Gunshot Wound

Delun and Nurse Ding arrive at the room, Delun sits on the couch and she nervously stands by the bed. DouDou wonders if she should she say something the walk up was nerve wracking with both of them silent.

    “Mr. Qiao”


    She starts twisting her hair, “I want to say I am discreet. I like working on this floor…at this hospital and I understand the rules.”

    Delun is surprised she addressed the issue he was wondering how to broach the subject. He calmly says, “That is good the situation is complicated.” He thinks she is cute, her reddish hair is cut short and curled on the ends as she twists it in her fingers her face has a funny expression.

    Obviously she is worried about her job security after what she witnessed and wanted to clear the air. “I wouldn’t worry about your job as long as you don’t gossip about the patients.”

    “Oh no I would never do that!”She breathes a sigh of relief hopefully it won’t be a problem. Now she has no idea what to say or do, she fixes the bed sheets not looking his direction.

    Delun is still worried about LiMei Rui’s expression didn’t look good as he was studying the x rays. He has confidence in his brother’s skill as a doctor but why haven’t they returned to the room yet?

    Right then Rui comes through the door holding LiMei tightly in his embrace he lays her on the bed. Delun can’t help but shake his head he was carrying her again..damn he is really not being careful at all.

    “Nurse Ding could you wait outside I want to speak to my brother privately.”

    “Of course Dr. Qiao.”

    After she leaves Rui sits on the edge of LiMei’s bed holding her small hand. His face reveals his frustration,“Delun this surgery is risky the bullet is in a precarious location I am actually a little nervous.”

    “I know you can do this Rui you are the best surgeon in the city.”

    “Thanks for having confidence in my skill but it is never easy for a surgeon to operate on someone they care about, when you are operating you need to be objective and focused. I know I’m too emotionally involved but there is something about her that I can’t really describe. It is strange to have such an intense connection to someone you barely know but I do.”

    He runs his fingers through LiMei’s hair affectionately. “I want to reassure you I won’t let my feelings interfere with the plans I have made. I know you have a vested interest in me succeeding also, after the surgery I will maintain a distance from her until after the board meeting.I will have Dr. Woo take over her post surgery care.”

    “Rui I think that is the best decision you can make under the circumstances. Did you call Dr. Woo?”

   “No I didn’t even think about it I should have… there is no time now. I will after the surgery.”

   He lightly kisses LiMei’s pink lips savoring the sweetness then he picks up LiMei’s frail body hugging her to his chest. Gazing at her delicate pale face as he lifts her chin he kisses her one more time his heart pounding. He whispers in her ear, “You are mine…I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.”

   After he lays her back down he stands up walking to the door he opens it motioning for  Nurse Ding to come back into the room.

  He replaces the affectionate look on his face with one of detached indifference, “Nurse change her hospital gown then wheel the patient to Operating Room Two. Delun, I am going to the operating room to scrub up and change. The operation should take about an hour unless there are complications,  I don’t think there will be any if I can accurately and cleanly remove the bullet. Why don’t you rest here if you want. I will come back when she is in recovery.”

   “I will.”

    Nurse Ding didn’t know the patient has a gunshot wound her arm was wrapped in gauze and in x ray she couldn’t tell. How in the world did a young girl like her get shot? She listens without speaking or reacting to what he is saying keeping a professional attitude.

    Rui leaves to prepare himself for surgery. He needs to calm himself down his heart is beating rapidly maintaining a detached demeanor in the operating room will not be easy. Once he is in the changing room attached to the operating room he puts on his blue scrubs then his mask. When he is changed he walks over to the sink washing his hands then puts on gloves. Dr. Lee and two surgical nurses are waiting in the operating room along with an anesthesiologist.

    When he enters the operating room he shows Dr. Lee the x rays, “Wen as you can see where the bullet is located I will need you to be ready if I can’t remove it cleanly to repair the vein.”

    Dr. Lee examines the third film,“If you can shave part of the bone surrounding the bullet at the back of the humerus then angle the forceps to the right you might be able prevent any of the sharp bone fragments that were created from the impact from dislodging and puncturing the vein.”

   “That is my plan but can you see, right here at point 5a” Rui points to the marked section of the film, “The minute bone shards that are protruding by the patients nerves, that is more of a worry. I trust you could quickly clamp the vein and repair it but if she suffers nerve damage that could create a more long term problem.”

   “What kind of bullet is that? I have never seen one like that.” Dr. Lee can clearly see the bullet has caused a butterfly effect inside the bone.

    “I’m not sure{Actually he is quite sure but doesn’t want Dr. Lee to wonder how he would know. It is a newly developed bullet called a RIP bullet, it is a hollow copper topped point bullet that can create up to nine wound channels. LiMei is incredibly lucky it lodged in her bone.}

   Nurse Ding wheels in LiMei while they are conferring about the placement of the bullet in the humerus. Taking LiMei off the stretcher they place her onto the operating table,Rui had to restrain himself from doing it personally. He watches without showing the turbulent feelings that are raging inside him.

