Busy Night at the Club

LiMei walks outside to see Qiao Delun reaching up to hang the last of the lights that fell down, his profile is very similar to Rui’s for a moment her heart stops. He turns around when he hears her approach. LiMei smiles as she looks at the tree, “Delun thank you the string of lights must have fallen down during the storm over the weekend.”

    “No problem. Are you ready to go?”

    “Yeah, before we go to the grocery store do you mind if we stop somewhere?”


    While they walk together down the stairs Delun can smell a light fragrance of jasmine on her tiny body ahead of him as she races down the stairs her long black ponytail swinging as she skips a couple stairs jumping down to the last step. She is very cute he thinks as she turns around, “Hurry slow poke the store will close!”

     He wishes he had met her first then she wouldn’t be as sad as she is now because of Rui. She could be his girlfriend he wouldn’ t let anyone hurt her making her unhappy.

     They walk down the street towards some small shops a middle aged woman is about to put a closed sign in the window of the wig shop, LiMei hurries up to her, “Do you mind if I shop before you close?” 

     She needs it to go to work tomorrow at Hushang Group not trusting Leng Shuai will send a wig to her as she asked him to do.

    The woman recognizes LiMei from when she bought the other wigs, “Come in I can stay open a little longer for a good customer like you!”

   “…” A good customer like you?  Delun stares at the wigs displayed in the window does she buy alot of wigs? Why?

    LiMei pulls his arm to dragging him along into the store. “Hurry she wants to close!”

   The woman blurts out, “You brought your boyfriend this time..very tall and  handsome!”

    LiMei’s cheeks turn red, they both say at the same time, “He isn’t my boyfriend! “She isn’t my girlfriend!” They stare at each other then start laughing at the shop owner’s remark, LiMei quickly says “He is just my friend. Do you have a short brown wig similar to the one I bought before?”

    “You bought the last one, over on the table to the right I have some wigs that are  little bit longer and black.” She doesn’t want to lose a sale, “I also have another blonde wig like you purchased.”

   Delun gives LiMei a strange look watching her weave through the tables, he recalls meeting her at the resort as Kang Mei. He decides to tease her, “You like disguises huh… Kang Mei.” 

     He puts a purple curly haired wig on her head it slips sideways starting to fall off,  he starts laughing as she punches him with her tiny fist in the chest. Putting it back on the table grinning at him with a big smile lighting up her delicate features, “Delun shut up! I told you to forget about that!” She  enjoys his playful attitude he is like a big puppy.

    Delun is momentarily stunned by her beautiful face as she giggles tossing the purple wig onto the wooden table.

    “Okay..okay..” To make her laugh some more he puts on a long blonde wig, “Maybe I should buy one too. What do you think? Ha ha..”

    “Silly boy!” LiMei can’t help but smile again forgetting her earlier sadness,  looking at him in the ridiculous blonde wig the hair cascading down onto his broad shoulders she  teases, “You could be one of your uncle’s models with that girly face of yours in that wig!”

    He quickly takes the wig off and grabs her staring down into her beautiful green eyes, “You brat! Take that back!” 

    Squiriming her way out of his grip she dances away from him through the tables sticking her tongue out at him. She stops he looks insulted his face is red. LiMei holds her side it hurts from laughing uproariously, “I was kidding…kidding..you are a manly man..the manliest man!”

  He rushes up to her grasping her hand in his,   “It’s good you know that little girl. ” His lips curl up seeing her eyes sparkling as she laughs. He rubs the top of her head messing up her hair.

    Looking over at the shopkeeper LiMei she grabs his hand from her head saying “Stop bullying me… haha..haha..we need to hurry so she can close.”

     She tries on the black wig, she can tell Chen Jianyu she dyed her hair is he notices, knowing him he won’t. She can cut it shorter also this one will work. “Let’s go this will work.”

    LiMei walks up to the counter to pay, Delun pushes her hand back that is holding the money, “I will pay.” He hands the woman his black card. LiMei shakes her head, “You don’t need to pay.” Before she can get his card back the woman has swiped it, “Sweetie that is a black card, let him pay!” Putting the wig in the bag she hands it to LiMei.

    LiMei takes the bag, “Thank you for staying open for us.”

    The shopkeeper pulls LiMei over and whispers in her ear, “You hold onto that man his aura is warm and golden… very good.”

    “…” LiMei looks over at Delun who is staring out the window he does give off a warm glow. He turns around to see both the shopkeeper and LiMei staring at him strangely, “Ready to go?”

   LiMei quickly changes her admiring expression,“En.”

