Going Home

LiMei wolfs down the porridge the nurse brought so hungry! Pondering if she should call Chen Jianyu, she doesn’t want to lose her job at Hushang Group and hasn’t been in contact with him since Leng Shuai took her out of the meeting.

      Nuying probably has her phone and she wants it too, Rui bought it for her and she sent the pictures from his cell to it.

    She slams her spoon down unable to eat more thinking about Leng Shuai she wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for him! Damn that Leng Shuai! He took her wig and her glasses too when he called her ugly! 

     When they were in his car  because of him the blue contacts had to be removed and she had nowhere to store them. They got destroyed! What a complete jerk he is!

     Her startling  green eyes have a murderous glint in them when Su Ryan comes into the room. “Miss Feng I am Dr. Damont I am consulting on your case.” He is momentarily shocked by the dark aura surrounding her there is killing intent flashing in her beautiful eyes, after spending years in the military before becoming Leng Shuai’s assistant he knows that feeling well. How can such a fragile looking beauty’saura be so oppressive.

     LiMei is caught off guard she immediately changes her expression, her eyes sparkle as she greets him smiling, “Hello doctor where is Dr. Woo?”

     Leng Shuai is watching through a camera embedded in Su Ryan’s glasses he chuckles the little actress certainly can change her expression quickly.

     Dr. Woo? He thought it was Qiao Rui attending her, “I’m the doctor on duty this morning Miss Feng he should return this afternoon.” He picks up her chart looking at it, “How are you feeling this morning?”

    “Much better I would like to go home if you could discharge me.”

    “I’m not the doctor in charge so I wouldn’t be able to do that, according to the chart Dr. Qiao is your physician he would need to examine you then put in the discharge order.”

    LiMei flutters her long black eyelashes at him, “I don’t think Dr. Qiao will return today he is getting married.”

     Su Ryan quickly puts his hand over his ear, {dammit CEO she might hear you!} Leng Shuai quickly reacted when he heard her then shouted into Dr. Damont’s earpiece, “WHAT!”

    Realizing LiMei might be able to hear he calmly says, “Find out the details.”

     Su Ryan pushes the glasses up on his nose, “I heard he was engaged. How do you feel about his marriage?” {He is a little uncomfortable what the hell does CEO Leng want to know?}

    “…” Is this doctor gossiping like the nurses? She doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Why would she have an opinion? Keeping her voice emotionless as she speaks, “I don’t know Dr. Qiao personally why would I care?”

    Leng Shuai is watching LiMei intently, what game is the little bunny playing? He touches his jaw it still hurts from fighting with Qiao Rui in her hospital room in Shingu City. Is it one sided..she doesn’t care for him? “ Examine her. I want to see her wounds.”

     Su Ryan’s ears turn red he is an ex military man who doesn’t even have a girlfriend he is supposed to examine this young girl on the bed? 

     He hesitates then actually reads her chart to find the location of her injuries. Whew, her upper chest that will be okay, he walks over to the bed. “I’m going to check your wounds.”

     LiMei sees a tiny lens on the bridge of his black rimmed glasses as he leans over about to touch her hospital gown, What the hell are those spy glasses? She pulls her covers up, “Who are you!” She thought his questioning was odd and he didn’t seem natural looking at the chart.

     “Miss Feng as I told you I’m your attending physician for the moment, Dr. Damont.”

     Without thinking she reaches up and snatches the glasses off his head covering them in her palm before he can react she hits him with a palm strike. Immediately he falls backwards onto the floor. 

Seriously WTF! Who is watching her? This is sophisticated equipment, she sees he has an earpiece as she bends over looking at him. Kneeling next to his body she removes the earpiece,  she asks into it with her voice trembling,“Bo is that you?” Who else could it be?

    Leng Shuai doesn’t know what to say who is Bo? There is another man in the picture? LiMei’s face is magnified as she stares into the glasses she is holding. 

   Should he say something? Why not? Haha..

    “I don’t know who Bo is but hello little bunny.”

    “Leng Shuai, you pervert!! What is the meaning of this?”

   Languidly sitting on the couch in his suite  his lips curl up into a devilish smile “Well your boyfriend had me barred from his hospital and I wondered when you would be able to resume your duty. Also knocking out my assistant with a palm strike confirms you assaulted me at the airport.”

     LiMei’s cheeks turn red  puffing  out in anger her eyes are blazing. “You idiot! You could have called me don’t you think sending this man to spy is a little over the top!{she was scared to death the Black Sky Organization had found her for god’s sake.} Does your boss know you are using his men to torment a young girl? You big pervert!”

     Leng Shuai begins laughing so hard he can barely breathe, Ha..ha..he didn’t think she would be able to notice the camera and earpiece. This little thing has unusual skills for a secretary, those are top of the line spy glasses there is a mere pinpoint where the camera is located.“Wake him up and give him back the glasses or I am alerting the authorities of your stowing away on my plane and assaulting me.”

    Tapping the glasses on the table,“Hey do you still have my wig and glasses?” She is getting low on funds and doesn’t want to have to replace them.

   “Hell no! I had Jason threw that nasty wig out with those ridiculous glasses.”

