Qiao Delun pulls up in front of the Black Lotus Club, “I know I can’t dissuade you from meeting him but LiMei I told you last night what I think of this place don’t leave Leng Shuai’s side tonight. 

     There is an auction at midnight that has drawn a great deal of interest from the Underworld because of a few certain items. I overheard my grandfather and father discussing it earlier today they both had invitations but weren’t going to attend, their only focus right now is the board meeting on Friday.”

    “Thank you Delun for your concern it means a lot to me. I really appreciate you helping me out yesterday and today. I will be careful but unfortunately as I just told you he has the white jade necklace and I want it back from him.”

    LiMei steps out of the car then walks to the door of the Club. She is stopped by a huge intimidating man in front of the door. He must be 198 cm tall and is as formidable looking as Mt. Tai! 

    LiMei studies him he looks more like a man in the military than a simple doorman, maybe the Club heightened security because of the auction Delun mentioned.

     She attended a similar auction in Beruit with Kuang Bo, it also started at midnight and the items auctioned off were rare items smuggled from different countries. 

     The people who received invitations were all high level men from the Underworld a few elite business men and a spy or two.

    Kuang Bo was there to buy a rare artifact stolen from a museum in Italy for a billionaire who didn’t want his identity known. Unfortunately or fortunately they were outbid the man who acquired the object was then killed by Kuang Bo who stole the reigious icon from him.

    Not feeling any remorse he had given the buyer a chance to resell it to him for 5% more than he paid but he refused and mocked Kuang Bo for being slow to raise his paddle. 

     The insult took away any hesitation that he shouldn’t kill the man  then pocket the money the billionaire had given him.

    Although the British billionaire had a suspicion  Kuang Bo had cheated him he didn’t pursue the matter because the end result was he possessed the rare religious icon for his collection.

   The mountain of a man guarding the entrance lifted his thick arm to prevent LiMei from moving foreward towards the door. “Miss no one is allowed to enter the Club now it closed early for regular patrons.”

      LiMei wondered why even though it s late there were no women standing outside.

   “I’m a guest of someone inside, Leng Shuai, he was supposed to send his assistant to meet me.”

   He looks at her simple attire she looks like a little secretary. Why would CEO Leng bring a young girl like her to the auction it is full of the some of the most dangerous men in the world. “Wait here I will check.”

    Another man rushes past LiMei up to the door, he is an older man who looks familiar. He is wearing rimless glasses and his gray hair is slightly messed up. He looks as if he got out of bed threw some clothes on to get here in a big hurry.

    The doorman comes out and the man gets in front of LiMei to talk to the him, “I am Mo Guizho here to pick up Chen Hua for Director Chen.” He pulls out his ID from Hushang Group. “It is urgent I retrieve her now.”

    “Well you better hurry all the regular customers should have left this place is getting locked down in fifteen minutes.” he opens the door for him and the man scurries inside.

    LiMei is observing them , locked down what the hell, she doesn’t want to get stuck in there. She asks the cold faced man after Chen Huan’s assistant leaves, “Locked down what do you mean?”

    “When the auction starts no one can enter or leave until it is over. Miss you should leave I checked and there is no Jason looking for someone by the hostess desk or around there.”

     After hearing that statement she was going  to tell Jason to have Leng Shuai come down no way is she getting stuck in there. Now there is no need!  No problem… I can go! She smiles brightly at the doorman , “Very well I will be leaving then. Sorry to have troubled you!”

   LiMei breathes a sigh of relief whew..well he wouldn’t let her in what can Leng Shuai say, haha. She turns to walk away when she hears a familiar voice, “Leaving? No I don’t think so.”

   Leng Shuai? Dammit. She stops mid step with a disappointed expression on her face, “Leng Shuai there you are.”

   He glares at the doorman, “She is with me. Holding onto her slender arm he has an alluring devilish grin, “Sorry I’m late, come on honey or we will not be able to get in the auction.”

    Jason walks behind them through the door. “Did you want me to stay?” It is his day off, he really doesn’t want to watch them it is unnerving to see the Boss act this way around a woman.

    “No you can go it looks like the owner of the Club Xiaobo hired ex military so there won’t be any incidents.

   I am not here to purchase any controversial items I only want to observe the auction to see who wants the Sacred Stone. I’m not even going to attend until the second half.”

    “Leng Shuai are you sure you don’t want your Jason to attend in place of me? I’m sure you would enjoy his company much more than me.”

   “…” Your Jason? Both the men have complicated looks on their faces. Leng Shuai’s face darkens realizing what she means, “Feng LiMei I think you have a misconception about my sexual preference.”