    Delun opens the door looking down the street he doesn’t see a market, “Where is the grocery store?”

    “The next street over.”

    As they walk towards the store the wind is picking up, he takes his scarf off and wraps it around LiMei’s neck. At first she is going to reject it but she can feel a chill that is going into  her bones, “Thank you Delun.”

     Su Ryan is walking an inconspicuous distance behind observing their actions he throws his cigarette to the ground and takes a few pictures as Delun wraps her in the scarf.

    Is the pretty little fox playing with both the brothers? This man is obviously Qiao Rui’s younger brother Delun. After he takes the pictures he continues following them, he is too far back to hear their conversation but they are laughing and talking as they walk in a very intimate way. Delun is pulling her back by the green plaid scarf as she is walking ahead of him, she is swatting his hand away laughing. He snaps a few more shots of them.

    After they get the groceries they need the sun is going down the temperature is dropping, “LiMei do you still want to grill? I can sear the steaks and make a sauce.” He stops then pulls her jacket collar up and puts his hand on her cheek, “You just got out of the hospital you don’t want to catch a cold.”

   When he touches her cheek LiMei is glad she didn’t have to give up his friendship also.  “I think grilling will be better, Chang is bringing some hot cider and we can light a fire in the outdoor fireplace.”

    When they get to the patio LiMei turns on the outdoor lights, “I will start the fire while you begin cooking.”

    “I will do it then start cooking you should get inside so you don’t catch a cold, before you come back out put on a heavier jacket.” He thinks he should finish his studies quickly and move back to take care of her. She is such a frail girl and doesn’t think.

    “Okay the firewood is on the side in the wooden box.”

    When Su Ryan sees the patio lights go on he decides to call Leng Shuai he has plans later at the Black Lotus Club he can’t watch these people all night. Leng Shuai sees it is Su Ryan, “Speak.”

    “Boss she is at her apartment with Qiao Delun, it looks like she is making dinner. I followed them to a wig shop and then the grocery store. Her patio is strung with lights and it appears he is starting a fire in the outdoor fireplace, it looks like a romantic setting for dinner.” Oh shit! He regrets saying that as soon as the words escaped his mouth. He can’t backtrack now just wait for what the boss says.

    Leng Shuai drinks his wine then swirls it around in his glass, “She is with the younger brother?”

    “Yes.” He is not going to tell him they look quite comfortable with each other. He looks at his watch it is six o’clock he needs to go home and change before his meeting with that person.

    Leng Shuai has a devilish grin on his face, “ Very well, you can leave call me in the morning I have another task for you. Did you take any pictures?”

    “A few.”

   “Send them to my phone.”

   “I will send now. Boss about later…”

   “If he has the information we need pay him if not take care of the problem, don’t leave any loose ends. The owner of the Black Lotus Club is ex Intelligence so keep that in mind. That asshole might have chosen to meet there for that reason.”

    “Did Jason inform you the shipment arrived in Bashu City?”

   “Yes I sent Shen Boyin to transfer the merchandise to the warehouse..anything else?”

    “No I will be going then.”

    “En” Leng Shuai hangs up the phone staring at the picture of Qiao Delun wrapping the scarf around LiMei’s slender neck. He angrily kicks the table why can’t he stop thinking about that unruly girl? He has important matters to take care of before Friday she is clouding his mind maybe he should go see the situation for himself.

     He picks up the bag with the brown wig he had Jason purchase for her earlier off the side table. Grabbing his jacket and scarf he reminds Jason, “Remember if Shen Boyin has any updates on the delivery call me immediately I’m going out.”

     “Boss before you go Qiao Rui isn’t shutting down the gossip about his wedding as expected should we keep the topic trending or let it die?”

    “Keep it in on the first page for now. My underlying goal since I bought shares at a low price when the bankruptcy rumors were swirling around Wang Electronics is to profit from this situation. This wedding will drive the stock prices up then I am going to sell before destroying old man Wang.”

    Jason pushes up his gold rimmed glasses as he glances up from his laptop, it was a good move deciding to follow CEO Leng he will never lose an inch to anyone. “I am meeting with Chen Huan for dinner to discuss the investment in Kang Jin’s next drama, any further instructions?”

   “No proceed as planned. I’m leaving.”

    Leng Shuai clenches his cell phone staring at her smiling up at Qiao Delun, that little bunny can only be captured by him no matter who he needs to destroy to get her into his bed. 