    “Damn you! I need them for work tomorrow.”

    “ How can you go back to work, I saw your injuries. Is Qiao Rui releasing you this soon from the hospital?”

    “ Really none of your business. You need to replace the wig and glasses and bring them to me, or I will call security to come get your assistant. I believe posing as a doctor is punishable by five years in prison. ”

    “…” Leng Shuai thinks it will be interesting being in Pushong City working with the Hushang Group as long as this interesting little girl is around. The nerve of her telling me to go buy her a wig and deliver it..

    “I need blue contacts also. ”


    The nurse knocks on the door Miss Feng? I am here to pick up your breakfast tray.”

    “I’m not quite finished I will ring the buzzer. Thank you.”

    Speaking into the ear piece LiMei asks,“Is it a deal?”

    “Deal. I will have Jason pick them up for you. I am holding onto the necklace… you still owe me.”

    “Pfft.” She almost forgot he has the white jade necklace Rui gave her..Rui..

    “Tell your man here to write the discharge paper for me.”

    “Sorry no paper trail.”

    “Whatever.” Li Mei stops talking getting off the bed she bends over hitting Su Ryan to wake him up. Shaking her hand afterwards her hand hurts she is still weak. When I get home I am going to forget about all these nuisances and start training again. “Wake up.”

    Su Ryan rubs his neck fucking shit! What just happened. He looks at LiMei holding the glasses and earpiece. Her voice is filled with disdain ,“Get out of here before I alert security. Really why you men let Leng Shuai boss you around I have no idea. Posing as a doctor have you no shame.” She holds the hospital gown tighly around herself.

“…” Su Ryan stands up staring down at the delicate looking girl standing there in a hospital gown. What did she knock him out with he glances around looking for a heavy object.

    She waves her slender arms motioning towards the door.“I said go before I change my mind. Tell Leng Shuai to stop bothering me.”

     He leaves the room bewildered how did she notice the glasses and ear piece. Who is she?

    Su Ryan nods at the nurses at the desk as he casually walks to the elevator calling Leng Shuai, “Boss..” before he can continue Leng Shuai interrupts him, “Don’t worry Ryan I underestimated how perceptive she can be. Before you come back to the Crescent Moon Hotel I want you to investigate if Qiao Rui married Wang Rebecca. If so I want you to have it released to the media and make sure it is the number one trending topic”

    Leng Shuai walks out to the balcony looking out at the sky. He lights up a cigarette blowing a smoke ring, I will make it so you have no choice but to be by my side little bunny. He smiles picturing her angry exression as her face scrunched up while she stared into the  spy glasses in her hand.

    LiMei takes the clothes from the chair noticing Rui thought of everything she has clothes underwear, toiletries. A brush. She holds the sweater to her chest, God, what an incredibly thoughtful man. Thinking of Rui she feels herself getting misty eyed.

     Be strong LiMei you did the right thing! She sighs I hope Rui is happy when he gets the position of CEO.

    I am going to concentrate on living my life unrestrained and happy with no attachments!

    While dressing she hears the nurse at the door again this time LiMei calls out, “I’m in the bathroom you can take the dishes. The nurse is disappointed she wanted to find out more about Feng LiMei, she gathers it all up and leaves.

     Looking in the mirror LiMei combs her long hair into a pony tail then brushes her teeth. The injuries have almost healed that lotion is incredible earlier they were still brigh red but now they are a light pink, probably after another application they will disappear. No wonder Rui wants to market the Snow Lotus Root Oil, there is no product that can compare with it.

     After exiting the bathroom she sits in the chair then puts on her tennis shoes, assessing her body’s condition she is still a little weak but not too bad. No one can make me stay in the hospital the thought of seeing Rui again is disturbing.

     She picks the other set of clothes and is about to walk out of the room when she remembers she has no phone or money. The phone in the room should dial out she calls Grandpa Du it rings but no answer, well she has money in her apartment she can take a taxi then pay when she arrives.

     Walking out the door she waits until no nurse is at the desk then hurriedly runs into the elevator as it opens.

     When she exits the hospital she waves over a taxi, the Autumn air is cold on her face she didn’t think to look in closet to see if there was a jacket. It will only be a half hour before she gets home then she can get into her bed and sleep.

     The taxi drives down the Cherry Blossom lined street past the Cafe it has only been a few days since she left but she realizes how much she loves this little  neighborhood.

     Motioning they have arrived at her apartment to the middle aged cab driver she instructs him to wait she will be down directly with the fare.

    Normally he would be worried but she has an innocent appearance, it only takes a few moments until she runs down the stairs.

     He watches as she approaches his window she reaches out a thin hand and hands him the fare, “The extra is your tip for trusting me.” her smile is bright as she walks away. Home! Finally!

     A man in an inconspicuous sedan is parked across the street smoking a cigarette when the taxi pulls up. That must be her. He stubs out his cigarette in the ashtray. Picking up his cell phone he dials his boss, in a hoarse voice he says “She is back.” 

