Meeting Part 2

Leng Shui and Kang Jin  have been discussing his next movie project in the private room. They have worked out most of the details when Kang Jin recommends an actress for the lead female character. “Jin who is Meng QiQi I haven’t heard of her before. This is my company’s first venture into the film industry that is why I contacted you because of your talent and popularity. 

     I believe we need an actress with name recognition to be cast opposite you. ”

    “She is a fresh face I have known her since high school, but you can rest assured her acting skills are every bit as good as Xia Linxue’s who i heard your production team is considering. 

     Look at this clip on my phone it is from a local production Meng QiQi invited me to see. After I read the script your team sent to my manager she came to mind as the perfect girl to play Amanda. Here I will send the clip to your phone right now and you can watch it.”

    A scantily dressed woman in a short red dress enters the room with the food Leng Shuai ordered. “Is there anything else you gentlemen require?” She was surprised they only ordered food and wine no girls.

     It is unusual for men to come here only to have a meeting without entertainment and the person who paid her to drug the man in the navy blue suit made it clear it is only an aphrodisiac. He paid her double what she usually gets paid saying he needed photographs for blackmail.

    Could he be in a homosexual relationship with the handsome younger man next to him? 

     She pours the wine for them making sure Leng Shuai has the drugged glass. It must be an expensive aphrodisiac it merely needs to coat the rim of the glass not actually be put in the wine so no one else will be affected. 

     When he gave her the vial her told her the drug is clear, odorless and won’t start working for an hour so she will not be suspected.

    When Kang Jin heard her coming into the room he immediately pulled up his face mask so not to reveal his identity. 

     Leng Shuai doesn’t like unfamiliar women next to him so as soon as she set it down he sneers at her, “Scram.” 

     She hesitates what if he doesn’t drink from the glass she put the drug onto maybe she should  have coated both of them. He sees she hasn’t left, “I said scram!”

    “I’m sorry I was looking at the dishes I think I forgot to bring the crab dumplings you requested.”

  Impatient for her to leave her perfume is too strong he asks Kang Jin,  “Is this enough food? I ate earlier.”

     Kang Jin replies,“It all looks good we don’t need more.”

    Leng Shuai waves at the woman to leave after she exits the room he continues, “Back to what we were discussing, if you have confidence in this girl she can attend the audition. I will look at the clip later.”

    Down the hallway LiMei is looking at the door numbers, which one did he say? Delun was talking to me and I was distracted. I think it was 3409, well I will knock if it isn’t then it was probably 3049… She knocks on the door.”I’m here.”

   Sun Yichen and Zangwa Yan are both naked as are the women they paid to accompany them tonight. Inside the room Angie and two of the women on the bed with Sun Yichen he is moaning as he fondles Angie’s breasts and a voluptuous woman is satisfying him with her mouth. 

     Zangwa Yan and the other three women are at a glass table snorting cocaine watching the scene on the bed.

     No one is paying attention to the knocking on the door they are all high from the sex and drugs. LiMei tries the door maybe they are talking and can’t hear her at the door.

    She opens it no one seems to notice her enter, she gasps, “Oh my God!” She hurriedly shuts the door. What the hell! Her phone is ringing she fumbles to answer it as she runs down the hallway, turning around to make sure no one came out after her she answers the phone. It is Leng Shuai, she doesn’t want to tell him she went to the wrong room, “I’m almost there what is the room nimber again?

   “3049. Why do you sound out of breath.”

    In an irritated tone she answers,“I was rushing to get here on time what do you think.” She shakes her head trying to get the image of all those ugly naked people out of her head, Ughhh! “I am right down the hallway I will be right there.” LiMei hangs up and hurries down to room 3049 and knocks, “It’s me Feng LiMei.”

   “Come in.”

   She rushes in then grabs a wine glass and drinks it down…what she just witnessed… so disgusting!”

    Both Leng Shuai and Kang Jin have strange looks on their faces staring at her, LiMei sets down the glass she turns around to get Leng Shuai another empty glass from the counter, “Sorry I was really thirsty.” Is that why they are staring at her right now, she took his wine glass?