    His mind has been flooded with images of her alluring naked body ever since she was lying in his bed feverish and defiant that night in his mountain home. He thinks about her delicate features, that innocent face with her flushed cheeks looking seductive as her pink lips parted when she said she was thirsty. He has never met anyone who has piqued his interest the way she does with all her different expressions and her stubborn personality.

    He has to laugh at himself using the wig as an excuse to find her tonight.The elevator opens Chen Jianyu is surprised as Leng Shuai enters, “CEO Leng I didn’t know you are staying at my hotel is everything satisfactory?” Sun Yichen that bastard never informed him of Leng Shuai’s arrival.

    “En.” Leng Shuai ignores him until he remembers the little bunny works for him. “Are you available tomorrow I am unhappy about several of the arrangements for the banquet I am having on Friday.”

    Chen Jianyu isn’t aware of the banquet he doesn’t get involved with the day to day operations of the hotel, but tries to cover up his ignorance. What could he possibly find fault with in the arrangements, the Crescent Moon Hotel’s banquet manager is the best in the city. “Certainly, banquets are handled by Sun Yichen I will have him set up a meeting whenever it is convenient for you.”

    They reach the lobby and as Chen Jianyu is about to step out of the elevator when Leng Shuai glares at him, his voice is dripping with  sarcasm, “Didn’t you just say this is your hotel? Should you really push off a prominent guest to underlings? No wonder I saw a lack of professionalism in your employees since I arrived. Did you need to bribe someone for your five star rating?” He recalls the server at lunch daring to touch him. “I will come by your office at eleven tomorrow.” He strides away looking at the pictures Su Ryan sent him.

   Knowing Leng Shuai is trying to get a reaction  he composes himself holding in what he would like to say, “I will see you then.”  

     After they part ways Chen Jianyu is livid, black lines are forming on his forehead as he walks through the lobby, fucking bastard who does he think he is telling him he will be by his office and what time! Ridiculing his hotel’s status like that!

    He studies the activity in the lobby, two of the front desk clerks are laughing he storms over his voice is filled with annoyance, “Get to work! If I see you two with your heads together again you are fired!” They quickly wear a serious look on their faces, bowing the older desk clerk replies, “Yes CEO Chen, it will never happen again.”

    The older woman’s cheeks turn red and her skinny legs are shaking, his oppressive aura almost made her lose her balance. After he leaves she holds onto the counter her knuckles are white, she whispers to her coworker, “I heard the CEO was scary but I never experienced him being angry before…very scary!”

    The other girl nods, she barely started working at the hotel last week she had no idea who the angry man was who was scolding them until she heard the name CEO Chen. Straightening her name tag and smoothing her hair she hurries away to greet some guests still shivering the temperature dropped to freezing when he was staring at them.

    Chen Jianyu takes out his cell phone pissed off, “Yichen what the fuck is going on with the banquet on Friday night?” He waves at his driver to pull over he is meeting Chen Huan at the Black Lotus Club for dinner.

    Sun Yichen has just ordered a brandy at the Black Lotus Club the music is loud by where he is standing, he walks over to the end of the bar,“ Jianyu why are you calling me… talk to Banquet Manager Dong if there is any problem.” He hates Chen Jianyu and avoids him whenever possible.

    “Do you know who is having the banquet?”Chen Jianyu has been busy since he returned from Shingu Island and disregarded the invitation to the banquet on Friday not wanting to attend. Now he needs to make sure everything is perfect and needs the details about the banquet. No way is he going to let Leng Shuai look down on his hotel!

    Sun Yichen sips his brandy, “The Leng Corporation, so what? The Crescent Moon has held banquets for more important people than them why are you getting involved?” Now he is curious, Jianyu never bothers with the hotel’s business.

    “Listen you idiot! Every major family in Pushong has probably been invited do you want them to be dissatisfied bringing the hotel’s reputation down?”

   “Since when do you care?”

    “I have my reasons, I am sending my assistant in the morning at nine o’clock to collect all relevant information about the banquet. Have Banquet Manager Dong include the menu and everything… I mean everything! about the event ready for her to bring to me.”

    A seductive looking hostess from the club wearing a tight low cut red dress puts her slender hand on Sun Yichen’s shoulder whispering in his ear, “Your private room is ready.” He can feel her hot breath in his ear he is impatient to get to the private room he reserved for the night. Now that he feels her body pressed against his he can’t wait for the fun to begin. He ordered six beauties to accompany him and that Zangwa bastard tonight he can barely keep it in his pants already as she rubs on him between his legs

     Chen Jianyu is being his usual buzz kill. “I will have Dong prepare them, I’m busy now.” Abruptly hanging up the phone he finishes his drink wrapping his arm around her waist while lustfully staring at her breasts, “Angie did you get implants since I last saw you?”

