XiXi and Yun Tai Wake Up…

XiXi sleepily stretches her arms? She looks down at her body..Aiya..I’m not a cat anymore!

     I thought this spell would last twenty four hours, it is only dawn! Is that what the torn corner of the page was with the clock? Somehow you need to set the time?

     She looks down at her naked body and sees Yun Tai fast asleep next to her, his handsome face inches from her. His ink black hair partially on her shoulder.   

     She immediately covers her chest..when did I change back? That wine knocked me out, I don’t remember anything after we were sitting by the fire. I just felt so hot from the wine and had a tingling feeling throughout my body.

     Was I a cat then or myself?

     Did Yun Tai see me?   Ahhhh…

     She wants to knock her head against a wall..why didn’t I look closer at that clock in the corner of the page!

     I wouldn’t have copied it if it wasn’t important!

     What happened here last night , looking at the half clothed man next to her..she wants to cry..

     She slowly slides off the bed,trying not to disturb him. He seems seriously passed out, thank God!

     My dress is under the mattress there is no way I can get it.  XiXi what did you do?

     Shaking her head wuhuuu ..ow… I feel my brain rattling in there

     She engages in an internal struggle trying to remember the events of last night.

     I can’t worry now, I need to get as far away from here as possible.

     First though, I need clothes, she sees Yun Tai’s outer robe in a crumpled ball on the floor. She crawls over to it and slips into it, now I need to get out of here fast!

     She crawls over to the door moving as quickly as she can dragging the black robe that is trailing behind her. Why did I put that dress under the mattress..

     XiXi hears some movement coming from the bed, quickly pulls the door open. She gives a backwards glance to make sure Yun Tai doesn’t see her and keeps crawling directly into the face of Zhen.

     Zhen jumps back he was in his own world wondering what he was going to eat, his diet of grapes was getting tiring.

     “ Hee…hee..hee..,Zhen my friend” XiXi and Zhen are eye to eye.

     He looks at the girl wearing Yun Tai’s robe obviously with nothing else on underneath, reaches his paw up and closes the top of the robe…this King is too noble..and what the hell? Yun Tai and the Little Sorceress?

     XiXi nervously giggles then scoops up Zhen and starts running towards the woods tripping on the robe. Zhen tries to escape her grip, this King wants none of whatever is going on with you. I’m barely over the dip in the lake, “Achoo!”

    She plops down on the ground by the grapevine out of breath, “Zhen, did you catch a cold from being in the lake, she rubs his head, “I am so sorry!”

    Zhen looks at her and shakes his head, No.

    Looking at the girl with sincere concern on her face, Zhen once more thinks she would be a good addition to his harem, she is sweet and beautiful. Since he was transformed into this little beast form she is the only one who has been kind to this King.

   XiXi feels guilty for dragging him along last night and pulls him into her lap. Petting his furry head, she says, “I will find some herbs for you to clear the congestion, my grandmother did teach me which plants have medicinal value when we used to go to the mountains.”

   Grandmother Zhang is very good at making medicines, beauty creams with my grandfather’s help.

     I just need to rest for a moment. I wish you could talk, but I like the fact you understood me when I was a cat {Zhen:no, I had no idea what you were saying} and now. You are quite a versatile little beast!”

     She pulls the robe around herself, the collar to her nose, it really has a nice masculine scent from Yun Tai wearing it, a slight smell of smoke from the fire too.

     She then recalls his domineering behavior and how he made fun of her in front of Siyu..

     Errr…that irritating man!

     Zhen can see a range of emotions crossing her face in merely a few moments time, he wants to laugh, she is an amusing girl.

     Instead he sneezes again, “Achoo..”

    “Oh poor Zhenny!”

     Zhenny?That is too informal I am a King… not a dog!

    Setting aside her problems and concentrating on Zhen, she tenderly pats his head,“ Let’s see if I can find those herbs for you poor thing!” 

     “Your teeth look rather sharp, could you rip the bottom of this robe so I can move more easily through these woods? I can use that material to gather herbs too.”

     Zhen is thinking should you tear up Yun Tai’s robe like that?

     Whatever..and why is she wearing his robe and here? I thought her father came and fetched her back to the bamboo house? Well, knowing her she will spill her guts to me soon enough.

     Zhen grabs hold of the bottom of the robe and tears it with his teeth what next? First a rope now this..this King is not a rat.