    Leng Shuai is the first to come to his senses,“Feng LiMei what the hell are you wearing?”

    She looks down at her dress, “What do you mean? I wore this last…” She stops mid sentence when she realizes Kang Jin is sitting there, “Your meeting is with Kang Jin?” She thought he needed her as his date to disguise the fact he is gay, Kang Jin probably already is aware of that fact.

    Leng Shuai’s face darkens the dress barely covers her slender thighs, and with that white fur jacket she looks like an innocent little bunny. 

     She came strolling through this Club dressed in this skimpy outfit the girl is a complete idiot! She is lucky she made it through the Club to the room without being eaten.

    Kang Jin coughs, “LiMei it is just that your dress is a little revealing.”

   “I thought Leng Shuai needed me to be his date tonight.”

   Leng Shuai bursts out laughing, “Why would I need a little girl like you to be my date?”

    LiMei’s face turns red as she clenches her fists together at her side , what an asshole he is embarrassing me in front of my idol. ‘What did you need me for then?”

    “Kang Jin knows you work for me and asked me to bring you to this meeting. He said you know the woman he is recommending for his next movie.”

    LiMei is thinking this is the first time she is glad she met Leng Shuai, her eyes sparkle as she looks at Kang Jin. “ Huh?” How would she know any actresses.

    Before she can say anything else Kang Jin’s phone rings, he puts his finger up for her to wait a minute this is rather a secret meeting since he still needs to complete his work with the Hushang Entertainment Company. He looks at Leng Shuai, “Excuse me it is my agent.”

   He walks to the other side of the room, “I am in a meeting with someone right now I came after the expo.”

    His agent explains Chen Huan wants him to meet him at the Black Lotus Club. “I could do that in about fifteen minutes I’m at that Club now. Let me finish up.”

   “Who are you meeting I don’t see it on the calendar?”

   “I will tell you when the details are worked out, I think it is a good opportunity for me.”

   “ Don’t overextend yourself you are hot right now and need to make the right choices so don’t make any commitments without my approval. 

     You were just picked as the signature model for Henri Armand’s new line of designer men’s sportswear. You need to fly to Paris next week remember. Go home and rest early you have a photo shoot in the morning.”

   “Okay.” He hangs up the phone, Leng Shuai and LiMei are arguing about something over on the couch he sees LiMei pouring another glass of wine and Leng Shuai holding her hand on the glass.

    He wonders what their relationship is he thought she was his girlfriend but LiMei doesn’t seem to like him very much.

    When he approaches LiMei takes her hand out of Leng Shuai’s glaring at him then looks at Kang Jin with a bewitching smile, “Who is the actress? I work at Hushang Group not in the Entertainment division so I don’t know any of the actresses.”

    “She isn’t from Hushang she has no affiliation right now you went to High School with her, Meng QiQi.”

    LiMei jumps up from the couch excitedly asking, “Meng QiQi? She is an actress? You know her?”

    “I recently met her again then watched a couple University productions in which she was the second female lead.” Kang Jin thinks LiMei looks adorable she is blushing probably from the wine she gulped down and her beautiful green eyes are shining. A light fragrance drifts towards him which is intoxicating. 

    Maybe he should ask her to come meet Chen Huan with him, no Leng Shuai won’t let her come he will just need to create more opportunities to see her in the future.

    For some reason he wants LiMei to have a connection to him that is why when Meng QiQi contacted him he went to see her performance knowing she was an old friend of LiMei’s. If he helps Meng QiQi maybe LiMei will come work for him as his assistant.

    He looks at his watch, “Shuai can we continue this discussion on Wednesday? My agent called and as you know I am currently working on a drama for Hushang Group, Chen Huan needs to meet with me he happens to be here at the Club tonight also.”

    “I will look at Meng QiQi’s clip and tell you what I think.”


     “Wait Kang Jin would you give Meng QiQi my phone number so she can call me? I gave it to you on the plane didn’t I?”

     “Yes you did I will give it to her, also if you look at your fan site I sent some pictures for you.”

