LiMei is sleeping on Rui’s chest, her delicate pale face buried into it, her tiny hands clutching his sweater until Dr. Woo awakens her by knocking at the door at eight thirty. Reluctantly she sits up on the bed gazing at Rui’s peaceful handsome face she brushes a few strands of ink black hair off his forehead then kisses him lightly. “Come in Dr. Woo.”

    When he enters he can see her eyes are swollen and red, her cheeks are tear stained. He notices Rui is still sound asleep on the bed.

    “Dr. Woo I think it best you do it while he is asleep.”

    “Miss Feng are you sure about this, he will have no memory of you except as a patient who was poisoned he is treating.”

    “Dr. Woo, it must be done.” LiMei has reconciled herself to the fact it is the best course of action.

    “I am going to erase the pictures he has of me on his phone, all the messages and contact information. I think it would be best if you let him think he is marrying Miss Wang to secure the CEO position don’t you think that makes sense? I believe that would be the most plausible explanation.”

     Although she is giving up on Rui she knows he doesn’t like Wang Rebecca and she can’t be so magnanimous as to have him believe he loves her.”  The poisonous woman did scheme to marry him using despicable means, who knows how disadvantaged Rui would be if he thought he was in love with her. 

    LiMei shudders thinking of Rui gazing into another woman’s eyes with love especially Wang Rebecca. 

     If she was still Qin Daiyu she would wreak havoc on that woman’s world before she would give up her true love. But everything has changed she is trying to make amends for her past so someday she can find happiness.

    “I agree, it is best to keep it simple.”

     “Dr. Woo could you hand me his phone from his jacket pocket?” LiMei saw Rui place it there last night.

    He hands her the phone, LiMei clutches it as she sees his screen saver is the two of them in the garden at the resort. After she deletes it she reads the text messages he sent her pleading with her to contact him while she was in Shingu City. Without hesitation she removes all phone calls and her contact information smiling her contact name is saved as ‘Little Beauty’.

     Then she searches for his pictures before she deletes them she sends the photo of the garden scene and one other picture to her phone. Shit! That’s right her phone! Where the hell is her phone? LiMei remembers leaving her purse in the conference room that day hopefully Nuying picked it up she will call her later.

     I did lock my phone with a password I think..or did I? Anyway Nuying doesn’t seem like the type of person to be nosy about someone else’s private matters.

     She hands the phone back to the doctor, “Could you put this back in his jacket?”

     Dr. Woo was watching her as she smiled looking at Rui’s phone. “Miss Feng I am going to ask you one more time are you sure about this? There is no turning back.”

     “I’m sure… I am going to take a bath I don’t want to hear you.”

    “Be careful with your wounds that they don’t reopen.”

     She nods her skin itches and she has been trying not to scratch her neck and chest area.

    LiMei gets off the bed with shaky movements she staggers towards the bathroom, Dr. Woo takes her slender arm supporting her. She is thinner than she was a couple of weeks ago when she came to his clinic. He should send some medicinal food for her to eat to strengthen her body.

     “Dr. Woo could you hand me those clothes after l bathe I want to leave .”

    “Miss Feng you need to stay in the hospital another day, why don’t you put on a fresh hospital gown?” He hands her one from the closet by the bathroom.”If you don’t mind I will implant the idea that you are my people which is why Rui is overly concerned for you.

      Many people probably saw his protective attitude towards you so that would explain it.” {he doesn’t want to tell her how cold and aloof Rui typically is towards the patients at the hospital. The nurses must have been shocked as he carried Feng LiMei into the hospital, he won’t allow any woman to even invade his personal space.} 

    “That is a very good idea. Thank you Dr. Woo.” He really thought this out well, glancing around she wants to check out of the hospital and go back home she can rest there. “Dr. Woo I can recuperate at home I don’t want to stay here after you are finished erasing Rui’s memory.”

