Antidote Part 4

When the men reach the parking lot they walk over to Wang Kai’s SUV, the rugged looking man walking in front hands him the silver case. He takes it from him thinking this went much smoother than expected even after his initial plan was ruined. “I will deposit your pay go back to Chiyun City and continue working on that project.”

    “Boss, that nurse can identify us should I get rid of her?”

    “No that won’t be necessary, she will be a valuable asset in the future she has too much to lose if she comes forward with any information. After all she was the one that injected the technician. Did you block the security cameras in the elevator?’

    “Of course.”

    Wang Kai tells the man in the passenger seat to leave with them also reminding him to meet him tomorrow at five o’clock the regular meeting place.

    He dials Rebecca’s number she should be in Pushong City by now, “Little Sister.”

    Wang Rebecca is exhausted she hasn’t slept and is irritable. “Kai did you get it?”

    “Aren’t you going to greet your big brother first with some sweet words.”

    “Kai I don’t have patience for your nonsense did you get the antidote or not? Daddy is pressuring me to marry Qiao Rui or he is going to cut off my allowance! 

     My consulting firm is barely established and I need that money!  He said Wang Corporation will  be in financial crisis within a week if they don’t get the contract with Qiao Corporation.”

    “What do I care about that old fart. He drove me out of the company and if it weren’t for Zhou Dandan…” His thin lips curl up into a smile he knows mentioning Dandan will bother Rebecca, because she can’t stand her, part of the reason he taunts her with their relationship.

    “Kai I told you eventually I can secure the CEO position for you at Wang Corporation. Why you stay with that scrawny little bitch..never mind we are off track here. Meet me at my apartment bring the antidote.”

    “First you need to say something I want to hear.”

    Rebecca uses a coquettish tone as she coaxes him, “Gege I missed you so much, I love my big brother the most.”

    “I will be there in a half hour. But I think I should call Qiao Rui leaving you out of it as though a third party is pressuring for the marriage.”

    ” That is an excellent idea.” She wasn’t looking forward to making the call to Qiao Rui she knows his volatile temper. “I knew I could count on my Gege. I have a surprise for you when you get here I bought it on the island, it will enhance your pleasure.”

   Dammit he knows she is just saying what she knows he wants to hear, every time she tempts him in bed he loses his sanity.  It pisses him off he can’t have her to himself.

   Just the sound of her voice entices him, why did that old bastard have to adopt him! If he had just met her in High School everything could be out in the open about their relationship. Seriously.. fuck! They have no blood relation at all, but people would never accept them as a couple.

   The only way to keep her around him it seems is to be more devious than she is or she will slip out of his grasp. He decides he will make the game a little more interesting but first he needs to find out how long the girl has to live without the antidote. Driving down the highway he smirks, Rebecca you underestimate me thinking I will let you go easily without proper compensation.

    Wang Rebecca hangs up the phone she does love him but it is too hard watching him with Zhou Dandan knowing they can’t be together only meeting in secret. Her only solution to both her problems, financial and emotional is marrying Qiao Rui. Ever since Middle School she has had a crush on him, after she is married she can still continue to sleep with Kai.

    At the hospital the third floor is in chaos, the nurse recognizes Fu Bi but has no idea who the man is also on the floor.  She holds the door so it won’t close staring at the two unconsciuos people.

    ”Somebody come help.” A young nurse frantically runs over to see what is going on by the elevator. “We need to call the two male nurses on duty on the seventh floor to move them.”

    She runs back to the desk to call for help, “Hurry come to the third floor bring two stretchers, we have two people unconscious in the elevator.” 

     Rushing back to the elevator she doesn’t want to try to move them both are breathing what could have happened. When the men arrive she tells them to wheel the two people to two empty rooms then she calls the doctor on duty on the third floor, “Dr. Chou there are two people found unconscious in the elevator I had them taken to rooms 321 and 322.”

    “I will be right there.” His voice shows some annoyance,what a night he wishes he hadn’t switched shifts

    Qiao Rui glances at his watch Xixin should have arrived with the antidote by now. He touches LiMei’s forehead the fever has gone down from the acupuncture anyway, lightly kissing her forehead he sits up on the bed putting his shoes on to go to the nurses’ station. Before he can stand up his phone rings, thinking it is Xixin he quickly answers, “Where are you with the antidote?”

   A husky man’s voice he doesn’t recognize answers, “I’m not far from the hospital.”

   Rui has a bad feeling, “Who is this? Where is Dr. Woo?”

   “Dr. Woo is unconscious in the elevator.”

   Rui grips the phone in his hand his knuckles are white, “Bastard! What do you want?” He runs out the door of LiMei’s room to the elevator, it seems to be stuck on the third floor. “Nurse call down to the third floor see if anyone was found in elevator. 

     The nurse looks up from her paperwork, picking up the phone she dials the third floor. Walking away from the desk he growls into the phone, “I’m confirming what you said now. What do you want for the antidote?” 

