LiMei in Hospital Part 3

“I will let the man who brought her into the hospital know you will be treating her. Meet me in room789 after you sign the form at the nurses station.”

    After he leaves Dr. Huang hands Rui his set of silver needles. Rui examines them they are excellent quality, he compliments him,“Dr. Huang I’m impressed your silver needles are top of the line.”

     “ I have a few patients in the city who I treat with acupuncture so I carry them with me. I think it is very innovative of you to combine both modern and traditional  medical when treating patients. ”

     “Did you ever consider relocating? I have a research lab in Pushong City that concentrates on researching rare herbs for medicinal purposes. I was intrigued by your research on Sea Moss, if you want send me your resume.” Rui hands him his card, “When I am finished giving the acupuncture treatment I will return your needles.”

     Dr. Huang looks at the card,  “My family has practiced traditional medicine in the mountains for generations. I wanted to focus on research when I graduated from medical school, the research facilities I work at are skeptical of the advantages of researching medicinal herbs.Thank you, I will sincerely consider it.”

     “I will be leaving soon.” He doesn’t want him to leave them at the desk or anywhere they are actually quite precious to him they were his late father’s silver needles. “I can send my daughter to your hotel to retrieve them if you don’t mind tomorrow.” He has been wanting his daughter to meet an outstanding man like Qiao Rui.

     “Fine, thank you.”

     Rui takes the elevator to the seventh floor, stopping at the nurse’s station he signs the paperwork. He knocks on Room 789. Dr. Mu answers the door, “Dr. Qiao.”

    Leng Shuai flies off the couch fucking Qiao Rui what is he doing here! How did he find out Feng LiMei was admitted to the hospital. Rui has his back towards him talking to Dr. Mu, Leng Shuai takes two long strides over to him. “Who said he could enter this room!” His voice is threatening and his aura is dark.

      Rui turns around he has never met Leng Shuai and doesn’t recognize him. He doesn’t know why this man would be antagonistic towards him he is here to help. He should be grateful someone identified the fact she was poisoned.“I’m the consulting physician on this case, you are?”

    The two men are the about the same height Leng Shuai is slightly taller but they are staring at each other with narrowed eyes practically eye to eye. Leng Shuai realizes Qiao Rui doesn’t know who he is,”I don’t want him consulting, leave.”

     Dr. Mu looks at him like he is crazy Qiao Rui is a godsend, he had no idea how serious Feng LiMei’s condition is or how to treat it.

     “Shuai,  Feng LiMei is in critical condition he might be the only doctor who can save her!”

    Qiao Rui is in shock… Feng LiMei! He rushes over to the bed. Leng Shuai is about to stop him when Dr. Mu holds his arm, “Shuai she could die, let him examine her.”

    Qiao Rui holds her hand checking her pulse, all the color has drained from his face. His mind is going crazy, how could it be LiMei? His eyes fill with a murderous glint he wants to kill Leng Shuai, he turns and screams, “Leng Shuai you fucking bastard, get the fuck out of here now!”

    Leng Shuai pushes Dr. Mu away,in a sarcastic tone he responds  “I’m not going anywhere!”  He grabs Rui’s arm pulling him away from the bedside, his face is inches away from Rui’s, his handsome face contorted as he clenches his teeth. Spitting out as he grabs Rui’s collar. “This is my fucking hospital! I have a hospital full of highly skilled doctors that can treat her, you are the one leaving.”

    Rui grabs his hand in a vice like grip then  pushes him back, “Do you think I will leave my girlfriend in the hands of these incompetent assholes?” Gao Lani is scared witless my god the girl is Dr. Qiao’s girlfriend? What is she doing with Leng Shuai? Dr. Mu doesn’t know what to do, this is bad. Rui has pent up anger from the fact LiMei was at Leng Shuai’s  house, now she is on the brink of death because of him, without thinking of the consequences he gives Leng Shuai a palm strike to his chest sending him backwards. Gao Lani steps over to the side by Feng LiMei’s bed, what are these two crazy men doing!

