Forget Me part 2

LiMei’s frail appearance and her pitiful expression tugs at Dr. Woo’s heart, for some reason he feels a connection to this little girl. “What do you need of me Miss Feng if I can assist you I will.”

    LiMei starts coughing her chest feels tight, “I..I.. Can you remove the oxygen mask for a few minutes?”

    After checking her oxygen levels he ascertains that would be fine but still worried he takes her wrist to check her pulse,“ Don’t strain yourself whatever you need I can return after you have slept.”

     “No! I need you to do this now!” She grabs his large hand, her eyes pleading with him, “It can’t wait!” Her voice is weak but she says this with all the force she can muster.

    Wondering what is so important he warns her, “Miss Feng rest is essential for your recovery. You shouldn’t get agitated.” He doesn’t want to explain the venom in the antidote slowed down her blood pressure to a dangerous level.

     “Dr. Woo…” LiMei begins crying her body is trembling. He has the urge to hug her right now but he restrains himself, he pulls the chair close to the bed trying to reassure her, “If it is your recovery you will be fine after two days rest.” He hands her a few tissues, the sight of a delicate beauty crying is almost too much to bear.

     LiMei tries to compose herself sniffling wiping her tears, “I feel I can trust you Dr. Woo, when we met I could sense you are an honorable man and won’t betray what I tell you. For Rui’s sake I need you to never tell him .”

    Dr. Woo replies, “Miss Feng I can’t promise anything until you tell me what you are talking about, not tell Rui what?”

    LiMei thinks about it should she ask Dr. Woo to use the silver needle to erase Rui’s memory? She saw his expertise when she was in the clinic some of his techniques had to have been learned from a great Master.

    Rui mentioned he studied the Ancient Arts under Dr. Woo and his Master. She will be exposing herself if she tells him she can erase Rui’s memory of their relationship. LiMei decides she will bluntly ask him if he refuses she will not only erase Rui’s memory but his as well.

    “Dr. Woo I want you to erase Rui’s memory of me with your silver needles.”

    “…” Dr. Woo is shocked. He pushes his gold rimmed glasses up studying her serious expression.

    He starts laughing , “Miss Feng you watch too many dramas on television, that isn’t possible. Did you two have an argument.”

     “Dr. Woo my grandmother was an expert who studied the Ancient Arts. As I grew up I watched her treat patients in our mountain village. When I was at your clinic watching you several of your techniques resembled my grandmother’s. During your treatment of the patient with the stomach disorder you inserted a needle in…I forget the name of the accupoint..{She is trying not too reveal too much.} allowing him to have no memory of the pain he had experienced.”

     LiMei doesn’t notice the shocked look on Dr. Woo’s face as she has a sip of water. He reaches grabbing her little hand, “What is your mother’s name!”

    “I am an orphan.” Startled by his sudden action she spits out some water. Could he possibly have known her mother? No the world is not that small.

     “What is your mother’s name little girl..” his voice is shaking as he speaks. This technique is rare only great Masters can manipulate a person’s mind using the silver needles.

 He and the old woman had the same Divine Master Gong Jiang. Woo Xixin studied the Ancient Arts in a mountain village where he met her and her beautiful daughter Qin Chynna.

    Not understanding the change in Dr. Woo’s demeanor she continues she can feel her strength is waning a decision needs to be made soon.“Dr. Woo I don’t want to discuss my family, I want you to help Rui. 

    Losing his memory of me  will make his life more harmonious if he can forget me there will be one less worry in his life. He is marrying Wang Rebecca in the morning, having me in his heart will only complicate his life. 

     I know you care a great deal for him and we have no future. I want him to become the successful CEO of the Qiao Corporation and fulfill his mother’s wish.”

    Dr. Woo didn’t know Rui is marrying Wang Rebecca so suddenly how did this come about. He stares at LiMei’s face her cheeks are flushed he knows now she is Qin Chynna’s’s daughter. 

     His suspicions about her resemblance and now the fact her grandmother must be the old woman Dr. Qin he will find out more information later but now he must help her. But is erasing Rui’s memory the right thing to do for her he can tell how much she loves Rui to put his interests in front of her own.

    “Miss Feng I’m not saying I am capable but I would need to think about what you are asking of me.”

    “Dr. Woo there is no time!” If he refuses she will do it! “No one knows of our relationship besides you and his brother Delun I can ask Delun to keep the secret I feel he would honor my request to protect his brother’s happiness.”

     Qiao Rui is outside the room wondering what LiMei is discussing with Woo Xixin. Pacing across the floor he wants to go back into the room to check on LiMei. Frustrated  he looks at his watch it is six o’clock in the morning only four more hours until he needs to meet that fucking bitch at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

    “Dr. Woo please…” LiMei is beginning to cry again, she clutches her tiny hands on his sleeve, “I want Rui to be happy.” He admires LiMei for wanting to unselfishly put Rui’s needs ahead of her own.

