Looking For Amir

Chen Huan and Henri Armand are sitting in the bar having a drink when he gets the call from Kang Jin. “Looks like Kang Jin can’t meet he said to reschedule.”

    “Then I will be leaving after this drink I have a show coming up in Milan next week and I have some final preparations.”

    “Milan? How long will you be in Pushong for then?”

    “I recently discovered a dear friend of mine is now living in Pushong City so I will stay until the day before the Milan Fashion Show.”

     He wants to find out what Qin Daiyu has been doing but will wait until after the Milan Show to see her in person. Sipping his drink he thinks about the overall situation, hopefully his plan will be set in motion in Milan. 

     Kuang Fu will be there attending Fashion week to assasinate Vladmir Breskin personally. He seldom enters the field to get rid of a target but he has a personal vendetta with the Breskin Syndicate he wants Vladmir Breskin dead!

     Milan then will be his chance to eliminate Kuang Fu, he can’t kill him for their mother’s sake but he can ensure he won’t be bothered by him again.

    The Milan plan is the result of two years of strategic interference with the Black Sky which Kuang Fu blames on the Russians, as he constantly added fuel to the the enimity between the Russians and Black Sky. 

     Little does his fucking big brother know his hatred of Breskin is because of his own little brother’s manipulations behind the scene.

   “Anyone I know?”


   “Are you coming to the Leng Enterprise banquet on Friday evening?”

   Kuang Bo perks up, Leng Shuai is having a banquet, why didn’t Scorpion’s man alert him of this fact, he is supposed to be watching Leng Shuai’s movements. “I have never had dealings with Leng Enterprises so no I did not receive an invitation.”

   Chen Huan admires Henri for his entrepeneurial skill and enjoys his wit.“Would you like to go as my guest?”

   “Is that acceptable?”

    “I can check but I think it would be fine. They are having the banquet to introduce themselves in Pushong City they are relocating several of their companies here. 

     Leng Enterprises bought the new riverside skyscraper to house their operations. Have you passed by it?

    The building is spectacular, Clear Sky Architectural firm designed it. I read the building won an award for it’s sustainable design, guess that is the wave of the future. My brother Jianyu  is using that design firm for his new Shingu Island Resort.”

    Kuang Bo can’t listen to him any longer he hates Leng Shuai almost as much as his brother Fu. Chen Jianyu is an annoying thorn in his side also.

    For some reason he likes Chen Huan, he is simple man, he likes women and his entertainment company no real hidden agendas.

      He gulps down the last of his cocktail, “Then I will waiting to hear from you.” After hearing about Leng Shuai’s banquet he is pissed, why didn’t he know about this.

    What is that bastard planning having all the elite families there in one place. It is not as if he wants to socialize with them he never goes to parties and banquets, now he is having one to introducing Leng Enterprises… he is up to something.

    After he leaves the bar Kuang Bo calls Scorpion he is annoyed, “Why didn’t your man inform you Leng Shuai is having a banquet on Friday?

    “Boss, I dunno, he hasn’t contacted me in a few days.”

    “Get a hold of him now and find out.”

   “Sure Boss.”

    Scorpion hangs up and turns to Rosa in the passenger seat, “Rosa honey I need meet someone can we see a later movie. It’s the Boss it is urgent.” He reaches over holding her hand, “Sorry.”

  “Viktor I can go back in the mansion and wait for you.” She unbuckles her seat belt she doesn’t actually want to see a movie with him but she pretends to like him for information.

   He is nice enough his looks are good but he isn’t as handsome and dynamic as Kuang Bo.

      Earlier when he asked her to go to a movie she had planned on finding out where Kuang Bo went and follow him. But she couldn’t say no.

   “You are sweet to understand.” He leans over kissing her gently on the lips.

    Rosa gets out of the car after he drives away she wipes off her lips, the only man she wants to kiss is Kuang Bo.

    Scorpion races out of the driveway dialing Louis there is no answer. Fuck! He will need to go see if he is in his stinking apartment. What the fuck… a big banquet and no news of it.

    When he arrives at the apartment building he runs up the three flights of stairs, the elevator is always broken in this fucking hellhole.

    Last thing he wants to do is get stuck in a shitty elevator, he wants to hurry and get back to Rosa. 

     Tonight might be the night he finally gets laid. Rosa isn’t very attractive but she is always hanging around him and it has been awhile since he had a woman.

    He gets to the door and knocks, a man in the next room sticks his head out, he stinks like stale beer and is wearing only a pair of dirty boxers. “Stop the racket, I’m trying to sleep!”

