Construction Site Part 2

It is three fifteen when Woo Xixin shows up at the hospital, LiMei is playing Demon’s Treasure on her phone while Rui continues to discuss the project with Gong Sinian.

      After Bai Chiyu brought her the chair she has been comfortably entertaining herself not noticing Rui looking at her every few minutes to make sure she is remaining seated.

     “Rui, LiMei sorry it took so long the man from Nepal insisted we have tea after our meeting I couldn’t refuse because our transaction went very smoothly.”

    Rui tells Gong Sinian the initial work all looks good to continue as planned then walks over to where Woo Xixin and LiMei are talking. 

    When he approaches they abruptly stop talking, did he interrupt something Feng LiMei has a strange expression on her face. “Xixin how did the meeting go?”

    “I was able to obtain the herbs we wanted with the exception of the Bluxue Tyian it won’t be harvested until November. I gave him an advance so he will sell it to us exclusively.

     “Excellent, shall we go to my office to discuss the purchase.”

    “No we can do that tomorrow. Thank you for keeping an eye on Little LiMei for me. We will go now.”

    Rui’s heart skips a beat he doesn’t want to separate from LiMei yet when will he be able to see her again. 

     He has questions he needs answered.”Well I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch you can treat me for my trouble.”

    “…” Trouble? I have been doing everything you told me to do!  Also, LiMei glances up at him, didn’t we just eat not that long  ago. How can you say that with a straight face? What are you doing?

       Woo Xixin has no idea she had a big lunch a short while ago, “LiMei are you hungry?”

    Rui answers for her, “ Yes, she was complaining how hungry she was not long ago. Why don’t we go eat Thai food by the clinic.” She literally can still barely move he ordered enough food for four people at lunch and she ate three plates!

    LiMei wonders what is going on with Rui, yes she was hungry earlier but she ate her fill at lunch! 

    Woo Xixin nods that is his favorite restaurant but he thought Rui wasn’t fond of the spicy food they serve. Does he somehow remember Feng LiMei enjoyed the spicy dishes, this might be good he can probe as to how much Rui can recall of Feng LiMei. 

     Also it is close to the clinic if he needs to examine Rui he can use the pretense of checking on a patient. Very good.

    Dr. Woo says, “Do you have anything left to do here this afternoon?”

    Rui replies, “No technically I am still on vacation but with the problems of obtaining materials for the new construction I had a meeting with Gong Sinian.”

    “I drove do you want to ride with me?” Woo Xixin asks LiMei thinking she can tell him of the events of the day on the way.

    “No we will meet you there”, he takes LiMei’s hand. LiMei quickly takes her hand away, “I should go with cousin Xixin.”

    {Rui’s face darkens no you should go with me} “Xixin didn’t you say you needed to stop by the clinic on the way, we can meet you at the restaurant.”

    Neither Woo Xixin or LiMei have any idea what is going on in Rui’s head does he remember her? Woo Xixin never said that.

    Woo Xixin concedes there is no reason to agitate Rui right now, “You are right I will meet you at the restaurant.”

    Earlier Rui asked his driver to bring his black Porsche to the hospital and leave the keys in the office, he wants to try and jar his memory. 

     His Porsche was in the images with the girl in the seat next to him. He is starting to believe it was Feng LiMei but why would she act as though she doesn’t know him?

      His body is reacting to her being near him, his heart is pounding and the scent from her body is very familiar. He was jealous of her talking to the electrician and he is not a person who let’s his emotions get away from him.

    As they leave Yun Tian is watching them, the girl sat quietly in the chair playing with her phone while the man talked with Gong Sinian after she was dragged away by him. 

     Yun Tian wasn’t far from them doing some work when a tall older man came in he recognized he has seen him before but where? The girl smiled at him and he heard her call him Cousin.

    When they are gone Yun Tian walks over to Gong Sinian, “Mr. Gong who were those people?’

    Gong Sinain likes this kid if he had a son he want him to be like Yun Tian, he is easy to get along with and a hard worker. Since Gong Sinian enjoys gossiping he tells him, “The young man is Dr. Qiao Rui the owner of the hospital, and the older man is Dr. Woo Xixin a world famous doctor.”

    Yun Tian really wants to know the girl’s name and her relationship with Qiao Rui, but can he ask without being seen as presumptuous?