    “I am going to talk to Rui for a few moments, I will make my decision.” He is still reeling from the fact in all probability Feng LiMei is Qin Chynna’s daughter. Although her last name isn’t Qin maybe she changed it for some reason he will need to investigate her circumstances and keep her close to him if she truly is Qin Daiyu.

      He can’t press her for answers right now in her weakened physical state not to mention the  mental stress of making this unorthodox decision.

    LiMei nods it is understandable he would want to assess the situation, either way she will make sure Rui is set free from his attachment. There is no turning back now she has made up her mind.

    Woo Xixin approaches Rui, “Let’s sit here for a minute.”

    “What did LiMei want to talk to you about Xixin?”

    “Miss Feng had a few concerns she didn’t want to worry you.” He decides he will see where Rui stands on the marriage to Wang Rebecca and his chance to become the CEO of Qiao Corporation. “Rui she seems like a sweet girl are you prepared to protect her from your family?”

    “Xixin I am forced into a situation right now but as soon as it is resolved we can be together.”

    “What situation?” His voice is calm acting as though he has no idea what it might be.

    “I was going to discuss it with you later but in short I am pressured to marry Wang Rebecca at ten this morning. The person who stole the antidote has a vested interest in Wang Electronics and coerced me into agreeing to it.”

    “What about your relationship with Feng LiMei?”

    I am only telling you this, “ I agreed but with the stipulation it would be for three months only. My plan is to ask LiMei to wait for me.”

    “…” Woo Xixin can see now it would be best for Feng LiMei to have Rui forget about her then she can move on with her life instead of getting caught in the drama of the Qiao and the Wang families. She is a fragile young girl Rui is much stronger he will take care of the situation. Woo Xixin is considering maybe he should also have Feng LiMei forget about Rui by also using the technique on her as well.

    “What are you thinking Xixin?” Rui notices he is deep in thought.

     Dr. Woo ignores the question, “I am going to check on Feng LiMei, I have some healing lotion at my home I will bring by for Miss Feng’s wounds to prevent scarring.”

     “I will come with you.”Rui glances at his watch, he wants to explain the situation to LiMei before he has to leave.

    Both men return to her room LiMei has her eyes closed resting wondering if Dr. Woo will agree with her decision.

    Rui sits on the edge of the bed holding her slender hand, “LiMei?”

    She opens her eyes, “Rui..Dr. Woo..”

    Dr. Woo checks her drip, “Miss Feng I have thought about what we discussed and I think that would be the appropriate treatment plan. I have very effective healing lotion at my home I will bring by for your wounds to prevent scarring.”

    LiMei understands he is agreeing to her request and smiles at him knowingly, “Thank you Dr. Woo for your care.”

    He turns to Rui, “I will be back at 8:30 don’t allow Miss Feng to become agitated she should sleep.”

    Rui knows what he is implying, “En.”

    Dr. Woo leaves the room he will bring the lotion and his silver needles when he returns. He wonders if it is the right thing to do but after realizing Feng LiMei must be Qin Chynna’s daughter he has to think of her well being he heard both her mother and grandmother were killed in a suspicious accident ten years ago. Last time he was in the village several years ago no one knew what became of her daughter Daiyu.

     Once Dr. Woo has left Rui takes his finger lifting up a few strands of her silky black hair, she touches his hand, “Rui I want you to know how much meeting you has meant to me. I have never been as happy as when I am with you.” LiMei’s eyes are misty if they get intimate again she isn’t sure she will be able to give him up.

      She will knock him out until Dr. Woo returns, telling him Rui fell asleep. “Rui lay down next to me and hold me.” Hearing her words  his lips curl up in a smile and his eyes are ablaze. He feels as though his heart is going to explode. Taking off his shoes Rui lays next to her holding her tightly in his arms resisting doing anything further that might complicate her recovery.

     Staring into her beautiful green eyes he can see a deep sadness within them, “LiMei you will be all right don’t worry. I was too eager earlier.” He tenderly runs his finger over her pink lips that are slightly parted. “I have something I need to tell you but first I want to say I love you, more than I could imagine.”

     Her unique fragrance on her body is intoxicating, he controls his desire as he lifts her chin, “ I want to marry you but..” before he can say more she knows what he is going to say and doesn’t want to hear it.. She doesn’t want to hear him mention Wang Rebecca. This is their last few moments close to each other.

    She presses her tender lips onto his knowing it will be the last time, he gently returns her affectionate kiss without being demanding. LiMei caresses his cheek gazing into his deep eyes memorizing the look of love in them.

    LiMei softly whispers, “I will always love you Rui.” She can barely hold back her tears…

    At that moment she gathers all her strength using a palm strike she swiftly  hits him in his Zedua point rendering him unconscious. Her fingers lightly touch his neck then  leans his head onto the pillow smoothing back his hair off his forehead. Unable to takes her eyes off his flawless face she mutters to herself, “So handsome…unattainable happiness…”

     She puts her head on his broad chest listening to his heartbeat. When Dr. Woo arrives he will erase his memory of her forever. Tears soak into Rui’s gray sweater as LiMei’s body trembles holding him as she falls asleep.

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