LiMei in Hospital Part 1

The taxi arrives at Seaside Hospital Rui pays the driver and enters looking for the registration desk. He hasn’t collaborated with any of the doctors from Shingu City so he isn’t sure if they will expedite his request for blood to be drawn and sent to the lab immediately.

     He approaches the desk informing the nurse he has been drugged, his symptoms are he is suffering from a severe headache and is dizzy. She stares at the handsome man in front of her he looks familiar but she can’t place him. 

     His watch is a limited edition Piaget he must be very wealthy. “Sir, I will need you to sign in fill out these forms and I will send you to a room after you complete the paperwork.”

     “En.” He takes the clipboard from her and finds a seat. When he is finished he hands it back to the nurse. While she looks over it her eyes light up, he is the famous doctor Qiao Rui and heir to the Qiao Corporation no wonder he looks familiar! 

     Who would drug him she wonders, was it an aphrodisiac? Excitedly she exclaims, “ The Dr. Qiao? Heir to the Qiao Corporation? The famous doctor from Pushong City?”

     The nurse nudges her friend who is also behind the desk pointing at his name, whispering she says, “Lani look.” Gao Lani has been friends with Wong Mimi since elementary school too impulsive! She pushes the paper back towards her with an embarrassed expression on her face. He is looking at them with a cold and indifferent expression, she can tell he probably encounters this all the time. 

     Trying to salvage the situation she calmly tells him, “Please have a seat we will ready a room for you immediately Dr. Qiao.”

     He nods and sits down. Holding his head he wants to hurry he wants to get this done quickly so he can return to the hotel and get some sleep. Rui plans on finding a driver to take him to Leng Shuai’s home to see LiMei. A man in a white coat walks over to where he is sitting, “Dr. Qiao. I’m Dr. Mu, come with me.”

   The old doctor wearing gold rimmed glasses waves at the two nurses talking to each other, he points towards Gao Lani, “Nurse meet us in Room 784.” Gao Lani shakes off Wong Mimi’s hand that is holding her sleeve while she is gossiping. She just got transferred here and now she is caught gossiping! Blushing she hurries around the desk to follow them into the elevator.

     Standing in the elevator she is admiring Qiao Rui from the back. He is tall towering over old Dr. Mu, his profile is perfect, long eyelashes, beautiful Phoenix eyes, strong chin… very handsome. She never thought she would be this close to him, seeing him up close she is mesmerized. She has read every one of the articles he has written in medical journals about holistic practices, blending modern techniques with traditional Chinese medicine.

     The elevator reaches the seventh floor and they walk down to the third room. Once they are in the room Dr. Mu looks into Rui’s eyes they are bloodshot and the pupils are dilated. “Nurse Gao take his vitals then prepare to draw blood. I will be right back.” His beeper is going off showing there is an emergency.

     “Yes Dr. Mu.”

     She takes the stethoscope and takes Rui’s blood pressure, and then checks his oxygen levels. His blood pressure is high his oxygen level is normal. Marking her findings on the chart she readies his arm to take th blood. He is quiet as he is sitting there, Gao Lani..Gao KiKi are they related if so he doesn’t trust her.

      After he came to his senses he realized it was Gao KiKi who came into his room. “Did the doctor call you Nurse Gao…are you related to Gao Kiki?”

     Baffled by his question she doesn’t know what to say, Gao KiKi is her cousin but they haven’t been in contact since her father had a falling out with her uncle when she was young. “No.” She has no idea why he wants to know but it is best to stay out of that branch of the family’s business. Her Uncle is a shady businessman and her cousin KiKi would manipulate her when they were young.

     Rui can detect hesitation in her voice when she answers, he knows from working in the Underworld that usually means someone is lying, her hand is shaking a little as she pulls the needle out also.

     She finishes with the blood work, the doctor hasn’t returned. “Nurse could you call the doctor informing him you are finished I need the lab work expedited.” He doesn’t know the procedure in this hospital but he wants the lab technician to come pick it up personally.

     He is her idol so she quickly offers, “I can take it directly to the lab they sometimes are too busy to come right away. During the night there are only two techs down there.”

     Rui wonders why she would be so accommodating it is a little suspicious. “Call the doctor.”

