Land Deal

Wang Li returns to the Grand Reef Hotel when he enters his room he sits on the couch wondering about the girl with Qiao Rui, how could she be the little plain girl Feng LiMei? The girl’s face and black long hair looked familiar to him but he couldn’t place where he had seen her before it wasn’t at Hushang.

     It isn’t long before he receives a call from Chen Jianyu, “I am going to meet Gao KiKi for breakfast then we will be returning to Pushong City. If Feng LiMei wants to return with us I am willing to forget what happened in the meeting.”

     “Boss I was going to tell you something happened to Feng LiMei.”

    Chen Jianyu sits up straight in his chair setting down a stack of papers, he can’t disguise the worry in his voice, “What happened to her? Is it because she didn’t receive her medicine?”

     He doesn’t know why but he wants the little plain girl to continue working for him. After he thought about the scene in the meeting room she was trying to help him with Gao KiKi then Leng Shuai showing up wasn’t her fault directly.

     “According to Dr.Qiao she was mauled by Leng Shuai’s dog.”

    “How could that happen?” He angrily clenches his fist, first he takes her away then allows the little girl to be injured. Bastard!

     Wang Li has a look of surprise on his face, when did the Boss start giving a shit about his employees? After the incident in the conference room he said she was fired.“I don’t have any details, I took them to the airport, Dr. Qiao is bringing her back to his hospital in Pushong City.”

    “Get over here I’m wrapping the land deal up then heading back, stop by Nuying’s room to inform her of the changed plans.”

    “Will do. Should I get Feng LiMei’s baggage from her room?”


     Chen Jianyu starts to dial Rui’s number, shit he is probably on the plane, pacing around the room he dials Gao KiKi’s number. He was going to subtly threaten her with legal action but he will have no time for that now he will need to be blunt.

     Black lines form on his forehead, for some unknown reason he wants to check on the little assistant to make sure she is alright. “Gao KiKi make sure you have all the paperwork in order for the sale to be completed at the  breakfast meeting”, his tone is low and threatening.

     “CEO Chen I have to discuss it with my father and the other members of the Shingu Group. I can’t make this decision on my own!” Listening to his cold voice her forehead has beads of sweat forming.

     “How you figure out the details of the sale is up to you but know this I never make idle threats.”

     Gao KiKi hangs up the phone, damn that Leng Shuai, she needs his signature before she can turn the deeds over to Chen Jianyu not to mention how is she going to explain the quick sale to Jing Bo.

     If Leng Shuai didn’t tell her to seduce Qiao Rui in the first place she wouldn’t be in this precarious position.

     She knows Jing Bo from her time spent in England he is a vindictive man, promising him in not so many words the land would belong to the Russian Corporation he is representing could cost her dearly.

     Her hands are trembling as she calls Leng Shuai, she is unable to control her fear caught between these two heartless men.

      All the nights she dreamed of being Leng Shuai’s wife she never imagined he would put her in this position. He answers the phone as he drives to the airport, “What happened, you are so lacking in allure you couldn’t seduce a drugged man.”

     “Leng Shuai!” How does he know? Did he have someone watching her?

    “Get to the point hurry I am almost at the airport.”

      “Airport? I’m in big trouble because the plan didn’t work out. Chen Jianyu is threatening me with jail if I don’t facilitate the sale of the land to him.”

     Leng Shuai honks his horn swerving around the car ahead of him, looking at his watch the flight leaves in a half hour. He sneers,“How is that my problem?”

     He is right there is no way to connect him to what she did and her father ignored the fact Leng Shuai owned a valuable piece of the land. The other members of the group are totally in the dark about the situation.

     Looking at his watch he needs to speed up to make the flight on time.“My stipulations remain the same I am to be compensated fairly for the land and my architectural firm will design the resort.

     Those are non negotiable terms of my sale of my parcels of land to you, otherwise you can deal with the consequences of your ineptitude.”

     “…” Gao KiKi has no choice she will have to go behind the group’s back to make this deal then worry about those old farts later.“Agreed, but I need your signature as soon as possible I have to meet Chen Jianyu this morning.”

     “I’m on the way to airport no time.”

    “Leng Shuai this is serious for me! I will meet you at the airport with the papers for you to sign.”

    Leng Shuai actually wants this land deal to go through so he has a reason to work with Feng LiMei. “Jason can sign for me he is in Shingu City. I will call him.”

    Gao KiKi breathes a sigh of relief, one obstacle out of the way.

    Leng Shuai calls Jason, “Have you found the poisonous plant expert?”

    “Yes I am here at his home now.”

