Golden Dragon

LiMei calls Leng Shuai he glances down at his phone, cell phones are supposed to be turned off so there are no recordings of the auction or calls. He puts his phone on silent mode texts her [What]

    [Can I come down?]

   [No.] He doesn’t need any distractions and the atmosphere in the room is filled with killers, too dangerous for the Little Trouble. He doesn’t even know why he had her meet him at the Club in the first place. 

    [I want to see the Sacred Stone.] She doesn’t lie she does want to see it.


    [Then I am leaving]

   [You can’t]

    [I can]

    Dammit! The little idiot might try to leave and could get herself hurt, the tension in the Club right now is palpable. After a little consideration he concludes she might be safer at his side. What if someone knows she is his weakness. 

    He can feel killing intent is directed at him and Han Weisheng, but he is confident their safety is ensured.

     [Have the guard bring you to the side room then through the front by the stage we are in the first row. Don’t enter through the main entrance in the back you will need to walk past several rows to get to where I am seated.]

   [See you in a few minutes,]

   “Tai Tai the big iceberg agreed! Let’s go.”

   He doesn’t trust LiMei  one bit.“Let me see the text”

    “I don’t know why you would doubt me but here.” She rolls her eyes as she places it in his large palm for him to see the text.

    When LiMei hands him the phone he smiles this little girl has CEO Leng wrapped around her little finger, he really didn’t hold much hope he would agree.

    LiMei grabs her purse off putting her needles in her hair just in case and her phone in her pocket. If anyone recognizes her she will be ready. This is exciting she hasn’t truly felt this sense of danger since she left the Black Sky.

    They walk out the door down the hallway, “Tai how long have you been a mercenary?”

    His eyes narrow and his face darkens, “I am a hired guard not a mercenary.”

    “When I was going to massage your neck I pulled your collar down a little and saw the tattoo of the Falcon’s Head on your back.”

    He stops in one fluid motion pushes her up against the wall with one hand on her slender shoulder, his eyes have a murderous glint, “Who are you exactly?” 

     He doesn’t want to have to kill this young girl but he can’t blow his cover Yun Shi has a plan for tonight, he already screwed up by having to leave his position to guard this chick. How could this delicate girl know the Falcon Head symbol?

   LiMei is drunk  not weighing the consequences of her words. She rubs her shoulder, she and Yun Shi’s brother Yun Qianye went through thick and thin in the Black Sky together they were good friends.

     “Calm down Tai, we all have our secrets.I know your Boss’ little brother Qianye he and I used to be good friends, I saved his life once.

    Your boss owes me so I don’t think he would appreciate you killing me.” She has a silly smile on her face,” Tai could you move back I can’t breathe.” When he steps back slightly LiMei stretches her arms up removing a silver needle from her hair.

    He doesn’t know what to make of the situation , “Miss Feng why shouldn’t I kill you right here.”

    “Why would you want to kill me I have no intention of interfering with whatever you planned tonight. 

     If this will help to convince you I escaped from the Black Sky, Kuang Fu that jerk is looking for me I would be worth more alive he would like to torture me I’m sure before he dismembers me.{Drunk people like to get things off their chest she has been holding this in since she arrived in Pushong City. She knows he won’t tell anyone.}

    “The Black Sky?”

   “Yup, let’s hurry I want to see the Sacred Stone. How is Yun Qianye I wanted to say good bye but I couldn’t when I ran away.”

   “Yun Shi paid Kuang Fu ten million to release him last month.”

   “Oh! That is so good! If you see him tell him Daiyu wishes him only happiness.”

    He scratches his head, Daiyu? Is that her real name? What a weird chick, he could have killed her right then and she didn’t give any indication she was the least bit apprehensive or nervous.{ He has no idea she had a silver needle in her hand,   she could have killed you before you blinked}

    The elevator door opens and they get into it. “Tai, don’t tell Yun Shi I am here it would complicate my life.”

    He thinks it would complicate his also. “I won’t but I will tell you don’t interfere when it goes down.”

    He can’t risk killing her without Yun Shi’s permission and he must be preparing to steal the Sacred Stone. 

     Brock’s original job was to take out the people by the back door, when he was called to go upstairs he informed the leader he would blow his cover if he didn’t go.

    LiMei’s eyes light up thinking about the auction now that she is drunk she wonders why she didn’t want to go earlier.