     Gao Lani can see he is impatient, she calls the nurses station, “I’m finished with the patient in Room 784, could Dr. Mu return? Also send for a lab tech to come get the vials of blood to analyze.”

     “Dr. Qiao the lab tech is on his way but Dr. Mu has an emergency.”

    Rui pushes the sleeve of his sweater down, he doesn’t like this woman staring at him, in an abrupt tone,“You can leave.”

  She politely responds,“Dr.Qiao I can’t leave until Dr. Mu tells me I can.” This is her first night here she can’t get in trouble for disregarding the rules. VIPs need to have the best care according to the Head Nurse, she can’t leave until Dr. Mu examines him thoroughly.

     The lab technician enters the room picking up the tray with the vials of blood he starts to leave, Rui stops him, “My name is Dr. Qiao Rui I need one vial of the blood transported to my lab in Pushong City also I will pay the expense.

      He takes out a business card and hands it to the lab technician. “If it isn’t properly sent with the seal in tact or anything happens to it I will hold you personally responsible”, he looks at his hospital badge, “Technician Wang.”

    His threatening demeanor scares the technician he nods and leaves, Gao Lani looks at Qiao Rui his aura is oppressive right now. She thought he would be more of a gentle person, his articles always are very concerned with alleviating pain for patients advocating bringing the family together to support the ill patient. Recently she read his new wing at his hospital in Pushong City would enable families to stay over comfortably.

     The phone rings in the room Gao Lani answers the phone, “Yes..yes..I see.” When she hangs up she turns to Qiao Rui who is sitting on the edge of the bed.”Dr. Mu said for you to stay overnight to allow the drug to exit your system, he will check on you as soon as the emergency patient that is arriving in a few minutes by private helicopter is stabilized.”

     Qiao Rui is curious, “The hospital has a helipad?”

     Gao Lani although she just started here tonight has grown up on the island and has lived in Shengu City since she came home from nursing school in Hirachi City. She knows about the VIPs that own the hospital and the rich people who have homes on the Island. “Many of the people who have vacation homes here live in remote areas of the island so it is convenient to have a helicopter.

     When Leng Corporation and the Zhou group built the hospital they designed it with that in mind, in case there is any emergency. “ She hopes since she has to wait here with him the atmosphere will become more relaxed and she can ask him about his research with rare medicinal herbs. 

     Gao Lani originally wanted to study traditional Chinese medicine but since her father became bankrupt they thought it was too expensive, being a nurse was a more reliable profession for her.

    Qiao Rui wonders which elite family had an emergency to bring someone here it must have been dangerous flying through the storm. Even though it stopped raining there was still lightening. “What is the emergency maybe I can be of help?” Rui has a strange feeling come over him after he says that he wonders why he would volunteer his help so readily.

    Gao Lani has a puzzled look on her face, “You are a patient how can you go help?”

    “I’m feeling better I want to confirm something with the blood work that is why I came to the hospital.”

    “I’m sure the staff can handle it themselves.” She is still standing next to his bed, “You should lie down.”

     Qiao Rui remains sitting on the bed he doesn’t want to fall asleep. “I don’t want to fall asleep. Are you from Shingu Island? “ The residents of the island have a slight accent and she definitely has one.

     Smiling she answers “Yes I have lived here my entire life.” She is happy maybe he is taking an interest in her earlier she felt he was very cold towards her after he heard her name.

     “Would you know a driver than can take me to Leng Shuai’s home?”

     Gao Lani has a complicated look on her face…Leng Shuai…that is who Dr. Mu said the VIP was flying the woman who is injured to the hospital. Since the Leng Corporation owns the hospital of course Dr. Mu is going personally to treat the patient. 

     She is conflicted she wants to get close to Qiao Rui… would she be violating a hospital rule to tell him? Maybe they are friends if he wants to go to his mountain home.

     “Nurse Gao is there something the matter?”


     “Do you know of a driver then?”

    “My second cousin delivers meat there so he would know the way, but you would need to ask him I can’t speak for him, he will be at Fu’s Butcher Shop in the morning.” Wouldn’t Mr. Leng send a car if he is expecting Dr. Qiao. He could actually fly back with him in the helicopter if he knew he was here should she tell him.