     Leng Shuai staggers backwards falling into a small table, recovering his balance he rushes at Qiao Rui landing a punch on his cheek, Rui shoves him back then Leng Shui kicks towards his head, Rui dodges it spinning around kicking Leng Shuai”s side, Leng Shuai doesn’t give up  charging him striking Rui with a kick to the chest. Rui grabs his leg and twists it, while Leng Shuai is off balance before he can retaliate Rui strikes his Zehua point with his palm rendering him unconscious.

     “Get someone to take him to a room he will be unconscious for about two hours. Warn him about the severity of Feng LiMei’s condition when he wakes up I don’t want to be disturbed.”

     Dr. Mu who had been standing off to the side is speechless,he feels at though his old heart is going to give out on him, Dr. Qiao just knocked out Leng Shuai!The owner of the hospital! There is going to be severe repercussions, Warn him..Are you fucking kidding me!.this man is crazy! But he is the only hope for the little girl on the bed, he has no choice he will need to convince Leng Shuai when he wakes up.

     Gao Lani is shaking over by the bed, Dr. Mu calls for two orderlies to come and put Leng Shuai on a stretcher to take him to a room.

     Dr. Mu looks at the girl lying on the bed she must be very important for Leng Shuai to bring her here . He gives Rui a meaningful look, “Dr. Qiao for your sake and mine I hope you can save this girl.”

     Qiao Rui ignores him walking into the bathroom he washes his face trying to compose himself, Fuck this hospital and Leng Shuai he is going to hire a private plane to take her to his hospital. No way is he going to leave LiMei here in Leng Shuai’s hospital. If he can stabilize her he can easily take her and that might be safer. He calls Dr. Woo. “ The patient I told you about is Feng LiMei I am bring her back to my hospital. Keep working on the antidote we will be there this evening.”

    “Feng LiMie? What is she doing on Shingu island? How did she get poisoned?”

“ She came with Chen Jianyu, she is his assistant, I don’t know the details on the poisoning, I need to examine her. I’m going to be busy call for a private jet to be waiting for us in an hour. Text me the details.”

     “Rui with your expertise she will come through this just stay focused and don’t let your emotions take over. Dr. Woo is worried he can tell by Rui’s voice he is about to explode. “Remember stay focused.”

     “Get me the plane.”

     He walks out of the bathroom the nurse is fixing the IV acting as though nothing happened, that’s good she is being professional. “Nurse I am going to be inserting needles into the patient, I would like you to wipe her forehead for me she will begin to sweat when I insert the first needle. When he pulls the nightgown down to her chest he gulps, the areas with the scratches are crimson red and the blood blisters on her creamy white skin make his eyes turn black with anger, I will kill you Leng Shuai if you ever come near her again.

     “Nurse the blood blisters will burst when I insert the needles by her collarbone, please cover her face so the blood doesn’t get on her as it splatters.” Gao Lani can’t believe the man speaking in such a gentle tone is the same man who knocked out Leng Shuai a few minutes ago. He is looking at the girl on the bed with loving eyes as he tenderly strokes her arm.

    “Yes Doctor.”

    Rui inserts the silver needles as he manipulates them black blood is flying out of the blisters. Gao Lani’s gloves holding the cloth are covered in the strange colored blood that has a strange stench to it, she feels as though she is going to vomit . She has attended doctors during operations and hasn’t felt this nauseous. When he is finished there is blood everywhere, “Nurse I will clean her skin around the wounds, go throw the bloody cloth away and your gloves, wash up in the bathroom.”

     Gazing at her delicate face he takes a cloth and dips it in warm water wiping LiMei’s face then her bloody chest, she is in a coma and hasn’t moved. After he cleans her body he needs to insert the needles to slow her blood down. Gao Lani is in the bathroom thinking how very strange… the needles were no where near the blood blisters and they exploded like volcanoes erupting. She washes up then changes into another nurses top, the one she was wearing now is covered in the strange smelling blood.

