Construction Site Part 1

LiMei sees Rui hasn’t touched his lunch. “Why aren’t you eating try some of these spicy noodles with shrimp.”  She places the shrimp and noodles on his plate with her chopsticks, “They are really spicy and tasty.”  

   Rui has a blank expression studying her face, is she the girl in his memory? The face wasn’t clear in his mind just then but her smile is the same, bright with perfect white teeth and full pink lips. His deep penetrating gaze is making LiMei nervous, “Dr. Qiao you should eat.”

    Rui picks up his chopsticks and taps them on the table not taking his eyes off of her face. LiMei decides to ignore his gaze and eat she is starving, maybe if she ignores him he will eat his lunch and stop staring at her. 

     After a few moments she lifts her head slightly to see his eyes still fixed on her while she is eating. What would a normal person say if they had nothing to hide, hmmm, “Dr. Qiao do I have something on my face?” 

     She smiles at him laughing, “Now I feel as though you are the one acting childish not eating you said you were hungry and the food you ordered is getting cold.”

    “En.” He silently starts eating unable to taste the flavor of the food as though he is in a trance of some sort. The medicine is beginning to work so his head isn’t throbbing anymore but he is curious about the strange emotional connection he feels towards this girl. “Miss Feng?”


    “When were you a patient in the hospital before your poisoning incident.” He knows she couldn’t have visited the gardens then because she was only there one night. She left without being discharged in the morning so it stands to reason she wouldn’t have gone to the garden.

    “When let me see..” Before she can think of an answer there is a commotion by the elevator,two women’s voices can be heard arguing. Both Rui and LiMei look that direction it is Bai Chiyu and Wang Rebecca, LiMei chokes on her bite of noodles.

      What the hell is going on with those too! Bai Chiyu is tugging on Wang Rebecca and she is pushing her away. Wang Rebecca comes stomping over towards the table swaying her hips stomping along in her 10cm heels and Bai Chiyu is running right next to her, then passes her standing in front of Rui blocking Wang Rebecca. 

      Bai Chiyu blurts out “I’m sorry Dr. Qiao I tried to stop her but she was too quick entering your elevator. When she came to the office Gong Sinian was there I was telling him you were having lunch on the roof top then you would meet him.”

   Wang Rebecca pushes her aside, “Shut up bitch! I can go anywhere in this hospital when I want to find my husband.”

   Rui stands up towering over Wang Rebecca with a dark expression on his face, he takes her arm yanking her away from the table. “Miss Feng finish your lunch I will be back.” His eyes are shooting daggers at Wang Rebecca and Bai Chiyu.

    He drags Wang Rebecca into the elevator she stumbles forward into the back wall, he growls, “Who the hell do you think you are barging into my private space like that.” His voice is low and threatening causing her to realize her behavior was too impulsive.

    Seeing the look in his eyes she is momentarily frightened then stands up regaining her momentum, he can’t do anything to her he needs her support on Friday,her voice is sickeningly sweet, “I can’t come find my husband?”

   “If you need me for something you can call me.”

    “I called three times and you didn’t respond so I came looking for you.

      I might ask you what are you doing with your little slut parading her around the hospital. I won’t put up with being humiliated by you. It is bad enough you didn’t come to dinner last night with my parents.”

   Rui has never hit a woman but he would like to slap her unconscious right now. He clenches his jaw, “I’m telling you right now to stay out of my business or you will regret it.” His demonic aura is sucking the air out of the elevator, “We have a business arrangement that is it, don’t forget it.”

    The elevator arrives at the parking garage, “Get out of my hospital.”

    Wang Rebecca assumed they would go to his office to talk now he is kicking her out of the hospital, “I’m not done talking to you!”

    “I’m done talking to you. In the future if you need me call first and make an appointment with Bai Chiyu.”

    She doesn’t get out of the elevator, she stomps her high heel, “Qiao Rui I am your wife!”

   “It is in name only so don’t presume I want to have anything to do with you. If all goes well at the board meeting on Friday morning I will accompany you to Leng Corporation’s banquet. If it doesn’t work out as planned you and your father can fuck off.”

