Forget Me Part 1

Rui pulls down LiMei’s hospital gown after he injects the antidote smoothing it over her thighs. He wants to hold her in his arms until she wakes up to enjoy the feeling of her soft body next to his, before he can lay down there is a knock at the door in a harsh tone Rui exclaims, “ I said I don’t want the patient disturbed.”

    Qiao Delun detects the weariness in his brother’s voice he must be very concerned about Feng LiMei, “Hey bro it’s me Delun with her clothes.”

    Rui stands up to unlock the door, “Delun thanks for coming.”

    Delun takes a good look at Rui he is shocked by his appearance, he has dark circles under his eyes and his face has no color. “Is she going to be alright?” He glances over at LiMei on the bed.

    “Yes I just finished giving her an injection of the antidote.”

    Delun sets the clothes down on the chair, “How did this happen?”

    LiMei can hear them talking, the injection was an antidote? She can feel changes going on in her body but is still unable to move or open her eyes.

    “Apparently a dog mauled her and had the poison on his paws. It is a long story I will tell you later. You are staying through the week in Pushong right?”

    “Yeah I don’t need to be back in Paris for another ten days but I was going back to the resort to work on Monday.”

   Rui runs his fingers through his messy hair sighing, “Delun I don’t know how I am going to handle what I need to do.”

   Delun has never seen his brother questioning his own ability it must be serious. “What the fuck is going on with you Rui, is it LiMei’s recovery? Will she be alright.” He really likes this girl his expression is full of concern, she is fun and makes his brother happy.

   “She should recover completely but I was forced into a situation because the antidote was stolen on the way to the hospital.”

   LiMei can hear every word they are saying, what situation? Her mind is whirring trying to will her body to sit up but it is as though bricks are weighing her down. She wants to rush over and hug Rui his voice is full of despair.

    “I don’t get it then what are you so worried about becoming CEO? I’m backing you with my vote and I know besides father’s and Uncle’s faction the other board members are impressed with your abilities.”

    “Sit down LiMei won’t awaken for another twenty minutes, I will fill you in on the details. I will need you to help me explain to LiMei I did this for us..for our future. {He can’t tell him the marriage is fake if for any reason the information got out it could prove dangerous for LiMei.}

     Delun grabs a bottle of water then sits on the couch stretching out his long legs. Rui tucks the quilt around LiMei then walks over sitting next to his brother. “Xixin had the antidote prepared and was on his way here…” Rui rubs his eyes he has been up so long his eyes are irritated and breaking down earlier didn’t help.

    LiMei strains to hear them, dammit why didn’t they stay standing  by her bedside!

   “What happened!” Delun gulps down some water, Rui’s attitude worries him, his elder brother is never ruffled no matter what the situation.

    “A man with a connection to Wang Electronics intercepted it in the elevator before Xixin could deliver it.’

   “How’s old Woo? Is he injured?” Delun knows the doctor he has helped Rui overcome the rage within himself from five years ago.

    “He was sedated he is fine now resting on the third floor if you want to visit him when you leave.”

    “So finish the story Rui what the hell happened after that?”

    “The man called me threatening me he would destroy the antidote..” Delun interrupts him.”Bastard!” He crumples the plastic bottle in his hands, “Couldn’t you have the lab make another one?”

    “Not that simple, time was running out for LiMei and the process to make the antidote was time consuming I had no choice but to meet his demands to save LiMei.”

    “Fucker! What did he want?”

    “I thought at first is was only money which would be no problem but he had another term that I needed to accept before he would give me the antidote. I paid twenty million dollars and I need to marry Wang Rebecca in the morning.”

    Rui puts his head in his hands, Delun is shocked how despicable using someone’s life to negotiate a marriage. “You are really going to marry her?”

    “Yes to save LiMei I would sacrifice anything.” He looks ar his watch, “Delun she should be waking up soon I want to spend some time with her to try to explain.”

    “Sure bro, I will support you in whatever way I can. “

    “Be at the Civil Affairs Bureau at ten o’clock tomorrow.”

    “I will be there.” He pats Rui on the back and leaves the room.

    LiMei’s mind can’t handle what she is hearing, Rui paid twenty million dollars, so much money and he needs to marry Wang Rebecca tomorrow…tomorrow!

