Escaping Part 1

LiMei calculates if she strikes at Scorpion first the other two men will need a moment to register what just happened, neither one looks very sharp. 

     All she needs is one second to fling her needles towards them to immobilize them she can’t waste any time if Kuang Bo comes to meet with Leng Shuai it is all over for her.

    Unfortunately, the tall muscular man with the gun is still aiming it at Leng Shuai’s head if the gun goes off he will die, it will be more of a problem if the arrogant bastard dies.

     Kang Jin knows she is in the room how would she explain  she survived while Leng Shuai was murdered. Also she needs to get her white jade necklace back from him so she can leave Pushong City.

    LiMei wrinkles up her nose as she considers the possibilities, well I will need to disarm the man with the gun first if we are to escape.

     The gangster holding the gun is slightly to her right she leans in to him pressing her body onto his seductively, “Mister I’m already paid for how much longer is this going to take. You are more my type than that guy anyway.” 

     Her voice is coquettish and pleading, feeling her soft body pressed onto his he momentarily loses his focus, does she want me to fuck her? Salivating at the thought of pressing her tender body under his he stares down lustfully at the delicate face looking up at him.

    Seeing the idiot distracted by the girl Scorpion growls,“Knock it off.” Scorpion pulls her arm to yank her away but as he does she uses her right palm to strike the man with the gun in the neck .

     His hand immediately goes numb loosening his grip involuntarily she quickly grabs the gun as he falls to the ground. Without a moment’s hesitation LiMei aims it at Scorpion waving at the other man to move over by Scorpion, “Hey Leng Shuai you bastard get over here too.”

    Walking towards LiMei he smiles,“You are joking right? Give me the gun.” He wants to laugh at her standing there holding the gun. She glares at him, “Do I look like I am joking. Get over there, you drugged me you asshole! I’m leaving here by myself. I don’t care what business you people have it is of no concern to me.”

    Her face doesn’t show any emotion she looks nothing like the Feng LiMei he knows. The aura surrounding her slender body has a strong killing intent as she stands there motioning to the three men without any fear.

    LiMei’s confident stance and the natural way she is holding the gun gives an indication she is unafraid and experienced.

     He thinks she looks both cute and a little sexy in that white dress her slender hand holding the gun. Those little pink lips of hers pursed in anger, he smiles watching her trying to be intimidating, his body is almost having a reaction to this sight.

  But, does she really think he drugged her? She rushed into the room and drank the wine that was meant for him.

 Wondering what she is up to he walks over with Scorpion and the other man to see what she will do next.

   “You two toss out your guns and cell phones unless you want to die.” She is waving the gun between them motioning for them to stand together, “Leng Shuai toss out the gun you have under your jacket.”

    “…” How did she know I had the concealed weapon I held her body away when she landed on me. Reluctantly he reaches in his inner jacket tossing out onto the floor.

    Scorpion isn’t going to let a little girl get the best of him as he throws down his gun and cell phone he sizes her up is she Leng Shuai’s bodyguard  disguised as an escort?

    His tone is low and threatening, “No one plans on hurting you little beauty why don’t you reconsider what you are doing. It could have consequences beyond what you can’t even imagine.”

    LiMei thinks to herself oh I can imagine! Believe me I know very well who I am dealing with I need to leave before he arrives! She is using her internal energy to suppress the aphrodisiac wanting to get home and take the antidote she has in the coffee can. As the drug takes effect her body feels as though it is on fire as she steadies her hand.

    Tensing up she can hardly control herself she is using all her internal energy to try to suppress the drug coursing through her veins.

      Shit! My body is on fire the wine was drugged with a very potent aphrodisiac I really   need to get home to take the antidote, this is a messed up situation!

   To think earlier I was having a pleasant meal with Delun and Chang before this stupid tryant Leng Shuai demanded I come here tonight. Now look at this mess, I am this close to having Kuang Bo discover me here.

    Her voice is cold has a hint of utter contempt, “Shut up I am going to leave then you jerks can finish measuring each other’s *****.” 

     She stretches out her slim leg kicking the guns over away from them as she slowly backs up towards the door.