    The anesthesiologist places a mask over her face. Rui stares at LiMei lying on the operating table then takes a deep breath looking at the people surrounding the table, “Ready?”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao.”

   “Let’s begin.”

    Su Ryan calls Ling, the phone rings a few times before he picks up, “Mr. Ryan?”

    “Yeah Ling I need you to do me a favor find out if there is a patient at Qiao Rui’s hospital by the name of Feng LiMei. I need the answer right away.”

    “I’m not on duty, I guess I could call the front desk I have a couple nurses I am friends with that work the night shift.”

   “Do you know anyone in the VIP wing she would be admitted there not the main part of the hospital.”

   “No, and they are real tight lipped in that wing. They would get fired if they leaked any info on those fucking VIPs.”

    Su Ryan frowns of course it won’t be easy to locate her, fuck! “ That’s right when she was there after she was poisoned it was a pain in the ass to get on that floor. “See what you can find out then call me back it is urgent.”

   “I will. Yanno I do know a girl that got transferred to that wing but I don’t know if she will tell me anything.”


   “Jason that guy is useless.”

    Jason knows that dark expression on Leng Shuai’s face he seldom shows his temper keeping his emotions in check but he was in a murderous frame of mind when he heard Feng LiMei was missing. His suffocating aura when he heard the report drained the air out of the room he hasn’t seen him that angry well.. maybe… ever. How did the locator malfunction it is state of the art technology.

    He realizes if they don’t find her there is going to be a hell of a lot of trouble .“We should go ourselves I can find a way to enter.” They drive over to the hospital the rain is only a drizzle now. “At least it isn’t raining as heavily as it was earlier.”

   “We are reduced to talking about the weather now?” Su Ryan laughs sarcastically, “What do you think the Boss sees in that little girl? Since when does he show concern for any woman let alone some young chick who barely has a B cup. I know how much he wants to acquire the Golden Dragon so when he asked about the girl first I was stunned.”

   Jason, looks at his injured hand, she seemed to know exactly what was wrong with it and relieved the intense pain, “She is a very strange girl… Hey you drove past the entrance turn around.”

  “Shit!” As he turns the car around he asks, “How are you planning on getting information?”

   “The usual way with cash.”

   They park the car and enter the main lobby no one is in there it is five o’clock in the morning. Jason walks over to the desk, “I injured my hand.”

   The nurse hands him a form, “Fill this out and I will be right with you.”

   “Do you have a VIP wing? I need to keep my injury secret.” He casually pulls out his black card. My name is Zhou Jason of Zhou Group.”

    Her attitude suddenly is more friendly as she smiles at him,“Mr. Zhou wait one moment we will take you to the VIP wing.”

   They walk over to sit down. Su Ryan is shocked Jason never uses his family’s name, “Jason I have never seen you mention your family’s company before.”

   “Well I don’t like to have anything to do with those people. The black card is my personal card I just threw out the name of the company to simplify matters.”

   The nurse is walking towards them, “Well it worked.”

   “Mr. Zhou follow me.” She leads them to the elevator she swipes a card to allow them access when they step inside Jason nonchalantly asks the nurse,”Is Qiao Rui back from vacation I saw him on Shingu Island I have been meaning to call him.”

   “I’m sorry Mr. Zhou we can’t speak of Dr. Qiao casually. You can check with his assistant Bai Chiyu after nine o’clock.”

   The elevator door opens on the Third Floor, they walk up to the nurse’s station. “Which room should I take Mr. Zhou to he has a hand injury.”

   “You will need to send him up to x ray then first. Then he will be in..” She looks at the rooms available, “Room 3245.”

    “We need to go to the fourth floor that is where x ray is located.”

   Nurse Ding leaves LiMei’s room to check in with Nurse Huang, she won’t be needed until LiMei is out of surgery. When she sees her friend Karen with two men in suits at the nurses’ station she sighs it must be the night for good looking men at the hospital, both these guys are hot! Not as hot as the Qiao brothers but definitely tall and handsome. “Hello Karen.” She stares at Jason and her heart skips a beat those gold rimmed glasses and the messy black hair, and the other man he oozes testosterone, muscular… ruggedly handsome.

    Karen nudges her whispering , “Stop staring.”

   DouDou’s face blushes she waits while Karen tells Nurse Huang the really sexy guy needs his hand x rayed. She would like to volunteer to take them to the x ray department but Nurse Huang looks grumpy.

    Karen and the two hot guys are walking away when DuoDuo says, “Nurse Huang the girl is in surgery what should I do until the operation is over?”