      Tears silently roll out of her eyes, it really is over my dream of being with Rui. I wished the dream could last awhile longer even though I know we aren’t in the same world I wanted to have a little more time with him. I had regained hope when he was adamant about explaining.

      I thought maybe I really did misunderstand the situation. Rich families are extremely complicated arranged marriages aren’t always the desires of the participants.

     When he held me earlier I could feel how much he cares about me. Rui must care about me to save me. I can’t keep pulling him away from the life he should lead, being CEO of his family’s corporation marrying a beautiful woman who matches his elite position in society.

     Our meeting was ill fated from the start I am nothing but a burden to him. I have made up my mind when I wake up I will erase his memory of me. I know he carries acupuncture needles in his bag I will take one out and when he isn’t expecting it I will insert it quickly into his Zedhu point then erase his memory of me.

    I will merely be a patient he saved that will eliminate him having me as a complication in his life. That is all I have become… a complication… I need to stop thinking about myself..stop being selfish and think of him. Tears are streaming down her face she is unable to stop the flow although her body is still unable to move.

    Rui sits on the couch drinking some water wondering how he can explain the situation to LiMei. What girl would understand if a man says he loves her then marries another woman.

     Taking out his phone he looks at the picture of them at the resort, he was incredibly happy that day holding her in his arms in the garden. He never felt anyone could open up his cold heart again after he lost everything five years ago, her free spirit and sweet personality is what he loves about her most.

    Moving over to the bed he sits on the edge staring at her face glistening with teardrops , he gently licks her cheeks swallowing her tears, she must be having another nightmare. He then tenderly kisses her cheek while thinking how perfect she is for him. 

     He has formed a plan, LiMei I will protect you with all my heart so you can remain carefree, then when I  establish my power in Pushong City I will marry you. It won’t be long only three months to secure our future.

     LiMei’s skin begins to tingle all over when he licks her cheeks the antidote must be working she can feel again, she wiggles her toes. Still unable to open her eyes she feels Rui lay down next to her his strong arm on her waist pulling her close to his broad chest.

    His sweater is soft against her cheek, this will be the last time she experiences this sensation she imprints it onto her mind. The manly scent from his body makes her feel a warmth growing inside her, should she give into her desire for him? Once she erases his memory he will have no recollection but she can hold it in her heart forever.

     Rui can feel her movement in his arms, she is beginning to awaken, he holds her tighter to him, whispering, “LiMei..” he brushes her hair off her face exposing her cheeks that are no longer red from the fever they have a pink tint.

     When his hot breath blows on her ear LiMei begins to open her eyes her long black eyelashes fluttering. She instinctively reaches her two slender arms and encircles Rui’s neck. “ Rui..” her voice is sweet and low stirring the fire inside him, he breathes in her unique fragrance wanting to kiss her pink lips so close to his own right now.

    But it wouldn’t be fair to her to continue, reluctantly he attempts to push her back but she won’t loosen her grip on his neck, “LiMei..we..”

    LiMei cuts off his words when she presses her soft lips onto his clumsily intensifying her kiss he can’t resist and takes over prying her mouth open his hot tongue entangles with hers unable to control himself. Tasting her sweetness that drives him insane with desire.

    They lay on the bed kissing each with their own thoughts, he is sucking and biting her lips it has been too long since he held her like this savoring her soft lips. He can’t get enough as his tongue enters her mouth again his heart beating wildly. LiMei is breathless from his intense kissing she grips him tighter around his neck. 

    LiMei  moans arching her body from the pleasure of being with him again after the kiss she whispers. “ I want you Rui.” Hearing her words his mind is consumed with lust and desire, his eager lips move down her long slender neck licking and sucking the sweetness he didn’t think he would taste again.

    His body is reacting while  LiMei reaches trying to pull his sweater up off of him but her hands have no strength. Rui looks at her frail snow white arms struggling to take off his sweater and it brings him back to reality. She has been in a coma and her body is still fragile as though her body would break under the slightest pressure.

    He has a pampering smile, “LiMei you don’t need to do this you are still too weak. We should stop .” His voice reveals his inner struggle as he sits up.

    LiMei’s beautiful green eyes widen she has made up her mind she wants to give herself to him. “No Rui I don’t want to stop..” her voice has a pleading tone that tugs at his heart.