    She forgot she had work done since she saw Sun Yichen last. He used to ask for her until that bitch Suzi came to work here, smiling up at him she pressing his hand on her chest, “What do you think?”

    He has a lecherous grin as he squeezes one, “Whoever you went to did a good job, very natural. I can’t wait to inspect his work more closely when we get to the room.” Kissing her neck as they walk up the stairs, she runs her fingers through his hair, “We prepared some special entertainment for you tonight. I think you will enjoy it.”

    Chen Jianyu wants to throw the phone, Sun Yichen you fucking little bastard if I could make you disappear without a corpse I would! He pictures Leng Shuai’s face why is he in Pushong City anyway what is his end game.

    First standing in the way of the Shingu land purchase now arriving in Pushong and organizing a large banquet. He leans back in the seat, “Peng after you drop me off at the Black Lotus Club call Wang Li tell him to meet me there.”

“…” Xin Peng doesn’t know if he should say something Wang Li’s wife is his cousin and he called him earlier telling him his wife was bitching at him for being away all weekend. So to make up for him having to work he is taking her out to her favorite restaurant. Wang Li is screwed, Xin Peng can hear his cousin now with her high pitched voice yelling at poor Li. He shakes his head, well when the boss wants you to work you have no choice. “Will do CEO Chen.”

    Chen Jianyu calls Rui he has tried all day since he saw the news about him marrying Wang Rebecca. “Finally you answered why didn’t you tell me you were getting married today? I had to hear it from Huan.”

    “It is a long story, what are you doing?” Rui just got back from his father’s house and is drinking a whiskey that old  bastard actually had the nerve to say he would block him at the board meeting on Friday.

    “I’m meeting Huan and Xiaobo at his club.”

   “Tell Xiaobo to have someone unlock the back door at the bottom of the stairs for me I’m coming to the Club.”

    “…” Shouldn’t Rui be with his new wife even if it is just for appearances? He knows Rui if he says any something he will blow up. “I will let him know I am arriving at the Club now.”

    Chen Jianyu walks through the front door then without waiting for a hostess to greet him he heads up the stairs to Xiaobo’s private room. When he enters his brother is discussing his new drama with Xiaobo,”Kang Jin is hot right now we are beginning to film now but that little slut..” he stops talking when he sees his brother coming inside, “Jianyu what took you so fucking long to get here?”

    “I had some business to take care of before I came I told you when you called.”

    “Oh right. Anyway Xiaobo what I was saying I need to recast her. Her popularity is declining since some pictures of her surfaced with her ex boyfriend. I can’t control her anti fans and it is causing problems with production.” He shows him a picture on his phone, “What do you think of this girl? Kang Jin suggested her for the part.”

    Xiaobo takes the phone from him, “The girl is stunning why haven’t I seen her in anything?”

    “Kang Jin said her name is Meng QiQi she is from a small town where he attended high school in the mountains. He told me she has acted in some University productions but that’s it.  Seriously with her looks I’m willing to take a chance if she and Kang Jin have on screen chemistry, I can hire a professional coach for her to improve her skills. I met her in person and  I couldn’t take my eyes off that body of hers and her face is pretty too, she could be the next goddess with a little plastic surgery.”

    Chen Jianyu is listening to their conversation while he pours himself some wine, “ Xiaobo pass the phone over let me see.”

    He scrolls through the pictures then suddenly spits out his wine, isn’t that Kang Mei in a selfie with Kang Jin?… wait Kang Mei..Kang Jin are they related?

   “What the fuck Jianyu that almost sprayed onto my shirt!” Chen Huan jumps up, “Give me my fucking phone back.” His brother is acting as though he never saw a pretty girl before…

    “Huan who is this girl next to Kang Jin his sister?”

     He leans over taking his phone back, “Jin sent me a few pictures, I think he included this one by mistake, he doesn’t have a sister. I have no idea who she is but she looks familiar.”

    “Give me his number!”

    Huan sits back down taking a piece of fruit off a platter, “You have it don’t you?”

    That’s right he got it when he was in Shingu City. “Right.”

    “Do you know that girl?” 

    “I will soon find out if I do!”    he dials Kang Jin’s number it goes directly to voicemail he doesn’t want to leave a message. “Huan do you have any other number for him?”

    “I have his agent’s number he is probably at a fan event right now. “

    “Call his fucking agent and tell her Kang Jin needs to meet you here after the event. Send me that picture from your phone, the one with the girl with the green eyes.”


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