LiMei is Bored Waiting

Presently in the lower level of the Black Lotus Club in the large room where the auction is being held the seats are not yet full. The bidding has begun but several people are still milling around in the bar upstairs or in private rooms until the second half of the auction, that is when the more rare items will be auctioned. The Sacred Stone of the Higari Tribe will be the last item of the night.

    The security is tight surrounding the stage there are several formidable looking men in black suits holding automatic weapons protecting the valuable items as they are brought out. 

     Xiaobo set the rules for the auction earlier informing the attendees any disruption will be dealt with severely and the people involved will be banned from future auctions. Xiaobo noticing the lack of fear in the group he emphasized if… the perpetrators live to see another auction.

    A beautiful tall woman with long curled blonde hair stands on the stage next to the podium. She is wearing a stunning low cut green sequined gown with a slit up the side revealing her long legs, her job is to show the pieces as the auctioneer describes the items then starts the bidding.

   The atmosphere in the room is relaxed most of the people who came early are here for the art work composed of wealthy businessmen or their representatives. 

     The crowd as the auction continues will consist of a more diverse and dangerous group of people as the legitimate business men filter out.

    Leng Shuai and Jason take the elevator down when it stops on the second floor Henri Armand steps into the elevator with Reggie. Jason’s face shows a hint of surprise that Henri Armand is with Reggie, how would they know each other.

   Kuang Bo sensing Jason’s eyes on them nonchalantly says, “CEO Leng what item are you interested in acquiring tonight?”

   “I’m here for the show, how about you?”

   “Of course I am curious about the Sacred Stone I never thought it would surface in a relatively quiet city like Pushong. I came on business when I received the invitation I couldn’t resist.” When Kuang Bo is Henri Armand he suppresses his aura appearing as an effeminate fashion designer.

    Leng Shuai can feel Henri’s true aura isn’t what he is projecting and by the very fact he is with a known gangster he smirks, this man is planning something tonight.

    Still looking forward towards the elevator door where Reggie is standing he says with a condescending tone, “I don’t think I have met your friend here.” He gives Reggie a fierce look as he words seem mild, “You are?”

   Reggie hates powerful men like Leng Shuai who don’t hesitate to throw their status in your face. He can tell he is a man who keeps his more sinister activities well hidden from public view maintaining his upright image. What a hypocrite! “Me?..I’m Mr. Armand’s bodyguard.” The door opens to the lower level and the four men exit.

   He plays the role Kuang Bo wants him to play, “Mr. Armand going to have a quick cigarette then I will join you inside if that is okay.”

   “Don’t be long.”

   Now only Henri, Leng Shuai and Jason are standing outside. “Henri why don’t you sit with us? I would like to pick your brain about investing in the Entertainment industry my company is only now getting involved in a couple productions.”

   “You can call me we can meet to discuss that I am sitting with a friend at the auction, you might know him…Yun Shi.” Kuang Bo laughs as he walks away taking a cigarette out of his pack and tapping it.

   You smug bastard Leng Shuai, I can’t wait until Yun Shi gets his revenge tonight. He caught the slight flinch as he mentioned Yun Shi on the assistant’s face while Leng Shuai remained cold and emotionless.

   Leng Shuai that fucker certainly is a cool one not a bead of sweat could be seen at the mention of his nemesis Yun Shi. 

     He turns around with a sarcastic tone he says, “Bonne Chance.” He has a sinister smile  as he slowly walks down to where Reggie is smoking. He sneers,  “Leng Shuai ce soir tu meurs..”

   He lights his cigarette blowing the smoke in the air ,“So after the explosion Henri Armand will disappear, how about you Reggie do you want to leave the Black Sky? I could always use one more man, Scorpion has let me down recently since he got involved with Rosa, you remember her don’t you?…the little cook.”

   Reggie tightens his fist at his side, that little slut! Rosa said she would stay with him at the compound but as soon as she had an opportunity to go with Kuang Bo she left him without even a good bye.

   After all he did for her, even so much as taking a beating from Kuang Fu for accepting responsibility when she stole the jewelry from the Humberg mission.