    Her lips are red and swollen from his kisses looking very seductive. Rui gazes at her neck that is already spotted with red marks, her hospital gown is loosened and falling down exposing the top of her beautiful snow white breasts enticing him to devour her. How can he take her right now then abandon her tomorrow she would never forgive him… he would never forgive himself. “LiMei I need to talk to you.”

    LIMei sits up leaning into his body her flawless face is next to his as she stares deeply into his unfathomable dark eyes,with a mesmerizing seductive voice, “Not now Rui..”

     Her hot breath on his face clouds his judgment. he wavers as her tiny hands clutch onto his sweater, her movement has entirely revealed her right breast. His dark eyes haze over with lust at the sight he presses down on top of her his heart beating rapidly as she smiles at him alluringly her  green eyes sparkling in anticipation.

    His hand reaches under her hospital gown moving up her soft thigh igniting both their passion, moaning softly LiMei whispers, “I love you Rui..only you..” knowing later he will have no memory of her saying these words to him she will become just another patient to him.

    When he hears her sweet voice saying the words he has been longing to hear from her lips as he nibbles on her ear his voice is low and hoarse, “LiMei I have never loved anyone before you came into my life. I want you to spend a lifetime with me.” He hugs her tightly into his embrace his eyes full of unadulterated love. ” I love you.”

    LiMei’s eyes get misty knowing him has been the most beautiful dream she has ever had. 

     He hears himself saying these words but he knows her feelings will change after he deceives her by marrying Wang Rebecca but he desperately wants LiMei to know how much she means to him right now.

    His reason leaves him as her warm body is pressed under him. he takes off his sweater over his head tossing it onto the floor revealing his tight abdominal muscles, LiMei runs her fingers along his chest his body is perfect, lean yet muscular.

    She adoringly touches his face running her slender fingers across his eyebrows and down his cheek, he is the most handsome man she has ever seen. Rui’s ink black hair is messy falling onto his forehead as he leans over her, she smiles up at him then once again she takes the initiative to kiss him. LiMei’s teasing with her little tongue makes him want to eat her, he must possess her,  he can’t wait his body is on fire. His hardness is about to explode anticipating entering her making her completely his alone.

      Both of them are breathing heavily as Rui unties the back of her hospital gown then pulls it off her revealing her slender bodypressed down  under him.

    LiMei suddenly realizes he will see her tattoo she nervously puts her hand over the dark design, well he won’t remember it later but it isn’t very pretty she is ashamed of it and what it represents.

    She looks up at Rui’s flushed face  and his eyes they appear  glazed as he adoringly caresses her without restraint,  enjoying  every inch of her beautiful creamy white body pressed under him. 

     Shivers are running through LiMei as Rui  sucks on her snow white breast leaving his marks  while his fingers are busy down below readying her for what will come next.

    Her body is becoming very hot and wet from his fingers’ skillful movement inside her. Writhing on the bed she feels a wave of exhilirating pleasure, he smiles seeing the sensual expression on her innocent face as she whimpers calling his name, “Rui..ahhh..  ahhh..” knowing he is the only man she has ever been intimate with makes him long to keep her by his side. Thinking about how pure and innocent LiMei is excites him even more wanting her  to experience all the pleasure he can give her body as she lays underneath him. 

     He can’t stop now… he must possess every inch of her…her mind..her heart. 

     When she moaned as she said his name it was an incredible rush. He wants to hear her scream his name…

   LiMei unbuckles his belt resting her hand there a little afraid to continue but determined to feel what complete love is like before Rui disappears from her life.

     She has never experienced such unbelievable euphoria her body is engulfed in fire as he fondles her and moves his long fingers inside of her. 

     Suddenly without warning she lets out an audible gasp her eyes roll back into her head then faints under him. Rui can feel her lose consciousness and panics. “LiMei..LiMei..” he lifts her up her breathing is shallow and her skin is turning cold. What the hell!

    Her body begins to shake he has no idea what is going on with her, he quickly checks her breathing again still not normal but she is breathing none the less. Rushing his hands are trembling as he puts her hospital gown back on her naked body, as he pulls his sweater on he calls down to Dr. Woo’s room hoping he is awake, “Xixin it’s Rui.. LiMei.. she fainted her body is cold and shaking. Is this a side effect from the antidote?”