   The other man can’t believe Scorpion is letting this little girl hold a gun on them, he pulls out a knife from his sleeve but before he can throw it LiMei shoots him in the arm. Stomping her high heel she is pissed,”You fucker! I just want to leave why are you causing a bigger problem?”

    When the bullet hit him she was still in close proximity so his blood splattered on her pristine white fox fur jacket, dammit!

    The man screams in pain as a stream of blood runs down his arm. Pointing the gun at his head she tells him, “If you move again I will kill you asshole! You ruined my dress with your dirty blood!”

    Not one of the three men doubt her when she says this her eyes have a murderous glint and her face has a determined look on it. 

     Additionally, because the aphrodisiac has caused her skin to become flushed red and her eyes have a glazed wild look combined with the crimson blood splattered white jacket and dress  she looks like a beautiful demon.

    Leng Shuai watches her with a touch of admiration she is looking to save herself and isn’t as fragile as she appears, she saw the knife that was well hidden then didn’t hesitate to shoot.

    He figures he can deal with these two when she leaves so he is going to let her finish her little play, shaking his head the little bunny actually shot the bastard without blinking an eye.

      Leng Shuai was in shock at her smooth movement he didn’t even see her take down the man holding the gun before and she shot that gangster without hesitation. Where did she learn these skills at such a young age? 

      He takes two strides over to her reaching for the gun it is time for him to take control of the situation. He needs to find out where they have Jason and Scorpion isn’t an easy man to deal with she could get killed.

  LiMei steps back,“What are you doing Leng Shuai? I said stand with them if you don’t want to die. You got me into this messed up situation I’m not going to trust you.” her voice is cold and her eyes narrow dangerously.

   LiMei backs up further towards the door, the man who got shot is writhing around on the floor in pain blood still pouring out from his wound. Now only Scorpion needs to be dealt with the other gangster is still unconscious on the floor.

     She has the silver needle in her right hand but she knows Scorpion is a smart man at this distance he will see the needle flying at him and dodge it. She touches her hair placing the needle so she can easily use it.

   Waving the gun she says, “You, come here.”

   Leng Shuai starts walking towards her did she change her mind? “Not you! The handsome guy with the silver jacket..come here.”

    She thinks that gangster is handsome what is she going to do with him? Now Leng Shuai is getting worried for her is she an idiot she should have just left.

    Scorpion casually walks towards her, this chick is stupid after all… he he he.. if she tries to take me with her she will pay the price. He chuckles to himself as he gets close to her it won’t take much to disarm her at this distance then I can deal with Leng Shuai.

    LiMei can tell by the smirk on his face he underestimates her ability, good. 

     When he tries to take the gun he will most likely use the technique Kuang Bo taught her when she first began her training at the Black Sky Organization since he was trained by Kuang Bo also.

    The plan is when Scorpion pushes her then quickly reaches to take the gun she will stab him in the neck. Just as she predicted Scorpion walks over nonchalantly sarcastically taunting  her, “ Little beauty,did you realize you need a hostage?”

   “Well it’s true I did just consider you might have men outside.” She deliberately makes her voice sound a little shaky as though she acted on impulse before now is a little frightened at the prospect of more men outside.

   “You are smart, I do.”{Actually I don’t but the boss should be coming soon I pity you when you meet him for disrupting his plans.}

    Scorpion sneers at her, “You don’t know the trouble you just got yourself into little Missy. Give me the gun, I will let you leave. The men outside might like to taste you before killing you. I won’t harm you I only want to finish my discussion with Leng Shuai.”

    Leng Shuai is observing her she had a mischievous look on her face which was almost indiscernible as if she was playing Kuang Bo’s man.Maybe she has the necessary skill but  If she needs him he will step in to help. Her clever expression makes him think she knows what she is doing.

    As LiMei pretends to look very worried after Scorpion’s threat and stumbles Scorpion reaches in smiling pressing her against the wall he wrestles the gun out of her tiny hand with ease.

    LiMei had put the safety on she didn’t want it accidentally discharging with the gun turned towards her. Looking pitifully up at him her eyes get misty she reaches up to put her arms around his neck, as he pushes her away he sneers , “ Your little tricks won’t work on me honey.”