     He can understand her being hesitant to have Rui examining her as a patient. “Miss Feng I will discharge you after I examine you if I feel you are ready. After you bathe you need the healing lotion applied.”

     “I will be bothering you then Dr. Woo. But if I could I want to go home.” She is trying hard to be strong but she doesn’t think she can bear having Rui look at her with a cold expression.

     Dr. Woo looks at Rui laying on the bed this won’t do. He picks him up carrying him over his shoulder to the couch, he certainly is sound asleep but that is better. Placing him down on the couch he takes out a silver needle staring at Rui he has known him since he was a boy and has never seen him smile or show any semblance of being happy until he met Feng LiMei.

     The thought of taking away his memory of her bothers him but it will be for the best. He takes out a silver needle carefully inserting it proceeding to implant a memory of Feng LiMei as an important patient because she is related to his friend and mentor. He continues to reinforce the fact Rui is determined to gain control of the Qiao Corporation that is why he is marrying Wang Rebecca.

   LiMei finishes bathing when she looks in the mirror it is the first time she has looked closely at the horrible marks Leng Shuai’s dog left , then she runs her fingers across the love bites from Rui. If she hadn’t passed out..what was she thinking… she smiles hugging her body recalling the intimacy between them, truly a handsome sexy man.. she sighs hoping he can take control of the Qiao Corporation without any problems.

    It will be weird to call Qiao Delun but she is going to have to do it..unless Dr. Woo would be willing..she wants to distance herself from the Qiao brothers as quickly as possible. Would that be too imposing to ask Dr. Woo? She shakes her head she will ask he can say no if if he wants to refuse. When she walks out of the bathroom she feels surprisingly refreshed after her bath.

    Dr. Woo is sitting on the edge of the couch, Rui is stretched out he appears to still be sleeping. Dr. Woo nods to her, she figures he must be finished.

    LiMei gets into bed wanting to escape before he opens his eyes. She tightens her fists at her side, you are Qin Daiyu think of all the missions you have been on ..think of all that you have endured in the Black Sky Organization you will survive this lost love and be stronger.

    Dr. Woo has long legs and in  a few strides he stands by her bed, “Miss Feng I am going to wake Rui up, I wanted to make sure you will be all right.”

    “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing this for me . before you wake Rui up  could you let me borrow your phone to call Qiao Delun he needs to be aware.”

    “Miss Feng I can tell him if you think it would be too painful for you.” Dr. Woo thinks LiMei appears pitiful, her face is pale and her beautiful eyes are glassed over trying to hide the pain she must be experiencing. He tries to stay out of the struggles between the elite families of Pushong City, seeing her agony emphasizes the fact of how ruthless they are in their pursuit of money and power. An innocent girl like Feng LiMei couldn’t survive caught in their constant wars.

     “Doctor you have done so much for me could I impose on you one last time? I do feel emotionally drained.”

     “You should rest Miss Feng your body has been through a serious physical trauma and stress will cause complications.”

     “If I can ever repay you doctor..anything!” Her smile is full of gratitude, she tenderly holds his hand as though he is her savior. Dr. Woo is conflicted as to whether or not she will regret her decision today.

    “When you are better I would like you to treat me to dinner.” He wants to ask about her family and what she has been doing since they died.

     “Of course! We can go to that little Thai restaurant by your clinic! I will still try to volunteer at your clinic if you need me but not when Rui is there. 

    “We can talk about that later, I am going to awaken him now, are you ready?”


    LiMei lays back on the bed closing her eyes pulling the quilt up over her, she can’t look at Rui, it is nine o’clock he will need to leave quickly to meet Wang Rebecca. She will pretend to be asleep.

    Dr. Woo inserts another needle into Rui’s neck then quickly takes it out immediately walking to LiMei’s bedside examining her IV.

    A moment later Rui opens his eyes stretching his long legs out, he fell asleep in the patient’s room? He rubs his eyes as he sits up peering over at the patient in the bed. Dr. Woo is checking the needle inserted into the patient’s arm. After a few minutes he rubs his temples then walks over picking up the chart Rui asks, “How long have you been here Xixin?”

