Creating Trouble

When Bai Chiyu returns to the hospital she can’t help but notice there are quite a few nurses and doctors gathering around gossiping. Some have their cell phones out and are whispering. She walks over to Dr. Chou, “What is going on?”

     He holds up his phone the number one trending topic is “One Less Golden Bachelor in Pushong City. There is a picture taken outside the Civil Affairs Bureau of Qiao Rui and Wang Rebecca. 

     She is in a stunning pale yellow designer dress facing the camera and you can see Qiao Rui leaning into her it appears as though they are kissing.  Another picture he is shown smiling next to her in a dark blue suit, while his brother Qiao Delun looks over at them holding a camera. 

     The two of them look incredibly happy together, Bai Chiyu’s manicured nails are digging into her palms as she gets out her own cell phone to see the stories that are trending on social media.

    Meanwhile at the Crescent Moon Hotel Leng Shuai has his phone in his hand laughing. “Good job Jason whoever you paid to photo shop these pictures is an expert! I never would guess it is a combination of different photographs.”

     “I also have some fabricated stories ready to flood social media with how much in love they are. The expert took various unrelated video clips and edited them together.”

    “Nice touch!” This should destroy whatever illusions Feng LiMei has about Qiao Rui. There is a knock at the door, “Get the door.”

     Jason answers the door it is Fan Nuan. “Shuai I haven’t eaten can we discuss the Shingu Resort over lunch?”

     He agrees then stands up still scrolling through the news about Qiao Rui and Wang Rebecca. He is in a very good mood he smiles, “I haven’t eaten also let’s go.”

    ” Jason while I am gone contact Kang Jin ask him if he is available to attend the party on Friday night.” The media swarm at any event he attends, he wants as much coverage as possible Friday. 

     His intention is to make the elite families understand he will dominate Pushong City when he moves some operations here. He is the type of man that must stand at the pinnacle no one else can be above.

    Leng Shuai is grinning as he walks to the elevator with Fan Nuan, “Shuai what are you looking at on your phone?” She seldom sees him laughing like he is right now, what could he be reading that is so entertaining?

    “Nothing, just some local news.” The elevator arrives at the first floor, “This hotel has several restaurants do you want to try their Western restaurant?”

    As they walk down towards the restaurant Wang Rebecca has a swarm of reporters surrounding her in the lobby she was going to get a room card for their suite but now that is out of the question.

     She keeps walking towards the Western restaurant trying to push through the crowd. She will call Song Hua to meet her for lunch and try to avoid all the gossip until she can think of a strategy.

     How did all these fake pictures of her and Qiao Rui hit social media so quickly. Who could be behind it? She is very worried obviously he wanted to keep their marriage out of public view.

     He will definitely blame her for this. The reporters are yelling out questions at her while photographers rapidly snap pictures.

   She maintains her composure smiling she decides to make a statement, “Please respect our privacy we will be making a statement together with our parents on Friday.”

    Questions are still being fired at her and they are closing in on her when Wang Kai pushes through encircling her in his muscular embrace, he is followed by several bodyguards in black suits, “Please step back from my sister, as she said the family will be making a statement on Friday.”

    He puts his arm around her as he rushes her away from the crowd of reporters. The bodyguards create a wall blocking the reporters from following. She looks up at Wang Kai, “How did you know I was here?”

    “I didn’t, I am meeting a client here and saw you when I entered. You shouldn’t have alerted the press about you getting married. This will be a circus and Qiao Rui definitely will get angry.” He was shocked when he saw her in the midst of the chaos trying to avoid their questions, usually she is smarter when dealing with matters. Why would she get caught in this situation?

    She pushes him away, “Why would I anger him before I secured the contract to supply the telecom equipment? I had a few photographers to take pictures but I confiscated them to release at a later date. The pictures online are photoshopped. I had absolutely nothing to do with this mess!”

He has a complicated look on his face, who is behind this? What would their purpose be? “You should go to the penthouse and wait for me.”

    “No.” After the way he treated her this morning she won’t go. She shakes her head adamently as she refuses angering Wang Kai.

     He is seething with anger, after they turn a corner by the elevator he grabs her roughly by the arm and his dark eyes turn sinister, “Little sister did you just say no?” The grip he has on her waist tightens no one is around he lifts her chin making her look up at him, veins are bulging on his neck. She bangs her head as he presses her up against the wall then kisses her fiercely. 

