LiMei Has A Fever

Leng Shuai throws down the report rubbing his eyes, Feng LiMei you are quite the interesting little girl. According to the file,  Qiao Rui until recently was involved with Lau An a socialite in Pushong City, now he is willing to jeopardize becoming CEO of Qiao Corporation because of his relationship with you.

      Feng LiMei he must cherish you gifting you a rare white jade necklace, yet you freely handed it over to me, I wonder how he would feel about that.

    He obviously didn’t tell you the value of the white jade necklace by your willingness to part with it. He opens the drawer of his desk picking up the necklace into his hand he caresses the smooth white jade, this game should be entertaining. 

     Admiring the beautiful pure jade he thinks of LiMei’s flawless natural beauty, his eyes darken, I have decided I don’t want you to have her. He puts the necklace back into the drawer then leaves his study for the bedroom.

     Leng Shuai takes a shower, when he is finished his eyes are bothering him so he puts some eye drops in them. After he brushes his teeth he blow dries his hair and walks to his dresser to get out his pajamas. He turns on the light by the bed, what the hell! Feng LiMei is in his bed the covers up to her neck tossing and turning.

     He sees the clothes still on the bed Yi brought she must think this is her bedroom. For a moment he thought she had come to be with him, he laughs that he would think that even for a moment, she obviously doesn’t like him.

     Leng Shuai is going to carry her to the other bedroom he needs a good night sleep recalling in the mountain village she was all over the bed when she was sleeping.

      He walks over to the intercom, “Jason which room is Feng LiMei supposed to be in?” He doesn’t want to carelessly take her into Kang Jin’s room or Xie Lixue’s by mistake.

     Jason responds, “The third bedroom on the left.” Jason wonders is the Boss going to her room…but he can’t ask if he wants a peaceful life.

    LiMei is tossing and turning on the bed the rain is still pounding on the window and the sound of thunder is booming over the mountains. LiMei is dreaming she is sitting in class at the high school her father enrolled her in after she came to live with him in the city. She is laughing with her desk mate Meng QiQi when the teacher tells her she needs to go to the principal’s office. She thinks it is because she is caught laughing and passing a note, she bows and leaves the room.

    When she enters the office her father Qin Ping is sitting there with an angry look on his face as he sees her enter the room. He politely tells the principal his daughter Daiyu is transferring to another school and asks for her paperwork. When they leave she tries to ask what he is talking about what school…she barely has adjusted to this school finally making a friend in Meng QIQi. Furious he slaps her hard for questioning him. “Stupid girl it’s time for you to be useful for me.”

     Looking around the parking lot he spots the black van, then with a frightened look on his face he tells her to shut up and be obedient.

    They walk over to the black van when the door opens he shoves her in it, she is about to scream when a muscular man wearing a black suit sitting next to her covers her mouth. The terrifying looking man then holds her down ripping her school uniform’s sleeve sticking a needle into her arm.

    She wakes up in a small room she doesn’t recognize, a tall dark haired man dressed all in black  comes in with a tray of food. She can barely move, her words are slurred from the injection ”Where am I ? Where is my Dad?”

    This man’s aura is too dark, he towers over her as she lays on the bed too weak to move, in an emotionless voice as he studies her appearance he tells her, “You belong to me now little girl.”

    Leng Shuai walks back to the bed he is bending over her about to pick her up when she awakens from the nightmare. Her face is pale as a ghost sitting up she grabs Leng Shuai’s arm startling him, looking at him with terror in her beautiful green eyes she screams. With the lightening in the window behind her it makes an eerie picture, she is clutching his arm in a tight grip, crystal tears rolling down her delicate cheeks. She is shaking in fear, “Please let me go..please..please take me back to school.”

     She is delirious. What the fuck! He sees the scratches from Silver on her neck and chest that are bright red, could they be infected, didn’t she wash them earlier. Her wrist is also bright red and blistered from being scalded. Dammit why didn’t he put the healing lotion on her earlier.

     He calmly says, “I will take you back, I won’t harm you. Lie back down.”

    This seems to settle her a little, she is looking deeply into his eyes as though she is trying to discern if he is lying. She remains sitting without saying anything. He touches her forehead she is burning up. They are fifty miles from a fucking doctor and there is a storm that most likely flooded the route through the forest. What should he do? He gently lays her on the bed, “You need medicine lie still.”

