I Found Daiyu

Getting into the Porsche LiMei thinks about it what if being in the Thai restaurant Rui remembers her? Going there is a bad idea.

    Rui sees she hasn’t buckled her seat belt yet and reaches across her to do it, LiMei’s body tightens as his chest is close to her, she is holding her breath trying not to react as his unique manly scent is drifting into her nose.

      He buckles it without saying a word  then starts the car, before they leave the parking spot his phone rings, it is Woo XiXin, “Rui I can’t meet you two at the restaurant I have an emergency at the clinic one of the pipes broke. Hannah called me there is water spraying in examination room two. Let me talk to Feng LiMei she didn’t answer her phone.”

    Handing her his phone,“It is Woo Xixin he said you didn’t answer.”

    LiMei thinks that is right after Leng Shuai was bothering me I turned it off. “Cousin.”

    “LiMei I realized it would jar Rui’s memory going to eat at the Thai restaurant. Have him take you home call me later I will meet you there  to discuss the problem.”

    LiMei sneaks a peek at Rui he as he stares out the window waiting, “Okay see you then.” She hangs up that was close she thought the same thing. “Dr. Qiao you can take me home Woo Xixin said when he finishes he will come to my apartment.”

    Rui isn’t happy with this change in plans, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to ask her to have him come in her apartment to talk but he still has questions… he wants answers.

    “Miss Feng there is a new restaurant my friend recently opened would you like to have something to eat or have a tea before I take you home?”

    “No I should just go home I think.”

    Rui tightens his hand on the steering wheel, “To be honest with you I have some questions so if you don’t want to go to the restaurant for a meal or a cup of tea  I will wait at your apartment until Xixin comes.”

    LiMei squirms in her seat no him coming in the apartment is a worse idea than the Thai restaurant. She smiles brightly,“Let’s get that tea!”

    The restaurant isn’t far from the hospital Rui pulls into the parking lot. He walks around opening LiMei’s door for her she looks up at the restaurant. “This building is beautifu,l it is your friend’s restaurant?”

    “Yes, well we have known each other since we were young, I am closer to his brother.”{Although they bug the shit out of me most of the time.

    They walk towards the entrance, it is a large impressive carved vermillion door with gold handles, LiMei marvels at the expensive door, what will the restaurant be like inside? 

     When they enter the hostess seeing his attire and watch  immediately asks him if he would like a private room, LiMei blurts out, “No!”   Both the hostess and Rui give her a disgruntled look at her impetuous answer.

   LiMei then remembers it is the man’s place to decide where they will sit,  the hostess wasn’t asking her, she looks up at Rui. “Sorry but the restaurant is lovely I would like to sit on the patio if we could.” Her voice is light and melodious making anyone instantly forgive her for her impropriety.

   “If that is what you want. Patio then.”

    The hostess thinks this girl is lucky to be with such a handsome and gentle man. He is dressed in the latest designer suit and has the air of a Young Master yet he didn’t reprimand the girl or raise his voice he simply agreed to her whim.

    She takes them through the doors to a patio that faces the river it is a breathtaking sight the area beyond the patio has an expanse of grass and flowering bushes customers can watch the boats and the people down on the river walkway.

   The hostess sets down their menus, “Enjoy your meal, someone will be right over.”

    LiMei looks out at the scenery thinking about she would like to start running again in the park and along the walkway. It has been too hectic lately she misses her exercise regime.

    Rui watches her face as she looks out towards the river, it would be nice to go on the boat that goes down the river at night if she want to do that. He momentarily gets caught up in the moment forgetting why they came here. “Feng LiMei?”

   “Yes?” She turns to look at him her green eyes are sparkling and he can see the gold specks in them shining. This girl is really beautiful, he is in a daze staring at her face.

   “Have I met you before?”

    LiMei doesn’t want to lie to his face but what choice does she have, tell him the truth? No, that would be too painful.

    Her face has a complicated expression she lowers her eyes twiddling with her slender fingers. Rui’s eyes are drawn to her small hands they are smooth and delicate he suddenly has the urge to hold them in his hands. 