     She should find out their relationship first, she wants to help him so he will answer a few of her questions about his collection of rare herbs.

    “Dr. Qiao it may be presumptuous of me to ask but why do you want to go to Mr. Leng’s home?”

    “My girlfriend is doing some work for him this weekend and she forgot something at the hotel.”

    Oh my god could it be his girlfriend who is injured, what should she do​… tell him..why did she ask! Her face pales when he says this, no it might be a coincidence.

    “Nurse Gao..” Rui notices she lost the color in her face.

    She is wringing her hands, no it must be a coincidence, she shouldn’t say anything. “Nothing.” She smiles looking at the phone maybe she can inquire at the nurses desk this is the main VIP floor so she most likely will be brought here.

    Nervously she tells him,“Excuse me Dr. Qiao I am going to check at the nurse’s station for Dr. Mu. If you need me please ring the buzzer.”

    Gao Lani hurries out of the room very conflicted, she isn’t supposed to leave him but he is stable she needs to know if it is the doctor’s girlfriend, her conscience won’t rest until she finds out . If it is his girlfriend she must tell him it is only right.

    As she approaches the nurse’s station a very handsome man with windblown black hair rushes by followed by Dr. Mu trying to catch up with his short fat legs and two other doctors scurrying behind.. She can’t see the woman in his arms she is covered by a quilt,only her messy  long black hair hanging down from  under a knit cap can be seen.

     The handsome man’s face is dark his eyes are full of concern. Dr. Mu is pointing to room 789 “Take her to that room, Shuai why didn’t you have them bring her in on a stretcher?”

    Leng Shuai snaps, “Shut up!” A male nurse opens the door and Leng Shuai places her on the bed. He takes off her knit cap and smooths her hair, “If you don’t want this entire hospital shut down tomorrow you better cure her!”

     Gao Lani is watching the scene the woman in his arms must be his girlfriend. it can’t be Qiao Rui’s girlfriend, the man carrying her is acting crazy. She breathes a sigh of relief thinking she watches too many dramas on television.

     All of them enter the room and close it, Gao Lani shakes her head and walks to Qiao Rui’s room. She decides she won’t say anything she was overthinking. But she wonders why they all looked worried about the woman, even Dr. Mu has an unusual concerned expression on his face.

     Leng Shuai is standing over LiMei’s bed she hasn’t awakened even when the helicopter was flying through turbulent weather she didn’t move, she is feverish and now around the scratches there is severe blistering. 

     He carefully  takes off her jacket, “Get these fucking male nurses out of here bring me a female nurse to change her out of these sweaty clothes now! Uncle Mu what were you thinking bringing them into her room!”

     Dr. Mu looks at the male nurses with an apologetic look{the graveyard shift at the hospital no women want to work it Leng Shuai!} He tells the closest man next to him to go get Gao Lani from Room 784 and replace her. His voice low he whispers, “Tell her to hurry.” This girl it is her first night after this situation he doubts she will come to work tomorrow night even though she volunteered for the graveyard shift because it pays more money.

    The two doctors that are with Dr. Mu pull him to the side, they always heard the CEO of Leng Corporation was a calm businessman who ran the hospital for profit. He looks insane right now yelling at old Dr. Mu as he is wiping the girl’s forehead with his handkerchief. “Dr. Mu should we start the drip?”

    “Wait until Nurse Gao changes her into a hospital gown, I feel if we do it now when she changes the girl’s clothes if she even whimpers we will die without our corpses intact. He glances over at Leng Shuai holding the girl’s hand. He has never seen Leng Shuai be emotional and he has known him since he was a boy coming to the island for the summers.

     “Shuai…Shuai.. the female nurse is on her way. I need to ask you a few questions.”

     Leng Shuai doesn’t hear him he is staring at LiMei’s face as she sleeps she looks like a fragile porcelain doll, why did he bully her not even applying the healing ointment earlier. Maybe if he had she wouldn’t be lying here like this, he feels extremely guilty as he holds her warm small hand in his.

    Gao Lani comes into the room, “Dr. Mu?”

    “Change her into a hospital gown then start an IV drip”

     She looks at Leng Shuai sitting on the edge of the bed, “Mr. Leng I need to change her so we can start the drip”, her voice is calm and soothing as she cajoles him to get up.