     He wonders who is even aware of the situation besides Leng Shuai, if he is behind it he will destroy him. But he was equally concerned about Feng LiMei he wouldn’t pull a stunt like this. His aura turns black as his eyes narrow, whoever is behind this is a dead man!

     The nurse has a look of surprise on her face two people were found unconscious in the elevator just now. She sees Qiao Rui is on the phone and hesitates to interrupt him but he appears anxious over the situation, when he looks over towards her she nods her head yes.

    Wang Kai wants him to stew for a minute before he gives his ultimatum, “I will call in fifteen minutes with my demands.” He hangs up with a sinister smile on his face.

    Rui raise his arm to throw his phone at the wall, as he is about to let go he realizes he needs to wait for the man to call back. Frustrated he instructs the woman at the desk,“Nurse I am going to the third floor I will be right back, send a nurse in to monitor the patient in room 843.”

    “Yes Dr. Qiao. ”

    Rui grabs his bag from LiMei’s room staring at her with sweat beads forming on his forehead. Without wasting time to wait for the elevator he takes the stairs running down to the third floor. “Where is the male patient found unconscious in the elevator?”

    “He is in room 323 Dr. Chou is with him now.”

    Rui rushes down the hallway then bursts into the room startling both the nurse and Dr. Chou who is examining Dr. Woo. “Dr. Qiao what are you doing here this time of night.”

   “You can leave I will examine the patient.” His oppressive aura makes it difficult for them to breathe. Dr. Chou has worked at the hospital for four years he is shocked at Rui’s appearance, he has never seen Rui appear anything but calm as though neither heaven nor earth would move him. He motions to the nurse to leave with him quickly.

    Rui checks Dr. Woo’s vitals then shines a light in his eyes, it appears from the needle mark on his neck he was injected with a drug. His heart rate is normal and so is his oxygen level most likely the drug was a sedative. He is about to get his silver needles out to try to awaken him when his phone with the blocked number calls again.

      Knowing Dr. Woo isn’t in danger he walks away from the bed and answers. “State your demands, time is of the essence to prevent the patient from dying.”

    Wang Kai grips the phone tightly wondering how long she will live without the antidote, he doesn’t want to be implicated if she dies. “Very simple I want 5 million dollars and you need to marry Wang Rebecca.”

    “I will pay you 10 million dollars but I won’t marry Wang Rebecca.”

    “Dr. Qiao do you think you are in the position to negotiate with me? I hear you care quite a bit about the beautiful little patient.”

    “Who are you? What is your interest in me marrying that bitch.” Dark lines are forming on Rui’s forehead as he spits out these words.

    Wang Kai’s eyes narrow as he clenches his fist, he doesn’t like Qiao Rui calling Rebecca a bitch.“Since I have the antidote I don’t need to answer your questions. Are you willing to meet the terms?”

    Rui’s head is about to explode there is no way in hell he will marry anyone but LiMei. “I will pay you 20 million but no marriage.” Money is not a problem he is a billionaire from all his investments in the last five years since he returned to Pushong City, he hides his wealth so as not to draw the attention of his father.

   Wang Kai is tempted he doesn’t want Rebecca to marry Qiao Rui he wants to find a way they can be together, Rebecca doesn’t need to know about the money and with that capital he could break away from both the Zhou family and the Wang family. 

     But Rebecca is expecting him to secure her marriage. an idea comes to him, “I have a proposition for you 20 million and you have a fake marriage for three months. This amount of time  would be long enough for him to establish his business with all the connections he already has in place.

    “What do you mean fake marriage?”

    “You take Wang Rebecca to the Civil Affairs Bureau but I will bribe the clerk not to file your marriage. You can secure your position as CEO of Qiao Corporation and the Wang Corporation can get the telecom supply contract. You can walk away after those three months.”

    “Are you a shareholder in Wang Electronics?” Rui tries to figure out this man’s agenda why would he care if he married Wang Rebecca and a fake marriage lasting three months, that is an odd.

    “You could say so.”

    “I refuse.”

    “Do you really have a choice if you want your little girlfriend to survive the night?”

    How does this man know about his relationship with Feng LiMei, who could his source be? Rui thinks about it he could explain the situation to LiMei and keep Rebecca at arms’s length. The marriage would ensure him being named CEO of Qiao Corporation fulfilling his mother’s wish.

     He could then destroy Xiatong, his stepmother and his father whom he hates. Three months wouldn’t be long to endure , he needs the fucking antidote! What other choice does he have there isn’t enough time for him to investigate who took the antidote and retrieve it even if he enlisted Han Weisheng’s help.

    “Well do you accept my terms?”

    “How do I know you can keep the documents from being filed?”

    “You don’t but afterwards you can check the veracity of what I said when I send you the shredded documents. “

    “Why three months?”

    “You are asking too many questions, this is non negotiable. Do we have a deal?”