     He was hoping the gossipy old goat would volunteer the information, before he can ask Gong Sinian continues, “Dr. Woo’s little cousin Feng LiMei sure is a beauty. She has the kind of rare natural perfect face, you know the kind of beauty that could topple a city.

    When I first saw her I thought she was a little celebrity. Hell she is prettier than those celebrities that have a face full of makeup and a bunch of plastic surgery. You know this hospital is famous for their VIP plastic surgeries, but the security is so tight you would never know. 

     I just know cause I’m friends with Qiao Rui’s father. Yeah we go back to grade school together. I saved him from being beaten up many times. I’m a little worried the little girl looks like she has a crush on Dr. Qiao.” 

     Yun Tian is thinking if he doesn’t get back to work this man will drone on all day, he got the information he needed, Feng LiMei is her name.

    “Mr. Gong I will get back to work now.” As he walks away the old man is still talking about his friendship with the Qiao family, nothing Yun Tian cares about.

    Out in the hallway the three of them wait for the elevator silently. When they are in the elevator Rui says “I need to get some keys from my office, so we will see you at the restaurant.” 

     He motions for LiMei to exit the elevator with him, she looks at Woo Xixin why isn’t he helping her get away from Rui?

    “Cousin we will see you at the restaurant then.” No help there I can see!

    LiMei follws Rui to his office, Bai Chiyu is working on some surgery scheduling when they enter she looks up from the keyboard not knowing what she should say. 

     Maybe it is best to keep working Dr. Qiao is in a mood and she doesn’t want to irritate him. She continues to work he will speak to her if he wants. One thing she has learned from being his assistant is not to bother him particularly when he is in a bad mood.

   “Chiyu did Mu Nan leave the keys to my car?” He doesn’t see them on the desk.

   “Yes I put them in your top drawer.” She continues to work but she does need to ask him about next weeks schedule there is a problem with Dr. Chou. “Dr. Qiao when you get a chance I need to speak with you about Dr. Chou.”

    He doesn’t want to discuss any hospital business in front of Feng LiMei but he doesn’t want her to leave his sight to wait for him outside what if she disappears. {He is anxious now about her leaving his side before he sorts out his memories.}

   “Email me I will look at it later.”

   “I will and there is also the matter of Mrs. He.”

   Ever since he took out her appendix when he was helping in the emergency room she says won’t let anyone do surgery on her but him. 

     He is not a plastic surgeon so now he will need to convince her to allow a qualified surgeon to perform the procedure. 

Better yet. she can go to another hospital. What a pain in the ass! Why is Bai Chiyu bringing this up now. “Take care of speaking to her for me I won’t be available.”

   Bai Chiyu can see him furrowing his brow but the old bag has called everyday looking for him. “I’m sorry to have brought that matter up but she is persistent.”

   “ I trust you to take care of it.”

   “Yes Dr. Qiao.”

    “I am still officially on vacation so any other matters handle with your own discretion if you need my input email me.” 

     His voice is cold and detached, LiMei would almost feels sorry for Bai Chiyu if she wasn’t such a bitch. Looking at her face you can see her job is stressful working for him. Her face looks like she suffers from premature aging from the all the stress.

    He has the keys in his hand, and opens the door with LiMei following him. 

     Bai Chiyu puts her hands on her head, “Talking to old lady He makes my head spin! 

     Dr. Qiao has been on vacation and I have had to handle everything! It is true he pays me a huge salary but it is taking a toll on me, she picks up the phone, “Hey do you want to go to the club tonight?” Her cousin answers, “Sure, should I call Ashley to join us?”

    “Why not, I need to have some fun. will meet you out front at nine.”

   “Okay should I bring some fun drugs?”

    “Why not.” Bai Chiyu wants some excitement after seeing Qiao Rui involved with not just Wang Rebecca but also with Feng LiMei she can see he doesn’t even place her in his eyes at all. 

     Getting angry at her for Wang Rebecca barging in! She is his assistant not a damn security guard! Then pushing that fucking chair she broke a fingernail and almost twisted her ankle she doesn’t do manual labor she graduated from H University!

    When Rui and LiMei get to the underground garage LiMei sees the familiar black Porsche that was when she first met Rui when Du Chang’s bike hit his car door. 