      Brock leads her to the side room next to the stage, “Miss Feng when you walk to where Leng Shuai is sitting I suggest you don’t make eye contact with anyone keep your head down, if she did really save Yun Shi’s little brother he can’t let anything happen to her. “ I saw Reggie and two other men from the Black Sky when I was in the bar earlier.”

    Putting her hand on his she stops him from entering the side room as his hand is turning the knob, “Reggie is here?” That little weasel would definitely recognize me I’m not even wearing a wig tonight or any disguise at all. 

     They went on several missions together with Kuang Bo he trained him with her and Qianye. We  weren’t friends he might capture me for the reward. “Stop! Don’t open the door I need some sort of disguise.”

    “If you are seated with Leng Shuai you won’t be in any danger, Han Weisheng and his assistant Jason will protect you. Brock wasn’t told Yun Shi plans on killing Leng Shuai he thinks the operation is only to steal the Sacred Stone.

   “You may be right but I still need to walk to their seats.”

   “I will escort you to your seat.”


    “Yes, let’s go.”

    They enter the room there are several men with guns, Brock nods at them. A short ugly man with a flat nose and beady eyes grabs his arm, “Who the hell is she?”

   Sensing the dangerous tone of his voice as he stomps out the stub of a cigar she glances over towards a sequined gown hanging up on the side. “I’m here to work.” She grabs the dress from the rack. “Where do I change.”

    Brock looks at her with a puzzled look, now how can I say you know Yun Shi! 

     He can see the leader of his group wants to kill both of them for entering at the moment Yun Shi is finalizing their plan over on the side. “The Chief told me to escort her here she is late and got lost in the Club.”

    He has no choice but to go along with her reason for being in the room if he contradicts her then he will appear suspicious also. He could see the dagger that dropped down into Stu’s hand ready to slit Feng LiMei’s throat. Stu is such a fucking hothead, he would kill her first and ask questions later.

    The man points his stubby finger towards a small area with a curtain hung in front. She is nervous but she smiles then heads towards the curtained area. Walking over as she passes a table on it she spots a small Golden Dragon with red ruby eyes in a glass display cube. Isn’t that statue that Leng Shuai described eariler, he came here to the auction to buy?

      When she was playing her game she overheard him and Jason discussing it when Leng Shuai wanted to hurry and leave the private room.

    She continues walking into the makeshift dressing room to change. Taking the royal blue sequined dress  off the hanger she is happy she is wearing high heels this dress is a little long, she puts it on then zips the back. 

     The dress is a size too big and the already lowcut bodice is hanging even lower revealing the top of her breasts She pulls the bodice tighter then secures it with one of her silver needles. 

     She pins up some of her long black hair with two silver needle leaving some tendrils falling onto her cheeks hopefully she won’t be recognized. But shit what was she thinking when she blurted out she she is here to work?

    Now she could be in more trouble posing as the girl who brings the treasures out onto the stage. 

     Daiyu did you leave your brains upstairs! Shit..shit..shit.

     LiMei thinks about the situation, well all I can do now is do a good job  and hope I don’t get killed by either Reggie or Yun Shi. Then her mind wanders, I really need to steal the Golden Dragon, I could exchange it for my white jade necklace.

    LiMei’s mind is racing between the wine and the adrenilin flowing through her right now she is very hopped up. 

      Considering her options for a disguise there is nothing to use here. Maybe if she had some makeup she could change her looks some, she looks in her purse only seeing her lip gloss.

    A blonde woman pulls the curtain slightly poking her head into where LiMei is standing. “Hurry it is time to take out the Golden Dragon!”

    “Huh?” She stares at the woman, “Hey he rushed me I forgot my makeup do you have some I could borrow?”

    “Hmmph..on the chair there is a makeup box hurry up!”

    LiMei reaches into the plastic box pulling out a mirror and some red lipstick she hurriedly puts it on then takes a brush putting a layer of powder on her face then some rouge.

      The eyeliner next, then taking a tube of mascara she quickly brushes it through her lashes thinking I hope I don’t catch some infectious disease from using another woman’s makeup. So gross…but better than being recognized. 

     Taking one last look in the mirror she is satisfied she looks overly made up and nothing like here usual natural appearance.

    She hurries out tripping on the hem of her dress, Brock catches her body before she falls to the floor. she says “Ready!” as she climbs out of his arms.

     His voice is low as he whispers in her ear, “Don’t get us both killed.”

     LiMei smiles up with a determined look on her face, “I’m Qin Daiyu I can pull it off.”