   He thinks Kuang Bo isn’t aware of Rosa and his intimate relationship and is casually mentioning this to him, but Kuang Bo has an ulterior motive. After seeing Reggie here it occurred to him he could use someone like Reggie who hates Scorpion to keep an eye on him.

    Lately Scorpion has been slipping up, there was something he wasn’t telling him about the girl in the private room last night and what happened.

   “You must be aware from this unnecessarily dangerous assignment my brother is losing control, Black Sky isn’t what it was even a year ago.Did you know he plans on going to Milan to kill Vladamir Breskin himself?”

    Reggie stomps out his smoke,what the fuck! Kuang Fu is going into the field to kill the head of the  Breskin Syndicate, does he want to bring  all those crazy vodka swilling assholes down on us?

   “You know Kuang Fu Breskin stole that big job in Switzerland from him then flaunted it in his face, he can’t let that go.”

   “ Fuck…Kuang Fu will have me killed if I  flake out and don’t complete this mission.” Reggie nervously  takes another cigarette out as he lights it he glances around to make sure no one can hear them.

  Kuang Bo continues,   “I estimate in two weeks my fucking brother won’t be in the position to do that and I have a face mask you can wear in the meantime. You can enter into my employ with a completely different identity.”

   “A face mask? So no one will recognize me?” Touching the scar on his face it is hard to hide his identity. Reggie is thinking not even Rosa? I could exact my revenge on that scrawny bitch and that bastard Scorpion then more easily.

   “Do I need to complete the mission tonight? Cause to be honest killing the person who buys the Sacred Stone with all these people and Xiaobo’s men is a near impossibility.

   I had made a few sketchy plans but when I saw the ex military Xiaobo has  positioned all over the Club I was thinking it would be hard to come out of the room in one piece or even breathing.”

   “Of course not, you simply need to aid me in my plan.”

   Reggie sighs, I knew there is a catch, “What is your plan?”

   Kuang Bo pulls him closer and explains what he has in mind and Yun Shi’s involvement.

   “Yun Shi?”


   Reggie doesn’t hesitate,“Count me in.” If both Kuang Bo and Yun Shi are working together their plan won’t fail. They are a couple of fucking geniuses.

   “I need for you to wait for my man wearing the silver suit in the third row on the right end to signal you.. Five of my men are part of Xiaobo’s team surrounding the stage, Yun Shi has several of the Falcon’s Head Group in key positions also. 

     When Yun Shi gives them the signal all hell will break loose. Follow the instructions I gave you, don’t deviate. It is important you have confidence in the plan even if it appears chaotic on the surface it has been well planned out.”

   “Will do.” Reggie feels relieved to not work for Kuang Fu anymore and get his revenge this is a win win situation.

     Kuang Bo recieves a message. It appears the auction will run past two o’clock which works to his advantage people will begin to get restless waiting for the final item the Sacred Stone of the Higari Tribe.   

    “Let’s go in remember I told you where I need you in position.” 

     He looks at his watch “They should be bringing the Sacred Stone out for viewing in thirty minutes according to my man in the side room who is part of the security detail guarding the treasures.”

    Han Weisheng is conspicuously seated in the middle of the first row he wants his presence to be known deterring anyone from rushing and stealing the Sacred Stone.

    Although the general public would not recognize him as head of the Secret Intelligence Division but the men and women in this room are fully aware of his position and capabilities.

   If Yun Shi or the other two known smugglers have any idea of stealing any of the objects they will need to approach from the side entrance of the stage where his and Xiaobo’s men are stationed.

    Han Weisheng exudes a natural confidence, there won’t be any issue in subduing them if they attempt anything.

    Leng Shuai and Jason see Han Weisheng the two seats next to him are reserved for them. Their personal security team is randomly placed throughout the room to prevent any attempt on their lives. Three bodyguards are directly behind them also.

   “How is the auction so far?’

   “Boring, nothing…no items  of any consequence has been auctioned off yet.”

   “They didn’t bring out a small golden dragon did they? It has rubies for eyes?”

   “No I haven’t seen it but I haven’t been here long. You are interested in it?”