   “Nurse when I leave with the patient I will need an IV to take on the plane,  inform Dr.Mu. I am registered as the consulting physician so if I deem it necessary to transport her that is my prerogative. He holds his copy of the paperwork up, now he is happy the old goat made him sign it otherwise there could be a big problem trying to leave with her.

     Dr. Mu is in Leng Shuai’s room staring him unconscious on the bed. There is going to be a shit storm when he awakens. He looks at his beeper then goes to the nurse’s station, “Yes? Nurse Gao why aren’t you in with Feng LiMei?” He is frazzled at the recent developments, he had no choice as a doctor but to think of the well being of the patient and Dr. Qiao appears to be her only hope for survival.

    “Dr. Qiao wants two IV bags and a collapsible stand he said when the patient is stabilized after the procedure he is doing he is taking her to his hospital in Pushong City.” Gao Lani wonders how the Dr. Mu will respond he must be conflicted caught between Leng Shuai and Dr. qiao.

     The old doctor doesn’t hesitate he decisively responds,“Hurry, prepare what he needs.”

    Gao Lani is surprised she thought Dr. Mu would resist the idea, she was thinking she would have to return to the room and tell Dr. Qiao the answer was no. She wasn’t looking forward to that. She thinks Dr. Mu made the right decision.

     After she leaves Dr. Mu sighs this is the best solution get the problem far away from Seaside Hospital. When Leng Shuai wakes up he will tell him he had no choice it was in the best interest of the patient, then let him deal with the situation in Pushong City.

     Rui is in the room finishing the acupuncture treatment, LiMei’s fever is going down and her face doesn’t appear as red. Her blood circulation has slowed, her blood pressure is  slightly above normal. When he finishes he calls Wang Li he doesn’t want to wake up Chen Jianyu or get him involved. “Wang Li, this is Qiao Rui.”

    Wang Li is barely awake, what does Dr. Qiao need from him at this hour. “Yeah.”

     “I have an emergency I need you to go to my room and get my suitcase, he hasn’t even unpacked so Wang Li can grab it. Afterwards get a car and meet me at Seaside Hospital, Chen Jianyu should still be sleeping you will return before he needs you for anything. If there is a problem with him I will take care of it for you.”

     Wang Li agrees, “Seaside Hospital?”

     “ Yes, we will be waiting at the front.”

     Wang Li wonders who Qiao Rui has with him but doesn’t ask, “I will leave now.”

     Gao Lani returns to the room, “The items you need are ready.”

      “Nurse, put the patient’s clothes on she wore when she was admitted, I will be right back.”

    “Yes Doctor.”

     Rui cleaned the needles and wants to return them to Dr. Huang if he is still in the lab because he is leaving Shingu City.

     Dr. Huang is coming out of the lab, “Dr. Qiao.”

     “I’m glad you are still here, thank you for the use of your silver needles I am leaving immediately.”

    “What about the patient?” Huang David is curious why he is leaving in such a hurry.

    “I am transporting her to my hospital in Pushong. I am leaving now,contact me if you are interested in working in my research lab.”

    “I will.” It would be a rare opportunity to work with two geniuses like Dr. Qiao Rui and Dr.Woo Xixin. It would also give his daughter a chance to leave this island to have a better life. 

    Rui hurries back to LiMei’s room checking his phone Dr. Woo sent a text he has arranged a plane for him. Good. When he enters LiMei’s room the nurse has dressed her, “Nurse Gao did you get the items I requested?.”


     He picks LiMei up in his arms kissing her on her forehead then takes the bag from the Gao Lani, she watches him as he carries Feng LiMei down the hallway. She can’t get the image out of her head of the girl’s dark tattoo on her hip. Why would a delicate looking girl have such a disturbing tattoo, the dagger through the moon had drops of blood coming off it. As she passes Leng Shuai’s room she is happy she will be off work when he wakes up, what a dramatic first night at this hospital.