     He isn’t sure if he wants her to answer because if she is the girl in his fragmented memories why would she lie to him. What would be the reason?

    LiMei takes a deep breath deciding she will answer truthfully it is going to come out soon she can tell. She slowly  lifts her eyes meeting his deep eyes that seem to want to swallow her whole. “Well..besides when I was poisoned..”

    Chen Huan and Henri Armand approach their table he saw Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei when they were walking through to the patio. “Rui what are you doing here? Who is this?” She is a beautiful girl she looks familiar to him. He almost asked about his marriage but he has been on the wrong end of Rui’s temper before.

    LiMei really can’t stand this arrogant man she hasn’t forgotten when he tried to abduct her, he probably doesn’t recognize her because she was wearing a red wig and brown contacts.

    She is about to say something when Rui calmly says, “Huan, Henri, this is Feng LiMei she is Woo Xixin’s cousin, he had an emergency and left her in my care while he takes care of the problem at the clinic.”

   “Feng LiMei this is the owner of the restaurant Chen Huan and Henri Armand.”

   LiMei is amazed at how calm Rui handled the intrusion, being newly married and seen with another woman having dinner  could be an uncomfortable situation.

    She smiles, “It is my pleasure to meet you Mr. Chen,Mr. Armand. 

     Mr. Chen your restaurant is truly beautiful. This view is wonderful.” LiMei’s delicate face shows her sincerity, Rui thinks her straightforward personality is refreshing.

    Chen Huan loves to be flattered especially by a beautiful woman he responds “I see you haven’t eaten yet I think you will be impressed with our chef.”

    Henri Armand is standing there in a daze, he never expected to find Qin Daiyu so easily although she dyed her hair black he will never forget those eyes of hers no one else possesses those beautiful sparkling green eyes. His heart is pounding it feels as though it is about to burst. So many emotions are swirling around his mind but he needs to be calm he is Henri Armand not Kuang Bo and if he told her he is Kuang Bo she would be frightened.

    How many countless nights he has dreamed of seeing Daiyu  again but he never thought it would be as simple as running into her at a restaurant. 

     He wants to laugh at this ridiculous fate, ironically she is with a man he can’t kill his savior Qiao Rui. What is their relationship he needs to learn more, “Dr. Qiao mind if we join you?”

    Chen Huan and Qiao Rui both are surprised he would suggest joining them, Qiao Rui wants to be alone with Feng LiMei to get some answers but Feng LiMei quickly says, “Dr. Qiao you wouldn’t mind would you? It isn’t often a girl meets such an extraordinary designer.” Perfect…with them sitting at the table he won’t be able to question her any further.

    She looks at Henri Armand it doesn’t look like he recognizes her from the Black Lotus Club when she was in disguise looking for Rui. Then she looks towards Chen Huan with a mesmerizing smile, Henri wonders what are you up to Qin Daiyu. Right now she reminds him of when they would be on assignment and she would act coquettish to get her way. It is obvious Qiao Rui does NOT want them to join them.

     Rue assesses the situation, if he refuses it will make his and Feng LiMei’s relationship seems close. Everyone knows Chen Huan loves to stir up trouble and he hates Wang Rebecca almost as much as he does. They dated in high school and it has left a sour taste in his mouth.

     “If Feng LiMei would like you too I have no objections.” Chen Huan and Henri Armand sit down, Henri Armand sitting closely next to LiMei, she feels crowded and moves over a little but if she goes further it will look like she is moving closer to Rui.

    Chen Huan motions over the server. “Miss Feng what would you like to drink?” LiMei feels extremely nervous if they hadn’t showed up she would have been on the spot with Rui asking her so directly if she knew him. “I will have a gin and tonic with a lime.” The three men stare at her, Chen Huan wonders if she is even old enough to drink.

    Rui knits his eyebrows  he wants her sober to answer his questions,, “She will have tea.I will have water” Chen Huan smiles she doesn’t look happy with him ordering tea for her. “Very well, bring her a green tea, also a bottle of the Chantilly Red, four glasses, “Rui it won’t hurt for Xixin’s little cousin to have one glass with us would it?”

