Meeting Part 1

After Leng Shuai leaves the atmosphere at the table lightens up, LiMei notices Du Chang is being unusually quiet. “What’s up with you Chang?”

    “Nothing, it is just Nuo.”

    “Your little girlfriend?”

    He slams down his chopsticks, “She is not my girlfriend!”

    LiMei starts laughing, “She is really pretty and smart why don’t you like her?”

  “LiMei you wouldn’t understand at school she follows..” LiMei grabs his hand shaking her head for him to stop talking, “Nuo! I haven’t seen you since we were at the noodle shop, come sit down.”

   She motions for the nervous girl to come over,  Nuo shyly says,“Sorry to bother you Grandma told me to come up to get Chang to study.”

    Chang whips around, “Nuo I texted you I was busy tonight!” He has been looking forward to dinner with LiMei then Qiao Delun was here with the obnoxious old man. Nothing is going right he wanted to be alone with LiMei.

    “Chang you need to get good grades so you can get into University even though you excel in sports that won’t carry you through life.” LiMei treats him like her little brother, “Nuo we are almost finished eating do you want some?”

     “No thank you Feng LiMei I ate dinner at home before I came over.”

    Chang frowns now LiMei is lecturing him, “LiMei I have been studying every night!”

    Delun can’t help but laugh remembering himself in high school, “Chang you should be happy a pretty girl is tutoring you! My tutor in high school was a white haired old man with bad breath!”

    They all start laughing, Nuo blushes as she glances over at Qiao Delun so handsome! Is he Feng LiMei’s boyfriend?

    LiMei picks up the empty dishes starting to clear the table, “Let’s have some cake Delun brought, oh sorry I forgot to introduce you, Nuo this is my friend Qiao Delun.”

    Nuo nods barely being able to look him in the face he is like a male idol. His face is flawless and his smile is mesmerizing when he responds,“Call me Delun.”

    Delun picks up some dishes to help LiMei as they walk into the kitchen he wants to ask her about what job she does for Leng Shuai.

      Why would she need to go to a meeting at the Black Lotus Club of all places. She is taking the cake out and cutting it, “Delun sorry about Leng Shuai ruining our dinner. everything was delicious.”

    “LiMei he seems like a dangerous man why do you work for him? I thought you worked for Chen Jianyu.”

    “Delun it is a long story I only am working for him temporarily to repay a debt.” She pours the last of the wine into her glass, why did that bastard show up at my apartment? 

     He could have sent Jason to deliver the wig. It as though he wants to fuck with me all the time, is he that bored while his boss is away?

    “Do you owe him money I could pay off your debt for you.”

    “Not exactly, but forget about it I will be finished by the end of the week then I won’t have to work for him anymore.”

     Placing the seven layer chocolate cake on the plates she has some icing on her finger she remembers Rui putting her finger in his mouth as he licked the icing off. She blushes at the memory, Rui…dammit! I wish I could I could be wrapped in his arms again.

      Oh well she sighs as she  washes her hands in the sink. “Can you carry two of these plates and I will take the other two?”


    Chang and Nuo are arguing at the table when they see LiMei and Delun come out they quickly stop.

      LiMei smiles Chang’s face is red and she is blushing. “Wait until you taste this cake, it is so delicious! Delun’s friend has a bakery named Honey Cakes.”

    Nuo’s eyes light up, “This cake is from Honey Cakes? My mother said my cousin’s wedding cake will be made by that bakery for their reception next Saturday. We went to a cake tasting there earlier today saw a picture it is the biggest and most beautiful wedding cake I have ever seen!” She takes a bite of the cake, “Oh so good.”

     ” Nuo you little piggie,you already had cake today and you are devouring another piece? You are going to get fat!”

        Nuo’s face turns beet red she punches him in the arm, “Channnnnng!’ She is embarrassed in front of LiMei and her handsome boyfriend, looking at LiMei who is beautiful she feels insecure.LiMei can see she is embarrassed she quickly grabs Chang by the ear, “Brat watch your tongue! Nuo is gorgeous! How can you say something like that to her!”

    Chang wiggles around, LiMei is pinching his ear with a good deal of strength, “Apologize!”

     “Let go LiMei I was teasing, she just called me stupid before you came back outside.”

     LiMei doesn’t loosen her grip, “Say it.”

     “Okay..okay..sorry Nuo.”

    Nuo wants to cry, she is holding the hem of her dress her knuckles turning white this is humiliating!

    Delun looks at LiMei and Chang laughing until his eyes are watering, “ LiMei let him go.”

