upstairs? I don’t want to be disturbed the rest of the day.”

    The elderly butler knows not to try to explain that woman was gone with the tea before he had a chance to stop her. Women! “Young master my apologies it won’t happen again.”

    “En.” Rui walks up the stairs to his bedroom laying down on the bed rubbing his temples, dammit, he will make some calls after he sleeps to take care of the construction problems. He closes his eyes and soon is sound asleep.

     In LiMei’s apartment she gets some instant noodles out of the cupboard, opening the fridge there is still quite a bit of food Henri Armand bought her last week.

    Before she left for Shingu Island she had frozen all the meat, removing a package of steak she will let it thaw to eat  for her dinner. 

     Opening a bottle of juice she sighs as she pulls the top off the instant noodles placing it into the microwave. Maybe she can borrow Du Chang’s phone when he gets out of school to make some calls.

    Ding..ding.. the timer on the microwave goes off,  LiMei removes the steaming noodles. Putting the steaming container under her nose she sighs as she takes a whiff, “Ahh,, this is going to be very tasty.

     She grabs her chopsticks and sits at her little wooden table in the corner by the kitchen. Happily she begins slurping up the noodles when there is a knock at the door. Who could be at the door I barely got home a half hour ago.

    “LiMei it is me Chang!”

    “Chang?” She opens the door dragging him in by his arm, “Hurry up! My noodles will get mushy.”

     She sits back down slurping up the hot noodles, with a mouthful she says, “How did you know I was home?”

     “I was coming home from school we have a half day today and I saw you paying a taxi. I would have come up sooner but Grandma called me in to eat lunch.”

     Sooner? LiMei laughs to herself he is so cute!

     “LiMei where did you go this weekend? You were supposed to come to my swim meet,  I waited for you to show up. Why didn’t you call me? I left a million texts for you!”

     She can hear the hurt in his voice, “ Little brother, I meant to call you but I had to go to Shingu Island for work unexpectedly and I didn’t have the chance to call you then I left my phone somewhere.

     Speaking of which can I use your phone to make a few calls? Get me another juice out of the refrigerator, get one for yourself too.”

     “ You lost the expensive phone the Old Man gave you?” He was envious when the old man doctor gave her such an excellent one.

     LiMei almost spits out her noodles, “Brat! I told you not to call him Old Man!” She doesn’t think now is the time to tell Du Chang she isn’t going to see Qiao Rui anymore.

     “I think my coworker has it give me your phone now I will call her”, she wipes her mouth with her sleeve. LiMei walks over to her little desk she wrote everyone’s phone number in her notebook after she lost her last phone.

     Du Chang hands her the phone, “LiMei can I finish your noodles if you are done eating?”

     “No, I’m still hungry grab yourself one out of the cupboard.”

    He sees the steak thawing on the counter, “Hey LiMei you never made me that dinner you promised me either, how about you invite me tonight?”

    “Fine..fine take another steak out of the freezer.” She feels guilty for making plans and breaking them. Her body is still weak but a nap should perk her up after she makes these calls. “Quiet now I am calling my coworker.”

     He puts the noodles into the microwave ignoring her words, “LiMei how long..” LiMei quickly says, “ the package.”

    Nuying answers the phone she is expecting a call about a bid before her meeting with Chen Jianyu about the Shingu Resort. “Hello Han Nuying.”

    “Miss Han this is Feng LiMei. I was wondering if you picked up my purse from the conference room in the Grand Reef Hotel?”

     “Miss Feng how are you feeling Chen Jianyu told me you were hospitalized.”

    “Much better thank you for asking. I will call CEO I would like to return to work tomorrow.”

    Han Nuying pities Feng LiMei she isn’t sure if CEO Chen will accept her back after what happened with Leng Shuai. She won’t get involved. “Miss Feng I did take your purse from the conference room, would you like me to have a courier bring it to your home?”

     “Oh Miss Han that would be great! Thank you so much!’ She was thinking she would need to go get it.

     “When I return home I will send it over immediately Give me your address.”

     While LiMei gives her the address Han Nuying is entering a meeting with Chen Jianyu and a woman representing the architectural firm Clear Sky. “Miss Feng it should arrive about four o’clock.”

    “Thank you Han Nuying I certainly will repay this favor. “

     After LiMei gets off the phone with Han Nuying she decides to wait to call Chen Jianyu she could hear him in the background talking to someone.

     He most likely is too busy to take her call. Next she should call the Kitchen Manager she dials the Crescent Moon Hotel. “Could you connect me to the kitchen?’

    While she is on hold she walks over and slaps Du Chang’s hand he is eating the last of her candy she was saving for later.

      He looks up at her with a wronged expression then puts the last piece of chocolate back whispering, “Stingy.”

    LiMei gives him a look about to say something when the call is connected, “Kitchen Manager it is Feng LiMei. I wondered what shifts I have this week?”

    “Feng LiMei let me see.” He walks over to the schedule on the wall. “You are scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Sunday but there is a big banquet on Friday night could you work it? 

     The banquet manager is short on servers you will be paid double time and the tip to the group of servers should be large.”

