You Will Pay

  Leng Shuai follows her out, he has never met a woman with such an ability to change faces so quickly. When they arrive she is in for a surprise, who does she think she is, if it weren’t for him she would most likely be stranded on the mountain or dead, in her drunken state anything could have happened to her.

     He saved her and instead of thanks she offers him money! His blood is boiling as they walk to the plane through the town.  Noticing the angry expression on his face LiMei determines her jab hit home, she chuckles his temper must be flaring, well it serves him right laughing at her.

     When they get to the plane he contacts the airport to make sure he can land, once he gets the okay he starts the engines. LiMei looks at her watch, “How long is the flight?”

     “About forty five minutes.”  He is calculating the trip to the Grand Hotel should be thirty minutes if the meeting is at nine he will delay her so she has no choice but to show up in the clothes she is wearing, that should infuriate her boss. It might be petty but he comforted her, carried her up the mountain and offered her a ride to Shingu City which she felt was undeserving of a thank you. He is Leng Shuai, he doesn’t bend for anyone yet she repaid his consideration by insulting him!

     LiMei has no idea the depth of his anger, she is busy calculating how much time she will have when she arrives. She should have enough time to check in, the hotel probably has a Boutique she can buy a dress, it should work out fine. She looks up as the plane takes off into the air, so beautiful, a small plane is much different from an airliner.

     Sitting in the passenger seat she feels she could reach out and touch the billowy white clouds. Leng Shuai glances over at her as she wistfully gazes out the window, he almost changes his mind then she says, “ Leng Shuai I don’t want my boss to know what happened so if you ever see me when I am in Shingu City please act as though we have never met. Of course I doubt I would run into you since he is a powerful CEO and you are merely a pilot but I wanted to mention that.”

     If they weren’t up in the air he would stop it and throw her out! Where does she get her nerve! “Don’t worry Feng LiMei I don’t think there will be a situation where we would meet.” Embarrassing her might not be enough after that comment, more drastic measures to teach her a lesson might be in order.

     “Hmm..good.” She is going to tell Chen Jianyu her flight was delayed and she was forced to take a later one. No need to explain this debacle to him. LiMei closes her eyes her head hurts and her stomach is grumbling.

     He needs to find out a little more about this meeting, she mentioned The Grand Reef Hotel most likely it will be held in one of their conference style rooms. When he arrives he will inquire what companies have reserved a room at nine o’clock. Feng LiMei you shouldn’t have crossed my bottom line with your impudence!

     They arrive at the airstrip after he lands the plane he wakes her up, “Feng LiMei aren’t you in a hurry?”

     “Oh yeah..” She waits for him to come around and help her out. Oh shit if she uses Chen Jianyu’s card he might wonder why she took a cargo service, she doesn’t want to use her card either, she should find an ATM then pay with cash. LiMei takes his hand as he helps her down with a charming smile she tells him, “Leng Shua I don’t want my boss to know I took a second tier plane, I am going to the ATM and I will be right back with the cash for you. How much do I owe you?”

     Leng Shuai thinks more than you can pay little girl for all the aggravation you have given me, “From Hirachi City to the mountain then back to Shingu City that will be 8,000 Yuan.”

    “That is outrageous I meant from the mountain to Shingu City you were going to the mountain village anyway and I was stuffed back in the cargo section.”

    “Should I call the police then, stowing away on a plane you can be sentenced to five years in jail.”

     “Pfft..fine I will be right back.” That is blackmail!

     “I have to go into the airport I will accompany you.” It is easy to see she plans on running away, it is written all over her face.

     Dammit, after hearing the sum you want  I was going to slip away and mail you the money later I don’t know the PIN for this card, I’m not spending 8,000 yuan of my savings! “All right but we need to hurry I need to catch a taxi to the Sea Breeze Hotel.”

     Leng Shua recalls her saying The Grand Reef Hotel was where she wanted to go. He laughs to himself she is going to run away, well little bunny let’s see how far you get.

