Escaping Part 2

Leng Shuai watches LiMei disappear down the hallway wanting to chase after her but he hears the sound of footsteps down the hall. How did she hear them before he did with his training he should have been alerted to their approach before she was able to detect them.

    Thinking she has a point as to whether it is his men or Kuang Bo’s he slips around a corner to see. It is Kuang Bo followed by several men dressed in black suits.

    He recognizes Kuang Bo because before he left Intelligence he met with him to negotiate the return of a hostage the Black Sky Organization was holding in Puyang. {Little does Leng Shuai know he was wearing the mask he wears when he needs to show the face of the Organization. Only Kuang Fu, Feng LiMei and Uncle Xinghi know his true face.}

     After they walk into room 3049 Leng Shuai tries several door handles until one room opens. Unfortunately it is the room occupied by Xiaobo, Chen Huan, Chen Jianyu and Kang Jin they all look at him as he stands in the doorway.

     Kang Jin is the first to say something, he glances around for Feng LiMei did he send her home? “Shuai, where is Feng LiMei?” he doesn’t think she should be by herself roaming around the Club with the outfit she is wearing.

   Chen Huan lifts his eyebrows he is curious, “ Jin, Leng Shuai was the person you were meeting with earlier?”

    Kang Jin doesn’t lie to him even though he would like the collaboration kept secret. “Yes, we are friends I was at his home this past weekend on Shingu Island. We met for drinks after my fan session.”

    Chen Jianyu is more concerned with why Feng LiMei was with him, “CEO Leng… Miss Feng where is she?”

     Leng Shuai wants to stay in the room until he is assured Kuang Bo has left without his men with him he would be at a distinct disadvantage his gun is still in the room.

      “Gentlemen sorry for barging into your private room as I was coming back from the restroom I was a little disoriented. Miss Feng? I sent her home after our dinner.” He unabashedly sits down next to Kang Jin. “Jin can I give you a ride back to the hotel? My driver should be here in a half hour.”

    “…” Chen Huan hasn’t had a chance to discuss the marketing for the new drama with him . “I will send Kang Jin back we still have matters to discuss.

     CEO Leng if you like why don’t you stay and have a drink with us? I’m interested in your new riverfront development project.” He mainly doesn’t want Kang Jin to leave until he is satisfied Kang Jin will participate in the marketing campaign.

    “I will stay for a drink but I don’t want to discuss my latest venture until I have finalized certain aspects of the project. You can understand can’t you CEO Chen?” He turns to smile at Chen Jianyu thinking wait until you find out Clear Sky Architectural Firm is mine.

     Chen Jianyu has been drinking and he hates Leng Shuai for disrupting his land deal even though it was finalized in the end. Also for taking Feng LiMei away and the little plain girl getting poisoned.  “CEO Leng what is your purpose behind the banquet on Friday? I heard you have invited all the elite families in Pushong City.”

    “No reason I thought since my company is relocating several divisions to Pushong it would be a good way to introduce the Leng Corporation. Also my brother is an eligible bachelor and I heard many of the women in Pushong are quite beautiful. He will be representing the company at the party.”

    The men all look at each other, his playboy brother is looking for a wife? Isn’t Leng Shuai the eldest son of the Leng Family? Chen Jianyu wrongly comes to the conclusion the rumors are true about Leng Shuai being gay, that could be why he was dating Feng LiMei to dispel the rumors.

    Leng Shuai’s phone rings, he gets up from the couch and walks over to the window, talking to Shen Boyin,“Yes, allright I will meet you there.”

    “I will see you gentlemen at the banquet on Friday my driver has arrived.”

    He leaves the room and walks down to room 3049 as he does he calls Feng LiMei to make sure she is safe. The call goes straight to voicemail where could she be?

     Although he is experiencing some pain from the injury she inflicted he understands LiMei wanting to escape from the dangerous situation. After he deals with this he will go by her apartment to check on her.

    When he enters the room Scorpion is gone the other two men are dead apparently Kuang Bo wants him to be implicated in their deaths so he can assume the police will be arriving shortly.

     The room was reserved by him and the woman who brought the food saw him inside the room. He tells his men to dispose of the bodies and clean the room, motioning for Jason to sit on the couch.