    The blonde woman furrows her brow “Girl get over here. You were supposed to be here an hour ago.”

     Yun Shi is giving final instructions when the sound of the woman’s shrill voice echoes through the room.hears the woman screeching he mutters, ” Fucking sluts how hard is it to carry some shitty crap.”

     Hugo next to him yells over to the woman and LiMei, ” You bitches,shut the fuck up!”

     The blonde woman’s face turns red as she apologizes, “Sorry.” She wants to get this job finished she has worked quite a few late night auctions but this one has a terrifying atmosphere.

      The men in this room are all dressed in black with combat boots holding automatic weapons and the Sacred Stone is priceless. 

   The blonde woman is annoyed who is this girl she is late and unprepared and now drew attention to me! 

     Disgusted she grabs LiMei’s hands examining LiMei’s fingernails, “You didn’t even paint your nails?” She shakes her head then instructs her on how she should present the item walking down the four aisles. What? Walking through the crowd noooo! I don’t have that much confidence in my makeover!

     LiMei nods reluctantly, “Which item is next.”

     “The Golden Dragon, then I will take out the Sacred Stone as the finale. Don’t think you are getting your full pay for tonight either.”

    “I understand.”

    Brock  is watching LiMei what did she do to her face that makeup is terrible if  that her disguise. 

    Putting on makeup enhanced her beauty making  her more noticeable now she appears  a little older and alluring. 

     Why didn’t she just wait for me to take her over to Yun Shi I decided that would be the best option.

    Once she said she was part of the auction staff I couldn’t contradict her or it would look as though we were conspiring together. 

     What a nuisance! Well she made her own problem it isn’t my worry.

    LiMei picks up the glass case with the dragon statue in it taking small steps so she doesn’t trip on her gown she walks out onto the stage with her head down.

    The auctioneer whispers to her, “Lift your head and smile.”

     The auctioneer was getting nervous due to the delay. When he saw LiMei come out he breathed a sigh of relief it has been a long night, he wants to finish and go home. Now looking at this girl she is an amateur, how did she get this job.

    In the audience Leng Shuai’s eyes light up, he will have it in his hands before the end of the night. He isn’t paying attention to the woman holding onto the glass case only staring at the Golden Dragon

    LiMei is frozen on the stage scanning the crowd, where is Reggie she needs to avoid walking by him. As she hesitates the auctioneer is getting irritated, in a low voice he says, “Take it down, do you know what you are doing?”

    LiMei whispers, “Alright”  She takes a deep breath clearing her mind and getting into character. Well I have my silver needles what can Reggie do in this crowd with all these men holding guns. She smiles brightly stepping down from the stage she walks down the first aisle.

    The men in the audience are looking at her with feverish gazes, she is like a goddess much more beautiful than the first woman. 

     A middle aged man a few rows behind Leng Shuai is leering at her as she walks by then stops her to show him the Golden Dragon. Holding her hand wth his greasy palm he lustfully rubs her hand. LiMei wiggles her small hand out, “Sir, I need to show everyone the Golden Dragon.”

   “How much for you honey?”

    LiMei doesn’t reply moving away from him, his friend snickers, “I don’t think you could afford her did you see the pink diamond bracelet she is wearing it must be worth ten million dollars.”

    LiMei hears them and smiles to herself this really is a high quality fake diamond bracelet.

   Leng Shuai is texting LiMei [Where are you?] He is looking down at his phone as she passes, ignoring his row she carefully walks down the aisle allowing anyone who would like a closer look to examine it.

   Jason saw her as she passed by thinking she looks familiar he wouldn’t have thought anything of it until he saw the pink diamond bracelet on her right wrist as she was holding up the Golden Dragon. What the fuck! What the hell is Feng LiMei doing!

   He nudges Leng Shuai, “Boss..”

   “ Jason not now.”

    “Boss it is Feng LiMei…”

   “What?” When he mentioned LiMei he got his attention. He is about to check the locator on her bracelet to see where is is in the Club.

    “Look at the girl carrying the Golden Dragon, she is Feng LiMei. I saw the bracelet you gave her on her wrist. She is wearing a lot of makeup but I’m sure it is her.”

   Leng Shuai whips his head around to see LiMei walking down the next aisle smiling and showing the case to various men. The dress is low cut and the top of her creamy white chest can be seen, the slit up the side exposes her slender thigh as she leans over with the Golden Dragon to show a man. Mother f****r! What the fuck is that crazy girl doing! 