    Her eyes are wide in shock the point of the marriage is also for Wang Corporation to appear strong in front of the Leng Corporation because there are rumors floating around  their CEO Leng wants to initiate a hostile takeover of her father’s company.

      So firstly there is the telecom electronic parts collaboration  then more importantly the prevention of the takeover. She can’t provoke Qiao Rui right now. It was stupid to be bothered by him being with the little bitch. 

     Damn that Nurse Fu if she hadn’t told her about him being with Feng LiMei she wouldn’t have come to the hospital and made a stink over it!

    After thinking about the situation she immediately changes her attitude, she waves her hand, “I was wrong to interfere it’s true you are free to sleep with whomever you want but we need to maintain an image of a happily married couple. 

     It benefits both of us so all I ask is you have some discretion before you flaunt your relationship with a young girl.”

    Rui isn’t going to explain anything to her Wang Rebecca  is merely a tool to get what he wants from his family. “Tell your spy at the hospital if I should find out who they are they won’t work in the medical profession again. Leave.”

    Upstairs on the rooftop Bai Chiyu and LiMei are staring at each other neither one speaking. LiMei is finished eating so she decides to walk to the back of the garden again to enjoy the view. 

     She sees no reason to tell Bai Chiyu where she is going the woman obviously has a grudge against her for some reason.

     The way she is looking at her with disgust in her eyes LiMei wonders what she did to deserve such a strong dislike. 

     She casually gets up from the table silently walking away. Bai Chiyu watches her leave, the little bitch didn’t even acknowledge her presence who does she think she is?

    She is merely Qiao Rui’s plaything he will get tired of soon enough. Bai Chiyu wonders why he hasn’t returned maybe he and Wang Rebecca went to his office to talk. 

     He didn’t say to stay with Feng LiMei  she is going back to the office to see what is going on with them.

   LiMei picks some white jasmine along the way, she loves the smell of jasmine she puts it in her hair. It is a beautiful day, sunny, a slight cool Autumn breeze, the sky is very blue with wisps of white clouds. 

     She pulls her  phone out to take a selfie after she does she sits on a couch looking at her phone, what the hell does that stupid Leng Shuai want again. 

     She reads his message [Why aren’t you at work?]

   [None of your business] How does he know she isn’t at work and why does he care.

   [Chen Jianyu said you have the flu, are you sick]

   [Once again none of your business] Why are you calling my boss haven’t you caused enough problems with my job!

   [If you are sick why aren’t you resting at home]

    [Goodbye] What is with him keeping tabs on me he is too annoying. He must have work he wants me to do for him

   [Feng LiMei I’m not done]

   [What the hell do you want I am busy]

   [Where are you I will pick you up]

   [Doesn’t your boss have any work for you? Why are you so idle?]

   [I’m on holiday]

   [In boring Pushong City? Why not go somewhere far away?]

  [I need to work on Friday here]

[Whatever go find your little Jason to bother- leave me alone]

Pfft! I am going to turn her over my knee and spank her little ass when she comes to my Suite tonight! Impudent brat!

[He is working]

 [Well I am enjoying a beautiful view waiting for a handsome man to return you are disturbing me]

    Leng Shuai tightens his grip on the phone he went to Hushang Group to tease her and Chen Jianyu said she called in sick today. [Calling in sick then going out to play with a man do you want to get fired?] 

     Was she with this man last night? He really does needs to put a locator chip in her phone or give her a ring or something with one in it. She always loses her phone so a piece of jewelry.

    [Chen Jianyu has no idea what I am doing and it is your fault I had to call in this morning]

    [How is it my fault?]

    She decides to tease him he deserves it. [The aphrodisiac was too strong and I was up all night trying to get relief from it]

   [Who is he?]

   [Right like I would tell you]

   [You don’t think I can find out?]

   [He is back goodbye don’t bother me with your nonsense anymore] She closes her phone as she sees Rui walking towards her direction.

   Leng Shuai is very angry she always abruptly stops messaging when he isn’t finished with her yet. 

     Who does she think she is! 