    LiMei lets Chang go, he rubs his ear then glares at Nuo. “ Wang Nuo! Go talk to grandma I will be down when I finish my cake.”’

    Wang Nuo? Is her cousin Wang Rebecca? Stunned LiMei’s face turns pale, no that would be too much of a coincidence, she studies Nuo’s face trying to see the resemblance. This girl is shy and sweet nothing like that bitch Rebecca, before she can ask Nuo jumps up and runs down the steps.

    Delun can see the hurt that surfaced on LiMei’s face when Chang blurted out Wang Nuo. It is true his grandfather said the reception would be next Saturday he didn’t know she has a little cousin. Why didn’t Sheng Siyue mention she was making the wedding cake for Rui’s reception?

    LiMei pushes back her cake her stomach is in a knot, tears are forming in her eyes, she was doing her best not to think about Rui. Chang and Delun both notice the change in her complexion Chang immediately apologizes, “I’m sorry LiMei she just bothers me too much please don’t be upset. I will go bring her back.”

    “No it’s fine, I just realized I need to get ready to meet Leng Shuai soon and I got instantly depressed haha..” She smiles, “Chang you should go see how she is, treat her better even if you don’t share her feelings don’t be mean to her okay? A girl in love is very sensitive.”

    “LiMei thanks for dinner, I will go and make sure she is all right.”

    “Chang I wrapped some cake up for Grandma and Grandpa Du it is on the kitchen counter, go on in and get it.”

    After Chang leaves Delun takes LiMei’s hand, “LiMei you don’t need to act brave in front of me if you want to cry”, he tenderly brushes her hair back behind her ears, “I’m here for you.” He really wants to tell her the marriage is only for three months. Damn that fucking bitch Wang Rebecca!

    LiMei starts crying leaning into Delun’s chest, “It just really hurts..” She begins sobbing. He can’t think of any comforting words so he just pats her head then takes his handkerchief wiping the tears from her cheeks. LiMei is shaking the last few days have been miserable and her emotions can’t be contained. Sniffling she gazes up at Delun softly saying, “Thanks Delun I’m glad I have you as a friend.” He stiffens a little as she hugs him trying not to let his feelings for her show.

    She stands up wiping her face with the handkerchief he handed her, “ I need to change do you mind waiting out here for me my apartment is too small.”


    Delun watches LiMei’s petite body as she enters her apartment she seems to get thinner and appear more frail every time he sees her.

     When he first met her at the resort she was such a feisty girl laughing and playful now she appears so delicate like a wounded fairy.

    Her face with her beautiful green eyes misty and tears streaming down  was too pitiful. 

     When she comes back out I am going to tell her she should come to Paris with me to get away from Pushong City. He leans back in his chair closing his eyes thinking about taking her away.

    LiMei washes her face then looks in the mirror trying to gather her inner strength. Staring at her reflection she thinks you idiot get a hold of yourself! You are Qin Daiyu! Why are you acting like a crybaby, you knew it couldn’t last!

    She sees her bunny charm necklace on the shelf, holding it in her hands she caresses it whispering to herself, “Mom I wish you and grandmother were here, I feel so alone in this crappy world. I thought when I escaped from Black Sky I could leave all my pain behind but I just exchanged it for a different pain.” 

     She holds the necklace to her chest,” I can’t seem to let him go out of my heart yet. Mom..” her eyes tear up again..”I miss you so much…”

    Pulling herself together she sighs, I think I will leave Pushong City at the end of the month when I get paid from Hushang Group and get the white jade necklace back from Leng Shuai. I will start over somewhere far away from here. Yes! This decision allows allows  her emotions to calm down. 

     She should be able to retrieve the necklace at the end of the week from that overbearing asshole, but right now she needs to follow his orders. 

    That overbearing man must need a woman to pretend to be his girlfriend so no one suspects he is gay why else would he need her to go to the Black Lotus Club.

    Brushing her long black hair pinning it up, she thinks I will wear the black wig in case I see Chen Jianyu there I don’t need him recognizing me as Kang Mei I will stay one more month then take the money from working, the money from the necklace and leave maybe go to Chantang City. Opening the closet doors she looks through her closet at the clothes Rui bought her, dammit too many reminders!

     She can’t return them but she decides she will donate them to the orphanage for their resale shop. Hesitating she takes the same white sweater dress off a hanger she wore the last time she went there it is the only dress suitable for going to a club. LiMei sees the black boots she wore last time but decides to wear a pair of heels. She grabs the short white faux fur jacke,t of all the clothes she picked out that day this is her favorite jacket, so soft and warm.

