Meng QiQi

Kuang Bo lounges on the black Italian leather couch in Zangwa Yan’s mansion he took from him when he couldn’t pay his loans, looking at his laptop. Glancing around the room at the opulent furnishings he laughs, these elite people only worry about their image. 

     If that pathetic weak man had sold the mansion and these paintings he could have eliminated his debt. No, he would rather leave to go abroad to avoid public humiliation for having to liquidate his assets.

    Looking at the financial report on the computer he frowns, his investment in Wang Electronics is in jeopardy. Wang Che told him the deal with Qiao Corporation would be finalized on Friday but he has heard rumors Leng Enterprises wants to gain control of the company with a hostile takeover.

     He hates Leng Shuai for standing in his way time and again. Kuang Bo is still seething over the merchandise he stole being taken back by him. The theft was his retaliation for Leng Shuai’s interference on the purchase of the Shingu Resort land. 

     Why is that arrogant entitled bastard fucking in Pushong City disrupting his plans! His eyes narrow, “Scorpion get in here.” I need to find his weakness to make him suffer, I can’t kill him or I will have the entire Underworld on my back.

    The bastard is revered as the Master’s heir, possessing the black jade amulet.{Leng Shuai actually is still looking for it but everyone believes him to have it in his possession. Until the meeting of the Old Men on New Year’s no one can question him.}

    Scorpion is in the kitchen  eating noodles he drops his chopsticks to run out to see what Kuang Bo needs. “Yeah boss?” Kuang Bo looks up Scorpion has grease all over his face very disgusting. “Wipe your fucking face off you slob.”

    Scorpion quickly uses his sleeve to wipe his face.

    “…” Kuang Bo grimaces he has an obsession with cleanliness, “Next time find a napkin.”

    “What did you need?”

    “Did you find the woman Leng Shuai was with in the private room at the Black Lotus Club?” Leng Shuai possibly has a relationship with the woman and he could use her against him. 

     None of his research on Leng Shuai shows he has any interest in women at all, if she was with him she might be important to him. Rumors consistently swirl around him that he is gay, but that could be to hide his relationship with that woman.

    Scorpion is thinking she was more like an agile little girl but I’m not going to tell him that.“Not yet, there isn’t much to go on to find her. I had someone check his employees, I thought she was his bodyguard but he doesn’t employ any women.”

   “Why would you think she was a bodyguard?”

    “Ah well no reason I guess cause she didn’t seem afraid in the situation. She might have been drunk though.” {Scorpion is sweating yeah I thought she was his bodyguard cause she took three grown men out with ease!}

   Kuang Bo studies Scorpion’s face he trained him he can tell there is more to the story than he relayed to him. He looks nervous and is sweating, what happened in that room ?

  It is obvious Scorpion changed the scenario when he reported to him last night.

   “What about the recording from the private room you discovered, anything there?”

   “There was no audio, and the video is not good whoever placed it in the room had it at a bad angle. I have someone trying to read their lips to at least get her name.”

    Kuang Bo is surprised Scorpion would think of using a lip reader, “Let me know when you have information I can use.”

   “Will do… but Boss..? ”Should he confess the girl disarmed him by reacting to the technique Kuang Bo taught him at the Black Sky?

   When he thought about the situation it was if she knew what his next move would be and countered it instictively. No he better not, it will make him appear  inept and it has taken two years to get to the position he is in next to Kuang Bo’s side.


    “Did you want to eat Rosa is worried she said you didn’t have lunch.” Rosa is his personal chef, she is part of the Organization but loyal to Kuang Bo.

    She has been in love with him since she was first sold to the Organization from the corrupt orphanage in which she was raised. 

     He sent her to Paris to Culinary School after convincing his brother he needed a reliable cook.  It would be more convenient and safer to prevent anyone attempting to poison him. 

That line of reasoning made sense to Kuang Fu so he agreed at the time.

    Kuang Bo felt sorry for the tiny orphan when she came to the Black Sky she was undernourished and  her young body was frail. She was about sixteen but had the body of a twelve year old girl. Her thin physique gave her a vulnerable appearance as though  she would snap like a twig if they attempted to train her as an assassin. 

     Rosa’s big brown eyes softened his heart towards her situation they contained a certain sadness, he could relate to her look of despair.

   “No I’m going out.”

   Rosa comes out of the kitchen worried Kuang Bo hasn’t been eating much at his last few meals, “ Mr. Kuang you aren’t going to eat? I made a Western style lunch that you like.”

   Walking  over to where she is standing he affectionately pats her on her head, “Rosa, I need to go out I should have had Scorpion tell you.”