    “I’m fairly sure it wasn’t Kuang Bo it isn’t his style I was drugged with an aphrodisiac.” I need you to investigate I’m not sure who would benefit the only two people in the room before Feng LiMei arrived were myself and Kang Jin. It must be someone who is stupid and believes the rumors I’m gay.”

    Jason immediately asks him if he needs to go to a hospital. Leng Shuai explains Feng LiMei drank the wine he did not.

    “Where is Miss Feng now?”

    “I assume she went home oddly she said she has an antidote in her apartment.”

    “…” Jason is surprised,that isn’t something a young girl usually has in their possession. Feng LiMei seems to be full of surprises. “So what do you want to do with the merchandise?”

    “We will proceed as planned I had hoped to ensnare Kuang Bo with it if we can capture him we can begin to dismantle the Black Sky Organization and find what I am looking for after I interrogate him.

    My informant tells me Kuang Bo wants to destroy his brother then legitimize the businesses he has under his control. It was him behind the Russian Syndicate who wanted to buy the land for a resort on Shingu Island.

    I know the last assassination job done by Kuang Bo was six months ago since then he has concentrated on using his hacking skills to drain the accounts of several high ranking men in different Syndicates.

   They of course are unable to report it to the police and can’t find out who is behind it. So I can assume he has acquired a few billion dollars to use to transform himself into a legitimate businessman.”

     Leng Shuai actually has a bit of admiration for Kuang Bo he has utilized the resources provided by his brother to stockpile billions of dollars and now will exact the ultimate revenge for his brother’s cruelty he has suffered through the years.

    The main reason he wants to capture him is to find out where Kuang Fu has hidden the jade amulet of his maternal grandfather’s that was stolen when Dong Zhihan  was assassinated five years ago.

    If Leng Shuai possesses it he will have full control over the Leng Corporation,  Dong Enterprises and half the Underworld. Obviously Kuang Fu has no idea of the significance of the black jade amulet but took it as a precious piece of jade.

     Leng Shuai has been watching all the underground auctions for the past five years and it hasn’t surfaced. “Jason were you able to place the GPS device on the man who you allowed to overpower you?”


    “ Very good. “

    “What should we do next?”

    “There is no rush right now from the psychological profile I have on Kuang Bo since he took the bait he will be infuriated that his plan was disrupted by me. 

     I have made sure by inviting all the elite families in Pushong that he will definitely show up at the banquet to seek his revenge on both me and a couple of the other families.

     My intel on him confirmed he was able to obtain shares in Zangwa Group and Zangwa Yan won’t return to the country in fear of him. His next target is the  Zhao’s, my information can be considered fairly accurate because he funneled the information to me himself haha..he is a strange man. ”

   “Isn’t that risky?”

     “Not really each of the families will bring their own bodyguards and be wary of any suspicious activity. So if he wants to kill me he will need to find a way to penetrate through all the families defenses.”

    “Why does he want to kill you?”

    “He was humiliated by losing the Shingu Island bid under his identity as Jing Bo. His ego took a big blow that day, he was smug assuming he had it in his pocket because he had seduced Gao KiKi in London.

     Their offer was as good as Chen Jianyu’s and he had the added edge he assumed because she likes him and wants to get close to him.

     When he saw me walk up to her he was reminded of the grudge I hold against him for losing the mall bid in Shenshuan because of him so he knew I was there to sabotage his plans but it was too late to counterattack.

    That day when I approached Gao KiKi in the conference room I winked at him as I passed him. He looked at Gao KiKi and could see the disappointment on her face that her plan wouldn’t work to give him the land. He knew I had a trick to play to enable Hushang Group to acquire the land.”

     “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Jason is worried that Leng Shuai might be setting himself up to be killed now that Kuang Bo has a vendetta against him it will become harder to protect him.

    “I’m telling you now. Let’s go I’m sure he is fuming and going to formulate a plan to retaliate against me. Proceed with the sale of the merchandise to the Koreans.”

     Leng Shuai stands up suddenly remembering Feng LiMei saying “go save your honey Jason”. Does she actually think he is gay from listening to the rumors about him? 