    Jason’s ears perk up he is trained in martial arts and so is Su Ryan they both can hear her talking. Su Ryan bends down to tie his shoe, “I will wait for you here.”

    “En” Could it be Feng LiMei?

    Jason follows the nurse to the room to have his hand x rayed as he was walking he was looking for the operating room but didn’t pass it. “Nurse this wing is definitely secure?”

    “Oh yes no one as access to it without being part of the staff. Visitors are screened before they can enter.”

   “If my hand would need surgery is there an operating room on this floor?”

    “Yes, there are two on this floor of course the main part of the hospital has quite a few.”

    “I didn’t see any as we walked down the hallway.”

    “That is because they are down the hallway to the left of the nurse’s station.”

    The x ray technician comes out to see them, Jason steps to the side as they discuss the doctor’s orders. He texts Su Ryan [Check the hallway to the left of the nurses’ station there are two operating rooms.]

    [Will do]

    Jason walks back over to where they are discussing his hand, the technician tells him to follow into the room. The nurse informs him she will wait for to take him to his room to wait for the results.

    Su Ryan starts to wander down the hallway when Nurse Huang sees him, “Sir that hallway doesn’t have public access.

    He saunters over to the nurse’s station, “Nurse while I am waiting is there a place I can get a tea?”

    “Not for visitors on this floor, you can go to the second floor.”

    DuoDuo hears him, in a sweet voice she asks, “Nurse Huang if you don’t mind I can get him a tea from the machine in the staff room.”

    Nurse Huang glances up from her computer, she can see Nurse Ding is merely being polite she isn’t like Nurse Fu who always appears to have an ulterior motive when she volunteers her help. “That is fine”

    Su Ryan hands her some money, “Thank you nurse I don’t know how long I will need to wait for my associate.” {Dammit! I was going to take the opportunity to check down the hallway}

    DuoDuo glances up almost drooling when she meets his dark eyes, very handsome and he has a distinctive manly scent of mint mixed with tobacco. He towers over her and the black suit he is wearing is tight over his biceps and his pants hug his strong looking thighs.

    She blushes when she realizes she is still standing there holding his money, “Ah you want any cookies?” After she says cookies her face turns redder thinking DouDou does he look like the kind of man who eats cookies? No he looks like he eats a raw steak while slamming down a whiskey!

    “Just the tea.” He looks down at her she barely comes to his chest and her nurse’s uniform clings to her curves, although she has the blouse buttoned up to her slender neck she looks seductive. The way she fluttered her long eyelashes when she was embarrassed right then… he suddenly feels a reaction if he didn’t have more pressing matters…he might like to… he shakes his head, I better concentrate on finding Feng LiMei.

    DuoDuo practically runs down the hallway, her heart pounding, when I bring the tea I am going to try to talk to him.

    Across town the doctor has finished stitching Leng Shuai’s head, “CEO Leng you should have a CAT scan then stay at least for a few hours for observation.”

   “We’ll see.”

    He picks up his phone as the doctor exits the room calling Jason, his phone goes to voicemail. 

     What the fuck why isn’t he answering his damn phone! He calls Su Ryan who picks up after the first ring, that is more like it! “Ryan did you find her?” He can’t disguise the concern in his voice.

   “Not yet Boss, we have a lead until we confirm it I don’t want to say.” {Because you aren’t going to like the answer she could be in surgery right now.}

   He growls into the phone clutching it tightly, “Where is Jason wasn’t he with you? He didn’t answer.”

    “He is investigating the lead.”

   “You two have eighteen more minutes to find her or you no longer work for Leng Enterprises.” 

     Incompetent morons not checking the car for her when the shit went down!

   “…” The Boss’ killing intent was coming right through the fucking phone! Motherf******g shit! How is he going to react when he finds out she was injured most likely by a bullet from the blood at the scene.

    He hangs up, he really wants a cigarette right now, he sees the little nurse smiling at him bringing the tea. He really hates what he is going to do next, she seems like a nice girl, but she couldn’t hide the infatuated look in her big brown eyes. He will need to use her for information, no other company pays as well for his particular services as CEO Leng.

   “Here you go.” The little nurse’s soft little hand is slightly shaky as she hands him the tea.

    Su Ryan takes this opportunity to lean into her reaching towards the tea then with an invisible slight flick of his finger he hits the cup the tea spills splashing onto his leg{ He breathes a sigh of relief thank God the angle was to the right or he really would have a problem} ‘Ahh..” the tea splashes all over his jacket and his right leg the cup then bounces on the ground.

    “Oh my God!..Oh my God…I am so sorry!” DuoDuo takes her hand and starts wiping his leg with a cute little pink handkerchief she pulled out of her pocket.