    “Don’t..don’t stick me with a needle again.” Her voice is barely audible as she curls into a ball.

    “I’m not going to hurt you just lay there.” He takes out his phone dialing a number, “It is me Shuai.”

    A drowsy voice on the other end answers,“It’s midnight is there something wrong?”

    “I have a girl here..” before he can say anything else the other person interrupts, “You have a girl? At your retreat?” Did the sun rise in the West! Jia Shizhen sits up in bed shocked, he can barely get an invitation to Leng Shuai’s mountain home on Shingu Island and he is his childhood friend! Whoever this woman is she must be very special to him, he wonders who it could be.

    “It isn’t what you think, I don’t have time for your nonsense. She was out in the rain then scratched by my dog, she has a high fever. There is red inflammation around the scratches.”

  “ She was in the downpour with thunder and lightening I saw on the news? You let her close enough to that beast to get scratched, did he bite her? If he bit her that could be a bigger problem.”

    “I didn’t let her you asshole! She was crazy enough to pick vegetables in the rain then  play with him without my knowledge!” He is getting pissed remembering the scene of her on the ground with Silver.

    “Does she have a death wish?”

     “Shut up Shizhen and tell me what to do or the next time you ask me for a check for your damn research my answer will be fuck off!”

     “Calm down, calm down..You will need to put her in a cool bath to bring the fever down, you have the healing lotion I gave you when we went to Kenya don’t you? After she is clean apply the ointment, don’t put bandages or any cloth on top of the area it needs to dry or it will stick. Boil her ginger tea with honey, let’s see what else..” He yawns and has a sip of water, “ If her fever doesn’t go down by morning she most likely will need to go to a hospital for a drip and antibiotics.”

     Leng Shuai is listening intently as he looks at her on the bed, her face is bright red. “Also she scalded her wrist.”

     “What the fuck Shuai! Can’t you take better care of your woman!”

     Now he is losing face because of the little nuisance! If Shizhen was here he would throw him through the wall. “She is an unruly little girl who gets herself into trouble constantly not my woman!”

     Shizhen wants to laugh out loud listening to his friend’s unusually emotional response. His cold and indifferent friend who never gives a woman the time of day is nursing a ‘little girl’?

     “You should get off the phone and follow my instructions, if you have any more questions call me, I have a research project coming up next month.”


     The only woman in the house is Xie Lixue and he can’t picture her giving Feng LiMei a bath. He has no choice, he goes to the bathroom and runs cold water in the bath. When the bathtub is full he walks over to the bed she has fallen asleep, hopefully she doesn’t wake up while he gives her a bath.

      He can feel his face getting hot as he lifts her up to remove her dress, he carefully slips it off her shoulders then lays her back down as he slides the dress down her slender legs.

     She is lying on the bed in only her underwear he is wondering what Yi was thinking when he purchased these things. He has a wife is this what she wears? 

     The tight black bra barely covers her breasts with a flower design in the middle he can see her pinkness pressing against the lace, the bra pushes her breasts up creating a sexy valley between them. The panties are black lace with barely a string across her hips. He is staring at her body her creamy white skin looks even whiter against the black lace. The purple bruises and terrible jagged scratches are a disturbing sight on her tender skin. What was she doing playing with a dog that size, she doesn’t think at all!

    As he stares at the black string going across her hip he notices a round tattoo, inside the circle is a black sky with a crescent moon pierced by a dagger. What a weird tattoo for a young girl. 

     He can’t resist running his slender finger across it, in a strange way he finds it very sexy. Her looks are very pure and innocent but this tattoo that is in a fairly intimate spot on her body is rather fierce.

     Now he needs to remove her underwear, no he can’t, he looks at her innocent sleeping face. He decides can bathe her with her underwear on the scratches are above her bra.

    Carrying her into the bathroom he lays LiMei in the cool water, when her body enters the water he can see her breasts’ reaction the pinkness pressing through the thin lace. Shaking his head he thinks about business trying to forget the beautiful scenery in front of him. When he gets back to the office he will need to contact several companies concerning their production levels.

     Yes..this is good thinking about work is distracting. Leng Shuai carefully washes her body paying particular attention to be gentle as he washes her injuries. Her head is resting on his one hand while he washes her with the other hand.