     She casually starts walking towards it knowing it is his car, he watches her, how would she know that is his car he hasn’t turned off the alarm so it isn’t beeping.

    LiMei realizes her mistake when he is slowing his steps. My God I’m an idiot! How would I know this is his car, she quickly starts acting, “What a cool car, what is it called a Porsche? I have only seen these on television.” 

     She runs her fingers over the hood, she almost walked to the passenger door! Then she keeps walking looking at the other cars, “So many expensive cars, doctors must make a good salary. “ She smiles at him laughing, “Which one is yours… this one? “ She is standing by a white BMW pointing at it.

    Rui shakes his head he is trying too hard to make a connection thinking she knew the black Porsche was his car. “It is the first black one you said was cool.” He has a grin on his face thinking she is very cute. 

    “Wow! Can we put the top down?”

     “Sure if you don’t think you will be too cold.”

    LiMei feels guilty playing innocent if he finds out what she and Dr. Woo did will he hate her? She can’t let him find out she doesn’t want him to look at her with a face full of hate.

    Leng Shuai is at an exclusive jewelry store downtown looking at the bracelets, which one can he put a locator chip into without it being obvious.

      He is looking at some diamond bracelets, no she wouldn’t wear it and she would wonder how he could afford an expensive gift.

    Although he would like to buy her this particular pink diamond bracelet on the top shelf. 

    It would look alluring on her thin white wrist, she isn’t very bright maybe he could tell her it is cheap. She thinks the white jade necklace is worth a mere 50,00 when it cost over 200 million. What a little idiot!

    If Qiao Rui knew how careless she was with the white jade necklace and now it is in his possession wonder what he would think. 

     Well he isn’t going to fuck  with him for now he needs him in the future when he secures the helm of the Qiao Corporation. 

     He motions for the saleswoman to take out the pink diamond bracelet, she is excited to see such a handsome rich man it has been slow this week in the store.

   “This one?”


    “You have a good eye for diamonds there is only one other..” She can’t finish her sentence he says, “One other?” His face darkens, ” I thought the jewelry are one of a kind in your store.”

   “Well..” The saleswoman face pales she isn’t supposed to say there are duplicates of any of the jewelry. 

     Nothing will probably come of it she isn’t going to inform the manager of her little mistake, how would they know? 

   Leng Shuai turns around and leaves, she is standing there shocked what was that? If there is one other he doesn’t want it? 

     She can see his luxury car pulling away. Inside the car Leng Shuai feels he just wasted his valuable time because the store misrepresented itself as having exclusive jewelry.

     What if he had bought that piece of shit diamond bracelet that there is another one like it. He would have to kill someone. He dials Jason, “Make sure Hubruix Fine Jewelry doesn’t exist tomorrow. “

   “Will do.” He doesn’t ask why. “Boss since you called I have some important information for you.”

   “Tell me later, right now contact Phoebe in London and have her fly here with a one of a kind pink diamond bracelet. How long of a flight is that? I need it tonight. Nothing too flashy but delicate, something Feng LiMei would wear.”

    “If she leaves within the hour she should be here by midnight.” Feng LiMei?  The Boss is having Phoebe drop her work and fly here to deliver a bracelet for that young girl? 

     Does he want to compensate her for Silver clawing her and the poison. Well that makes sense but she doesn’t look like the type of girl who would wear a diamond bracelet.

   “Make it happen.”

   Jason hangs up the Boss is definitely obssessed with that girl. He dials Phoebe and explains what Leng Shuai wants.

   His phone beeps while he is talking to Phoebe, CEO Leng again. “Phoebe do it, the CEO is on the other line good bye. “Yes CEO.”

    “Also I want a locator chip put in it and a fingerprint lock, once it is on her wrist only your fingerprint can remove it.”

   “…” My fingerprint what the hell.

   “It will be faster. Get on it.” Leng Shuai smiles after tonight I will know where you are at all times little disobedient bunny.

   He hangs up should he text her to remind her again he will pick her up at 7:30? He is about to when his phone rings, “What?”

   “I told Little Nuan to pick me up at the airport where is she?”

   “I told her she didn’t need to go,I had some work I needed completed.” He crosses his legs who does he think he is using Nuan as a chauffer. “I sent a driver he should be there.”