     Thinking about Feng LiMei he has a devilish grin on his handsome face, he is going to have to straighten the little girl out about his sexual preference. He decides to drive over to her apartment to see how she is feeling.

    LiMei has no strength from the effects of the aphrodisiac after pounding on Rui for a few moments she gives up. He walks quickly down to where his driver is waiting for him in a black Bentley.

     He carefully holds her head down and places her on the back seat, he will take her to his house and figure out what to do from there. 

     She is feverish he could feel the heat as her cheek rested on his shoulder. Obviously she is running from someone it might not be safe for her to return to her home.

    After he gets her into the car he sits in the back next to her,  instructing  the driver, “Take me to my house.” He feels her forehead she is burning up, when he touches her LiMei ‘s skin quivers from his touch.

    She wants him right now, she needs to have him. Damn the consequences he doesn’t remember her it could be a quick one night stand and she could disappear again.

     LiMei picks up his hand placing it on  her soft cheek, “So cool,” Rui looks down at her leaning  over towards him she doesn’t look right could she be drugged? 

     Her beautiful green eyes are dazed as she puts her hands on his cheeks, “I need your coolness please help me.”

    He pushes her back, “What happened were you drugged?” She bites her pink lips seductively as she nods. She appears to be very young what was she doing in a dangerous place like the Black Lotus Club.

    Rui takes a bottle of water handing it to her, “Drink this.”

    LiMei obediently takes a few sips the water glistening on her lips he can’t look at her she is alluring, the white dress is sliding up her creamy white thighs. 

     He can’t stop staring at her delicate face it is flushed and she is fluttering her long black eyelashes. Why is he so damn attracted to her? The light floral fragrance exuding from her body is intoxicating.

    LiMei digs her fingernails into her palms trying to stop the desire for him rising up inside her body. Blood is starting to drip from how fierce she is digging them into her skin. 

     Why did she run into Qiao Rui of all people!  Her voice is weak as she struggles to fight the drug’s effects,“Please take me to my apartment. I will give you the address.”

    He can see she is trying to resist the effects of the drug her hands are bleeding. He takes them in his hands wiping the blood on his handkerchief. The feel of her tiny white hands in his as she looks up at him with misty eyes he can feel his own body reacting.

    Maybe he should take her to her apartment and leave, no she needs medicine and someone might hurt her. The thought of her being assaulted brings a sharp pain to his heart. 

     He shakes his head why is he feeling uncontrollable desire for this little girl as he touches her hands. Should he take her to the hospital… but what if they find her there. It would make sense for her to seek help so they would definitely check the hospitals. He is usually very logical and unsympathetic why is he so willing to be drawn nto her drama. 

    Rui needs some questions answered, “Who is following you? Are you in some kind of trouble? I have medicine at my house to counteract the drug.”

   “No, I need to get away from you.”

   “Me? I won’t harm you.”

    “No I will hurt you.” LiMei starts crying, tears are streaming down her cheeks. He can’t stand watching her cry he takes his fingers wiping the tears from her face, she is shivering in pain of holding back and resisting the drug. Sweat beads are forming on her forehead making her look even more pitiful.

    “You won’t hurt me, calm down let me help you, once you take the medicine you will feel much better.” He can’t resist he pulls her into his arms hugging her to him. Brushing her hair back he tries to reassure her, “Endure for a little longer it won’t be long until we reach my house.”


      For some reason it feels natural to have her petite body in his arms. LiMei holds on tightly to him stifling her urge to kiss him and whisper, Rui, it’s me LiMei remember? 

     She snuggles into his warm chest but then desire overwhelms her, she begins  touching him trying to unbutton his buttons. He smiles down at her taking her hands in his, “Try to hold on it will not be much longer.”

    “ Please help me..I can’t wait.  I really need you I feel like I will die if you don’t help me.” Her voice is hoarse and has a sensual vibe. She suddenly kisses him wrapping her arms around his neck her soft lips pressing onto his with a certain fierceness. Clumsily she tries to open his mouth and put her small tongue inside. 