    She swiftly stabs him in his Zehua point with the thin silver needle she was hiding in her hair. Scorpion’s brown eyes roll back in his head, LiMei pushes him backward and grabs the gun back from his hand.

    He falls to the ground with a thud, taking a quick glance at the three men on the floor to make sure they aren’t any further threat LiMei pushes Leng Shai towards the door

    “Come on Leng Shuai hurry you need to go save your little honey Jason! I need to get a taxi home I don’t feel well.”

    Little honey? Jason? What the fuck is that about. He takes out his phone, “As expected they came, find Jason then clean up the mess in room 3049 at the Black Lotus Club. Is the merchandise still in the secured location ? Very good.”

    LiMei is rushing out the door he stops her,“Stop! Feng LiMei I will take you to the hospital.”

    “No no need! I have to go home I have medicine.” Her head is beginning to spin she takes another silver needle out and inserts it into her accupoint to slow the progress of the aphrodisiac down. “Leng Shuai we need to hurry and take the stairs I hear men coming.”

    Leng Shuai listens he doesn’t hear anything, “Miss Feng you are getting delirious from the drug. I don’t hear anything.”

    Fucking idiot! “Seriously I’m not! We need to hurry! Who knows if they are your men or your enemies. I’m not taking the chance.” She can hear the sound of at least six men at the end of the hallway.

    “I’m going.” He tries to hold her back from leaving by pulling her into his hard chest she needs to go to the hospital. Not wanting to delay to be caught by Kuang Bo’s men she knees him between the legs he quickly lets go of her arms as he bends over in excruciating pain. “Feng LiMei!”

     Taking this opportunity to escape from his arms she runs to the stairs. Leaning down she quickly removes her heels holding them in one hand, then takes off the wig  shoving them both then into a waste can by the stairwell entrance.

     Frightened by the thought of being captured and forced back into the Black Sky Organization she opens the door running down taking the stairs two at a time… if she runs into Kuang Bo..ahhh..

    As she is flying down the stairs Qiao Rui is coming up the stairs and they collide. LiMei is startled when she hits his chest the familiar scent momentarily stuns her.

     He is holding both her arms which prevents her from falling down the stairs,gazing at her white fox fur jacket covered in blood he feels light headed as though he is going to pass out, strange memories from five years ago flood his mind then quickly disappear.

     Rui snaps out of it gazing into her beautiful green eyes that seem familiar, who is she? what happened to her?

     Before he can say anything she pushes him away without saying a word and continues rushing down the stairs leaving him standing there staring at her messy long black hair and her slender body running away from him. He felt a certain warmth as her soft body was pressed into his chest his heart started pounding wildly.

     He needs to know who this strange girl is and from the looks of it she is running away from someone. Why does he feel he knows this petite body’s scent as though it is ingrained into his mind.

     When LiMei gets to the door at the bottom of the stairs she is shaking and her heart is pounding from running into Rui. Taking a minute to compose herself she realizes most of the gangster’s blood is on the jacket she needs to discard it before walking out into the crowd she tosses it under the stairwel. Qiao Rui quickly followed her down the stairs then pulls her back before she opens the door to the outside. 

     Touching her soft warm skin he feels electrified, wearing that short sleeveless dress that exposes her creamy white skin she will be cold when she goes outside. For some reason he doesn’t know himself doesn’t want anyone else to see her innocent and pitiful appearance.

    LiMei looks up startled she assumed he would continue up the stairs, her mind is muddled and she is on fire looking at the man she loves with all her heart.

     She must get away from him! The drug is starting to flare up within her, before she can say a word he takes off his black jacket and wraps her in it.

    His voice is low and she can feel his hot breath on her face,“Come with me I will take you away from here.”

     He is confused why does he want to help this girl he is in a bad mood and usually would ignore her plight as being none of his business.

     LiMei pushes him away with her tiny hands staring into his face filled with confusion a mist forming over her green eyes, “I don’t know you. I don’t need your help. Go.”

     Impulsively he picks her up tossing her over his shoulder as she is kicking and pounding on him with her little fists, “Let me go!”

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