    Rui glares at him then looks at the menu he is hungry he didn’t eat much lunch, after dinner maybe they can walk down to the riverboat and talk.

    “Miss Feng what would you like to eat I suggest we order the Emperor’s Feast it is delicious, dim sum, crystal dumplings, shrimp and lobster on pan fried noodles.

    LiMei smiles at him putting down her menu,“Sounds really tasty.”

    Henri Armand looks at her with a flicker of affection that quickly disappears, she loves to eat, she will sit back and pat her stomach like a satisfied kitten when she is finished.

    The server pours the wine and Rui gulps his down both Henri and Huan are staring at Feng LiMei he doesn’t like it one bit. Why did she have them join them did she want to escape his questioning? LiMei sips the wine, “Mr. Chen the wine you chose is very fragrant with just the right amount of sweetness.”

    Henri wants to laugh she knows nothing about fine wine when he tried to teach her in Paris they got drunk sitting on a hilltop overlooking the city. If he could just whisk her away to his mansion and find out what she has been doing since she left Black Sky and tell her his plans to eliminate Kuang Fu.

    LiMei can feel Henri’s eyes on her with a hint of a smile in them was that incorrect? He is from France he is probably a wine snob.


“Monsieur Armand, je ne connais pas vraiment les vins mais j’essayais de complimenter Monsieur Chen, est-ce drôle?”{ Mr. Armand I don’t know much about wine I was trying to compliment Mr. Chen. Is that funny} She can see he is laughing at her and that pisses her off.

    He answers, ”Mademoiselle Feng, je pense que vous êtes mignonne {Miss Feng I think you are cute!}

     “Merci.” {Thank you.}  LiMei chuckles to herself Frenchman do love to flirt don’t they?

   They continue a conversation in French about Paris and his latest collection. Qiao Rui pours himself another glass of wine black lines are forming on his forehead, what are they so happily discussing. They just met what do they have in common. He doesn’t like the fact  LiMei’s cute  dimples are showing and her eyes are in an alluring crescent shape as they are engaged in the conversation. 

     When they stop talking Rui says his voice showing a hint of displeasure, “Miss Feng where did you learn French?” Why does her talking to this French man seem familiar and it is making him very angry.

    “I spent some time in France when I was young.” She finishes her wine why does it seem several degrees cooler around him.

    The food arrives. “Mr. Chen you weren’t exaggerating this beautifil and aromatic food looks fit for a king.” He wasn’t kidding it looks like an Emperor’s feast the food is arranged beautifully. She ate earlier but there is always room for a taste.

    She puts some food on her plate, “Mr. Chen do you mind pouring me another glass of wine?” It really is tasty.” Che Huan glances over at Qiao Rui his eyes are narrowed and his face has darkened, so Huan hesitates.

     The wine bottle is between him and Henri so Henri says, “Allow me.” He pours the wine. At this point Rui is holding his temper who the fuck does he think he is? Obviously I don’t want her drinking any more wine. I ordered her a green tea which is sitting here untouched!

    LiMei politely says “Thank you.” Then sips her wine she notices Rui isn’t eating again, he will get sick if he doesn’t eat she peels some shrimp for him placing them on his plate, “Dr. Qiao the shrimp is delicious have some.” her tone is pampering and she peeled the shrimp no less for him. She looks at Rui with a worried look that doesn’t escape Henri he is watching her every move. Are they a couple?.

    Henri peels some shrimp placing it in front of LiMei, in French he says, “You should also eat and not spoil a petulant man.”

   “…” LiMei wants to toss the shrimp back at him can’t he see Rui is getting angry! Don’t provoke him!

    She gulps down her wine, “Excuse me I need to go to the ladies room.” She needs to get her mind together sandwiched between these two men she is extremely uncomfortable. 

     I need to breathe and think of what to do to alleviate the tense atmosphere. It almost seems like Henri Armand is trying to provoke Rui for some reason do they have a prior  enimity between them ?