     She tries to push him away but she can’t, he abruptly lets her go her breathing is erratic. he knows she can’t resist him. Dazed because he let her go suddenly, in a timid voice whispers, “Gege, I will go.”

    “Leave through the garden so the reporters don’t follow you.” he points to the door a few feet away from them. He smooths out her hair gently kissing the top of her head.“That’s my good little sister.”

     He turns and leaves his bodyguards meet him by the elevator, “Boss while we were stopping the reporters from following I noticed someone was following you, I prevented him from moving forward under the pretext I thought he was one of the reporters.”

   “Good work.” So old man Zhou is having me followed huh? I think I will teach him a lesson. “You guys can wait out in the cars my business should be concluded in about an hour.” He pushes the button for the sixth floor.

    Seated at a table facing the garden  Leng Shuai and Fan Nuan are looking at the menu. “So what is your assessment of Chen Jianyu will we able to have a harmonious working atmosphere?” Leng Shuai glances up to see a woman in a pale yellow dress frantically rushing through the garden. 

     His eyes have a devilish gleam as he watches her skirt get caught on a thorny bush tearing it. Ha ha..Wang Rebecca’s appearance is totally disheveled, this should be fun.

     Fan Nuan sets her menu down, “He didn’t balk at any of our requirements. He mentioned the resort on Fiji saying his assistant was quite impressed when she stayed there. I think he is a reasonable man and realizes the benefits of building with the environment in mind.”

    The server approaches the table, “Have you decided what you would like to order?”

    He orders a few dishes for both of them then adds, “Anything else Nuan?”

    “I will have a glass of orange juice.”

   Leng Shuai visibly flinches as the pretty server reaches to take his menu leaning into him. She is deliberately pressing her chest close, he glares at her pushing her away with the menu disgusted.

   Fan Nuan lips have a faint smile watching  the scene he hates it when women touch him she decides to tease him, “Shuai the server seems to like you.”

    “Shut up. I’m going to the restroom I will be right back.” Useless women… he needs to wash his hands she touched him as she took the menu. His phone rings as he is leaving, “What.”

    Jason can sense he is irritated when he left the suite he was in a good mood. “CEO when I was returning to the hotel I witnessed a strange scene. Wang Rebecca was pulled around a corner by a strange man they were being intimate, they couldn’t see me. Afterwards she left through the door to the garden and he got into the elevator.”

   So that is why she was running through the bushes not even on the walkway.“That is interesting. Her secret lover?” He keeps walking towards the restroom, “Find out.”

    “Yes Boss.” Jason wonders why he is concerning himself with Qiao Rui and Wang Rebecca it must have something to do with that little girl Feng LiMei the CEO seems obsessed. When she was at his house he couldn’t take his eyes off of her and had an exceptionally pampering attitude, he doesn’t even treat his own younger sister with that much care. Not to mention he was touching her without any qualms, in all the years he has worked for the CEO he has never seen him interested in any woman and she is a young girl.

     When Leng Shuai returns to the table Fan Nuan is on her phone with her agent, “No that won’t work for me I will be in Pushong City through the week. We will talk more at dinner.” She hangs up as Leng Shuai arrives. “Shuai why is your brother coming to Pushong?”

    “He will be here for the banquet on Friday night I am going to have him represent the company.”

    “Why aren’t you?”

    “I have my reasons.”

    Fan Nuan knows not to press him, the server arrives with the food smiling at Leng Shuai, “If you need anything let me know. She stands back from the table she can feel his oppressive aura after she tried to get close to him when he ordered.

    “En.” he begins to eat then slams his chopsticks down, too much garlic on the chicken he recalls the chicken and noodles LiMei made him at his house that were delicious. He needs to see what that little girl is doing has she seen the news about her boyfriend getting married yet? He stands up abruptly, “I’m leaving contact me if anything important arises.” Gulping down some water as he throws down some money as he gets up to leave.

     Fan Nuan watches his back as he takes long strides towards the door, that overbearing man really has no consideration for other people.

