Leaving For Auction

While Leng Shuai and LiMei are eating Jason slowly creeps into the room next door catching the three people on the bed unaware as the two brothers are still screwing Wang Rebecca. 

     Before the two naked men can react Jason pulls Hamid off of Wang Rebecca hitting him in the back of the head with the handle of his gun knocking him unconscious.

    Rashid throws Wang Rebecca off him and she hits her head on the corner of the nightstand. 

     She is laying on the floor holding her head as blood begins oozing out as she watches in terror as the man who burst into the room  and Rashid are fighting. 

     Seeing the two men exchanging blows she is frightened she will be killed, she wants to escape but is frozen in the spot she is sitting.

   Rashid grabs Jason by the neck and Jason struggles to breath as the grip around his throat tightens. 

     He hits Rashid in his nose with his fist blood starts dripping down Rashid’s face but he doesn’t loosen his grip. 

    Jason lifts his knee hitting Rashid in his balls the pain causes him to bend over in pain  letting go of Jason’s neck. 

     He looks up with bloodshot eyes as Jason’s fist is coming down again towards his face before it connects Rashid grabs Jason’s fist in a vise like grip he squeezes it pushing Jason backwards. The sound of bones cracking can be heard as Rashid increases the  pressure on Jason’s hand.

     Jason swings around kicking him in the chest Rashid spits out blood from the force of the kick letting him go.

    Naked he wishes he had his knife that is in his pant’s pocket to cut this man into a thousand pieces who disturbed his fun with that woman. 

   Rashid roars lunging towards him  as he does Jason takes his gun hitting him in the side of his head, Rashid is stunned but still moves forward his only desire it to kill this intruder.

   He swings his long leg kicking at Jason who dodges it then hits Rashid with a palm strike to his neck then swings his gun up with his injured right hand using the handle  to forcefully hit him again in the head.

    Jason doesn’t want to kill him only take Wang Rebecca away and get the phone they were using to take the pictures.

      This time Rashid falls backward onto the floor knocked out. Jason shakes his hand that bastard must have broken my fingers he is experiencing intense pain in his hand. 

      Jason’s handsome face is contorted in pain as he takes his phone out of his pocket  , “Come to the back door entrance to the Black Lotus Club.”

   Shen Boyin doesn’t ask why he goes to the garage and gets into a black SUV.

   Jason goes to the bathroom soaking  a cloth in warm water for Wang Rebecca’s head then takes a white bathrobe from a hook.

     He walks out and tosses it to her as she is still sitting naked on the floor,in an emotionless voice he tells her,”Use this cloth  to wipe your head and put the on this robe.”

   Dazed she looks up at him who is he? Why did he come in to save me? She is still fucked up from the drug as she looks at the two naked men sprawled unconscious on the floor who she was in bed with only a few minutes ago. Shivering she takes the white bathrobe and puts it on her body.

    Jason walks over to where the phone flew out of Hamid’s hands when he grabbed him picking it up he puts the phone in his pocket.

    “Go down the stairs at the end of the hallway, a black SUV should be there in ten minutes to take you to your home.” 

    Wang Rebecca sits on the floor still staring at the cold handsome man in front of her. When she doesn’t move he says, “Or you can stay here until they wake up to continue, your choice.” 

     When he turns away she grabs the man’s pants on the floor reaching in hoping to find the bag of purple pills, dammit not in those. She crawls over to the other pair of pants her eyes light up as she pulls out a plastic bag full of the precious pills. She shoves them into the pocket of the bathrobe, she deserves them…

    Jason doesn’t look her direction again as he leaves the room he calls Xiaobo, “This is Jason I need the VIP entrance open in ten minutes a woman will be leaving.”

    Xiaobo knew Jason in the Special Forces and they are good friends so he will accommodate him without asking any questions. “I will send a man to open it. Are you representing CEO Leng at the auction?”

   “No he is going to it personally. I might come down and check it out before he comes downstairs. Are you busy we could have a drink he is having dinner with someone in the private room.{Jason really doesn’t want to be in the same room with the boss and Feng LiMei}

    “I could meet you for a drink I screened the participants I only see three potential threats but I have confidence in my team.”

  “Is one of the threats from the Middle East?”

   “How did you know?”

   “Just a hunch. I need to text the Boss then I will meet you downstairs.”

   Once he saw Rashid’s face he recognized him as one of Amir Malouf’s men. If that crackhead Amir is here it is to cause trouble.

   Jason texts Leng Shuai [situation taken care of have phone]

   He reads the response then looks at his watch seems as though it will be a quick drink with Xiaobo. Why does the CEO want me back at one?

   When he enters the bar he sees Xiaobo talking to Han Weisheng he walks over, “Commander, Xiaobo.