     Dr. Mu walks closer with a very deep and stern voice he says ,“Shuai if you want her fever to go down let the nurse get on with it. I need some information from you as to what happened.” The scratches look very deep and he could see bruising by her clavicle.

    Leng Shuai has a blank look on his face as they walk over to the couch by the window. “Uncle Mu she will recover right?”

    “Leng boy you need to tell me what happened to that little girl.”

     “You know that fucking wolf dog of mine I rescued last year when I was on holiday?”

    “Yes. The wolf dog scratched her?”

     “She is a little idiot! She went to pick vegetables in the rain then let Silver out of his area. He pounced on her thinking he could play with her, knocked her down, bruising and scratching her with his claws.” He doesn’t want to admit to Uncle Mu he didn’t treat her injuries because she infuriated him.

     “That dog has scratched me before, do you remember the last time I came to visit you? I cleaned it, applied the healing lotion and I was fine.” He is thinking possibly the little girl had an allergic reaction to the ingredients  in the ointment.

     “When did this happen?”

     “I would say around six thirty.”

     “Why didn’t you bring her in then if you applied it and she had this reaction, or at least when the storm let up.”

     He needs to tell him the truth so he can help Feng LiMei. “I didn’t apply the medicine until about an hour and a half ago. I didn’t know she was feverish until I went to the bed., then I bathed her in cool water then applied the medicine. Earlier the marks from Silver were very red but not this inflamed or blistering.”

    Dr. Mu frowns, “Are you devoid of human compassion! Why wouldn’t you take care of that little girl when it happened! Leng Shuai I am bitterly disappointed in you right now.”

    Gao Lani has changed LiMei into a hospital gown and hooked up the IV drip she walks over to where they are sitting. She gives Leng Shuai a strange look the girl wasn’t wearing any underwear under her clothes when she changed her. “Dr. Mu she is on the drip now.”

    “En.”Dr.Mu looks up at her, “ Thank you Nurse Gao I am going to assign you to this patient tonight.” He walks over to LiMei’s bedside then lifts her eyelid shining a light into them. “Nurse draw her blood and put this antibiotic into her IV. Call the lab technician to rush the analysis, give me the information as soon as he finishes.”

    Leng Shuai is at his side, “Is she going to wake up soon? He is nervous she hasn’t moved since she was sleeping in his bed.

   “Hard to say,Miss Feng is stabilized, her breathing is normal, we will know more when we get the results from the blood analysis. “

    “Nurse I am going to check on another patient, monitor Miss Feng.”

    “Yes Doctor.”

    “Shuai you should rest you look terrible she is out of danger for now. I hope you reflect on your actions earlier regarding Miss Feng.”

    “I want another doctor monitoring her, not a nurse.”

     Gao Lani glances over at him, she knows there are only the two doctors that were here earlier. They were called to the emergency room to provide assistance to treat injured patients from an accident.”Mr. Leng I am capable of monitoring the patient you can rest assured if there is any change I will immediately call a doctor .”

    He glares at her, raising his voice irritated,“Was I talking to you! Mu get another doctor here before you leave.”

    Gao Lani quietly says to Dr. Mu, “They were called to the emergency room, but I think Dr. Qiao in room 784 knows Mr. Leng possibly he could come in to visit. It might reassure him.”

    Dr. Mu ponders it,that would be very unorthodox. “No. I think she is stable for now and can wait.”

    “Shuai, you need to let us do our job, this is your hospital should we leave injured patients in the emergency room to monitor a stable patient! Nurse Gao is very capable. I’m leaving.”

    Old Dr. Mu leaves the room before Leng Shuai can respond. Nurse Gao tries to calm Leng Shuai down, “Mr. Leng I will call the nurse station to bring you some tea, please be assured if there is the slightest problem I will call Dr. Mu.”

    Her voice is calm and reassuring he thinks it sounds familiar, he takes a good look at her, isn’t she the nurse he had transferred here from the Public Hospital? Well she was competent when attending to him at the public Hospital. “Fine.”

    He pulls a chair up and sits at LiMei’s bedside staring at her sleeping face. He brushes some loose hair behind her ear then gently touches her cheek with his slender finger. In a very low voice tinged with guilt he whispers, “I will make it up to you I promise.

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