LiMei’s Apartment

Rui wakes up about four o’clock his head still is throbbing he walks into the bathroom taking a couple pills from the medicine cabinet. I should call Xixin to tell him his cousin’s daughter left the hospital.  

     Rubbing his temples he looks into the mirror his eyes are bloodshot and his face is deathly pale from the nightmare he just had while he was asleep. 

     Why did I keep seeing Feng LiMei’s face in my dream this time?

    Picking up the phone he sees a few missed calls from his father and grandfather, what the hell do they want? He lays on the couch in his room massaging his temples.I will call them later.

    Woo Xixin is at his clinic when Rui calls, “Yes.”

    “Xixin,  Feng LiMei left the hospital according to Bai Chiyu without being discharged are you aware of that?”

    “I had no idea. I was going to go over and examine her after I closed the clinic.” Dr. Woo is worried he has no idea where LiMei lives and she should be examined as well as have the healing lotion reapplied.

    Dammit Rui’s memory of Feng LiMei was wiped so he wouldn’t know. He can’t even mention he doesn’t know her address because she is supposed to be his relative. What the hell! Why did the little girl leave suddenly.

    “I think you should convince her to return to the hospital the antidote is new there could be side effects. I don’t want to be responsible if any reaction occurs.” When he doesn’t get a response irritated he says, “Xixin are you listening?”

    “I’m going to go her apartment and insist she return.”

    “I think that would be the best idea. I have confidence in the antidote but her injuries weren’t minor it was irresponsible of her to leave. 

     Did her parents arrive maybe they can convince her to go back, a high school girl shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions on her own.”

    “…” {High school girl?} Dr. Woo doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “My cousin didn’t arrive yet. I will take care of it.”


    “Rui have you seen the news?” Dr. Woo thinks he sounds rather calm for having his marriage exposed so quickly.

   “I just woke up no, why?”

    “Your marriage is all over social media Mrs. Fu showed me on her phone when she came in for her acupuncture treatment.”

    Rui looks at his laptop on the desk, What the fuck! How did the media get involved and distort everything. That lying bitch! 

     She said she would wait to announce it until he talked to the Chairman and his father. No wonder those bastards were calling him all day.

    “I just looked on my computer. It must have been Wang Rebecca, what a scheming bitch. I should have realized she was too agreeable earlier. I could have it all deleted but it really doesn’t matter, Xixin I need to call the Chairman.

    Call me after you examine Feng LiMei I want to keep an eye on the results of the Snow Lotus Oil as well as the antidote. Get her to go back to hospital.” 

     What a stupid girl doesn’t she realize the danger she was in from being poisoned.

    “Rui I will let you know about Feng LiMei’s progress. Remember keep your temper in check dealing with Wang Rebecca, the board meeting is on the fifteenth you don’t want any bad publicity.”

    “I know I’m actually not that surprised I should have expected this, I won’t let anything get in the way of me becoming CEO of Qiao Corporation.”

    He has a sarcastic tone as he continues, “Ironically the fifteenth is my mother’s death anniversary.” Rui can still see her pitiful face when his father divorced her begging him to reconsider after all her family had done for him.

   His father smirking down at him as he closed the door of the mansion telling him to go back upstairs. Bastard! He can’t wait to see the look on his face when he takes control of Qiao Corporation.

    “Rui will you be working at the clinic on Saturday? I want you to meet a patient I have been treating with the medicinal soup made from the herbs you collected in Nepal last year.

    I think you will find the results interesting. I’m considering writing an article for the Shenshuan Medical Journal if you approve of the results”

    “I will be by in the afternoon schedule his appointment for two thirty. I will think about the article but I think we should do more studies first. Also once the medicinal properties of the Eight Leaf Gryonis are confirmed it will become more difficult to acquire.

    I was going to wait to tell you but I after I become the CEO of Qiao Corporation I will use that identity to go to Cambodia to see if I can get an audience with Dr. Xingi. 

     I know you two had a falling out and I respect your feelings but I think he is the only one that can unravel the mystery of what happened five years ago at that mountain clinic before you arrived. I had a dream again with the girl in the white fox coat covered in that man’s blood.”