    “Not long you told me you have an appointment at ten o’clock so I thought I would relieve you. I appreciate you watching over Feng LiMei for me last night it was crucial to monitor her after the injection of the antidote.”

    “How long was I sleeping?” His head is pounding, strange he fell asleep on the couch.

    “I can’t say but you must have been exhausted.” Dr. Woo looks at his watch, “You should go.”

    Rui’s mind is foggy, this is Xixin’s relative he was taking medicine to her on Shingu Island then going to present Chen Jianyu the proposal about partnering with Hushang Group on the Shingu resort. He stares at the young girl’s face on the pillow. “How is she this morning?” he wonders how effective the antidote was in expelling the poison.

     “ Effective she has been sleeping through the night. I brought the healing lotion and will apply it she is out of danger now only needs to rest.”

    Rui has a look of satisfaction on his face,“The antidote was successful in neutralizing the poison then, this is a remarkable accomplishment for the lab.”

“…” LiMei is listening to his detached tone, he only cares about his antidote? Well it looks as though erasing his memory of her worked. She can feel the cold temperature surrounding him as though he is devoid of feeling.

    He leans over pulling down her gown slightly, she can feel shivers going down her back from his touch and his distinct fragrance of ambergris. “Xixin these wounds.. we should take pictures of them before and after I am thinking of marketing the Snow Lotus Root Oil. When I met Henri Armand he was asking me about scar treatment, of course this is an extreme example but it would definitely demonstrate the potency of the lotion. 

     We could use the money to fund the research on the regenerative herbs, possibly fund my expedition to the Chilying Mountain top to see if we can discover another batch. Since she is your relative would she agree?”

“…” Dr. Woo glances over at LiMei this is too cruel of Rui. She isn’t reacting so Dr. Woo breathes a sigh of relief maybe she really is asleep.

    “ Think about it I would like your input before I make a decision. I need to go meet that bitch Wang Rebecca, I will come back later to check on the patient.”

    Dr. Woo quickly says “I will monitor her today my cousin is concerned and should be arriving this afternoon.” He knows Rui hates to deal with family members personally so this should dissuade him from returning.

    “Thank you Xixin I am exhausted I’m going back to my house after I deal with this shit. You can call me if you need me. Before I leave I will assign a nurse to stay in the room in case there is any changes in her condition.”

    “Rui..never mind.” Dr. Woo can see a tear rolling down LiMei’s cheek, he ushers Rui out the door.

    After Rui is gone he sits on the edge of the bed trying to console LiMei, “Don’t take it to heart Rui is like that when he deals with patients.”

    “I know.” She wipes her tears with her fingers, “I need to avoid him. Please don’t have him come back to examine me. You don’t have to stay with me I feel much better.”

    Dr. Woo takes her hand, her brave words touch his heart obviously her heart is breaking at the moment. “I will apply the healing lotion then I am going to contact Delun also, on my way out I will instruct the nurse to bring in your breakfast.” He proceeds to spread the lotion over her wounds the itching sensation disappears her wounds are covered with a cold cream that seems to calm her also.

    “Thank you Dr. Woo.” LiMei closes her eyes replaying his cold voice over in her head. Before she falls asleep a tall pretty nurse comes in with a tray of food. She pulls the sliding table in front of LiMei setting the tray down. The young nurse pushes a button so the bed is in the sitting position. “Miss Feng, if there is anything else you need please use this button to call the nurses’ station.”

    The nurse wants to ask her some questions about her relationship with Dr. Qiao but hesitates deciding when she comes in for the empty tray she will. She was coming on duty when Dr. Qiao carried Feng LiMei into the hospital everyone is curios as to their relationship.

    Qiao Rui drives to his house to get his information for the marriage. Fuck! There is no way she is coming to live in his house, he will need to find another place for her to live. After he finds what he needs in his desk drawer he doesn’t bother taking a shower, his appearance should disturb her anyway. He sneers thinking about the fact this is what he needs to do.