    “Rui calm down I will be right up.” He has no idea what might have caused this reaction. He quickly puts on his shoes and runs to the elevator, the nurses watch him run by. “Isn’t that the patient in room 322? Where is he going?” Dr. Woo pushes the elevator button when the door opens he presses the eighth floor.

    Rui checks her heart rate it has slowed down to 80/40 it is getting dangerously low, her oxygen level is also dropping. He puts an oxygen mask on her then is checking her pulse when Dr. Woo enters the room, “Xixin what is going on with her?”

   “Where are your acupuncture needles?”

    Rui reaches in his bag and hands them to Dr. Woo. He inserts three silver needles by her collarbone and one in her neck. He can’t help but notice the red marks Rui left he glares at Rui, “I can only assume the venom in the antidote slowed down her blood flowing through her meridians much like it does when the viper paralyzes its prey.

    We didn’t take into consideration the fact that this should be a normal result of using the venom, I don’t think it is life threatening. I have stimulated the blood flow using the needles, I would suggest giving her Midodrine it will as you know restrict the ability of the blood vessels to expand increasing blood pressure.”

    Rui calls the nurse’s station requesting it be sent to LiMei’s room. His hands are shaking angry at himself he should have given into his desires right after she awakened, what the hell was he thinking!

    The pressure of knowing he needed to marry Wang Rebecca in the morning and wouldn’t be able to be this close to LiMei for three months made him crazy. His family would try to use her to control him and he can’t subject her their treacherous schemes during that time.

    The nurse enters the room with the medication, Rui enters the bathroom and washes his hands then puts on gloves. He finds a suitable vein and injects the medication into LiMei’s arm. He stares at her feeling guilty then turns to Dr. Woo, “Do you think she will have any further side effects?”

    “Most likely not.”

   “I think her body was overly stimulated causing this reaction if she had stayed resting it wouldn’t have moved through her system at the rapid pace it did. She needs to rest for a day then she should be perfectly normal.”

    Rui clenches his fist punching the wall.. he is a doctor how could he jeopardize LiMei’s health because of his lustful behavior. He knows that is what Dr. Woo is saying to him, didn’t he warn him to be professional while treating LiMei.

   “Dammit Rui get a hold of your emotions! Deal with what you need to do now!”


   “Rui what did I teach you if you can’t control your emotions nothing good comes of it. Focus on what you need to do now for Miss Feng. “

    There is movement on the bed, they both look over at LiMei, the medication is working she flutters her eyelashes as she wakes up pulling on the oxygen mask. Rui puts his hand on top of hers, gently placing it over her nose again he says, “Don’t pull it off you need this through the night.”

    “What happened?” her voice is weak as her tiny hand grasps his staring up with a perplexed look on her face. Her vision is blurry but she recognizes Dr. Woo from when she visited the clinic with Rui .“Dr. Woo? Why are you here?”

    “Feng LiMei rest don’t strain yourself asking questions. I have been consulting with Rui on your case.”

    Seeing him she wonders how she will be able to keep Rui from finding about their relationship even if she erases his memory. She needs to speak to Dr. Woo privately. This actually is a good thing him being here right now.

    Startling both of them she says in a weak voice, “Rui could I talk to Dr. Woo privately?”

    “…” Both Rui and Dr. Woo are surprised what does she need to say to him.

    Dr. Woo stares at the delicate beauty lying on the bed, he had forgotten how her unusual sparkling green eyes with the golden specks remind him of someone he knew long ago.

     He still hasn’t had a chance to ask her about her family now of course isn’t the time. “Rui, wait outside”, his voice is firm, Rui wants to say something but because he feels guilty about the present situation he walks to the door reluctantly to wait outside wondering why Limei wants to speak to Xixin in private.

    LiMei felt the first time she met Dr. Woo that he cares quite a bit about Rui and they have a close relationship. He will understand this is for his best interests.

    She coughs and Dr. Woo gets her some water raising the bed up so she is in a sitting position, he is curious, “What is it you want to speak to me about Miss Feng?”

    LiMei’s face has a serious expression,  tears are begiinning to form clouding her eyes with a thin layer of mist. “I need your help Dr. Woo, it concerns Rui.”

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