     “Give him directions to the house. Go over to the Grand Reef Hotel and sign the transfer of my land parcels to Gao KiKi. Make sure you read it carefully I told you earlier my requirements. 

    When you are finished send me an email with the paperwork.” He wishes he could see the look on Chen Jianyu’s face when he realizes to have this resort built he will need to use Clear Sky Architectural Firm.

    Jason doesn’t like the idea of Leng Shuai travelling without him or any bodyguards but he made it clear he wants to maintain a low profile in Pushong City until the time is right.“When you arrive in Pushong City a driver will meet you and take you directly to the Crescent Moon Hotel I have arranged a suite for you. I will layover in Hirachi City and take care of Miss Fan.”

    Leng Shuai had forgotten she was arriving from New York. Hmmm…Don’t tell her my whereabouts, let her think I am in Shenshuan overseeing the work on the Cultural Center.”

    “She will expect you at her Art Exhibition next Friday.” Jason is uncomfortable knowing he will have to interact with that bitch Fan Nuan.

     “I’m pulling into the airport now I will discuss the matter of Miss Fan with you after I land in Pushong City. Send one of the Shen brothers to pick up the Land Rover.” He pulls into a VIP parking spot and rushes into the terminal.

     Gao KiKi is gathering up the papers in the study when she hears her father’s voice, “KiKi where are you going so early on a Saturday morning. I had the cook prepare your favorite breakfast.” The old man limps into the study using a strangely carved wooden cane.

     “Dad, I will explain later but I decided Chen Jianyu’s offer was the best I am going to meet him. Leng Shuai forced me into a corner.”

    He angrily  pounds his cane on the ground, “What trouble is that bastard causing you!” He knows all she has talked about since was a young girl is marrying that cold arrogant man.

    “Dad, you remember don’t you he bailed eldest brother out of that mess six years ago, at the time  you signed the deed for the land in the central area of the future construction site over to him.”

     She looks at her watch, in a weary voice she says“Dad I have to go, I will fill you in when I get home. You are head of the Shingu Group they will have to accept it.”

     After she leaves her eldest brother comes into the study, “Where is KiKi?” The old man’s face is beet red he starts hitting him with his cane unexpectedly and he drops the pork meat bun in his hand, “ you crazy?”

    “Stupid fool! Your sister has to clean up your mess from six years ago now!”

    “Dad calm down kiKi is smart she will know how to handle them!”

    “You better hope so for all our sake!”

     Gao KiKi nervously drives out of the driveway , how did a simple business deal she felt was totally under her control turn into such a mess. If anything goes wrong she could end up in jail and her family could lose their entire fortune!

    When she reaches downtown she calms herself as she enters the White Pelican Restaurant. Leng Shuai’s assistant is meeting her there, she spots him sitting at a small table in the corner. He motions for her to sit down,“CEO Leng wants me to read the paperwork over if it meets his requirements you can proceed with the land sale.”

    Getting the documents out of her briefcase she nods, this assistant of Leng Shuai’s is not an ordinary man, he graduated from the same University in England she attended, he is a legend. Glancing up at him she is in a daze she has never seen him this close he is an extremely handsome man.

     He puts on gold rimmed glasses to read both the deed of Leng Shuai’s land and the agreement to sell the entirety to Chen Jianyu. She is admiring his plum blossom eyes and feathery long eyelashes as he takes out a pen and red stamp to sign the document. “If you should attempt to sell the land disregarding CEO Leng’s stipulations well, I don’t need to tell you the consequences.”

    Jason stands up to leave without saying another word. Gao KiKi can feel her body trembling his icy demeanor is almost as cold as Leng Shuai’s She shivers maybe she shouldn’t have left England but this is her only chance to fulfill her dream of putting her island roots behind her once she has her share of the profits she plans on establishing her own consulting firm in Hirachi City.

    Now she needs to hurry to the Grand Reef Hotel. Chen Jianyu saw the scene last night and she is completely embarrassed but she needs to maintain her calm. 

     He is going to refuse the deal at first she knows it because of Leng Shuai’s involvement, but does he need to know he is the designer and owner of Clear Sky Architecture? No why tell him anything. She waves at him across the lobby, “CEO Chen.”

     It takes all of her pride to stand tall as she greets him, she smooths her Chanel jacket and skirt as she walks over , smiling she tells him “I think you will find the deal to your liking.”

     “We will see, I reserved a small conference room for us, this way.”

     They don’t talk as they enter the room. Nuying is sitting at a table pouring tea. “This is my assistant Han Nuying.”

    Gao KiKi smiles, “Miss Han.” She takes a sip of the tea and gracefully pulls out the documents.