   LiMei walks through the restaurant looking for the ladies’ room she waves her hand in front of her face trying to fan herself. So annoying why do men act that way. Childish!

   You know what I don’t even need to go back to the table I need to get away from Rui before he pressures me any more. Why have I been hanging around with him all day anyway, I am only tempting fate to expose me. 

     She sees the bar it is lit up and there is loud music playing. I think I will have a drink then call a taxi,  text Rui from the cab. If he is angry well that is better than him getting the truth from me and hating me. She waves the bartender over, “May I have a gin and tonic double with a lime?”

    The bartender sizes her up she isn’t dressed for the bar scene she is wearing a plain white silk blouse with a beige skirt, her long black hair tied up in a casual pony tail.”Can I see some Identification” with her innocent face she looks underage.

    “Yeah, sure.”  She pulls out her ID he looks at it then her face, “I will be right back.”

    LiMei breathes a sigh of relief she should have walked away earlier in the day. Looking around she thinks this bar must have cost Chen Huan  a small fortune to decorate.

      The bartender comes back with her drink she downs it, her eyes are watering from the burning sensation in her throat.

    The bartender is standing by her watching her, he figures she had a fight with her boyfriend why else would someone that looks as pure and innocent as she does go to a bar and slam down two drinks in five minutes. She isn’t looking around at the men either so she isn’t out for a hookup.

  LiMei sighs and mutters to herself, “Oh that feels good”, she has a little tingling feeling from the alcohol. “May I have another one?” He takes her empty glass away then brings her another one. LiMei picks up the drink and drinks it down.

    She looks up at the bartender her eyes sparkling “Ahh..that tasted really good!” She pulls him down by his tie he is smiling she is cute, her cheeks are bright red and her eyes are hazy from the Gin, “Why are guys so hard to understand?” He tries to peel her little fingers off his tie but she has a tight grip, “Miss well I think guys think the same thing about women.”

    She suddenly let’s go of his tie, “It’s true you have a good point. I will have one more then I have to go, the stupid tyrant is picking me up.” At first he was hesitant to give her another drink, “You have someone picking you up?” “Yeah.”  “Okay”,the bartender figures it will be alright to give her one more if she has a ride coming.

    At the table on the patio the atmosphere is becoming very frosty between Rui and Henri, Chen Huan has walked over to another table to greet a man whose firm handles the advertising for his Fresh Face Variety Show. 

     Rui glances up at the door why didn’t she come back yet does she feel unwell from eating too much food. He was surprised she could eat the dumplings after such a big lunch. “I’m going to see if Feng LiMei is okay.”

   Henri can’t resist, “Maybe she needed some space  she seemed annoyed at you. She will return when she wants.”

   Rui wants to punch him in is smug face for pointing that out to him. ” You barely met LiMei after one conversation with her I don’t think you are quailified to make that assumption.” Without waiting for an answer he gets up leaving the table.

    Kuang Bo clenches his fists, now it is LiMei not Miss Feng, what is the relationship between them really? The aura surrounding him becomes demonic as he whispers to himself, “Enjoy your arrogant attitude for now I will be taking her away from you soon enough.” He swirls the wine in his glass as he watches Rui leave the restaurant. 

    Rui is walking towards the front of the restaurant when he hears LiMei laughing, it is coming from the bar, she sneakily went to the bar instead of the restroom! Is she looking for another man? Incorrigible girl!

     He walks in to see her and the bartender laughing and she is seductively pulling him down by his tie their faces are inches apart. Noticing the familiar look of desire in the bartender’s eyes Rui’s face turns black and he rushes over grabbing her off the stool into his chest.

   LiMei lets go of the bartender’s tie and is a little dizzy from being yanked off the barstool so she stumbles  falling into his chest. Rui reaches in his pocket tossing money onto the bar giving the bartender a fierce look then pulls LiMei away without saying anything.

   The bartender fixes his tie thinking about the beautiful girl’s hands that were clutching onto it a moment ago as he watches them leave.