     They enter the main airport LiMei looks around for an ATM, she sees one over by the restroom perfect I will say I need to use the bathroom then..then what? He will wait outside for me. What should I do? Well there is no other choice I will knock him out then escape, I will scream he is robbing me at the ATM when people rush over I will hit him with a palm strike then disappear in the crowd. When she returns to Pushong City on Monday she will sell the necklace Rui gave her and send him the money, she will even add another thousand yuan, he should be satisfied.

     Watching her face Leng Shuai can tell she is scheming, her green eyes are darting around and she is biting her finger, so obvious. What is she planning? He calmly walks next to her when they reach the ATM LiMei takes out her card and is about to put it in the machine, she motions for him to lean down, he smiles what is she up to, he leans down towards her face, “Why aren’t you going to use the black card you were waving around yesterday?”

     LiMei feels slightly guilty looking into his eyes, but she has no choice, she whispers, “Sorry.” She swiftly hits the side of his neck with a palm strike, he suddenly falls to the ground. She changes her mind she can’t scream thief that would be wrong having him sent to the police station and he will surely seek revenge. “She yells out “Oh..Help ..Help! This man fainted!” Two men are coming out of the men’s room they quickly rush over, her eyes misty as she pleads, “Please call 120 my phone is out of battery, I will go to the desk to seek help!”

     One man pulls out his cell dialing 120, the other man lifts Leng Shuai’s head off the ground. LiMei rushes through the crowd, he won’t wake up for a couple hours, she hit him in his Zehua Point. It won’t cause him any complications if she had her silver needles she could have erased his memory of her that would have been perfect. Dashing out the doors by the baggage claim she waves at a taxi, “Please take me to The Grand Reef Hotel, please hurry!” Looking at her watch she should have just enough time to get ready for the meeting.

     At the airport the medical team arrives and puts Leng Shuai on a stretcher, because of the casual clothes he is wearing they are taking him to the Public Hospital. He doesn’t have a wallet on him so there is no identification, his backpack is still in the plane and all his information is in the inside pocket. There are only two hospitals n Shingu City one is the Public Hospital and the other is a privately owned hospital for VIPs that vacation here or the few wealthy people who own homes on the island.

     LiMei in the meantime has arrived at the hotel, it is only 7:30 perfect! She walks to the counter to check in, the man behind the desk frowns she is dirty and has no luggage. “My name is Feng LiMei I missed my plane I was supposed to arrive last night.” He looks for her name, there it is she is with the Hushang Group, “You are in room 7650, here you have several messages”, he hands her a stack, OMG Chen Jianyu must be very angry. There are several from him, Wang Li and even Han Nuying. “Thank you, where is your Boutique?”

     “It is on the first floor but it doesn’t open until ten o’clock.”

     LiMei scrunches up her face, shit..what is she going to do? She sees the message from Han Nuying maybe she could impose on her for a dress for the meeting, she had a good impression of her when they spoke. But she has no idea what she looks like or what her size would be. Well it is her only choice, she asks at the desk for her room number, she should be awake.

The desk clerk gives the room card to her and she goes up to the seventh floor, knocking on the door she is nervous. Han Nuying opens the door,“Can I help you?” The girl in the door is unfamiliar to her, OMG LiMei thinks to herself I forgot to put my wig and blue contacts in, how am I going to explain this, “Sorry wrong room.”

     LiMei leans up against the wall outside the room, what is she going to do? A woman is coming out of the room next door, LiMei is desperate she looks about my size maybe I could offer to buy some clothes from her, no she will think I am crazy. LiMei decides she will take a dress from the woman’s room, before the door shuts LiMei stops the woman, “I’m from maintenance and they sent me to check there is a leak dripping water  into the room below.”

    “I’m on my way to breakfast with a client, come back.”

    “It is urgent”, LiMei pulls her Hushang group ID out of her wallet in her backpack flashing it quickly, “Here is my hotel identification. I will lock the door when I leave.”