  Suddenly he leans his head down and kisses her tempting pink lips fiercely, biting and sucking on her lower lip. She tires to push him away but then he takes her small hands into his then let’s her go. 

     Still holding her soft little hands in his he smiles at the angry expression on her face, her cheeks are flushed and her eyes have a murderous gleam. “Leng Shuai you bastard what are you doing? Forget it I’m leaving. Keep the damn necklace.’

    She is wiping her mouth with her hand stomping towards the exit in a huff. The large man stops her as she tries to leave, “I told you Miss you can’t leave until the auction is over.”

   Jason knows he has missed his opportunity to leave also by looking at the two of them and not immediately leaving when CEO Leng said he could. 

     Now he can only wait until the auction is over himself. Damn this little girl and the Boss are annoying!

    LiMei wants to kick this man as tall as Mt. Tai standing in front of the door, “Why not! I’m not going to the stupid auction with him! Just open the door.”

    “Can’t open door.”

    Leng Shuai is standing there laughing at her, he walks over and says, “It is no use he won’t open the door, come with me we will go to a private room and have some food.” He knows she likes to eat that should tempt her to behave.

    “The kitchen is still open?” LiMei changes her attitude after drinking then sleeping for awhile she woke up hungry.


    “Alright but how late is this auction I have to get up for work in the morning.”

   “Two hours, but you don’t need to go to work early.”

   “I do need to be on time, I missed work today and I’m sure my Boss will dock my pay or even fire me if I am late.”

    “No he won’t.” They are walking to the elevator and Leng Shuai pats her head, “You can go to work in the afternoon he won’t say a word.”

    “Not every boss is as easy going as yours Leng Shuai, letting you run wild doing whatever you want. The way you order little Jason around is too much. Someone would think you are the Big Boss.

    Imagine how he felt to when he saw you kiss me just to prove you aren’t gay. Do you think one kiss will straighten you out? Where is your Big Boss anyway? On vacation until his banquet on Friday? Is he a good tipper? I am one of the servers for the banquet.”

    Jason is walking behind them and can hear every word she is saying his face is turning green. Shut up Miss Feng please I beg you stop! We are not a gay couple! I am a highly skilled bodyguard with a Masters in Business from Harvard University not the Boss’ plaything!

    Leng Shuai chuckles to himself playing with the little idiot is too much fun. How can she not see he IS the Big Boss?  He has no plans to let her know, he finds her antics too amusing. “ I am a valued employee so of course he treats me well, and yes the CEO is a very good tipper.

    LiMei’s expression changes as she thinks about the big tip she will get on Friday. Leng Shuai notices her greedy look he has a faint smile and his eyes have a devilish look. “You know Miss Feng I am the one in charge of the banquet so I decide what the hotel employees deserve as a tip. You will need to satisfy me.”

   “Then I will work hard for the CEO you will definitely be satisfied!”


   They arrive at the third floor and go to a private room. Leng Shua calls downstairs for a server to come up. LiMei looks at her phone after they sit on the couch. No calls I wonder if Rui is still sleeping.

    She looks up at Leng Shuai sitting next to her on the couch, “So about getting my necklace back from you. I think you should give it back to me. Let’s call it even between us after tonight and go our separate ways.”

   “I feel after you stood  me up tonight I will need to reevaluate the situation. I had considered relenting and giving it back to you at dinner.”

    Jason coughs Boss you are such a liar! He is looking at his phone as he sits in the chair by the door. It appears Han Weisheng has arrived he sent him a text message he saw the two smugglers he came looking for at the auction as he entered the Club.

    “That was the surprise?! Returning my necklace” LiMei could kick herself for getting drunk and not meeting him!

    “Of course what else would it be?” Leng Shuai refuses to allow her off the hook for leaving him wondering where she was earlier this evening.

     Also as soon as Phoebe landed he instructed her to meet them outside the Black Lotus Club with the pink diamond bracelet that is why he almost missed entrance to the auction. This Little Trouble…from now on he will know where she is at all times.

   “What do you want to eat?”

   “Anything..I’m not picky.” I almost lost my appetite from you telling me I could have the necklace already in my hands. But I can eat a little something.

    The server knocks on the door, he motions to Jason to answer it. When he opens it the sound of a woman’s muffled pleading can be heard in the background. It sounds like she is having rough sex next door.

   LiMei is uncomfortable after hearing the woman begging a man to stop. {She has no idea the two men in the room with her  know it is probably sex play.} Is she being raped?

    Should she see if she can help the poor woman by knocking out the men. It sounds like two different men’s voices. She glances over at Leng Shuai, would he help the woman if she asked. He had to have heard her pleading and whimpering also.