     LiMei takes a few of her silver needles and puts them in her purse along with her ID credit cards and some money, thinking the Club was full of shady looking people best to be prepared.

     Grabbing her phone she turns off the lights then locks the door as she turns around she sees Delun asleep on the chair, he looks so cute his long legs stretched out and his hair hanging down on his forehead. She quietly says as she taps his shoulder, “Delun…Delun?”

     He opens his eyes she is leaning over him her face is inches from his, he almost loses his ability to breath as he stares into her eyes that are sparkling. LiMei’s smile is breathtaking, she has applied some lip gloss her pink lips look wet as she softly nudges him, “I’m ready.”

    Delun sits up rubbing his eyes he was dreaming about her and felt for a moment he was still dreaming, “Okay.” he stands up that is when he sees her dress, “LiMei you can’t wear that!”

    LiMei has a mischevous grin as she teases him “Why don’t I look good?”

    He can’t take his eyes off of her , “You look beautiful… too beautiful.”

    After he says it he can feel his cheeks turning red, “What I mean is this isn’t an ordinary club, there are dangerous men that go there.”

    LiMei pulls on his arm, “Are you worried about me? I will be with Leng Shuai you don’t need to worry. If I’m not dressed like this I couldn’t even get in the door. I’m going to tell you a little secret,I’m just accompanying him because he is gay and doesn’t want anyone to know. ”

    “He is gay?”

   “Very…very gay!”{Leng Shuai would rip her tongue out if he knew she said this about him}

    “Even so LiMei you need to be careful. I will accompany you inside the club to his private room.”

    Delun you are overreacting,“He said to call when I get there his assistant Jason, who I think is his lover he is always by his side. I even saw them hugging once. {a bit of an exaggeration but Delun looks skeptical as though he needs convincing}. Jason will come down and get me.We need to go if I’m late I don’t want to hear him bitching at me.”

    They walk down to the black Maybach parked in the driveway. Delun opens the door for her as she slides in the dress rides up her creamy white thighs he gulps, she doesn’t seem to realize how sexy she looks in that outfit.

    Her innocent and pure face her slender body in that soft white dress she resembles a little white bunny. Once he gets in the car he reaches over to buckle her seat belt, “LiMei don’t venture out of the private room to walk around in the club.” She has no idea how seductive she looks in that outfit.

    LiMei looks up at him as he fumbles with the seatbelt, “Delun…” She touches his cheek softly, her voice has an affectionate tone, “Thank you for caring about me.”

    He blushes the touch of her hand on his face makes  him want to tell her how he really feels but he knows that is a bad idea.  So without looking her direction starting up the car he tells her, “LiMei you can always count on me.”

    LiMei wistfully stares out the window on the way to the club. There is a peaceful atmosphere inside the car neither one of them are talking lost in their own thoughts. 

     Right before they arrive she calls Leng Shuai to tell him she is almost there what room are they in having the meeting. She doesn’t ask him to send down Jason she only told Delun that so he wouldn’t worry. She chuckles with her skills the men should worry about her not the other way around.

    “Jason will meet me downstairs you can drop me off in the front.”

    “I will walk you inside.”

    “No I think it would be best for you not to go inside with me.”

   “LiMei!” This girl is too naive all sorts of men from the Underworld, foreigners and elite assholes from the major families frequent this place. He pulls up to the front looking at the line of women waiting to go in to hookup with the men inside he is disgusted by the scene.

  When the car comes to a stop she quickly hops out of the car before he can stop her,“I see Jason now, call me tomorrow, thank you!”

    He watches her rushing to the front door, she says a few words to the man at the door and he opens it for her. Delun texts her,-Remember what I said stay by Leng Shuai text me when you are in the private room-

    LiMei hears her phone she sees it is Delun- Don’t worry! I will text you.-

   He texts back-If you don’t I’m coming in to find you-

   -I will smiley face..smiley face..”

    Delun’s lips curl up, at least that annoying bastard is gay so he won’t try to take advantage of LiMei. He pulls down to the corner to wait for LiMei’s text.

    He scrolls through the latest about Rui’s marriage, it is strange he hasn’t hired someone to delete this shit yet. Calling Rui,  he is curious what is going on but Rui’s phone is turned off. He leans back tapping his fingers on his phone, LiMei should be in the private room soon why hasn’t she texted.

    Once LiMei enters the club she glances around remembering the last time she was here. Walking towards the elevator she shivers thinking about it. 

     She decides to text Delun now to say she is in the room once she gets there Leng Shuai will be bothered if she takes out her phone. -I’m in the private room don’t worry go home thank you smiley face.-

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