   Xiaobo, I’m surprised you are sitting in the bar. I thought you would be in your private room or at the auction.”

   “I want to scope out the people who are waiting for the second half of the auction. I closed the private rooms except  a few for my friends so the rest of the people need to gather here.”

    Jason scans the crowd he doesn’t see Amir Malouf. Why would he want blackmail photos of Wang Rebecca. “Weisheng are the two smugglers you want to keep an eye on in this crowd.”

    “Yes, see the tall man over there with the long black hair tied back that is one his name is Yun Shi. Rumor has it he is here to steal the Sacred Stone, but then again that rumor has been spread about three out of four of the men attending. 

     The other one is affiliated with the Black Sky Organization he goes by the name Reggie, he must be in the room where the auction is being held.”

    Jason knows very well who Yun Shi is he has a vendetta with CEO Leng. If Han Weisheng’s men were to take him away that would be good news for Leng Enterprises. But why is Yun Shi here for the Sacred Stone or Leng Shuai?

    “So are you here to capture them?” Jason admires Han Weisheng for his dedication. Most rich Young Masters wouldn’t take the risks he does to serve the country.

   “No I will wait until they actually commit the deed then I have men stationed outside. There are too many variables inside the Club.”

   Xiaobo calls over the cocktail server, “Jason what do you want to drink?”

   “I don’t have much time I will have a double whiskey on the rocks then I need to go to the CEO’s private room to meet him.”

   “How do you like working for Leng Shuai?” Han Weisheng is curious about him he keeps a low profile and no one knows much about him. When he met them for dinner he was preoccupied and didn’t converse very much.

   Jason’s lips curl up in a knowing smile,“Weisheng are you fishing for information about my boss?”

   The three of them start laughing knowing how Weisheng likes to casually gather information about powerful people.

   “Ha..ha..no I know you are a loyal guy and wouldn’t tell me anything I just wondered if you like your job. It seems with your skills would be wasted working for a CEO as an assistant.”

   “He is an interesting man and pays well.” He drinks his whiskey down it is almost one o’clock. “I need to go while you are in town the three of us should get together.”

   Xiaobo nods, “I am going to Paris next week to open a new Club I will be gone for a month. How about we take my yacht out this weekend?”

   Han Weisheng agrees, “I can go Sunday, what about you Jason?”

   “I have Sunday off let’s do it. Call me Xiaobo for the time you two decide to go.”

   “Sunday it is then.”

    Jason leaves the table his hand is beginning to throb he will need to go to have it x rayed tomorrow. He takes the elevator to the third floor he knocks on the door. “It is me.”

   Leng Shuai gets up off the couch and answers the door, “Ineed you to stay with Feng LiMei I am going to the auction.”

   “What?” Jason looks at Feng LiMei playing with her phone he isn’t a fucking babysitter. Normally he doesn’t question the CEO’s orders but it is his day off.

   “I will be back when it is over I just want to see what the German dealer has to offer and the Sacred Stone of the Higari Tribe everyone is talking about.”

   “Boss come here.” he motions him over to the side of the room, “I think I should accompany you there is definitely going to be trouble at the auction.”

   “I saw Jing Xiaobo’s manpower it would be sufficient to stop a small uprising.”

   “True but did you know Yun Shi is here tonight?”

   Leng Shuai has a strange smile on his face, “That motherf****r is here?”

   “I saw him in the bar, he seems to have healed.”

    “It has been two years.” Leng Shuai looks over at Feng LiMei, he should take Jason with him who knows what will happen when they come face to face again. “Call Xiaobo have one of his men come up to protect Feng LiMei, hurry.”

   Jason dials his number, “Jason did you need something I’m headed down to the auction with Weisheng.”

    “Yes. Could you send one of your men up to CEO Leng’s private room he has a guest that needs protection while we are at the auction.”

    “I can do that I will send him up now.” He calls the head of his security team informing him of Jason’s request.

   “I will send up Brock Jameson.”

    He calls him over, “Brock go to room 3641 I need you to guard someone until the auction is over.”

   “Yes Sir.”

    Leng Shuai walks to the couch, “Feng LiMei…Feng LiMei!”

   “Huh!” He startled her as she was playing her game. “Leng Shuai! You made me drop the seven golden snakes! What do you want? I thought you were already gone!”

   “…” I was sitting right next to you on the couch reading.

    “I’m leaving in a minute I need Jason to come with me the owner of the Club is sending one of his men up to stay with you until I return after the auction. When he gets here I’m going.”

   “I don’t need a babysitter just go. Tell him to forget it!”

    “Feng LiMei remember who has your necklace. Do as I say don’t leave this room.”

   She gives him a look rolling her eyes in exasperation, “Whatever, but seriously stop using my necklace every time to threaten me. You need to just return it to me.”