    “Rui I don’t deny he might have answers you need but you have to consider the path you are taking now. Do you really want to be involved with the Underworld again in particular the Black Sky Organization?

    For you I could set aside my anger and invite him to Pushong City, going to Cambodia could prove very dangerous for you. My connections informed me there is a great deal of dissension within the Black Sky Orgainization right now, according to my sources Kuang Fu has been on a killing spree. 

     Set aside some time after you come to the clinic and I will fill you in on the details I think you will reconsider going to Cambodia at this time.”

   “Xixin I need to end these nightmares I get, this last dream was exceptionally vivid I could almost see that girl’s face but it was still blurry. We can speak more of this on Saturday.“

     “See you Saturday then.” Dr. Woo hangs up the phone. Did erasing the memory of Feng LiMei trigger the last time Rui’s memory was erased of the girl at the mountain clinic five years ago? Dammit! I might need to call Xingi that fucking asshole ! 

     Dr. Woo calls down the hallway, “Little Ning could you make me a cup of calming tea?”

    A pretty young woman in a flowered skirt who is straightening up some towels immediately answers, “Certainly Dr. Woo. Did I hear you say Dr. Qiao would be coming on Saturday”


    She can hardly contain her excitement he hasn’t been to the clinic since the day he brought that girl with him she has to ask frowning,“Is the girl coming with him he brought last time?”

   “No and Little Ning don’t mention her to him.” He forgot she met Feng LiMei last time he came to the clinic she came with him.

  “Of course I won’t!” Good she will bring him the birthday present she made him and a cake! “Dr. Woo I cleaned the last treatment room may I leave early today?”

    “Yes, the clinic will be closed tomorrow so you won’t need to work.”

    “Thank you Dr. Woo see you on Wednesday.”

    “En.” Tomorrow he needs to find out more information on what is happening in the Black Sky Organization it will be too dangerous for Rui to travel to Cambodia if the rumors about Kuang Fu and Kuang Bo are true. 

     He runs his hand through his thick black hair then takes off his glasses,  he can’t let all he has done to protect Rui from the incident five years ago be for nothing.

    He looks at his watch maybe he should close early today he only has one more patient he can reschedule. 

    Looking at the appointment book he calls the patient, “Mr. Jiang it is Dr. Woo, I need to close early today can you come in Wednesday morning at eleven?”

    “Dr. Woo I can’t come Wednesday that is when we are doing inventory at the store. Can I come in Thursday?”

    Dr. Woo looks at the schedule for Thursday, “Ten o’clock?”

    “Yes I will have my son drive me over to the clinic then.”

    “Sorry for any inconvenience.”

    “Dr. Woo no problem if it weren’t for you this old man couldn’t walk even with a cane!”

    “Don’t forget to drink the medicinal soup, have your wife fix it at nighttime before bed.”

    “She is visiting the temple I will have my youngest daughter prepare it.”

    “See you Thursday.”

   “Bye.”Now what to do about Feng LiMei. Why did that silly girl leave the hospital before she is fully recovered, I made a point to reassure her Rui wouldn’t come back to examine her. I need to call Qiao Delun he will have Feng LiMei’s phone number if they are friends.

    “Delun this is Woo Xixin.”

    Qiao Delun stopped by Honey Cakes Bakery to see Sheng Siyue after he was finished at the mall, “Dr. Woo how is Feng LiMei?”

    “That is why I’m calling, she left the hospital do you know her phone number and address?”

    “Yeah, What! She left the hospital?”

    “Yes and she still needs to use healing lotion. After I’m finished at the clinic I want to take it to her.”

    Delun gives Dr. Woo her information that stupid little girl is too impetuous! “If you are busy I want to check on her I could come by the clinic and get the medicine for her.”

    Dr. Woo thinks for a minute that would be a good idea he can contact his informant and start compiling the information he needs about what is going on within the Underworld right now. Later he can examine Feng LiMei after the second application of the healing lotion. “Fine, you can tell her I will be by later to check on her condition.”

    “I’m coming to the clinic now.” Delun knows LiMei has a sweet tooth, “ Siyue could you wrap up the seven layer chocolate cake for me I am going to visit a sick friend.”