      The little beauty has a good nickname for him he does seem like a tyrant. He takes away her empty glass and picks up the money. These rich Young Masters treat their women like shit, what a shame a cute girl like her has such an overbearing boyfriend.

    LIMei’s head is spinning a little she glances up Rui when did he come into the bar. He takes her outside when the fresh air hits her the alcohol makes her feel really drunk. 

     She is staggering a little he picks her up and carries her to the car without saying anything. LiMei is snuggling into his chest muttering , “You smell so good.” She is burying her head into his chest. He feels his heart pounding. Gazing down at her little face flushed red, she is a walking disaster! Flirting with the bartender holding his tie and pulling him towards her. Does she have some illness where she needs to flirt with every man she sees?

    He opens the passenger seat door and puts her into the seat. When he gets in the driver seat he reaches over to buckle her seat belt he is taking her back to his house. She falls forward into him, “ No..I need a taxi to go meet him he will throw it into the river.” Her fingers are fumbling with the strap trying to unbuckle her seat belt but she can’t. “Untie me.”

   Rui puts his hand over pulling her up so she is leaning straight back on the seat. Rui starts up the car, thinking,you aren’t going to meet anyone tonight.

    She pushes her hair back and turns towards him,slurring her words, “Cab driver you need to speed it up I live by the big oak tree.”


    Rui doesn’t even know what to say, how did she get drunk in the fifteen minutes she was gone from the table and why did she go to the bar. Is she crazy always looking for men?

  LiMei is quiet leaning back closing her eyes, “ Driver too slow you need to go faster he will be there waiting.”

  Barely able to control his temper he feels his anger is about to explode….  this little girl has no sense… Meeting the dangerous man from last night at her apartment? No fucking way!

   Rui gets on the highway speeding his sports car accelerates as he weaves through traffic he needs to get her to his house and keep her away from that man.

    LiMei starts laughing, “That is better we are flying now, I will give you a good tip.” She reaches into her purse her cell phone falls onto the floor of the car along with her wallet and some change. “OOPs..Oh no.”

    LiMei tries to unbuckle again. Rui reaches over with his hand stopping her, “Don’t unbuckle it is dangerous.”

   “ Cabbie,I need to get your money on the floor.”

    “We can get it when we get there.” He is almost at his house he is driving 150mph down the highway.

    “OK. What a good driver you should be a race driver with your skill.”LiMei looks out the window the cars outside are a blur as he drives past them

     “…” Rui screeches into his driveway he is going to sober her up and get the answers he needs.

    The car stops, “LIMei looks out the window, “Where’ s the big oak tree?”

    Rui doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

   He walks around lifting her out of the car then picks her up, “Hey Mister I need to pay you put me down.”

    Rui carries her towards the house when he is at the door LiMei looks around, “You took me to the wrong house!”

   LiMei tries to get down out of his arms and he tightens his grip, “Miss Feng I’m Dr. Qiao not a cab driver.”

   “Huh” She looks up at his face squinting her eyes, bobbing her head looking around “ Dr. Qiao? … where is the cab driver?”


    LiMei’s head is spinning Rui is carrying her wasn’t she in a cab on the way home? She tries to focus looking around she is back at his house? What the hell?

    When they get inside his house he carries her up to his room sitting her on the couch. He gets some water from the side table opens it, “Drink some water.”

    LiMei takes it from him and gulps some, oh no she wants to cry if she doesn’t go meet the stupid tyrant, trying to focus , “I need to be somewhere.”

    Rui’s voice is stern,“Miss Feng in your condition I can’t let you go anywhere. How would I explain my negligence in caring for you to your cousin.”

   LiMei bursts out crying, Rui is taken aback he isn’t sure what he should do he sits on the couch holding her in his arms as she cries, patting her back gently,  “It will be alright.” His voice is soothing and gentle. 

     LiMei looks up into his eyes tears rolling down he cheeks, her voice is full of despair, “It won’t be alright at all! He will throw it into the river.”

   Who? What will he throw into the river?

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