    Rui can’t gamble with LiMei’s life there isn’t enough time to recreate the antidote. “Three months not a day more will I pretend to be married to that woman.”

    “Deal, deposit the money to this account when it is received I will have my man bring the antidote. Don’t even think about backing out and not being at the Civil Affairs Bureau in the morning or your little beauty will meet with an accident.”

    “If you touch Feng LiMei you are a dead man!”

    “I will inform Miss Wang you will meet her there at ten o’clock in the morning.” Click.

    Rui can’t control his rage after the man hangs up on him, he throws the table next to him across the room, then punches the wall in anger. Fucking bastard! He will find out who this man is and destroy his entire family!

    He tries to calm down thinking Limei’s life is the most important consideration right now everything else can be handled. He then wires the money into the account he was given, putting his hands on his head his head is throbbing, how is he going to survive the next few months. 

     Will LiMei even understand? Walking over to Dr. Woo’s bed he breaks down thinking about the situation, “Xixin I can’t lose LiMei..I can’t..why is my life so fucked up!”

   He wipes his eyes with his slender fingers composing himself he then takes a silver needle out of his bag and inserts into Dr. Woo’s neck. Slowly he wakes up staring at Rui, in a groggy voice he says,“I’m sorry Rui I wasn’t alert.”

    “It isn’t your fault I never thought someone would want to intercept the antidote.”

    Dr. Woo rubs his neck, “What are you going to do?”

    “The thief contacted me I met his demands. You rest I will check back on you after I receive the antidote.”

    “I’m glad you woke me up be sure and give her only 3cc’s of the antidote anymore could be deadly to her, inject it into her thigh for quickest results.” He attempts to sit up in bed, “I will go with you.”

    Rui gently pushes him back down, “Xixin you rest I can handle it. How long should it take before the antidote takes effect?”

   “I calculate no more than a half hour she should wake up the poison should be neutralized”

    “I am going to go wait for it to arrive. After Feng LiMei is stabilized I will come back to check on you.” he hands him a glass of water, his voice was cracking when he woke up.

    “En.” Dr. Woo gulps down the water then lays his head down trying to recall the struggle in the elevator he had the two men in front of him how could they inject him in his neck? Was it the nurse?”

    Rui takes the elevator to the eighth floor to wait for the antidote, as he passes the nurse’s station they comment on his appearance. “I have never seen Dr. Qiao look so disheveled do you think it relates to the patient he is personally caring for in room 843?”

    The other nurse responds, “It could be, I was on break downstairs when he came rushing in with the young girl bundled in his arms, he looked very worried. I could only see her face but she looked very young and beautiful. ”

    “ He must be very worried, did you see? His eyes are bloodshot and his face looks pale as though he hasn’t slept. His handsome face even has some stubble on it.”

    “Dr. Qiao always appears like he has no emotions, cold and aloof, have you ever seen him personally care for a patient before?”

     “I looked at her chart she was poisoned.”

      “Poisoned!” The nurse’s eyes widen in disbelief, this is  like out of a novel.

     “Yeah they are waiting for the antidote maybe that is why he looks distraught, it should have been here by now.”

    Downstairs a man in a black suit walks up to the desk and hands a silver case to Nurse Huan, “This is a delivery Dr. Qiao is waiting to receive for the patient in room 843.”

   “Do I need to sign for it?” She looks up but the man has disappeared. Picking up the phone she calls the eighth floor, “A package arrived for Dr. Qiao I am short on nurses right now can you send someone down to take it to him, it is for the patient in room 843.”

   The two nurses that are gossiping about Qiao Rui suddenly stop, the pretty nurse who just arrived on duty says, “It must be the antidote I will go get it and take it to him.” She has wanted a chance to get close to him since she started working at the hospital.

    “Fine I will call the room and inform him it is at the front desk.”

    The phone rings in the room Rui picks it up, “Dr. Qiao the antidote has arrived Nurse Cheng went to pick it up downstairs.”

    “Send it to the room immediately!”

    After he hangs up he breathes a sigh of relief, he whispers to LiMei, “The antidote is here soon you will wake up.” He lightly kisses her forehead. “I hope you will understand what I need to do.”

    LiMei can hear his voice tinged with despair, his voice is hoarse he sounds extremely tired he must have gone through a lot to obtain it for her. She wants to see his handsome face and look into his eyes again she has missed him terribly.

   The door opens and Nurse Cheng hands Rui the silver case, “Dr. Qiao I can stay and assist you if you need me.” 

   “No you can leave.”

Disappointed she turns to leave first peeking at LiMei lying on the bed. The girl has a delicate beauty who would want to poison her she wonders.

    Rui  opens the silver case revealing a small vial of a crimson colored liquid he carefully removes it and prepares the hypodermic needle with exactly 3ccs then without delay he lifts LiMei’s hospital gown. 

     Staring at her creamy white thigh he tenderly touches her soft skin then injects the antidote.

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