   “You just got here.” Sheng Siyue pouts she has barely seen him since he came back for his school break.

   “To make it up to you do you want to accompany me to a party on Friday night?’

    Sheng Siyue’s eyes light up,  “Sure! Let me wrap the cake for you.”

    She hands it to him her brown eyes sparkling as she gazes at his handsome face. “What time is it?”

    “Eight o’clock I will pick you up at your parent’s house, it is formal.”

    “Is it the banquet at the Crescent Moon Hotel for the Leng Corporation?” it is all her mother could talk about this afternoon when she visited her at the store.

    “Yes my father expects us all to attend did your family get an invitation also?”

     “My mother came by to tell me this afternoon before you arrived, apparently all the  elite families are invited.

      She immediately ordered my sister and my dresses to be custom made, after she heard the CEO is extremely handsome.” She is hoping to see a spark of jealousy from Delun.

    He just shrugs his shoulders, “That explains it.”

   Sheng Siyue looks at him with a quizzical expression, “Explains what.”

  “Nothing, I have to go.”

     Delun waves to his driver who is waiting outside leaning against a tree. Getting into the backseat thinking about LiMei he gives the driver the address to the clinic. 

     While he is frowning staring at the traffic jam up ahead his phone rings he sees the number, Fucking shit, “Yes father?”

    “You went with your brother to the Civil Affairs Bureau and didn’t inform me! Get back to the mansion I want to know if the news reports are true.”

    Delun hasn’t looked on his phone because he has been busy, now looking at Baidu what the fuck! Those pictures and stories are fabrications. He doesn’t want to get into it with his father right now all he can think of is if Feng LiMei saw them.

      The stories make it look like Rui is happy! What a fucking joke!

    His father’s irritated voice brings him back to reality, “Are you listening to me? I said come to the mansion now!”

    “I’m sorry what did you say you are breaking up. I am on the way to the resort..Father..father.. he makes some noises into the phone then disconnects.

He tells the driver,  “There is too much traffic take Guyin Street hurry.”

    The driver makes a sharp turn onto a side street then goes four more streets north to get to Guyin Street. The clinic is a few blocks down through a small neighborhood. When Delun arrives at the clinic he doesn’t want to waste time he takes the healing lotion from Dr. Woo then leaves telling the driver LiMei’s address.

    LiMei hugs her plushie while she is sleeping, “Rui…Rui..” She snuggles her small face into it lost in her dreams when there is a knock at the door waking LiMei up from her nap.

    Her vision is still bleary from sleep as she answers it, a short delivery man is standing there holding a package, “Feng LiMei?’

   She rubs her eyes,“Yes.”

    “Can you sign for this delivery?” he holds a pen out and a receipt. LiMei quickly signs, she knew she could count on Nuying. “Thank you.” She closes the door and rips open the envelope dumping out her purse.

    Reaching into the side pocket she grabs her phone and charger plugging it into the wall. Good her game is downloaded on it and the pictures and texts from Rui. 

     Grabbing the last piece of chocolate on the counter she looks at the clock four thirty she has time before she needs to start dinner.

    LiMei sits on her bed deciding she will play Demon’s Treasure for awhile and not think about anything.

    Frustrated at her inability to get past the second level cursing the guilds that won’t let her join there is an urgent knocking on her door.

      It is too early for Chang to be here for dinner she peeps through the door, Qiao Delun what is he doing here? 

     “Just a minute.” She tries to straighten up her apartment a little then opens the door, When she sees him she anxiously pulls his sleeve,“What are you doing here? Is Rui okay?”

    Obviously she hasn’t seen the news about his wedding. “He is fine. I came to bring your medicine.”

    Breathing a sigh of relief she let’s go of his sleeve, “Have a seat do you want some juice?”

    “Sure”, he sits on the small faded green couch by the window stretching out his long legs watching her walk to the refrigerator.

    She hands him the carton of juice then sits at the table looking at the medicine and cake box he set on the table. She wasn’t thinking when she dashed out of the hospital she might need medication. “Thanks for bringing this over.” She wonders if Rui was concerned for her and sent him but can’t ask.