    He looks closer is that Henri Armand she is bending towards showing him the Dragon? His smug face is practically in her cleavage and they are laughing as they are speaking French.

      He can hear them because of his high level of martial arts but he doesn’t understand French. Fucking shit now I am really going to kill that motherf***ing bastard!

     He clenches his fist as he starts to stand up, Jason holds his arm. “Boss we can call her over here, no reason to cause a scene.”Jason normally wouldn’t say anything but the murderous vibe coming off the CEO is too heavy. He is supposed to be a businessman not a fucking killer.

    “Get her attention NOW to come show us the Golden Dragon.” He is ready to explode from anger watching her parade her little ass around these wolves. If one more man touches her he is fucking dead! 

    Jason as she comes back down the aisle motions for her to come over to them. Feng LiMei winces as she sees the dark aura surrounding Leng Shuai. His eyes are full of flames and black lines are forming on his forehead.

    Should she avoid him and return to the stage as though she didn’t see him? Yes. 

     Pretending not to see Jason waving at her LiMei takes a detour down the next aisle returning to the stage. She is relieved she didn’t see Reggie as she walked down the aisles maybe he left.

   Once she is back on the stage she smiles holding up the glass case with the Golden Dragon inside. She can feel Leng Shuai’s eyes on her she looks his direction,  he runs his slender finger across his throat as he glares at her.  She shivers and her legs shaking he isn’t going to kill me is he, his face is frightening right now.

    Leng Shuai’s grip tightens on his phone, his anger is barely controllable. He told her to stay in the room, then she pleaded with him to come to the auction he relented. Now she is parading around in a low cut dress with a slit up all the way up her slender thigh in front of a bunch of extremely dangerous men! 

    He wanted to rush back and tear the arm off Henri Armand as he saw him holding her hand as she showed him the Golden Dragon. He saw her fluttering her eyelashes and her lips curled up in a seductive smile. She was fucking flirting with that bastard!

   Han Weisheng notices Leng Shuai’s mood has darkened shouldn’t he be happy the dragon is still to be auctioned?

    The auctioneer takes the microphone, “The next item is a golden statue of a dragon from the Qing Dynasty with pigeon blood ruby eyes. The top grade rare Burmese rubies are fifteen carats each and are of the highest quality, the blood red rubies alone are worth thirty million dollars.

   The proof this statue was created during the Qing Dynasty has been authenticated by the firm of Livingston and Ellwood. It comes with AGL report number Cs23415 verifying the rubies are Burmese, natural and have not been heated. The starting bid will be thirty million dollars.”

    LiMei’s eyes widen she almost drops the statue when she hears what the auctioneer is saying. It is worth much more than my white jade necklace.{She has no idea her white jade necklace is worth 250 million dollars.}

    Leng Shuai is holding the paddle waiting for the bidding to gain momentum why waste your time until you see who the final bidders will be. He recognizes three of the men who are bidding. They most likely are his serious competition, he raises his paddle, when it hits 150 million  one of the men no longer bids on it leaving Zangwa Yi, and a man he doesn’t recognize in the third row wearing a silver suit. Suddenly Henri Armand raises his paddle 175 million dollars.

    Leng Shuai sneers is he trying to drive up the price, what a joke. I am willing to pay a billion dollars for that statue. He raises his paddle again 200 million.

    LiMei can’t believe these two men are battling over this stupid Golden Dragon. Leng Shuai’s boss must really want it! She looks down at the dragon, is it glaring at me with those shiny red eyes?

    The man in the third row wearing a silver suit raises his paddle driving the price to 250 million dollars. LiMei is shocked it is pretty but that is a lot of money!

    Leng Shuai casually raises his paddle 285 million dollars. Henri Armand glances over at him and nods then doesn’t raise his paddle again. 

     The man in the silver suit looks over towards the side of the stage and doesn’t raise his paddle. 

     “Anyone else? Going once ..going twice..going three times..” He looks around the room then  slams his hammer down “SOLD! To buyer number 67 for 285 million. You can pay your deposit  and collect your item at the end of the auction.”

    LiMei is in shock, 285 million dollars for a statue that is ten inches high. Frozen in place the auctioneer tells her, “Go.. take it to the back give it to Mr. Tang.” 

    She nods she has no idea who this Mr. Tang is she will need to ask Blondie.

     Glancing down at the audience Leng Shuai glares at her she slightly smiles then hurries off stage clutching the glass case with the Golden Dragon inside.

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