    In Wang Rebecca’s penthouse she is carefully picking out a beautiful pale yellow designer dress from her closet. Wang Kai walks up to her naked grabbing her from behind around her waist. “Gege..stop! I need to take a bath then meet Qiao Rui.”

    Mentioning his name infuriates Wang Kai he picks her up then throws her back onto the bed, “I haven’t received my full compensation for helping you arrange this ridiculous marriage.” He presses her under him ripping off her nightgown exposing  her body  covered in the evidence of their fierce activity during the night.

     He is like a beast his eyes are devouring her body, leaning down he bites her lip blood flowing into his mouth, “Do you think that man can satisfy you?” She pushes his chest, “Dammit!” She rolled around with him all night until she can barely walk this morning , she licks her lips it is going to be swollen and look ugly. “I told you Kai Daddy will cut me off if I don’t marry him!”

   He roughly ties her hands with a silk necktie, the drug she gave him last night hasn’t worn off and he is insatiable. “Baby, you know I changed my mind I can’t let you go meet that bastard.”

     He fiercely kisses her she refuses to open her mouth for him so he squeezes her mouth open then inserts his tongue, she bites him which excites him even more. He spits out blood then turns her over slapping her with his large hand until red hand prints appear on her firm ass. Rebecca starts whimpering the pain is mixed with the pleasure she is feeling. Her face is buried in the pillow,  she turns her head so she can breathe.  “Kai are you crazy? I told you this marriage has to happen!”

 He growls in a devilish voice as he leans down holding her tied up hands behind her head, his hot breath making her cheeks turn red.“Little sister I need you to beg me right now…” His low voice is full of resentment and anger. 

    “Gege…gege.. please I promise you I won’t let him touch me,{she would but no way can she let Qiao Rui know she isn’t a virgin and right now her body is littered with bruises, bite marks even a few cuts where he tortured her as she was handcuffed }it is only to secure the partnership. I only love you.” Rebecca knows if she doesn’t make him see the big picture he will ruin everything with his jealousy. “I promise we will still be together only you can satisfy me.”

    They both have heavy tastes in bed developed over the years they have been together as though they are punishing each other as they quench their taboo desire for each other.

    He rolls her over and begins teasing her body until she is begging him to enter her, laughing he abruptly stops his grinding , “ If you are lying to me I will marry Dandan and never be in your bed again.” He gets off her sweaty body leaving her hands tied then walks towards the bathroom.

     She knows his temper and the drug she gave him to heighten his pleasure was too potent. Looking at his muscular back as he leaves the bed his skin is covered with her scratch marks.

    Rebecca lays back on the pillow he will calm down after his shower and realize he will benefit from this partnership also. There is no way she will let him marry that skinny little slut Zhou Dandan! 

     Wang Kai comes out of the bathroom then puts on a navy blue suit that accentuates his muscular body and gives him a domineering air. Rebecca is admiring how ruggedly handsome he is when his phone starts ringing on the nightstand he picks it up, “ Dandan.. Baby, I am on my way to work I can’t stop by right now, but I will meet you for dinner at the French restaurant you mentioned. I want you to wear the white dress with the red flowers for me today and the red 10cm heels I bought you when I was in Milan.”

    He has a low laugh that is tormenting Rebecca as he says, “You know I love you the most baby no other woman compares to your beauty don’t worry there is no one else. I have been busy with the new project. I know..I know.. I miss you too. I will prove my love to you tonight in our bed.” He winks at Rebecca with a devilish glint in his eyes.

     Zhou Dandan hangs up the phone sure of his love, Daddy there isn’t anyone else! She was worried because he hasn’t come home the last few nights. She shouldn’t have told her father stirring things up, satisfied she quickly calls her father, “Daddy if you have him followed I won’t speak to you again!”