   Rosa looks up at him her eyes full of affection, “Mr. Kuang, will you be home for dinner?”

   “Probably not, you can have the night off.”

   She bows her voice not revealing her disappointment, “Thank you Mr. Kuang.”

  Frowning she stares at him as  he walks away. He has  been very  busy he seldom eats at home. She thought since they moved into this mansion he would be home more often. 

     She twists the dish towel in her hands wondering  who he is meeting with tonight, a woman? He was muttering that damn girl’s name in his sleep when he dozed off on the couch earlier.

    Rosa was never as happy as when she heard Qin Daiyu escaped from Back Sky. He hasn’t looked for her either he must have been hurt badly by her betrayal. 

     That monster of a brother of his Kuang Fu beat him unmercifully when that horrible selfish girl escaped. Kuang Bo took the blame for the failed mission and secretly prevented people from looking for her location.

   She likes to hear about him so she befriended Scorpion for information. As Rosa leaves she looks back at him, thinking Kuang Bo is incredibly handsome, if I could be your woman I would take care of you never hurting you.

    Scorpion wonders if Kuang Bo needs him if not he could take Rosa to a movie or something.“Should I go with you? I can have Otto send the information when they get it.”

    “No. You won’t be needed the rest of the day.”

    Scorpion knows not to ask further, the Boss seems to lead two lives, when he changes his face masks Scorpion can’t even recognize Kuang Bo so he doesn’t fear anyone recognizing him. 

     He only takes two hidden guards, also with the voice changing modulator he can pretend to be from any country. Scorpion looks up to Kuang Bo with admiration, he is unbelievable the way he can blend in any situation like a fucking chameleon.

    After he checking his financial records Kuang Bo closes his laptop he has finally decided his final course of action to leave the Black Sky Organization. It has taken him two years but he is very close to realizing his dream of leaving that life behind. 

     His hands behind his head he leans back on the couch  stretching out his long legs, muttering to himself “Soon it will be time to find you Daiyu.”

    Drinking a sip of mineral water he  then goes to the upstairs bedroom, Henri Armand has an appointment with Chen Huan about his latest drama.

    Cautiously he makes sure the door is securely locked, on the outside there is a retinal scanner only he can enter his bedroom. He doesn’t trust anyone to know his true appearance.

    Kuang Bo walks to the mirror peeling off his mask looking forward to the day he won’t have to wear one anymore.

      It will be a clean start no one knows his face besides his brother Fu, he will be eliminated as a threat by then and Daiyu, she will be his wife.

    When the mask is off he enters the bathroom turning on the shower thinking about Qin Daiyu he hasn’t looked for her because he is afraid his brother might get wind of her location. He is patiently waiting until he is completely free from the Black Sky before he searches.

    She will be safer without him knowing her whereabouts. His brother Fu  is clever and he knows he has people spying on his movements from within his inner circle.

    Kuang Bo showers laughing to himself how gullible people are all they see is money and status. Since he has been at the mansion no one has even questioned how he was able to purchase Zangwa Yan’s home.

    Living at the mansion as Henri Armand no one suspects he is the international criminal Kuang Bo. They fawn all over him when they come to visit complimenting him on his latest Fall Collection of Henri Couture.

    He washes his taut body if they could see these scars on my chest wouldn’t they be in for a shock. If Qiao Rui hadn’t saved me that day I would already be dead, that is why I will never touch him or the Qiao Corporation.

    Finishing his shower he walks to the closet picking out a gray suit and a white shirt, Daiyu always said he looked the most handsome wearing a crisp white shirt and gray suit.

    He wishes he had a photograph of her but of course it would be dangerous to have her picture with him. Tying his tie he looks in the mirror time to put on his Henri Armand face. 

     He takes it out of his specially designed case hidden in the wall, smirking at the masks Uncle Xingi crafted especially for him, besides Daiyu only that eccentric man is in his heart. Xingi is a genius these masks are incredibly real looking.

    Once he is finished he goes downstairs, Rosa is peeking out from the kitchen watching him leave he must be Henri Armand now he doesn’t look like her Kuang Bo.

    Rosa daydreams maybe is she had a face mask that resembled that witch Daiyu he would fall in love with her. The only time she saw him get close to a woman since Qin Daiyu left was a girl with a similar face.

    Following  him to the Black Lotus Club one evening hoping she could watch him she wasn’t able to get into the club. Tje man in the front told her to scram because she wasn’t pretty enough. He laughed at her then called her scrawny ridiculing her she had no assets. So she waited outside across the street until he left the club.