    He is trying not to look at her body but as his hand brushes across her skin it is as though an electric current is flowing through him. He continues to mentally fight his manly urges concentrating on some problems he is having with a factory in Germany. Wiping her face, her cheeks are flushed and her head still feels hot even with her body submerged in the water. This worries him, he will take her to the hospital as soon as it is light outside.

    Lifting her out of the bath he dries her off, then he grabs another dry towel. If he lays her on the bed in the wet underwear that won’t be good. Placing her on the sofa he covers her with the extra dry towel, reaching under it he undoes her bra then slips off her wet panties tossing them on the ground he then gently rubs her body with the towel.

     Dammit, he looks down at his lower body,  he will need to take a cold shower after he puts her into the bed. What alot of trouble this little bunny is, he wants nothing to do with her except to tease her for some amusement because she disrespected him. Now her seductive body is teasing him!

    He sees Yi bought her sleepwear, he lifts her up keeping the towel over her chest he puts it on her then quickly buttons it leaving the top open while reciting the speech in his head he will give at the conference on Tuesday. If he looks at her tempting body any longer he will do something he will regret, his body is reacting even as he recites the dull numbers of the factory’s production in the past quarter.

    Once LiMei is in the bed he walks over to the medicine cabinet taking out the ointment. Sitting on the edge of the bed he touches her head she is still very hot, gently he applies the healing ointment on the scratches leaving the nightgown open as Shizhen told him. He looks at her petite body in the alluring pink nightgown,{Seriously Yi what were you thinking while picking out the clothes for her!} She looked frightened and helpless when she woke up from her dream, he wonders what she was talking about in her sleep.

    Glancing back at her he puts on a robe then leaves the room to make the hot ginger tea, after he feeds it to her he will need to take care of his personal situation.

      Xia Lixue is bored in her room she has been on Weibo looking at who is trending, she is pissed that scum ex boyfriend of hers is in the top five because of his appearance on the Variety Show earlier.

    Xia Lixue decides she will go to the kitchen to get something to eat she didn’t have any of the gross looking dinner the little slut made earlier.

    She is wearing a sexy nightgown under a thin robe if she should run into either one of the boring men maybe she could seduce him. Laughing to herself thinking neither one appeals to her, she and that scum used to have great sex because he is such a pervert. The things he used to do to her, she blushes thinking about his nasty tastes.

     Right before she enters the kitchen..Shit.. it is Leng Shuai, what is he doing? She peeks around the corner, he is putting hot water on to boil, is he making tea? This might be her chance to drug him, can you put aphrodisiac in tea? She thinks about it why not, and Ashley told her this is fast acting too. Hurrying back to her bedroom she searches in her purse finding the small packet she clutches it her hand.

    She walks into the kitchen acting surprised, “I didn’t think anyone would be out here.” She rubs her stomach opening the robe she is wearing.”I came out to get a snack.”

    He ignores her as he gets a bottle of water from the refrigerator, when he turns around Xia Lixue walks by ‘accidentally’ brushing against him as she walks towards the refrigerator. He glares at her why is this woman out here, so annoying. Without her usual heavy makeup he can tell he must have had several plastic surgeries and why do women get breast implants, her breasts look unnatural.

    Looking at the tea boiling he sips his water, he should take Feng LiMei a bottle of water also. Xia Lixue has some fruit on a plate and is leaning over the counter eating it watching him. It is obvious she is trying to seduce him very disgusting but she is a guest and he respects Kang Jin. “Miss Xia it is drafty in the kitchen you will catch cold wearing that thin robe you should take the fruit to your room.”

    She can sense his annoyance she touches the drug in her pocket, even though he is devastatingly handsome he is too arrogant and cold as ice. She can tell he looks down on her from the way he ignores her presence, even earlier when she said she didn’t feel well he was unconcerned.

     What would he be like if he had uncontrollable desire rising in him?  She would like to see him brought down to the level of a beast needing her to satisfy him. Her eyes light up and she has a sinister smile as she pictures him losing control, begging her as she teases him.   “Lixue you are so beautiful..I need you right now..” I will do it!

     Leng Shui removes the tea from the stove pouring a cup, then he stirs in some honey. He walks over to get LiMei a bottle of water from the counter so it is room temperature. While his back is turned Xia Lixue quickly pours the packet into the tea.

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