    Chen Jianyu has to admire her ability to keep her cool under the circumstances. He takes the documents the price is within reason but what is with the clause stating they need to use Clear Sky Architecture. “I can’t agree to using a design firm that isn’t under the umbrella of the Hushang Group.”

    Gao KiKi takes a sip of tea. “CEO rest assured if I could have eliminated this clause I would have because of the threat from you. Unfortunately that is a non negotiable item from the Shingu Group’s major shareholder. He is an environmentalist.”

     She is wringing her hands under the table the thought of being taken to the police station accused of drugging Qiao Rui is frightening.{think hard KiKi to convince him!} “This firm is well known for its ability to build a beautiful eco friendly resort that maintains the elemental beauty of the surrounding area.

    Since you are skeptical take a minute to research it on your phone you will see it has designed three world famous resorts. You won’t lose out by having them design your resort, it will enhance the resort’s reputation globally.” {Whew..} Han Nuying and Chen Jianyu both look at their phones. Gao KiKi drinks her tea and takes a pastry nibbling on it looking unconcerned.

     Chen Jianyu is impressed but likes to make these decisions himself not be forced to hire a company. “Who is the shareholder?”

    “I’m sorry his identity he doesn’t want revealed.”

    “The answer is no then.”

     “CEO Chen believe me when I say this to you, it is not up to me. Do you really think I would care who designs your resort? I think you are well aware I want to sell the land at the best possible price and leave this island with my profit from the sale. His insistence in this matter prohibits me from being able to negotiate with you.

     If you look at the map his parcels of land are integral to the sale.” She points her manicured nail towards the middle of the map. “He refuses to sell if this stipulation is not met, without his land the rest would prove useless in building a resort. Although the rest of the Shingu Group’s land area is expansive his land is directly in the middle.”

     She taps her finger circling Leng Shuai’s property. “I tried to persuade him after the incident last night and he refused to budge. To be honest this would have also been a non negotiable stipulation if the Rushkov Corporation was to purchase the land.”

     Chen Jianyu studies her face she appears to be telling the truth. “Give me a moment to consider this.” He and Han Nuying walk to another table, “What do you think Nuying?”

     “Alix and I stayed at a resort they designed on Fiji, it was amazing. The ultimate spa experience surrounded by the natural beauty of the island. I don’t know what their price is to design a resort though. I heard their owner who is the chief designer is a recluse. No one knows who he is he rejects all interviews, the face of the firm is an artist named Fan Nuan. Do you know her?”

     “I have heard of her isn’t she a socialite from Hirachi City heiress to the Fan Group? I met her cousin Fan Bi when I was in Bashu City working with the Han Tingfeng, I didn’t have a good impression of her.” He recalls she was all over him at a charity event and he had to be rescued by Tingfeng.

    Gao KiKi has finishes her cup of green tea as she watches them. She thinks her explanation was plausible, if they agree now she will have to deal with Jing Bo and the Shingu Group.

     Chen Jianyu comes to a decision the price is within what he expected, having a resort designed by Clear Sky will enhance the resort’s reputation if he partners with Rui the Qiao Corporation can absorb the extra cost. “Nuying I have made my decision, I will accept the stipulations and partner with the Qiao Corporation.”

     “Partnering with the Qiao accepted Qiao Xiaotong’s proposal?” Nuying thought he tore that up while he was laughing.

     “Not Qiao Xiaotong’s ridiculous proposal, Qiao Rui met me here with a viable offer, it will benefit him securing the CEO position next week when it comes up for a vote. I will sign then we can go to airport.”

     They walk back to the conference table, “ I agree but if this should fall through for any reason we have the tape of you purchasing the drug, entering Qiao Rui’s room and the lab results.”

    “You need to turn them over to me,” A moment ago she was relieved now she suddenly is fearful, hurriedly  she pulls back the document, this bastard could make her life a living hell with that incriminating evidence.

     “Miss Gao I have no intention of taking them to the authorities unless there is a problem with the transfer of the land to me. When it is secure you can come to my office in Pushong City and I will give them over to you.”

   Reluctantly she pushes the papers back to him, “There will be no problems.”

     After he signs and receives his copy he stands up, “The money will be transferred to the account number you gave me within minutes.”

     Gao KiKi stares at the papers on the table, who should she inform first the Shingu Group or Jing Bo? She shoves the last piece of pastry into her mouth, she is more afraid of Jing Bo than the old men in the Shingu Group she will call a meeting with them this afternoon.

    Chen Jianyu is satisfied after consideration the demand to work with the Clear Sky Architectural Firm will work to his advantage in the long run. Wang Li meets him in the lobby with the luggage, “The driver is here and the next plane to Pushong City leaves in an hour.”

       “Let’s go.”

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