     He is on his way back to his suite at the Crescent Moon Hotel to meet Fan Nuan, he tells his driver to stop by the jewelry store first. I will get her a bracelet and have the locater chip put in it. He calls her back, she looks at the caller ID idiot why is he calling. She doesn’t answer.

     Leng Shuai sends her one more text. [Answer the phone or your precious jade necklace gets tossed in the Pushong River]

     LiMei hears the notification she can look quickly before Rui gets to where she is sitting. Damn that bastard hanging the necklace over my head. 

    [Just text me] Urgh! What a nuisnace! Doesn’t he have a life!

    [Answer your fucking phone]


   [Splash Splash]

   [Damn you hurry up and call]

    LiMei’s phone rings as Rui walks up she tells him as she covers the phone, “ It is my boss I need to take the call. She gets up and walks to the ledge, “Seriously Leng Shuai what now?” Her voice shows her irritation.

    “I wanted to remind you not to be late tonight do you need me to pick you up?”

    “Definitely not!”

    He has never put up with this type of dismissive attitude from anyone as a matter of fact no one has ever dared act in an indolent manner towards him. 

     Does she have any idea how many women throw themselves at him? The atmosphere in his car is getting oppressive, his bodyguard wants to put on the heater it is freezing in the car right now. “I’m picking you up at your apartment at 7:30 be ready.” he hangs up. He smiles for once he hung up first.

   LiMei grimaces staring at the phone, what is wrong with that man’s head to torment her like this. How ungrateful can he be she saved his life and drank that damn aphrodisiac!

    Rui was watching her on the phone she must really dislike her boss she was pursing her lips and puffing out her cheeks while she was squeezing her phone. He thinks she looked cute with that angry expression on her face, “Is everything okay?”

    “Oh yes, he just needs me to so some work for him this evening since I didn’t work today.”

   Rui looks at the flowers in her hair she looks like a little nymph, very pretty. It is too bad it would complicate things for her because of the situation with Wang Rebecca or she could work for him as a secretary. “I need to go meet the owner of the construction company now let’s go.”

   “Dr. Qiao when did Woo Xixin say he would pick me up?”

    Rui looks back her direction her face has a worried expression{ actually she hates Leng Shuai for bothering her and doesn’t want to go to his Suite tonight} is she anxious to go after that scene with Wang Rebecca ? He is enjoying having her with him. “I’m not sure he didn’t say. You can call him.”

    “I would but he said he is in an important meeting I don’t want to interrupt.”

    “It’s two o’clock he should be done in another hour most likely.”

    They walk to the construction site Rui hands her a yellow hard hat, she takes it from him then puts it on her head the hat is too big it covers her forehead down to her eyes, Rui bursts out laughing she looks very cute.

    LiMei tries to push it back so she can see, Rui buckles the hat for her, his smile is mesmerizing LiMei thinks, he has only looked serious this whole morning without a hint of a smile.

     He chuckles, “Sorry only men come to this site so there are no smaller hard hats.  You need your head to be protected “ LiMei smiles up at him as his slender fingers tighten the strap for her so it doesn’t slip to the side of her head.

     Gong Sinian looks over he has never heard Qiao Rui laugh before, he sees the young girl next to him. Who is she? Didn’t he just marry that shrew Wang Rebecca? He has had dealings with her consulting company when she was representing a client.

     She was rude and unbending when it was her own client’s fault he didn’t read the contract properly. He sets down the materials in his hand wiping it on his shirt as he reaches out to shake Rui’s hand, “Dr. Qiao I came to your office earlier to see you.” he points the direction of a wall that is being erected. “I wanted to thank you for facilitating the delivery of the steel beams and metal framework.” He looks at LiMei not wanting to curse out Zangwa Construction in front of the young girl.

    Rui warns him, “They weren’t too difficult to deal with this time but from now on you should try to work with companies that have no relation to them in the future. There is a great deal of corruption going on with companies colluding with Zangwa Corporation to raise the prices and use inferior material.”