    Scorpion ignores him and bangs on the door again, “Get back in your room you stinking old man and stop minding other people’s business.”

    The old man can feel the killing intent coming from Scorpion he quickly retreats  into his room putting the deadbolt on this door.

    Dammit, where the hell is Louis he tries his phone again, it is obviously off. He kicks the door. If he doesn’t have some information for Kuang Bo.. he gets out his door pick and opens the door.

      Fucking shit! He puts his sleeve over his nose the stench is unbelievable, he walks into the small living room there are beer bottles littered everywhere and takeout boxes.

    He walks through towards the bedroom pushing the door open, he closes his eyes for a minute after witnessing the scene in front of him. What a nasty fucking mess. 

     Louis and a woman are naked on the bed she is on top of him…they are both dead.

    The woman has a bullet hole in the back of her head, she is still holding a knife that is stuck in Louis’ neck. Dried red brown blood is covering the messy bed, it must have pooled around them when she slit his cortaroid artery.

      Rigor mortis has set in so they have been dead for a few days already. He shakes his head the sight of Louis’ dead eyes wide open staring at the dead woman on top of him is gruesome.

    He leaves the apartment wiping the door handle he had touched, there are only these two apartments on this floor this one and the old man’s  who popped his head out. 

     He knocks on the old man’s door. After a moment the old man opens the door, his eyes bloodshot his face covered in stubble. “What the hell do you want now, you already disturbed my sleep.”

   Scorpion shoves him inside with a sinister smile he calmly states “Being nosy just got you killed.” He hits him with a palm strike to his Chuda point, it will appear he had a heart attack. Then he drags him over tossing him onto the beat up couch. The man’s  fat cat comes out of the bedroom meowing, Scorpion kicks it away as it approaches him to rub his leg.

    He covers the doorknob with a handkerchief to exit the room glancing back, the gray and white cat is lying on the old man’s chest licking his face. 

     Yeah it looks natural, but what about fucking Louis… what is the Boss going to want to do about that gruesome scene, he ain’t going to be happy.

    Checking to make sure no one is in the stairwell he descends exiting through the back to his car parked in the alley. He better not wait to inform Kuang Bo. Dreading making the call he dials his number.


  “Boss,  Louis is dead in his fucking bed in his apartment. It looks like he was banging a chick and she killed him then someone whacked her with a bullet in the back of the head.

    Nothing looks like it was rifled around in, just a bunch of beer bottles and shit food littered around the living room. 

     I don’t think robbery or nothing, and why would she kill him then get herself offed. He isn’t going to mention he had to take care of some old fart that saw him at Louis’ apartment.

   Kuang Bo curses to himself, the level of skilled people in the Organization is going fucking downhill. Dammit how did that moron get himself killed.

    Leng Shuai is leaving the bodies of his men for him to find not respecting him in the least.

   “Should I make an anonymous call to the police?”

    “No. Let their corpses rot in there until the stench alerts someone. I don’t want that fucker to know he was my man. 

     As long as there is no movement on our part he will have a seed of doubt wondering if another one of his enemies might have planted him there.”

   “Are you going back to the mansion?”

    “No.” Kuang Bo has decided to go to the Black Lotus Club tonight as Henri Armand, Amir Malouf is in town and called him earlier he turned him down but changed his mind.

    He  called Henri  to join him because there is a silent auction going on  tonight and some of the items are very rare. Amir knows Henri Armand has an extensive collection of jade there is a rumor an ancient piece of jade will be auctioned off tonight.

   Amir  hoped by sharing this information with him he will be willing discuss another matter. He met with him in Morocco last week about a new drug he is interested in distributing. Henri Armand agreed to meet, although he stays away from drug trafficking he likes to know what is new on the market and has connections to move the drug.

     Driving back to the mansion Scorpion eyes light up he and Rosa will be alone in the mansion tonight. Just thinking about having a warm body pressed under his makes him excited. He should skip taking her to the movie and see if he can get her into his bed. 

     Shit! Suddenly the image of dead Louis and the woman on the bloodied bed comes into his mind dampening his mood. 

    When Kuang Bo arrives at The Black Lotus Club is packed full of people tonight because of the allure of the auction. It has been a few months since Xiaobo hosted an event like this, although the invitation only auction doesn’t begin until eleven o’clock many people came early to size up the competition for the valuable items.

    Some are collectors others are looking to make a huge profit once they are acquired they can be resold on the black market for ten times the purchase price.

    Wang Rebecca called Chen Hua earlier to accompany her to the Black Lotus Club tonight. 