     “This hotel is going downhill, I won’t be staying here my next trip! If anything is missing from my room I will sue the hotel!” She walks away LiMei has her foot in the door so it won’t close. Sue the hotel, will she notice one dress missing?

     LiMei still has her high heels in her backpack she only needs a dress. She hurries to the closet opening it up, in the midst of several dresses is a beige dress with a black collar that will work. It looks common enough someone might have the same dress if the woman should see her, looking at the belt holding up her pants she can use the black skinny belt on the stolen dress and tie the ribbon like a little tie which will make it look different. Stuffing the dress into her backpack she leaves the room, looking down the hallway she sees her room, 7650.

    She feels terrible her stomach is upset and her head is throbbing, if she had her silver needles she could relieve her headache, for now she will see if room service can bring food and a headache remedy. Tossing the dress on the bed she plugs in her phone to charge she will  call Du Chang to apologize for the missed dinner. Heading into the bathroom she turns on the hot water to fill the bath, she wants to soak and relax, whew..she made it back in time for the meeting.

    As she slides into the tub she sighs picturing Leng Shuai slumping to the ground, it used to not bother her when she would use her little tricks to escape but now she feels a twinge of guilt. He did help her to get to Shingu City why was he unreasonable on the price of the trip! Well,most likely being poor he needs the money thinking her boss could easily afford the 8,000 yuan.

     Soaking in the bath LiMei is regretting the scene at the airport earlier while running her fingers over the water, Leng Shuai is lying in a ward with several occupied beds. A pretty nurse is checking his vitals admiring him pondering, too bad he is a working man his looks are outstanding, he possesses flawless facial features and his body is perfect.

     An old nurse in a wrinkled uniform comes up beside her, “Stop drooling over him Lani and take his blood pressure. As soon as he wakes up we need to get him out of here, if it wasn’t an emergency situation we wouldn’t have admitted him.” Lani lifts his muscular arm pushing up his sweater to place the monitor on him. His skin is smooth, almost soft, she would have thought a working man’s skin would be rough, she runs her fingers up his arm, so handsome.

    Their voices and her touch on his skin stimulates Leng Shuai he slowly wakes up, he tries to sit up but falls backwards. Lani quickly comes to her senses she was in a daze admiring his looks, “Sir, lay down! Don’t try to move, I will call the doctor!” She quickly pushes the buzzer another nurse comes to the bed, “Is he awake?” Lani replies, “He woke up then fell backwards as he tried to sit up ask Dr. Norman to check him.”

     Leng Shuai can hear their voices but his head is throbbing… Where is he? A hospital? What happened ?He puts his hand on his head he has a lump on the back, when he touches it the pain makes him wince. The last thing he remembers is being in the airport at the cash machine with Feng LiMei where is she?

    Lani is worried now that he is awake they will kick him out without doing any tests. She leans down and whispers in his ear, “Mister pretend to be unconscious for awhile, if they see you are awake they will kick you out.”

     Kick me out, he can’t believe what he is hearing, I’m CEO of Leng Enterprises how would they dare! He opens his eyes his vision is blurry he sees a woman’s chest in his face, her round face by his ear, “Woman get off me!” Lani is taken aback she was only trying to warn him, she backs up, “I’m sorry I..” Before she can finish Dr. Norman arrives he looks at the chart, Unknown Male, head trauma, vitals are normal. “Discharge him.”

    Leng Shuai can barely see, He opens his eyes, in a hoarse voice he says, “Get me a phone.”

     The doctor sneers at him, You are in the indigent ward there are no phones in here. On your way out there is a phone at the reception desk . Nurse did you check on the man in bed four his bandages need to be changed.”

     “Yes Doctor.” Lani walks over to the patient turning her head to glance at Leng Shuai, pity being poor you won’t receive decent care at this hospital.

     Leng Shuai can’t voice his anger his head hurts too badly deciding he will deal with these people later, right now he needs to call his assistant at his vacation home to send a driver.

    Holding onto the bed rail he stands with a great deal of effort,  Feng LiMei I know you had something to do with this! You will pay!

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