    LiMei looks up at him with obvious admiration in her sparkling green eyes thinking he is amazing. He is not only a great doctor but an astute businessman. She has never heard him discuss business before now. 

     Gong Sinian has daughters of his own and recognizes the infatuation in her eyes, a young girl shouldn’t be involved with a married man. 

     Rui notices the gaze Gong Sinian is giving them, he must misunderstand their relationship, he wants to dispel his false assumption. “Uncle Gong this is Dr. Woo’s little cousin Feng LiMei she is accompanying me today until Dr. Woo can pick her up later today.”

    Rui can see the old man’s face relax he doesn’t want any rumors about Feng LiMei and him, Gong Sinian has a close relationship with his father they grew up together that is why he calls him uncle, Rui respects his work ethic but he can be a gossip.

   Rubbing his gray and black beard he smiles,“Dr. Woo’s little cousin eh? Nice to meet you! How is that crazy bas..” stopping in mid sentence  changing what he was about to say, “How is Dr. Woo I haven’t seen him since the renovation of the Harmony Clinic.”

    She graciously bows, “He is well, I will tell him you inquired about him.” She has no idea what to say she barely knows Dr. Woo.

    LiMei’s eyes wander around the work area, this is quite a project her father’s construction company never got such a big project that is probably why he was always in debt. Even the money that was left to her by her grandmother he stole to keep the company running. Maybe if he wasn’t such an unscrupulous man he wouldn’t have been sued for using faulty materials finally going bankrupt. She watches the men working while Rui and Gong Sinian are discussing the project.

    “Uncle Gong I want to ask you about the design of the family rooms, will you be able to accomplish the construction as it was designed?”

    “I think so it might go over budget some though would you have a problem with the additional cost? If so I think we can change the layout some, maybe tweaking it to make the rooms smaller.” They are looking over blueprints as LiMei strolls away watching the men working. She enjoyed going to the sites with her father watching as the construction workers created the rooms and installed all the wiring thinking they were talented. Most people ignore the workers as merely worker bees without realizing their skills. She admires their ability to take someone’s design then building it into reality

    LiMei stops by a young man in gray work clothes who is putting in wiring fascinated by all the wires red, blue yellow what does each one do?  Her  green eyes are wide with curiosity and her finger is on her pink lips as she watches him with great interest. He feels her eyes watching him intently, “Miss did you need something?” His lips curl up in a big smile, she is cute why is she here?

   “ working, I was just fascinated that’s all.”

   “…” fascinated? What young girl is ‘fascinated’ by a light switch being installed?

   He starts laughing and LiMei looks at him with a serious look furrowing her brows, “What is so funny?”

    “Well not to mention your yellow hard hat almost covering your small face I can barely see your eyes, the fact that you are interested rather ‘fascinated’ in an electrician’s job.” This petite young girl is really beautiful she has the kind of cute cheeks with dimples when she smiles that make a person want to pinch them, not to mention her smile was blinding when she spoke to him.

    LiMei straightens out the hard hat, Dammit why didn’t they have one in a woman’s size. “Listen no need to make fun! They didn’t have my right size okay!” She even has to laugh she probably looks ridiculous. She tries to fix the hat but the strap has become loose.

    He reaches up exposing a Red Wolf on his forearm to fix the strap then stops with his hand midair, he probably shouldn’t touch her neck, “Do you mind? I can fix the strap, it is tricky.”

   She is pouting, “That’s fine.”

   He really wants to pinch those red cheeks that are puffed out because she is annoyed. he hooks the strap through the loop again a little trick he learned because the strap tends to loosen up as you move your head. He tucks her hair back behind her ear.“There it should stay on better now.” He can’t resist he pats the hard hat on her head.

    The tapping made her head rattle, “Thanks, so how did you learn your job? Aren’t you afraid of being shocked by electricity?”

   He smiles down at her, she is a bit of a little dummy, “There is no electrical current until the job is finished.”

   “Oh yeah, of course.” She hits her head what a stupid thing to say. When she does that the hat moves again. She quickly straightens it.