    Leng Shuai orders some food then sends the server away, opening the bottle of wine the server brought.

    LiMei as a woman can’t sit by and watch an innocent woman being raped. She is going to ask him, “Leng Shuai didn’t you hear that woman?’

    “Yes, why?”

   “We can’t just sit here eating and drinking while a woman is being raped next door.”

   Raped? I don’t think so from those sounds, “It is none of my business.” He takes a sip of wine he is about to get the bracelet out of his pocket and put it on her thin wrist.

    “Well I can’t!” LiMei stands up to go see what is going on, Leng Shuai pulls her back down onto the couch, “You aren’t going anywhere.”

   “Leng Shuai what kind of man can ignore a woman being raped?’

    “How do you know she is being raped? It was only their voices as the server opened the door. I don’t hear anything now.” he drinks his wine.

    “You jerk the rooms are soundproof, we probably only heard that snippet because both doors were open at the same time! There is no time to waste you can’t stop me!”

   “Sit down!” Does she think she is a little vigilante.

   “Jason go see what is going on next door if she is being raped help her. Are you satisfied now.”

    “Little Jason what can he do? You go you are much bigger man than he is, I don’t want Jason to get hurt.”

   “…” You don’t care if I am hurt? Only worried about Jason? Leng Shuai’s aura darkens, he gives Jason an angry look, “Go.”

    Jason is quaking in his shoes, Miss Feng do you want me killed? Can’t you see the CEO likes you! Why bring me into it and BTW I am a almost 185cm… which is not short and I am a highly skilled  trained ex Special Forces Elite, how can you call me weak?

    Twenty five minutes ago…

    Wang Rebecca got into the elevator with Amir Malouf then two muscular men in black suits held the elevator door to enter. 

     She assumed they were his bodyguards and didn’t panic. That was until Amir Malouf said with a sarcastic tone, “ You want my purple pills so badly after they are finished with you they will pay you with a bag of them.”

    Motioning at the men to hold her back as she lunges towards him, he steps out of the elevator laughing. She tries to push the elevator door to open she is standing by the panel to follow him but the two men blocked her movements.

    While she is still trying to fathom what is going on one of the men grab her into his arms snickering, “As soon as the pill you took takes effect you will be begging us to fuck you all night!” 

    They both start laughing one of the perks of working for that crazy Malouf he always throw them women he doesn’t want.

    Wang Rebecca is paralyzed in fear looking at these two men’s lecherous looks, she took a pill? Did Amir Malouf put one into her wine glass? He must have when she went to the ladies room. Maybe she can pay them off, “I’m rich! I have money! How much do you want to let me go?”

    She will pay them then have Wang Kai come to pick her up to alleviate the drug’s effects. It will be fun having him bring her relief.

    The man with the tattoo of a coiled snake on his bicep grabs her between her legs squeezing her with his rough hand. “We don’t lack money you fat bitch what we lack tonight is p***y.”

    They did a few pills themselves when the Boss told them the plan. They can’t wait to devour this whore, the Boss said she is an addict so they can have a good time using her body any way they want.

    Fat? I’m not fat! She starts crying as the elevator door opens on the third floor, “ Get your hands off me! Please…please what do you want..anything…don’t do this to me!”

    They shove her into the room and she falls on the ground tripping on her high heels. Should she say it although it is supposed to be a secret if she mentions Wang Kai is the head of the Red Wolf Syndicate maybe they will let her go. “My brother is the head of the Red Wolf Syndicate if you touch me you will regret it!”

    The man who first grabbed her kicks her in her waist, “What a joke! Do you know who our Boss is?”

    Wang Rebecca is in a great deal of pain from his kick holding her side tears rolling down her cheeks, “Amir Malouf but he is no one in Pushong City! If my brother finds out you won’t leave this city alive.”

    The man named Rashid pulls her up from the floor by her hair, “Your brother is an ant compared to our Boss. If you don’t want to get fucked until you die, cooperate. He said don’t hurt you but if you keep talking I can’t guarantee I won’t kill you then fuck your corpse”

    The drug is beginning to work and Rebecca is having trouble controlling her urge to grab the man who is in front of her. Repulsive as he is she needs some relief her body is on fire.

    He tears at the top of her dress revealing her breasts, he starts to drool most of the women the Boss usually has around him are slimmer than this woman whose breasts are huge.

    He can’t remember the last time he tasted such a feast. “ Little Bro, I get her first you take the pictures.”

    His brother snorts, “No fucking way! Elder brother you always go first!”

 “That is right little brother, I do always go first! I am Number One! Ha..Ha..Ha..”

    He pushes Wang Rebecca down on the bed he takes his black silk shirt off as his knees have her body pinned between them locking her down preventing her from moving away. 