    “Dr. Woo gave the healing lotion to me he said to tell you he will be by to examine you. Why did you leave the hospital?”

    LiMei’s face sinks so it was Dr. Woo not Rui. “I just didn’t want to stay, I hate hospitals that’s why.” She has a stubborn attitude as she says this not wanting to tell him the real reason-she didn’t think her heart could seeing Rui again.

    “Do you have Dr. Woo’s phone number he doesn’t need to come by. I don’t want him going out of his way for me”

    “Don’t be stupid LiMei he needs to make sure the antidote is working.” He can see how upset she is by her facial expression, but he has no idea how to comfort her. “The cake is from my friend’s bakery I remember you liked it when you were over for dinner at Rui’s house.” Oh shit I mentioned Rui… with a worried look on his handsome face he glances to see her reaction.

    LiMei’s eyes mist over thinking about that night in Rui’s home everything was like a dream… so perfect. She turns away from him wiping her eyes with her slender fingers to compose herself but she is slightly trembling.

     Qiao Delun sees she is quivering he quickly jumps off the couch and grabs her by the shoulders spontaneously hugging her, “I’m sorry LiMei I shouldn’t have mentioned my brother.” If she knew the marriage was for only three months would she change her mind?

    LiMei is held in his arms for a moment then pushes him away, “It’s okay Delun I can’t fall apart every time Rui’s name is brought up. She has a forced smile as she gazes up at him her beautiful green eyes still misty, he feels his heart jump at the sight.

    She tries to shake off the melancholy feeling, “Thanks for the cake! Your friend’s chocolate cake was delicious! Delun, my friend Du Chang is coming for dinner do you want to stay? I appreciate you bringing the medicine and the cake.”

    He is still in a bit of a daze from holding her so close and her delicate face looking up at him with her heartbreak evident within them. 

     What is she going to do when she looks at Baidu she might seriously breakdown! He should stay in case she meeds some emotional support when she sees the photographs of Rui and that fucking bitch Wang Rebecca “Yeah dinner sounds great I don’t have any plans, I can help you cook what are you preparing?”

    “I have some steak to grill, rice, some vegetables.”

    Delun opens her refrigerator and thinks about what he could make from the food inside, “Do you want me to make the new dish I created? I see you have eggplant.”

    LiMei can’t help but smile he looks like a younger version of Rui as he leans into the refrigerator, but his personality is much more outgoing. She doesn’t want to say she hates eggplant but Chang might like it. “I bet any dish you cook is delicious!” LiMei almost wishes she could have his Belgium Waffles for dinner.

    “LiMei is there a store nearby? I could pick up a few more ingredients and make a couple of dishes I am experimenting with to put on the menu at the resort.”

    “Yeah, we could walk down to the little market on 48th street. Du Chang isn’t coming until seven o’clock.”

    “First though you should apply the medicine Dr. Woo sent over, do you need help?”

    LiMei picks it up off the table, “No. I am going to shower then I will apply it, my apartment is small do you mind waiting outside on the patio? I will hurry.”

    “Take your time I need to make a few phone calls anyway.” He opens the door and goes out to the patio thinking she must be poor to live in such a small apartment.

    Maybe as compensation for all that happened between her and Rui he could get her a bigger apartment.

    Sitting at the small wooden table on the patio he fiddles with a string of lights that must have fallen off the large tree hanging over the patio. 

Standing up with his height he easily arranges them on a few branches,  it should be fun tonight he is in no rush o return to the mansion to suffer listening to his father and grandfather.

    Su Ryan is sitting in a car parked across the street from LiMei’s apartment he barely got to his home when Leng Shuai called him to monitor Feng LiMei.

    He sees Delun come out of her apartment mistaking him for Qiao Rui. He frowns the boss isn’t going to like this at all! Could it be all the hype about Qiao Rui marrying Wang Rebecca on social media didn’t keep them apart as the boss thought it would.

   Su Ryan lights up a cigarette then picks up his cell phone to call Leng Shuai then reconsiders deciding to wait to observe a bit more before he makes that call.

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