   He can’s help it he laughs out loud now the yellow hard hat is sideways, “Ha..Ha..Ha..” Yun Tian doesn’t remember when he laughed this hard. Since he joined the Red Wolf Syndicate life has been hard he doesn’t come into contact with such a sweet girl. Only the prostitutes and the  women at Su Wan’s who are auctioned off to the highest bidder as sex slaves. He is only at this construction site today because he is an electrician working for Wang Electric his Boss’ company.

    Rui hears laughter coming from the far side of the floor, he notices LiMei has wandered off and is standing by a tall young man who is working on some wiring.

   The muscular man has stopped his work and is laughing with her. Anyone would say the tall, handsome and muscular man with the beautiful slender girl make an attractive pair as they laugh together.

    LiMei must have said something funny because the man’s heart  laughter is what made Rui look up from the blueprint.

      Rui feels his heart tighten does that little girl flirt with every man she sees! No wonder she gets in trouble!

     Bristling at the harmonious atmosphere across the room without saying anything to Gong Sinian who is looking at the blueprints he takes long strides over to where the two of them are talking. 

     He grabs LiMei’s small  hand and glares at Yun Tian, “Get back to work.” His cold aura has a killing intent that Yun Tian is familiar with working in the Underworld for the past six months.

    Yun Tian nods and turns back to pulling wires out  from his tool box. Is that her man? He had a terrifying dark aura when he was standing there. Soon after they walk away he glances towards them, the man is wearing a navy blue designer suit and his watch is worth millions of yuan could he be the owner of the hospital?

   But if he is a doctor shouldn’t he be more respectful of his woman. He is dragging her by the arm and because she is short her legs can’t keep up with this long strides she looks pitiful. 

    Yun Tian tightens his fist at his side, a man should be more gentle towards his woman, especially a sweet girl like her, she wasn’t doing anything wrong by talking to him. He goes back to work in a very bad mood. He would like to punch that arrogant man in his face for mistreating the little girl.

   “Dr. Qiao slow down I can’t walk!” She is tripping along the way.

   Rui realizes he is dragging her along, he stops suddenly letting go of her arm when they are across the room. “Didn’t I tell you to stay by me?”

   “Ah…You and Mr. Gong were discussing the work, I didn’t want to be in the way.

   “You aren’t in the way. It is dangerous to wander around a construction site. So don’t.”

    His voice is cold and matter of fact but LiMei can feel a storm is brewing inside of him. He was shooting daggers from his eyes at the electrician I was talking to by the far wall, was he annoyed I interrupted the man’s work?

    Rui looks around there are no chairs. He picks up his phone calling Bai Chiyu, “Bring the office chair to the new wing construction site.” It has wheels she can wheel it here.

    Bai Chiyu knows he is probably still angry about her allowing Wang Rebecca to know where he was earlier so she quickly says, “I will bring it right away.”

    When she gets off the phone she immediately wheels the leather padded office chair out of the office. Normally she would call maintenance but he said for her to bring it so she isn’t going to delay.

    Pushing the chair should be easy but today she is wearing 10cm high heels and her skirt is skin tight. To make matters worse one of the wheels keeps spinning around making it difficult to push.

    She is cursing Wang Rebecca in her heart as she turns her ankle getting into the elevator. Rubbing her ankle she has a moment to think, why does he want a chair usually when she is with him he will simply stand while discussing the blueprints and construction work.

    When she finally gets to the construction site she doesn’t want to enter it might ruin her designer dress with dust that can fly around in there. She peeks inside not seeing anyone to take the chair.

   Qiao Rui calls back to her when he sees her, “Chiyu what are you waiting for bring it in here.”

    Reluctantly she pushes it in and sees Qiao Rui with the little slut standing next to him, what the hell she is still with him? I thought Wang Rebecca would at least get rid of the little eyesore!

    Bai Chiyu frowns thinking  Rui’s voice sounds pampering as he looks at Feng LiMei saying,  “LiMei go sit down.”

     {Actually he is annoyed he doesn’t want her to leave his side anymore to go flirt with all the men working.}

    “…” Bai Chiyu can not believe she pushed the fucking chair all the way here for the little slut to be comfortable!

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