   Leng Xiaosi, “I don’t see one.”

   “…” His brother can be bothersome, “The driver  should be holding a sign up where are you?”

   “Oh I see him now, I was looking for Little Nuan so I didn’t notice.”

   “Leave her alone she doesn’t need a playboy like you in her life.”

   “You know how much I care about her why are you always a roadblock?”

   “Why don’t I ask you how is the little slut of an actress who is always hanging all over you are all over in the gossip mags?”

   “You know that is just my image.”

   “Is it? I’m not convinced and if I don’t believe you do you think Little Nuan will?”

   “I need to go, see you at the hotel.” He was looking forward to seeing her face when he arrived. She always lights up with a sweet smile that she only shows him.

   Leng Shuai calls Fan Nuan, “Have you finished the raw sketches of the Shingu Resort?”

  “I’m working on it did you send someone to pick up Xiaosi? I told you I wanted to meet him at the airport.”

  “That is why I sent a driver, Little Nuan you are too good for him I have been telling you that since high school.”

   “Shuai we are friends nothing more but I haven’t seen him since last summer.” She wanted to pick him up why did stupid Shuai send a driver!

   “Well come to dinner tonight he will be there.” He loves Fan Nuan like a little sister and doesn’t want Xiaosi to hurt her anymore than he has already. The poor girl has been following him since high school. It can’t be easy watching him with all his women.

   “What time?”

   “Eight o’clock, I am having a small dinner party in a private dining room at the Crescent Moon Hotel.”

   “I will bring my sketches to you then , well what I have finished.” her voice is excited looking forward to seeing Leng Xiaosi.

   “Drop them off at the suite to Jason before you come to dinner I don’t want any of the guests to know we work together at Clear Sky.”


   “And Little Nuan…”


   “You need to have a date.”


   “A date or don’t come.” He hangs up the phone, not that he wants them to be together but he knows his brother, he won’t like seeing Nuan with another man. So for once she can have the advantage. Xiaosi doesn’t know any women in Pushong City.

   Fan Nuan hangs up the phone a date or don’t come! She doesn’t know anyone in Pushong City, but wait you could say she knows Chen Jianyu. She smiles then dials his direct line at Hushang Group hoping he is still in the office. Han Nuying answers the phone, “Hello CEO Chen’s office.”

   “Han Nuying this is Fan Nuan is CEO Chen available?”

   “May I put you on hold I will check.”


   Han Nuying has a good impression of her she is always polite and focused. She buzzes Chen Jianyu, “Fan Nuan is holding on your direct line do you want me to put her through?”

   “Go ahead.” He is bored today without the little plain girl and it is a slow business day.

   “Hello Miss Fan what can I do for you?”

   “I don’t know anyone in Pushong City and I need an escort to a small gathering would you like to accompany me?”

   “What time?” He told Rui to come at six they were going to discuss some details of their future cooperation on the Shingu Resort.

   “Eight at the Crescent Noon Hotel.”

    Chen Jianyu wants a smooth cooperation with the Clear Sky Architectural Firm she represents it might be beneficial to be friendly. Hopefully she isn’t interested in me she isn’t my type, I’m is still looking for Kang Mei.

   “I can accompany you, where should I pick you up?”

   “I am staying at the hotel I can meet you in the lobby and we can go to the private room together.” She is unaware he owns the hotel, “Are you familiar with the hotel?” He smiles, yes very familiar, no need to tell her his family owns it.

    “Yes, I will meet you in the  small waiting room by the lobby at 7:45 ask them at the front desk to escort you there then we can go to the dinner together. 

    No reason for you to wait in the lobby and it would be inappropriate for me to meet you at your suite.”

    “Thank you CEO Chen that is very considerate of you.” Fan Nuan is impressed that was very gentlemanly to suggest that idea. It would be strange sitting in the lobby with people coming in and out.

    “I will see you then thank you for the invitation.”

   Fan Nuan hangs up the phone she had a decent impression of him when they were discussing the project but he is also thoughtful and kind. {LiMei would laugh if she knew someone was describing ‘the stupid tyrant’ CEO Chen as thoughtful and kind.}

    After Chen Jianyu hangs up he realizes he didn’t inquire as to who was having the dinner party.

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