    “You did? I haven’t had a chance to update anything lately I will check it out when I get home thanks so much Kang Jin.”

     “LiMei I told you to call me Jin.” His smile is blinding as he flicks her forehead.

      She blushes for a male idol he is very down to earth and approachable, “Jin, please let me repay you with a lunch call me when you have free time.”

     Kang Jin smiles as he is walking towards the door, “You have my Wechat let me know when is good for you to meet.”

    LiMei sighs watching him leave then spins around forgetting Leng Shuai is there.

    Leng Shuai rolls his eyes could her infatuation with Kang Jin be any more obvious. The way she was fluttering her eyelashes and acting flirty really pisses him off.

    After Kang Jin leaves Leng Shuai bullies her, “He is a busy star an ordinary girl like you should realize he is out of your reach, stop dreaming. He is being polite to you because you are such a fan even having a ridiculous fansite dedicated to him. 

     He is nice to all his fans why do you think he is so popular? There are many beautiful women who are trying to get close to him why would he want an underdeveloped little girl like you? You should stop making a fool of yourself and  give it up.”

LiMei  snaps at Leng Shuai, “Looks like your meeting ended I will be saying goodnight then.” As she starts to walk away Leng Shuai reaches out and pulls her tiny wrist, LiMei isn’t expecting it and trips on her high heels falling backwards onto his lap. “Leng Shuai let me go.” he looks down at her in his lap, “Who said you could go?”

     If LiMei didn’t know he was gay she would think he was trying to trap her in his arms. She knows he is just bullying her, “I will scream.”

    Laughing he tilts her chin up, “Scream all you want the room is soundproof.”

     “…” LiMei is pushing him away trying to stand up when the door bursts open and three men in black suits charge into the room.

     It looks as though Leng Shuai and LiMei are being intimate from the men’s vantage point, her dress is riding up and his hand is on her thigh. LiMei’s cheeks are flushed and there are empty wine glasses on the table.

     Leng Shuai immediately knows who they are and why they came but he didn’t think they would realize what happened to the shipment so soon. He shoves LiMei off him and she lands on the floor, “Let her go she is just a slut I bought from the club, and hardly worth the price I paid.” His voice is cold and emotionless as he pushes her away from his leg she landed by with his foot.

    One of the men yanks her up holding her by the arm, “This little slut looks tasty after we finish with you I will give her a try.”

    Leng Shuai stretches out his long legs putting his hands behind his head, “I was about to send her back anyway you will be disappointed in her skills.”

    LiMei’s face is burning up with anger her face is crimson red and her ears are burning but she knows not to say anything in this situation. Be silent and invisible.

    Dammit! She knew Leng Shuai was a dangerous man what do they want from him. She feels in her pocket for her small purse with the silver needles inside, she timidly looks up assessing the situation.

     Holy shit! The gangster in the back is Kuang Bo’s man Scorpion, no way! He wouldn’t recognize her would he?

     What the hell does the Black Sky want with Leng Shuai? LiMei has a chill going down to her bones worrying if Kuang Bo is going to walk in the door any minute she needs to get out of here.

   But shit, even though she doesn’t like Leng Shuai she can’t leave him to die with these guys she has turned over a new leaf.

    The muscular man in the front holding a gun with a silencer is aiming it at Leng Shuai’s head, “So where is the shipment?”

    “Where is Jason?”

    LiMei looks at Leng Shuai he must be in a total panic if they have his lover.

    “You should be worrying about yourself.”

    “I don’t think you will kill me I am your only link to the merchandise.”

    Listening she wonders what merchandise? If the Black Sky Organization wants it the merchandise must be very valuable. LiMei pulls at her neckline, it is getting very hot in here. She can’t take off her fur jacket her silver needles are in the pocket. So hot!

    The man holding LiMei says, “Stop fidgeting or I will knock you out.”

    LiMei looks up at him her eyes are glossing over making them look even more seductive, “Sorry its just really warm in here.” He thinks it will be fun rolling with the little rabbit after he finishes with Leng Shuai. “Well slut when I am done with this bastard its going to get even hotter.” He licks his thick lips, “You are rather tiny I don’t know if you can handle my rod.”