   “I have a collection I would like to own this unusual piece, but it isn’t a big deal.”

   Leng Shuai thinks he will be very angry if he missed the opportunity to buy it. His ascension as the new Master of the Underworld depends on him possessing the black jade amulet he only has until New Year’s Day to have it in his hands. 

     Questioning himself he wonders… why didn’t I leave the private room as planned? It as though I am bewitched by the little demoness not wanting her out of my sight. Luckily it doesn’t appear to have been placed up for auction yet.

    He nonchalantly  scans the room for Yun Shi… where is that slimy prick is he seeking death by appearing in the same room as me. Didn’t he learn his lesson the last time we met two years ago? Leng Shuai scowls… to think they were once blood brothers, now  sworn enemies doesn’t even sufficiently describe the hatred between them.

    Upstairs Feng LiMei pours herself another glass of wine the bottle is empty after a few drops trickle out. Dammit, this is boring. Brock Jameson is standing at the door with his arms crossed staring at her playing on her phone.

    She has been cursing..then laughing..frowning..cursing, he is fascinated by her range of facial expressions and emotional outburst. 

     He wonders how old she is, she looks about eighteen, what is she doing with a man like CEO Leng? He is snapped out of his trance when LiMei notices him staring at her, “Ah Mr. Mt. Tai could you stop staring at me?”

   He winces, Mr. Mt. Tai? His name is Brock…Brock Jameson. “Miss I was wondering if you would like another bottle of wine. He isn’t going to let her know he was spending even a minute considering her situation.

    “You are very observant yes this one is finished. That would be good. But I thought you can’t leave.”

    Well she isn’t observant at all!  There is another bottle on the counter in full view directly to the right of where she is sitting on the couch. “There is a bottle on the counter I can open it for you.”

    “Great! Why don’t you have a glass too it must be boring just standing there.”

    Yes very boring I should be downstairs at the auction with my comrades with my adrenaline flowing waiting for the excitement not babysitting you. “I can’t drink on duty.”

    LiMei starts laughing, “You call this duty? Ha ha ha..”

    He tenses up he would like to knock her out then go see what is going on with the men downstairs. “Miss I do what I am told to do. The Chief said to watch you so that is my duty.’

    “Hmmm..when you say it that way you are a loyal man. In this world it is rare to meet such a loyal man following orders no matter how boring, not even taking the opportunity to have a glass of fine wine. I really have no idea why that stupid Leng Shuai told you to guard me. Why would anyone harm me?”

    Her wording makes him cringe the way she made him sound like a loyal dog. 

    He was in the military he learned to take orders and do as commanded not question the reasoning behind the orders, he said when he got out he wouldn’t be in that position again but here he is. 

     Now I still takes order of a different kind well at least  I get paid handsomely for my work. She has a point but the CEO is a friend of the Club owner so the leader had to send me up to protect this ridiculous little girl.

    When he doesn’t answer she says, “Well you are making me uncomfortable could you sit down and stop staring at me?”

    “…” Sitting  down he glances around the room, he has never been in one of these private rooms. It is decorated in a luxurious manner reserving it for a few hours probably costs more than his rent for a month in his apartment.

    “Tai..could you pop open the wine?”

   “Tai? Now she shortened it to Tai! “Miss my name is Brock Jameson, you can call me Jameson.”

   “Oh that is a cool name it sounds like the name of an action hero in a movie!”

    He walks over to the counter then opens the wine ignoring her if he listens any longer his headache will get worse.

   Now he is reduced to being a fucking waiter! He sets it down on the table by where she is lounginfg on the couch.

   “Thanks Tai.”

    “Brock Jameson.”

    “ I like calling you Tai it is my little nickname for you.” LiMei pours more wine in her glass, “Tai I’m bored. Do you play video games?”


    “Oh, do you want me to show you it is more fun if two people play this game.”


    LiMei scrunches up her nose then switches to her second favorite game, tomorrow she needs to have Chang help her get to the next level if she could join his guild she could totally advance. She has asked him a few times but he won’t let her join.