     Her action excites him he wants to kiss her deeply and taste more of her sweetness. He can’t help losing control his heart is pounding as she softly moans pressing herself onto his body. He tightens his arm around her tiny waist, with her soft  body pressed into his he is getting hard unable to control his instinctive reaction.

     This little girl is truly an unusual beauty appearing both innocent and seductive at the same time. He has never met anyone who made him lose control like this before Rui kisses her back savoring the moment as their tongues entangle. Unable to stop the desire rising inside him he puts his hand on her thigh, her skin is on fire and its softness entices him more. She puts her hand on top of his moving his hand upward as her body craves his touch in her most intimate spot.

    Their breathing is getting heavy and Rui begins to kiss her neck, why does it taste so addicting he wants to lick and bite it. LiMei is softly whimpering her resistance is gone all that is left is crazy hot desire for his hands to be all over her body.

    When Kuang Bo and Scorpion exited the Club Scorpion saw LiMei being put into the black Bentley. He turns to Kuang Bo, “Boss that is the little bitch that caused the problems in the room with Leng Shuai!” He doesn’t want to say she played him then knocked him out, he told Kuang Bo Leng Shuai overpowered him when she distracted them.

    “Is that Leng Shuai with her?” Kuang Bo wasn’t looking that direction until Scorpion said that to him.

    “Who else would it be!” Scorpion didn’t see but he wants to take revenge on Feng LiMei.

    Three SUV’s pull up, “Boss let’s follow them maybe we can still retrieve the merchandise before the Koreans take possession!”

    After Kuang Bo and Scorpion enter the first SUV Kuang Bo gives the order,“Follow them.” The driver pulls out quickly keeping the Bentley in sight but not too close, he will stop them before they get on the highway.

    LiMei and Rui are both getting carried away by passion when suddenly a black SUV attempts to swerve into them another one comes up from behind.

     Rui’s driver uses an evasive maneuver and the car turns abruptly into another lane disrupting the scene in the backseat. Rui quickly realizes it is whoever she was running away from back at the club.

    He instructs the driver to take the highway and lose them whatever it takes. The driver immediately speeds up weaving through the traffic running red lights until they reach the highway.

     Rui carefully puts LiMei gently on the floor of the backseat, trying not to frighten her, “Stay down here whatever happens don’t get up!” He is worried in case they decide to shoot at the car.

    LiMei’s body was close to getting the relief she needs now she is lying on the floor covered by Rui’s jacket. She begins to shake her body feels as though it is going to explode from not being able to have a release.

     She grits her teeth thinking she should be more concerned that most likely it is Kuang Bo chasing them but that seems secondary to her concern about the reaction to the aphrodisiac.

     Rui’s driver is very good Rui hired him after his stepbrother made an attempt on his life shortly after he returned to Pushong City. The SUV’s are having trouble keeping up with the Bentley. Scorpion is in the front seat he slams his hand on the dashboard, “Fucking idiot are you going to let them get away?”

     He sees the Bentley easily moving at a high speed swerving in and out of traffic. “Listen Scorpion there is no way a heavy SUV can match a Limited Edition Bentley it can reach a speed of 150mph easily.”

    Scorpion turns around to Kuang Bo, “ Dammit! Boss can I shoot out the tire.”

    Kuang Bo scratches his head, “Scorpion now I’m wondering if the real fucking idiot is you, Leng Shuai could die if you shoot their tires and the car spins out of control. Moron then we would never get the merchandise or my revenge on him. If he gets away there is always Friday, we can delay the Koreans before they arrive.

    Exit at the next one then turn around I want to go back to the hotel.”

     After it appears the people have given up on following them Rui tenderly lifts LiMei up off the floor placing her a distance away from him.

    He has had a chance to regain his self control, “Miss now I know the best place to go is my house you can stay there until you recover. I am a doctor you can trust me to help you.” 

     Rui realizes he hasn’t even asked the girl her name or introduced himself. He can find out more about her situation after he gives her an antidote for the aphrodisiac.

    “What is your name?”

    LiMei looks up at him with an unfathomable glimmer in her green eyes softly replying, “Feng LiMei.”

    “…” Feng LiMei? Xixin Woo’s cousin’s daughter that was poisoned? What the fuck!

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