    Qiao Rui walks out the front door he looks for Wang Li, he is standing leaning up against a black luxury car. When Wang Li sees them he opens the back door for them, he looks at the girl in Qiao Rui’s arms, that isn’t Feng Limei. She has short brown hair, this girls hair is long and ink black. Her eyes aren’t open so he can’t see the color of them.

     When they are in the back seat Rui instructs him to go to the airport, Wang Li looks in the rear view mirror the girl is laying with her head in Qiao Rui’s lap so he can’t get a good look at her. Wang Li is curious what is wrong with the little plain girl he likes her feisty attitude towards the Boss, she always makes him laugh with her unruliness. Chen Jianyu told him she is Qiao Rui’s patient and she needed medicine, what is wrong with her she hasn’t moved at all.

    “Dr. Qiao do you mind if I ask ,I work closely with Miss Feng so I am concerned, what is wrong with her?” She looked like a limp doll in his arms, there was no movement from her at all.

    Qiao Rui doesn’t want to divulge all the details, “She was injured at Leng Shuai’s home and brought to the hospital.”


    “Mauled by his dog.”

    “Shit! So you are taking her to your hospital?”

    “Yes, I think she would benefit from our resources we have there Seaside Hospital isn’t equipped to handle a case like hers.”

    They arrive at the airport, “Dr. Qiao do you need help getting her onto the plane?” Wang Li sees the equipment he has in a bag on the floor of the backseat.

    “No you should get back, inform Chen Jianyu I’m taking Feng LiMei to my hospital. Also have him call me concerning Gao KiKi and the land deal. I should have the proof she drugged me which to avoid the consequences of legal action he should be able to acquire the land.”

    “I will.”

    Rui carries LiMei to the airplane that is waiting for them, it is a luxury private jet of the Zhou family. Dr. Woo went to school with old man Zhou he called him immediately when Rui told him he needed to fly LiMei back to Pushong City.

    Once they are settled on the plane, the pilot informs them they are second in line to take off so they will need to buckle up. Rui tightens LiMei’s seat belt, looking out the window he is apprehensive she needs to be put back on the IV drip as soon as possible.

     The plane takes off smoothly after about fifteen minutes the pilot informs them they can move around the cabin freely. Rui hugs LiMei to his chest as he carries her to the bed. He hooks up the IV drip, her temperature it is still dangerously high, taking out his silver needles he inserts them hoping to bring the fever down. He kisses her tenderly on her pink lips, “LiMei when you wake up I will never let you suffer again. I’m going to marry you.”

    Rui stares at her snow white skin, with a worried look on his handsome face, his eyebrows are furrowed as he examines her,  the blisters that covered it are now removed leaving red marks and the scratches. 

     He will need to treat the wounds when they get to the hospital with his special healing lotion made from rare Ice Lotus roots so the injuries don’t leave scars. He runs his finger down her cheek, “LiMei I love you.”

    Back at the Seaside Hospital Leng Shuai is waking up, he holds his chest, fucking Qiao Rui what did he do to him, the last thing he remembers is fighting him in Feng LiMei’s room. Bastard, Mu better have called the police on that crazy bastard! A male nurse is dozing off in a seat, Leng Shuai kicks the chair, “Get Dr. Mu now I am going to Room 789 tell him to meet me there.”

    The male nurse jumps up startled, he has been sitting here for two hours he must have just fallen asleep, “Yes, CEO Leng.” He runs out to the nurse’s station, “CEO Leng woke up where is Dr. Mu he is going to the woman’s room and she is gone.” He is sweating.

    The nurse just came on duty and only heard a little about what happened.“Why didn’t you tell CEO Leng?”

    “Are you kidding me! He is going to fire everyone involved I’m sure, Dr. Mu might survive because he is so damn old but I shudder to think his reaction when he finds out she is no longer in the hospital. “

    The nurse picks up the phone, “Dr. Mu,CEO Leng is awake and going to Room 789.”