    She thinks it because of her skill level but it is because then she would have to meet his online friends in the game. Chang really doesn’t trust the guy whose name is Black Knight, he would probably try to meet her irl.

    Drinking her wine she suddenly thinks it would be fun to just peek into the auction room see if there is anyone in there she knows from the Organization.

     Also now that she is bored with her game  she is curious what treasures are being put up for auction especially the so called Sacred Stone, it must be magnificent{she has no idea it is a piece of black meteorite that has no distinguishing qualities.}

    “Hey Tai I changed my mind I want to go see the auction take me to Leng Shuai.” LiMei smiles at him revealing her perfect white teeth, if she flirts with him maybe he will let her go down to the auction.

    Brock Jameson’s voice is deep with an air of authority,“Miss Feng you missed that opportunity I was instructed to keep you here not let you wander around.” This girl is definitely a rich spoiled brat used to having people wait on her and get her own way when she flirts.

    “I wouldn’t be wandering around, more like you escorting me to meet Leng Shuai.” She stands up too fast and feels dizzy from the wine she pulls on his arm he doesn’t budge, “Let’s go.” trying to pull him but he doesn’t move an inch at all. He is built like Mt. Tai!

    He is getting annoyed at her pestering him like a little kid.“Could you sit down and play your game?” Looking at his watch only another thirty five minutes.

    Gazing at her holding his muscular arm she looks tiny she barely comes to his chest, he finds himself with a hint of a smile as she pleads with him at her sparkling green eyes and flushed cheeks she really is quite pretty. 

    No! She is being manipulative to get her own way, fluttering her long black eyelashes like that at me with that innocent look .

    Some of her long black hair has come out of her pony tail and is hanging down her cheek falling on her creamy white neck. He gulps then looks away removing her hand from his forearm he could feel the warmth from her hand as it grazed his hand.

     He feels  he is succumbing to her flirting, maybe he should strike up a conversation with her to get her mind off the auction and his mind off her beautiful face, her smile is enough to make him fold and lose his composure. “Your grandmother taught you acupuncture?” He has never seen someone able to completely alleviate pain from a fracture before using acupuncture techniques.

    LiMei dejectedly sits back down this Mt. Tai of a man won’t budge. She has an idea, “Jameson?”

    Why is she now calling me by my name she must want to sneak out. He suspiciously answers, “Yes?’

    “Do you want me to use my silver needles to relax you? You seem stressed from looking at the bulging blue vein in your neck and your muscles look tight.” 

     She can put him to sleep with her needles then slip out. No way could she simply attack him she has had too much wine and her reflexes would be much slower than a trained military man right now.

    “No thank you.”

    “Come on I will tell you Brock people pay me quite a bit of money to massage them and use my needles for stress relief. Really to think how many people would be jealous of you receiving my treatment for free.” {She is laughing to herself, that is a good lie.}

    Now she is speaking to him informally…Brock? ”Is this a new ploy to get her own way.. or  she must be drunk.

    He does feel his muscles have tightened up since he came into this private room and is stressed not being able to be where the action is in the downstairs auction area. It couldn’t hurt. “Alright.”

    “Sit here in this chair.” She pulls out a heavy wooden carved chair from the table and motions for him to sit down patting it. “Sit.”

    He hesitates for a moment then sits down. LiMei walks over to her purse after she cleaned her silver needles she put them pack in her special pocket in her purse. “I will massage you to relax you then insert only one needle.” {which will knock you out ha..ha..ha.}

   Looking at his  trusting expression she momentarily wavers, maybe I shouldn’t…will he get in big trouble? Leng Shuai has seen her abilities he won’t know Tai obediently sat down and allowed me to knock him out…hmmm..

    Brock Jameson changes his mind and stands up while she is mulling this over, “This isn’t appropriate but will let you call Leng Shuai if he says you can join him I will accompany you downstairs. This way he can also go back to work.

    “Why didn’t she think of that she jumps into his chest hugging him, “That is a brilliant idea Tai!”

    Now it is Tai again…”Jameson.” 

     He shakes his head as he pushes LiMei off his chest,  “Call.”

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