    There is a knock on the door. “There he is, don’t give him any trouble.”

   “Leng Shuai I am not a child stop being ridiculous.”

    {Not a child?  You just threw a fit because I interrupted you playing a childish game on your phone}

   “Jason get the door.”

   Brock Jameson walks in, “Jing Xiaobo sent me.” he frowns when he sees Feng LiMei on the couch, not her again! I need to babysit that girl?

   Feng LiMei looks at him as he walks in… Not that Mr. Mt. Tai!

    They glare at each other Leng Shuai and Jason don’t notice the daggers Feng LiMei is shooting at the guard. She is thinking if he would have let me leave I would be sound asleep in my nice cozy bed right now.

   “I will be back at two, let’s go Jason.”

   Jason shakes his hand he is using all his his internal strength to suppress the pain. LiMei sees him grimacing as he looks at his hand. Did he get hurt saving the woman next door was he lying before saying he only looked in the room?

   LiMei stops them,“Wait before you leave…”

   “What is it?” Leng Shuai wants to see if the statue he is interested in is really here his informant told him hidden inside is the black jade amulet that he has been searching for this past year. Might be a baseless rumor but he needs to find out.

    She walks over to her purse and takes out the few silver needles she carries with her for protection then walks to where Jason is standing. Reaching out her delicate hand she says,“Jason let me see your hand.”

   Leng Shuai doesn’t like the thought of her touching Jason’s hand.  “Feng LiMei we need to go, what are you doing?”

    “Leng Shuai if you cared for anyone besides yourself you would see Jason’s hand is injured. My grandmother was a doctor in our mountain village she had a clinic and she taught me some acupuncture. I can at least stop the pain for him until he can see a doctor.”

   Jason and Leng Shuai even the guard stare at her in disbelief when she says this. Jason can see Leng Shuai is impatient to leave he can handle the pain for a couple hours. “Miss Feng it is nothing, we need to leave.”

   “It will take a matter of three minutes, give me your hand. Don’t be stupid!”

    “…” Jason looks at Leng Shuai, he nods for him to give her his hand he wants to see if Feng LiMei actually knows acupuncture.

    LiMei takes his rough hand in her small hand touching it gently with her fingers,”Geez Jason you broke your distal phalange in your middle finger and you injured your metacarpophalangeal joint in your index finger and dislocated fractured your distal inter-phalageal also! So you can’t lie and say you weren’t in a fight theses injuries are from you punching someone and them gripping your hand.”

   “…” Leng Shuai starts laughing listening to her talking,  “Stop making shit up Feng LiMei..ha ha ha..how would you know that?” 

   “Easy my grandmother used to treat the guys from the dojo all the time and would have me help. {Actually when she was training at the Black Sky Organization she and Yun Zhu used to get injured all the time when they were sparring with Kuang Bo and have to see the old doctor.

     She would have him explain what he was doing and he taught her how to relieve the pain. 

     Kuang Fu had ordered him not to give them any painkillers or special treatment, if she was too stupid to learn let her suffer. The doctor felt sorry for her so he taught her this method for pain control.}

   LiMei’s voice is calm and self assured, she likes Jason and it is apparent he got injured because she said to help the woman in the next room, otherwise she wouldn’t let them see her skill. Also, she will be leaving Pushong City before too long.

   “Anyway, obviously you will need to go see a doctor for a splint I hope you don’t need surgery, but I can help relieve the pain.”

      LiMei takes her silver needles inserting them one at a time into his Taiyuan, Yuji, Shaofu and Sifeng points on his hand then she twirls the needle around that is in his Shixuan point. Jason instantly feels relief from the pain. 

     When LiMei removes the needles she says, “The pain relief should last a couple hours then you can go to emergency room.”

   Jason is shocked he has no more pain in his hand and he was experiencing sharp pains going through it before she inserted the needles. 

     He looks at her in amazement who would have thought the little girl knows acupuncture. “Thank You Miss Feng.”

   She carefully takes the needles out, “You don’t need to thank me, I like you that’s why I helped you. Leng Shuai make sure you come right back after the auction I want to go home.”

   “I will”

    Jason doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he has never heard anyone talk to Leng Shuai the way this little girl does and the Boss just agreed. 

    Leng Shuai studies her face what a strange girl first she disarmed the men last night now she knows acupuncture… his research on her had none of this information, he doesn’t have time right now to delve into it. 

     He was watching her as she was inserting the needles not expecting any results, without commenting on her skill he says, “Let’s go”, pushing Jason towards the door who is still gawking at Feng LiMei.

   When they are walking down the hallway towards the elevator Leng Shuai furrows his brows, “You don’t feel any pain in your hand now?”


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