    Uncomfortable at the pressure building in his lower half he quickly tries to grab her tiny hands… Shit!… if she keeps rubbing my leg and by my zipper I am going to fucking get hard ! After he pushes her little hands away he can see tears forming in her eyes he thinks to himself Ryan you are such a bastard…but he says, “ Hey don’t worry about it, but is there somewhere I can wash it off?”

    The public restroom is down the hall past the nurses’ station DuoDuo doesn’t want Nurse Huang to see what happened she grabs his hand, glancing over she quietly whispers,“Come with me,” pulling him down the hallway to the break room.

    He smiles…perfect! He scans the hallway down from where she is dragging him he can see an operating room with a red light above it signaling it is in use. Bingo! That very well could be Feng LiMei it seems to be the type of operating room from it’s size that has an area to observe.

    Now if he can figure a way to check it out. While he is contemplating this he looks at his watch twelve minutes left. He knows Leng Shuai won’t give them one minute past the deadline.

    He hears a timid voice speaking to him, “Sit..sit..I will get a cloth to clean your pants. You can send me the dry cleaning bill I will pay for it.” Su Ryan is distracted for a moment when he feels her small hand pulling his arm to sit in the chair. Her cute face is scrunched up in a worried look and she is biting her lower lip in a very alluring way. Maybe I can slip away when she goes to the sink in the far corner to dampen the cloth.

    Fuck! She moves fast I barely stand up and she is standing here with two cloths.

   “Don’t worry I spill on myself all the time this works really good to get the stain out.”

   “…” She is fucking adorable! Oh right my job.. I don’t want to knock her out but my job is on the line. When he is about to turn to give her a palm strike she slips on the soapy water dripping off the cloth falling into his lap staring up at him with those big brown eyes.

   Without realizing what he is doing he holds her tightly in his arms, her face turns bright red as they stare at each other. His mind is confused right now maybe it is lack of sleep but he wants to kiss those luscious red lips of hers. He releases her when he comes to his senses, “I think I will go wait for Zhou Jason. ”

    She scrambles out of his lap straightening her uniform, she has a pleading look in her eyes, “Please don’t tell Nurse Huang I just got transferred to this wing and it pays a lot more money.”

    He can relate to her worry about job security. Maybe he can ask her about Feng LiMei fuck he looks at his watch… five minutes to go.

    “Nurse Ding is it, I will keep this incident to myself if you will answer me two questions.”

    She wants to ask what the questions are first but if she doesn’t cooperate she could lose her job. The people that are on this VIP floor are not to be trifled with even their associates… and it is just two questions. Clasping her hands together she gets her courage up, “Okay.”

    He wants to laugh she looks like her head is going to be placed on the chopping block, her eyes are wide and she is furrowing her brow.

    “Is Feng LiMei being operated on for a gunshot wound?” he doesn’t even need her to answer the expression on her face screams yes.

   “How did you..”

    “Don’t worry she is a friend of my boss I won’t spread the news he wanted to know.”

   “Who is..”

   “Sorry I’m the one asking the questions.” The way her lips are quivering and her eyes are misty I want to fuck this girl right now on the table here that is littered with empty bags of snacks. Feel those legs wrapped around me begging me for it. Luckily she doesn’t know what I am thinking or she would run out of this room before I asked the second question.

   “Yes okay.”

   “Is the injury serious?”

   “I don’t know exactly, Dr. Qiao said it could be a dangerous operation because of the way the bullet splintered the humerus and bone fragments close to nerves and vein. That is all I know really and that is just from overhearing what they were saying. Something about the bullet… RIP ”

   “We should go back.” Shit!

  “Uh yeah..” She looks up at him walking next to her why didn’t he have his boss call if he is a friend of Feng LiMei’s?

    Two minutes left… As they walk back to the main area of the floor he dials Leng Shuai, he answers immediately, “Speak.”

    “Feng LiMei is in Qiao Rui’s hospital he is operating on her right now. She has a gunshot wound to her arm.” Should he mention the nurse said it is a dangerous operation? No. It doesn’t sound that bad..shot in the big deal. I won’t mention about the RIP bullet since that means it most likely was fired from one of our guns. “I will call when I find out more.”

   “Stay there and monitor the situation. I can’t come over it will cause suspicion. Inform me immediately of any developments.”

   “Yeah Boss Jason is here getting his hand examined that is how we got in the VIP wing where she is located. We can definitely stay on the same floor”

     “Have Shen Boyin find out Yun Shi’s whereabouts.”

   Leng Shuai hangs up, the little thing got fucking shot! I will kill you Yun Shi! He throws the lamp from the nightstand smashing it onto the floor, his anger still not relieved he picks up the table heaving it at the wall breaking it into pieces.

    He sits on the bed holding his throbbing head he never should have brought her to the Black Lotus Club during the auction.

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