   Leng Shuai’s veins are bulging on his neck listening to the man’s lewd remarks, watching his dirty hands holding onto Feng LiMei. He can see her skin is extremely flushed and her eyes look a little glazed was there something in the wine? This could get bad, he needs to do something she must be drugged from wine intended for him that she gulped down.

    Before he can say anything Scorpion who has been observing the situation from the back walks up and takes LiMei from the man holding her, “The boss doesn’t like it when you fuck with women on the job. Leng Shuai tell us where you hid it and I will let her go.”

    “Let her go or don’t let her go I don’t give a shit. She wasn’t worth the money I paid for her in the first place.

    I merely took back what belongs to me if you think I am giving it back to you bastards you don’t know me at all. Now if your boss wants to negotiate he might be interested in some information I have but I would need to see Jason and deal with Kuang Bo in person.”

    LiMei’s knees are shaking when he says this, Leng Shuai thinks she is frightened out of her mind. There is no way to reassure her without making it obvious she is special to him then they would use her against him.

   “What information could possibly be equivalent to retrieving a 750 million dollars worth of merchandise.”

    “That would be for Kuang Bo to decide if it is or not.” Leng Shuai’s aura has never changed he appears calm and self confident. This factor is not lost on Scorpion it is the same vibe Kuang Bo possesses.

    No way can LiMei take a chance of seeing Kuang Bo, What the hell Leng Shuai do you really want me to die here! She can tell Scorpion won’t fall for any tricks he has been by Kuang Bo’s side for too long, his only interest in life is making money.

   Leng Shuai studies LiMei’s face what is she thinking about her expressions keep changing. Now she has a slight smile on her face, God I hope she doesn’t try to escape or something stupid. He needs her to calm down, he isn’t going to lose to these jokers.

    Scorpion isn’t a very tall man compared to the other two, with her heels on she could easily stab him in the neck immobilizing him from her position next to him. 

     But what about the other two men, she is getting so hot and her skin is itchy what the hell is going on with her body. It is distracting!

    Leng Shuai can’t let her jeopardize Jason’s life they obviously detained him when he went to meet his contact. It must have been a trap set by Kuang Bo he needs to find out where Jason is located if he is still in the Black Lotus Club.

    “Back to Jason this is non negotiable he needs to be brought here before we proceed.”

    LiMei glances at him he really loves him his life is on the line and all he can think about is his Jason. 

Restless she can’t stand the heat rising in her…so thirsty she needs water. “Mister I’m sorry to bother you but could I have a glass of water? The dumplings were really spicy I had earlier.”

    “…” All the men in the room stare at her. Scorpion can feel the heat coming from her body as she stands next to him, she obviously was drugged what a scum Leng Shuai is to drug a young girl. He tells the guy behind him, “Get her some water.”

    The man hands her a bottle of water she gulps it down, sweat beads are forming on her forehead, “Thanks.”

    Now that she thinks about it Scorpion is not a bad guy he mostly is used by Kuang Bo to negotiate. He doesn’t like to kill anyone and isn’t vicious like some of the members that get excited when they smell blood and see a target die. Scorpion is like her he was sold to the Black Sky Organization when he was a teenager.

     Leng Shuai is getting worried about LiMei’s condition she probably has no idea what is going on with her body right now.

    Any minute she could start undressing and begging one of these men to ‘help’ her. Maybe he should tell them what they want to know then figure it out later she is an innocent bystander no reason to drag her into it.

    While he is deciding on what plan of action to take LiMei makes a decision, there is no way she can  let Kuang Bo see her he will recognize her instantly then her life in hell will begin all over again. 

     She turns her head away from Leng Shuai then closes her eyes for a minute to relax her mind and plan her actions. When she opens her beautiful green eyes again they are no longer innocent and pure, they are blazing with killing intent and her aura suddenly becomes terrifying. Qin Daiyu time to take care of these idiots!

   She smiles reaching into her pocket…Sorry gentleman I can’t let Kuang Bo find me.

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