     Her partner in the consulting firm used his resources to find out the man she met in Shingu Island is a financier named Amir Malouf. {He actually is an arms dealer who dabbles in drug trafficking out of Morocco} and he will be at the auction. “Becca what is going on here tonight do you think?” Chen Hua has been to the Club before but it was never this crowded.

   “An auction.” She is squeezing between two women to find a place to sit so she can survey the crowd.

    “Since you got your license yesterday with Qiao Rui should you really be here? Won’t he be upset?”

    Chen Hua knows theirs is a business marriage and she knows other people in arranged marriages but no one would be so bold as to go to a Club especially the day after. Is she crazy? If pictures of her appear in the paper the gossip will definitely cause a problem.

    “Shut up and find us a seat.”

    Wang Rebecca has been bossing her around since Middle School so Chen Hua winds through the crowd looking for a seat while Rebecca waits by the wall towards the front of the bar.

    Chen Hua waves her over she found a small table towards the back. “This is the best you could do?” Wang Rebecca frowns this won’t do she can’t see anything from here.

   “Look around I’m lucky I got this I had to give the two girls sitting her a handful of yuan for them to get up. Becca just sit we can find a better seat later.”

    “Well at least it is a table not one of those stools I hate sitting on them.” She sits down, it is early she has time to find him. Knowing she only has three of the purple pills left she is desperate to replenish her supply. 

     Sex with Wang Kai has never been more satisfying. She huffs to herself I wouldn’t be rushed if  Wang Kai didn’t take three of them with him this morning.

   “Becca what are you thinking about?” She notices her friend’s face is twisted up as she frowns.

    “I’m thinking about my brother.”

“Kai? How is he I haven’t seen him since you returned from abroad”

   A stunning woman in a short black skirt and silver sequined halter top comes over to take their drink order. “Ladies what would you like to drink with the two gentlemen over there would like you to join them.” 

     They both look over at the same time and see two men who look like foreigners talking to each other. Wang Rebecca has a haughty tone,“Tell them thank you but no.”

    Chen Hua suddenly says “No! Wait!Tell them thank you we will join them shortly.”

   Wang Rebecca pinches Chen Hua’s waist waist after the cocktail server walks away, “What are you doing didn’t you say I should keep a low profile now you want us to join two strange men!”

    “Shh, don’t you know who that one man is?”

    Wang Rebecca looks over again, “I have no idea and I’m only here to find one person.”

    “Becca it is the famous fashion designer Henri Armand! I can’t believe he asked us to join him.”

   “Henri Armand..the man behind Chloe Designs?”

   “Yes! Let’s go over there if I could be a model for him I wouldn’t have to rely on Uncle Huan. I can’t stand him!’

   “Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself he just asked us to join him for a drink.”

   “I have my ways.” Chen Hua opens her purse showing Wang Rebecca a small vial.

   “Hua don’t be stupid that might work on some men but I have read about Henri Armand he never has any scandals. Someone with no scandals at all in the fashion industry? 

     He must be a powerful man with deep connections.If you crawled into his bed you could wind up dead or worse.”

   Wang Rebecca’s phone rings, dammit it is her father. She ignores the call still angry he didn’t tell her the company is in trouble of being taken over by Leng Shuai. “Fine if you want to meet him that badly let’s go over.”

   Chen Hua smiles, “Thank you Becca this could be my chance.”

    They get up and walk over to the table Henri Armand and Reggie Kline are sitting at by the partition separating the bar from an atrium.

    “Ladies.” Reggie Kline is the one who wanted them to join them at first Henri Armand only agreed when he recognized Wang Rebecca. What is Qiao Rui’s wife doing at the Black Lotus Club dressed in a seductive black dress. He chuckles to himself that is a Chloe design from last season, is Qiao Rui not giving her spending money?

     After they sit down Reggie pulls Chen Hua’s seat closer to him then whispers something into her ear. Chen Hua blushes looking over at Henri Armand with a shy look.

     Kang Jin and Meng QiQi arrive at the Crescent Moon Hotel entering through a private VIP entrance to avoid the horde of people in the lobby. Many people have booked rooms for the various events going on in Pushong City this week. 

     A hotel employee takes them to Leng Shuai’s reserved private room, Leng Shuai is not there yet. “CEO Leng is picking up Feng LiMei so they should be here soon, did you want a cocktail while we wait or a glass of wine?”  

    Since no one else is here in the room  she decides to take this opportunity to ask Kang Jin, with a confused look on her face, “Who is Feng LiMei?”

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