     Her brown eyes are glazing over she is getting excited seeing his hard tan chest and the belt buckle she wants to take his belt off and unzip his pants. She begins to hallucinate the man on top of her is Wang Kai, she runs her fingers down his chest scratching lightly with her red fingernails to the buckle in a seductive voice she whispers, “Gege. I will do it.”

   “Gege is it..I like that..” The man’s face is getting hot his body is on fire from the drug and this little slut just called him big brother. 

   Do she and her brother have that kind of relationship? What a perverted bitch..ha..ha.. He starts to take off his belt sliding it out of the loops he is about to explode thinking about her having sex with her own brother.  She puts her hands on his saying,“Hurry Gege. I need it.”

  “Uhhh.. I will give it to you..say it again babe. Call me gege.” He is getting more excited looking at the lustful expression on her face, the drug must have just kicked in her resistance is gone, now she wants it bad.

    He can see from her expression she is an addict her face is flushed and her body is writhing as she begs him. Obviously being so willing she is hallucinating about her gege, that is some kinky shit.

    Ripping the rest of her dress exposing her underwear, he remembers the Boss said get a lot of pictures, he needs to make sure he does or he will be punished. He turns to his brother who is gawking at her breasts, “Get the pictures stop staring!”

    “Right..right…” He takes his cell phone snapping pictures, video would be more exciting like a porn tape. Big bro can take video when I do her next then I can make a copy for my own entertainment.

    Once Wang Rebecca is completely naked he has removed his pants revealing his muscular legs and his hardness. Rebecca grabs him unable to wait, she begins moaning,”Gege, Kai..”

     Hamid can’t wait to join his brother Rashid and her in bed. He keeps taking pictures then says fuck it, taking off his clothes he is hard as he gets into the bed videotaping the three of them.

   What a fucking little slut! He can’t believe the tricks she has to tease them… she is a sick  woman…complete whore! He holds the phone up trying to capture her face as she puts her mouth on his brother. She is fucking drooling and she looked like a haughty bitch in the elevator.

   The sounds she is making and that mouth of hers devouring his brother like she is starving! Maybe we can keep her when we are finished and take her back to Morocco with us.

      Hamid has never had a woman do these things to him in his twenty two years. She is like a boneless snake wrapping around them. 

    Her hands are soft as she touches him sending electric currents through his body. This is the first time he has taken this drug and his body is reacting to her every touch as though he is on fire and can’t get enough of her. He buries his head in her full breasts sucking and biting them as he pushes his brother away. “It is my turn!” 

     Glaring at Rashid he  wants to kill his brother and have her to himself.

     Rashid smiles at him then moves down to pleasure her he wants to hear her say gege again as he takes her to the heavens. 

       Both the men are panting and groaning like beasts,  Wang Rebecca loudly moans as they continue on the bed. She can’t take them both at once and begs them to stop, but her cries only make the two brothers ravish her writhing body with even more intensity.

     After they put in their time to ready her they both hold her up one in front one in back of her body pounding into her nonstop. 

     She feels if this continues she will die but she craves it as she looks up into the younger man’s handsome face. He kisses her deeply not letting her breathe. Who is he? Kai brought him to their bed?

    The three of them are feeling the full effects of the drugs and each one is having their own fantasy from the hallucinogen in it.

    This pleading of Wang Rebecca’s is what LiMei heard when Amir’s bodyguard entered the room  to see if they were finished with the bitch. Amir sent him to get the two brothers because the action was going to start in forty five minutes at the auction he needs them in their positions.

    He tells them to finish and get downstairs. Both the brothers are in a daze from the lewd activities on the bed barely responding to his orders Hamid growling a barely audible yeah. 

     He is about to lose his mind as she is between his legs now satisfying him. Her hair is damp and her body is sweaty as she reaches up grabbing around his neck, whispering, “Kai… me.” He doesn’t care who the fuck this Kai is as he groans “Yes…” 

    They are still on the bed in this position when Jason comes to the room he silently opens the door to assess the situation before entering completely.

      He also heard the woman but didn’t want to say she could just be enjoying the sex, Feng LiMei seems rather naive. He could tell by the Boss’ expression he wanted to humor the girl.

   Just as he expected it was some woman crying out in pleasure, this Club is known for being a place people use for sex. He is about to leave when the woman’s head becomes visible from behind the man on top as she grips him around his neck.

    Fucking shit it is Wang Rebecca! With not just one man but two! Now he watches for a moment trying to see who she is with, he doesn’t recognize either man and one of them is holding a phone up obviously recording the debauchery.

   Jason quietly exits, this is more interesting than he thought it would be. 

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