     Across town the doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau open Rui, Rebecca and Delun exit, Rebecca is clutching her red book in her hand, Mrs. Qiao Rui! Her excitement is short lived when Rui opens his mouth, “My house is under construction it wouldn’t be safe for you to live there so I have reserved a suite at the Crescent Moon Hotel until the construction is finished.”

   No way in hell is he going to let her ruin the Feng Shui of his home he designed himself. “Or if you prefer you can stay at your penthouse until a suitable house can be arranged”

    Rebecca accomplished what she wanted there is no reason to push him eventually she will win his love even if she needs to drug him.”I will stay at the hotel.”

    “I have to return to the hospital I will contact you later.” Rui wants to go home take a shower and sleep he feels mentally exhausted for some reason. “Delun give her the keys to the Maybach you come with me.”

     “Rui can you drop me off at the mall I need some workout clothes.” Delun thinks the atmosphere is too weird between these two. He expected Rui to at least take her to his home. What construction?

    Rebecca controls her emotions he isn’t even going to drive her to the hotel? The photographers must be laughing their heads off right now. She decides there is no time to worry about those lowly media people she will take care of them with money and retrieve the pictures they took.

     Right now she needs to consider the future of Wang Electronics for  her and Wang Kai

    Her manner is composed she will pay him back ten fold for embarrassing her on her wedding day! “My father and stepmother want to eat dinner with us tonight would you like me to make a reservation?”

   “I’m not sure when I will return to the hotel, you can eat without me. Tell your father I will call him at his office in the morning after I talk to the Chairman.” Rui has no patience for the Wang family, the thought of having a meal with that slimy bastard makes him nauseous.

    Her voice is dripping with sweetness as she smiles broadly, “Very well husband I will talk to you later.”

    The hair stands up on the back of Rui’s neck as she calls him husband. “Let’s go Delun.”

    When they get into the car Delun has to ask, “Rui how are you going to deal with the Wangs? You barely got married and they want to try to use you.”

    “Isn’t that the point of this marriage. Delun do you think I am that easily manipulated, this marriage is for three months until I secure my position of CEO. If I need to choose them to supply the equipment we need who cares.

    I won’t lose much in terms of profit for the Qiao Corporation. What I don’t understand is why they insisted on the marriage. They could have simply pressured me to accept their bid. I feel there is more to this than meets the eye. “

    “What you will divorce her in three months?”

    “I wasn’t going to tell you but I can see your concern for me, this is a fake marriage. The documents of the marriage won’t be recorded. I have given up enough being a Qiao, I’m not marrying anyone who don’t love. ”

    Delun looks at his brother’s profile as he drives, if Limei knew this would she have made the decision to erase his memory of her and their relationship. Should he tell her this information?

    “I need you to swear Delun you won’t tell anyone about this. I suspect the Wangs colluded with Lan Zeman when I was falsely accused six years ago. I am going to destroy all the people that were involved at that time with my case.”

    Delun’s head is reeling he is glad he will be leaving for Paris he isn’t good at keeping secrets and he likes LiMei. “Brother revenge won’t bring your mother back or change what happened to you. Why don’t you let them all destroy each other including our loathesome father.”

    “Delun I don’t think you can understand what I went through during those years after they ruined me, I had to set aside my integrity to endure and repay my debts from University… Well enough …I don’t want to burden you with my problems.

     Thank you for coming with me today.” He pulls into the mall parking lot, “Call my driver when you are ready to leave if you don’t want to return to the mansion.”

    “Get some rest Rui.”


    Rui drives to his house exhausted his headache is getting worse. He immediately walks up to his bedroom taking off his clothes he entering the bathroom, reaching in the medicine cabinet he takes two pills for his throbbing head.

    After the shower heats up he stands under the spray pushing his hair back an image keeps coming into his mind of a garden and a girl whose face he can’t see.

     He shakes his head then washes his tense body, I am too tired. After he is finished washing his hair he steps out of the shower wrapping a towel around his waist.

    Picking up the phone on the nightstand he calls down to his butler, “Have Hannah bring me a cup of Valerian Root tea.”

   “Young master do you want cook to prepare you breakfast?”

    “No I’m going to rest after I have the tea.”

    He picks up the gray cashmere sweater he had tossed on the bed there is a faint floral fragrance drifting into his nose that makes his heart beat faster. Strange.

     Laying on the bed in only the towel he closes his eyes, he can’t seem to fully remember coming back from Shingu Island until he got up from the couch in the patient’s room. There are sketchy images in his mind but his memory is blurry.

    A beautiful woman in a tight dark blue dress carrying a wooden tray with a tea set knocks on his bedroom door . “I have your tea.”

   Rui calls from the bed to come in, without sitting up he says, his voice sounding sleepy, “ Hannah, set it on the table.”

    Bai Chiyu gulps down her saliva staring at his half naked body laying on the bed, his taut muscles exposed and the towel barely covering to his thighs,  long legs stretched out on the bed.

    His black hair is still wet and droplets of water are sliding down his flawless face. She wishes she had brought the aphrodisiac her cousin had given her, he is so handsome she can hardly breathe. Damn! This would have been the perfect opportunity for me to seduce him.

    “Dr. Qiao its Chiyu.”

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