    She continues eating her steak taking out her phone to text his brother Leng Xiaosi, -You are coming to Pushong thank god!-

    Leng Xiaosi lays on the workout bench looking at his phone grinning Shuai must be bothering Nuan,

    He wipes the sweat off his handsome face with a towel then types -End of week.-

    -Your brother is the biggest asshole I know!- Fan Nuan shoves a roll into her mouth as she sends message.

    -Yeah and..-

    -Did you know he wormed his way into the Shingu Resort project with the Hushang Group?-

    Leng Xiaosi starts laughing, – Inconvenient for you with your show coming up?-

     -Talk to him I need to go back to Hirachi Cvity to make sure the gallery showcases my art correctly.- She knows the only person he will listen to is his elder brother.

    Leng Xiaosi gets up and walks outside of the exclusive gym dialing her number when she answers he says,” Babe you know he does what he wants with Clear Sky. Do you know why he pressured Gao KiKi she called me yesterday bitching about him.”

     “I don’t have any idea he called me and told me to meet with Chen Jianyu in Pushong with the contracts. Then he arranged a banquet on Friday with short notice inviting all the prominent families here.” She takes a sip of water, “Why is he having you represent the Leng Corporation?”

    As he puts on his black designer sunglasses several women who are entering the gym can’t help staring and whispering, “Is he a model?” “Did you see those arms, OMG perfect definition.” They are drooling admiring his beauty, he is wearing tight  black and gray workout clothes that hug his muscular body. He is used to the attention and glances towards them with an enchanting smile as he opens the door for them.

    “Did you see what a gentleman he is, so handsome and considerate!” After they enter he moves over to the short brick wall and sits down “Nuan just like you are the face of Clear Sky I am the face of Leng Corporation Shuai doesn’t want to be bothered with the attention. You know if you married me..”

    “Shut up..I heard all those women in the background drooling over you. You think I want to marry someone who can’t walk down the street without women throwing themselves at him.

    Although you look exactly like Shuai you are complete opposites in personality he would ignore them but you love the attention. Anyway  back to what we were talking about, I’m meeting my agent for dinner and she said that I could have an exhibition in New York if all goes well with the show in Hirachi. I don’t want to be stuck here in this city, tell Shuai you need me back at the main headquarters.”

     “Sorry Nuan I just got an email from Shuai earlier he has big plans for a new office building he recently bought on the riverfront, he is moving some of Leng Corporation’s operations there next month.

     I’m not going to interfere since he got back from New York the Chairman’s health has improved knowing the company is controlled by him as the CEO. He stabilized the company and has brought in huge profits in several companies that were stagnant before his return.”

    “You are no help at all!” She finishes her orange juice getting ready to leave.

    “Why don’t you tell him grandfather wants to see you he can never turn down a request from an elder.”

    “No because then the subject of marriage will come up your grandfather believes Shuai and I are engaged.”

    “…” Shuai wouldn’t get engaged to Nuan. “Why haven’t I heard of this engagement?”

   “We aren’t actually engaged stupid! I made the mistake of telling my parents I like Shuai and they told your grandfather. It got out of hand and misunderstandings arose, they think it is mutual. Don’t you dare tell Shuai.”

    “I won’t but you need to accompany me as my date to the banquet.”

    “Are you trying to make that little actress jealous you are dating?”

    “She went abroad to film the sequel to Passion Island, I’m not seeing her anymore.”

    “Fine but you need to convince Shuai to let me go back to organize my show.”

    “No promises but I will talk to him, if you can wrap up the initial meetings with Chen Jianyu he might be satisfied.”

    “That is a good idea. CEO Chen’s assistant might be able to help me speed things along she appears to be very efficient.”

    Leng Xiaosi glances at his watch, “I have a date I need to go get back to me if you make progress with Hushang Group. Pick me up at the airport Thursday afternoon my flight arrives at three o’clock.”

    She tightens her hand on the phone,{ I’m not a damn chauffeur}, calmly she replies “See you then.”

    He hangs up picturing her clenching her teeth when he told her to pick him up. They have been friends since childhood it is too bad she likes his younger brother. 

     What is going on with Shuai he has never had dealings with the families in Pushong saying too many of them have ties to the Crimson Jade Syndicate and the Serpentine Syndicate.

This banquet should be fun if he knows his brother there is a scheme behind it.

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