   He was laughing with a young girl whose face and body resembled Qin Daiyu only her blonde hair was short and she had blue eyes. She couldn’t wait too much longer when they went into a small restaurant to eat she had to go home or there would be no taxis.

    Then next day she heard him call for groceries to be delivered to the same girl. Would she be able to get a face mask like Qin Daiyu. Maybe Scorpion could get her one from that wierdo man when they go to Cambodia to the compound next week.

   Chen Huan calls Kang Jin, “Are you free? I have a dinner meeting with Henri Armand, aren’t you the spokesperson for his athletic wear line?

    “I am his main model, but I have a dinner commitment at eight.”Shit I forgot to call Meng QiQi,  Shuai wants her to attend I wonder if she is busy tonight.

    “We are meeting at six do you want to join us?”

   “I can meet for drinks at seven before the dinner party, can I bring a date?”

   “Of course, who is she?”

    “You don’t know her she is new in town she is coming with me to the dinner party.” {I hope she is coming with me, Shuai said to be sure and bring her because Feng LiMei would be there.} 

    “We are eating at my new restaurant, Chef Chu’s it is located about three blocks down from the Crescent Moon Hotel. The bar is spectacular we can meet you there at seven.”

    “Chef Chu’s okay see you then at seven.”

   Kang Jin calls Meng QiQi, “Meng QiQi it’s Kang Jin do you want to meet Chen Huan for drinks then go with me to a dinner party?”

    Meng QiQi is doing her fingernails, Chen Huan THE CHEN HUAN? The golden bachelor? OMG she is so happy she got her nerve up and called Kang Jin to watch her University production. He is a famous star and knows so many rich men! Leng Shuai, now Chen Huan!

   She puts down the red nail polish trying to be calm, “Yes of course but I don’t know if I have anything proper to wear.”

   He breathes a sigh of relief he could tell Shuai wanted to surprise Feng LiMei with her high school friend. “Don’t worry about it I will send a driver to pick you up to take you to a Salon, then I will pick you up at six thirty. Oh yeah and Feng LiMei will be there.”

    Meng QiQi doesn’t want to sound ignorant but who is Feng LiMei? Should she know her? She furrows her brow trying to think of a celebrity with that name. Hmmm…what should she say… okay, “Looking forward to it.” No matter who this woman is ..she, Meng QiQi will be surrounded by rich handsome men tonight!

   “Thank you Kang Jin for your invitation.”

    “What is your address for the driver?”

   “575 Chestnut Ave. Have him call I will come down.”

   “I will inform him.”

    Meng QiQi is embarrassed she lives in a small rundown hostel with a girl she knew from the music department at University. Luckily he is sending a driver and won’t see her sad circumstances. 

    She spins around smiling, this might be her chance to hug a golden thigh which is why she wanted to be an actress in the first place. 

    Chen Huan he is unbelievably handsome and! If she can make a good impression on him maybe he will let her in the back door to his Hushang Entertainment.

   Her roommate  Dongting comes out of the bathroom ,”Why are you so excited QiQi?”

   She can’t contain her excitement she pulls Dongting onto the bed, “You aren’t going to believe this but I am going to drinks and dinner with Kang Jin! What is even better it is with CHEN HUAN!”

   Dongting looks at her with her eyes wide open, “How do you know Kang Jin?”

    “I went to the same high school as he did he was a couple years ahead of me. Then I invited him to see me in that play at school.”

    “He is interested in you?”Dongting can barely conceal her jealousy she is a singer and has tried to get an audition for Hushang Entertainment’s Fresh Faces Variety Show but has been rejected twice.

    “Why wouldn’t he be interested in me I’m gorgeous!” She smiles smugly.

     “…” One thing Meng QiQi doesn’t lack is self confidence especially since that old man paid for her to get her plastic surgery on her eyelids and nose.

    “He is sending a car for me to go to the Salon!”

   Dongting looks at Meng QiQi she is a below average talent who got the role in the school play by being ruthless. Spreading lies about the other girl who was up for the part then finally using her body. If she didn’t have sex with the director she wouldn’t have got the role. 

    Her voice is filled with annoyance, “I need to go to work. Be sure and lock the door when you leave you forgot to yesterday. We don’t have much but I don’t want it stolen.”

  Meng Qiqi is so vain she doesn’t notice Dongting is upset.“I will.”  After her roommate leaves she has a disgusted look on her face as she glances around the shabby room, it would be great to have it all stolen. Then maybe her cheap parents would give her money to.move into a better area.

    Well no worries she will be rich soon enough! She lays back on the bed  holding her good luck plushie while kicking her long legs up in the air, “Yes!”

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