     “Of course!” LiMei’s eyes light up she has worked banquets before and the compensation is usually at least 4,000 yuan.

     “LiMei you will need to pick up the special banquet uniform on Thursday night when you work don’t forget to remind me.”

     “I will see you on Thursday six o’clock!”

     The Kitchen Manager hangs up he really likes LiMei’s cheery personality, for a beautiful girl she is humble and very hard working. That is probably why the Banquet Manger asked him specifically if Feng LiMei would be available to work the banquet on Friday night.

     “Last call Chang,  I need to call my boss at Hushang Group to make sure I still have a job.” She isn’t sure if the  stupid tyrant has forgiven her for disturbing the meeting on Friday.

      Once again she grits her teeth thinking about Leng Shuai. Barely audible she mutters, “Leng Shuai I will make your life miserable if you keep bothering me.”

    In his suite Leng Shuai sneezes who could be talking about him. His phone rings it is Fan Nuan. “Shuai I am about to start the meeting with CEO Chen about the Shingu Resort is there anything else you want me to included in the contract? I had the lawyer draw it up according to your wishes.”

      She is trying to reign in her attitude so he will fly back to Hirachi City for her one woman art show.  When he  demanded she fly to Pushong to handle the initial meeting with Hushang Group she readily agreed.

    “No make the meeting brief I need you to come to my hotel I want to discuss a matter with you afterwards. I booked you a room here also it is the best hotel in Pushong City. The Crescent Moon Hotel”

    “Shuai I have a meeting with my agent afterwards can we have a dinner meeting?”

    “No, change your meeting with your agent.”

    Fan Nuan has no choice but to agree it is impossible to say no to this overbearing man. “I will be over after the meeting.”

     Leng Shuai hangs up, Jason hands him a stack of papers, “The elite families of Pushong City have a complicated relationship between them do you really want to get involved.”

    “Did you arrange the banquet for Friday night?”

    “I did.”

    “Did you make sure Feng LiMei will be working it?”

    “I just got off the phone with the Banquet Manager and she will be one of the servers.”

    “Good. Very good.” Leng Shuai has a gleam in his eyes as he picks up paper on the top of the stack, he smiles sending shivers down Jason’s back.

     The meeting between the Hushang Group and Clear Sky Architectural Firm took less than an hour they negotiated a few of the details of the contract but it was within both parties expectations.

     Fan Nuan comes out of the meeting impressed with Chen Jianyu she had never met him before but his reputation as an outstanding man is well deserved.

      He has the same cold and aloof aura as Leng Shuai but doesn’t appear on the surface have the vicious streak. He is tall, handsome,  rich and brilliant he definitely deserves to be considered one of the golden bachelors of Pushong City.

     Chen Jianyu walks out of the meeting with Fan Nuan. He walks to Han Nuying’s side after Fan Nuan leaves, “Nuying I think she will be easy to work with on this project I don’t know why I was skeptical about the collaboration.”

    “Miss Fan is quite beautiful and a renowned artist. I heard she is just the face of the company though the main architect is not as amiable.”

     “I guess we will have to wait and see how it goes from here.”

     Chen Jianyu’s phone rings as they are walking along the hallway from the conference room, “Speak.”

    “Ah..Ah CEO Chen? This is Feng LiMei.” She is gripping the phone tightly she really wants to keep her job even if she needs to suck up to him.

     “Yes.” She better apologize for not contacting him sooner or she can kiss her job with the Hushang Group good bye.

    “Can I return to work tomorrow?”

    “Don’t you have something else to say to me?”

     LiMei doesn’t feel it was her fault Leng Shuai busted into the conference room disrupting the meeting then abducting her but she wants this job. “You didn’t let me finish.” Stupid tyrant he wants an apology I can tell


    “I’m sorry about the interruption caused by Leng Shuai he won’t be bothering anymore.”

   “What else?”

    What else is there? “Hmmm..I think that is it. Oh, I will dress appropriately when I come back to work.”

   “…” How about your rude behavior before Leng Shuai took you away! Pinching me, reprimanding me! 

     Well I will teach her a lesson when she comes back to work. “Very well be here at nine o’clock promptly in the morning.”

    “Thank you CEO Chen! See you in the morning!”

    Chen Jianyu is satisfied with her sincerity thanking him.

    LiMei hangs up the phone errr.. having to say sorry..thank you..err..but maybe I  can get transferred back to the accounting department soon. I will bear with his insufferable personality until that happens.

    “Thanks Chang, I’m sleepy I am going to take a nap. Come back at seven o’clock I think we can still grill the steaks on the patio don’t you?”

    “Yeah the nights haven’t been too cold yet. I will bring some homemade hot cider from Grandma’s house.”

    “That sounds delicious, okay scoot now!”

    After Du Chang leaves LiMei flops down on the bed she can hardly keep her eyes open.

     She pulls her plushie onto her chest, “At least I still have my jobs and Han Nuying will send my purse back with my phone and ID in it. Yeah!” She tosses the stuffed bear up then catches it in her slender arms, tomorrow will be a fresh start again, she closes her eyes hugging the soft bear as she dozes off.

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