    “He woke up?” Dr. Mu was hoping to be gone when he awakened. “I’m coming up.”

    Leng Shuai walks into the room the bed has been changed but the bloody sheets and cloths are in a hamper waiting to be picked up. During the night shift they collect the soiled sheets every two hours, Leng Shuai sees them,what the fuck is that… it stinks too. Did they move her to a different room?

    Dr. Mu arrives in the room, “Shuai sit down.”

     “Where is Feng LiMei? Did something happen to her? Did you have Qiao Rui arrested?” He is extremely angry and worried about her condition.

     “You need to calm down and listen to me, I’m serious Shuai you need to calm down and consider the facts.Feng LiMei’s condition is very serious, it isn’t a simple allergic reaction.” He is going to change the story a little hoping to reduce the backlash. He won’t hit an old man would he?

    “What are you saying old man! Where is Feng LiMei”

    “This hospital isn’t equipped to deal with her situation, I had to make a decision to save the patient’s life regardless of how you will feel about it. She is being transported to Pushong City for treatment she is poisoned they have the antidote.”{Not yet but hopefully they can make it in time to save her.}

    Leng Shuai looks at him with a shocked look on his face, poisoned who would poison her at his house. “Is that what that bastard Qiao told you? Who would poison her?”

    “Apparently when she was scratched your dog most likely had pollen on his claws from a plant called Azure Fairy Death. It was raining and muddy it easily could have become stuck to his paws if he ran through it. Animals aren’t affected by it but it is lethal to humans if it enters their bloodstream. His area where he is kept at your house have you ever noticed bright blue flowering plants anywhere?”

    He feels his throat tighten, “Lethal? Is she going to die?” Silver’s area is rather extensive he has never explored it there are many wild plants and flowers toward the rear of the wolf dog’s territory.

    “Dr. Qiao has the antidote at his lab, that is why he transported her there, she needs to be treated within seventy two hours of infection. Now do you see the urgency of the matter. I would never go against your wishes but I had no choice.”

    Leng Shuai is pacing back and forth thinking, saving her is the most important thing, he can retaliate against Qiao Rui as soon as she is out of danger.

    He calmly asks,“When did they leave for Pushong City?”

     Dr. Mu can see he is acting more rationally than he was previously,“They left the hospital an hour ago.”

     “I’m leaving.”

     “I haven’t checked you out you were unconscious you shouldn’t fly a helicopter!”

    “Mu if I find out you are lying to me you will regret it.” He walks down the hallway to the elevator that goes to the helipad.

     Dr. Mu shakes his head it didn’t go as badly as he thought it would but who knows what Leng Shuai is going to do, he is a vindictive man. If someone goes against him he will strike down their entire family.

    Leng Shuai calls Jason, “I need you to find a poison expert to inspect Silver’s territory for a poisonous plant called Azure Fairy Death I want it done this morning. I want it removed if found also a report about its toxicity. I’m flying the helicopter back now then I am leaving for Pushong City.”

    Jason wonders about Feng LiMei’s condition, “Boss how is Miss Feng is she returning with you?”

     Leng Shuai’s eyes darken, he tightens his grip on the phone, “She is on her way to Pushong City for treatment.” Qiao Rui better be able to save her or he won’t survive either. He rubs his neck how did that bastard strike me in my Zehua point I didn’t even see his palm coming at me. I trained under Han Weisheng during my time with the Special forces and am an expert in martial arts, how did Qiao Rui execute those moves so swiftly defeating me. I need a deeper investigation into his background.

    Jason is confused why wouldn’t the boss accompany her there if he is going now. “Kang Jin and Xia Lixue are getting ready to leave I will be driving them to Shingu City, I will hire a poison expert after I drop them off at the hotel. ”

    “Good, I don’t want to see them when I get back to my house I need to prepare to leave immediately.”

     He packs a bag his eyes have a killing intent they resemble a black abyss,in a low voice he says, “Qiao Rui you think you won? Think again.. I’m coming to take Feng LiMei away from you.”

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