     Her father hangs up his daughter is very beautiful but stupid, looking at the dangerous looking man lounging by the door in his office, “Follow him.”

     Rebecca’s nails are piercing her palms she wants to scream at him but she knows he will punish her if she even says a word. He casually puts the phone in his suit jacket then sits on the edge of the bed gently untying her hands then kisses her, “Remember little sister if I find out you crawl into his bed…”

    Standing up he pulls her off the bed pressing her naked body into his chest then whispers in her ear, “Gege won’t give you this any more his hardness is pressed onto her, it will only be for my pretty little Dandan.” He laughs as he struts out the door.

    After he leaves the bedroom she throws the antique lamp at the door smashing it into pieces, Wang Kai can hear her smashing things and cursing as he walks down the hallway to leave. He throws his head back laughing his little sister is very easy to manipulate once Wang Electronic partners with Qiao Corporation he has a plan to destroy her family’s business then take it over.

    Wang Rebecca’s mood is ruined. Bastard! Always bring up that little slut Zhou Dandan to torture her, the thought of him with another woman infuriates her thinking about it. She glances at the time she is going to be late, well Qiao Rui can wait, he has insulted her enough times before with his insolent attitude and this time she has won. She finds some pleasure in that thought and runs her bath, she will be Mrs. Qiao Rui!

     Qiao Delun is driving to the Civil Affairs Bureau to meet Rui, his phone rings, Dr. Woo what does he want? He seldom interacts with him because he is usually in Paris or at the resort. “Dr. Woo what’s up?”

    Dr. Woo proceeds to tell Qiao Delun about the situation, Delun can’t decide who he feels more sorry for his own brother or Feng LiMei. “Yeah I won’t say anything.” He hangs up how did it come to this! Pulling the black Maybach into the parking lot he sees Rui leaning up against his  Porsche.

     He waves at him as he gets closer. What?  Rui hasn’t even changed his clothes from when he was at the hospital. “Rui, where is Wang Rebecca?” It is ten o’clock. “Don’t know.” The bitch was so anxious to marry him now she keeps him waiting. He had his lawyer stay up all night drafting a prenuptial agreement he is holding it his hand. Delun marvels at how calm Rui is at the moment, “What are you holding?


     “Good thinking.”

     Delun looks at Rui’s appearance he has dark circles under his eyes his hair is messy and his clothes are wrinkled he wants to laugh he definitely doesn’t look like a man about to get married. They both stand there silently when a black Bentley pulls up and a driver gets out to open the back door. Wang Rebecca steps out looking beautiful in the pale yellow dress the color really suits her giving the appearance of an elegant woman.

     Rebecca’s hair is styled in her favorite retro flip and she is clutching the latest Gucci purse. Looking like a celebrity she catches the eyes of the couples passing by the front of the Civil Affairs Bureau who wonder who she could be meeting. Her driver steps back, “Miss Wang will you be needing me to wait?”

“ Of course not I will leave with my husband you may go.”

     Rebecca had notified a few photographers she has a good rapport with to stay hidden and take pictures. When she is ready she will release them to the media with the announcement of her marriage. She walks down the sidewalk looking around for Qiao Rui, where could he be? According to Wang kai he definitely would go through with the marriage he didn’t tell her what means he used to threaten him beyond the acquisition of the antidote.

     When she notices Rui and Delun talking at the side of his Porsche her face contorts in anger, how little respect does he have for her to come in wrinkled casual clothes. My God he is unshaven and his hair isn’t combed! She looks around fr the photographers she sees one behind a bush laughing. She clenches her fists at her side she will make him pay for this humiliation. The photographers promised her they would give her final approval on the photographs released she will need to destroy them all!

    Pulling herself together she lifts her head arrogantly walking over to the two of them. Smiling brightly showing a row of perfect white teeth she reaches for his arm, “Rui, sorry I was late shall we go?”

    He takes her hand from his arm,“First I need you to read this and sign on the last page, initial each of the paragraphs also.”

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