     Xixi then rips it the rest of the way and takes the excess material to make a little bag for the herbs.

     “Follow me I think I saw some herbs over by the stream, I will get some fish to cook too..I’m starving let’s get a few grapes for the way too”

     When Zhen hears this he swiftly moves to her side. XiXi walking barefoot her feet are getting a little scratched but she keeps moving through trying not to complain. It was her foolishness that got her here being so impulsive.

     She isn’t one to dwell so she laughs and tells Zhen, I wonder if that Iceblock will get mad I ripped his robe haha”

     “…” Zhen

     Along the way she is picks the herbs she needs for the medicine , some Silken Silver Leaf , Heart of Heaven Buds, a few Thorny Fire Sticks, for the fish she finds some Sticky sage leaves and Savory Palm leaves. Maybe I can use a bit of pods on the  fire sticks for seasoning too. XiXi gathers them up while humming a song.

     She stops by a towering tree and at the base sees some wild mushrooms that look edible, they resemble the ones when she first arrived. Not far away appear to be some squash, maybe Siyu planted. “Zhenny we will feast this morning!”

     A bit nervous looking at Zhen he looks a bit sluggish, what can I mix the medicine in with the water to give to him. She sees some vines with yellow green and purple bumpy gourds on it.

     “I could scoop them out and use them. Great!”

     Zhen is listening to her talking to herself and watching as she moves, she is so unusual, her voice has a soothing effect. When she sings she is like a celestial came down from the heavens..

     I wonder why Yun Tai wanted her to stop. She could be on stage and have a thousand followers.

     “All done Zhenny!” XiXi smiles brightly at him, he feels his heart stop for an instant.

     He snaps out of his reverie, to see her lifting the robe and wading in the water to catch some fish. No girl or woman I have ever met is so free and unaware of proper behavior!

     Showing her legs, picking herbs, wading in the water like it was the most natural action in the world.

     No wonder Feng Tian likes her so much, she is one of a kind..

     Right then a striped  fish comes flying at him and hits him in the head.”Sorry Zhenny! My aim is bad!”

     Another two silver colored fish fly past his head and are flopping on the ground.

     She splashes in the water stirring a school of fish and tosses two more  fat fish out onto the ground beside him

     Haha… XiXi is proud of herself. The first time at the stream by the mountain with Feng Tian she could barely grasp one. But right now her survival instincts were in full overdrive,she can’t remember when she has been this hungry. This is like camping with her friends.

     But how are we going to light a fire? How did Qing Jun do it on that last class trip.

     Ahhh..Qing Jun he could do anything, she longingly looks into the distance.

     She says “Zhen, do you think you could gather up some firewood? I am going to take this sharp stone and scoop out these gourds. Then I can smash the herbs in one.”

     He dutifully walks off to get some branches and twigs, how is she going to light the fire? She has no internal energy to do it with her palm. I will do as she asks, she is more competent at this point than I would have thought she could be.

     XiXi finishes scooping out the gourds, begins smashing the herbs, one for medicine the other one to cook the  fish and vegetables.

     She wipes her brow and strolls over to the fish who have stopped flopping. That’s good I didn’t want to have to smash their heads with a rock..she shivers..ewww.

     Zhen returns and she takes a few of the pieces of wood and piles them like she saw her classmates do on the trip.

     How am I going to light them? It dawns on her… I’m a Sorceress !..didn’t I make blue lightening strike that globe?What if I start the spell right there and aim at the wood? It is worth a try .

     Should I just skip to that part, hmmm. right before I exploded the globe. She sits on a rock to think about it crossing her legs, her hand resting under her chin. XiXi has a serious look on her face, arching her eyebrows, and biting her lower lip. 

     She hikes up the robe. it’s going to be hot today, I can tell.

     Zhen casually walks over and pulls the robe down over her legs. What position is that she is sitting in, so unladylike.

     XiXi pats him on the head chuckling, you are so funny.

     “Zhen I am going to try something here so stand over by that large rock, on second thought stand behind it. Actually, crouch down on those little legs of yours behind the rock and cover your cute furry head.

     “…”, What is the little Sorceress planning.

     Zhen has a sinus headache from the swim in the freezing lake so he doesn’t question just runs over behind the rock.

     XiXi stands in front of the twigs and aims her finger. She concentrates all her mental energy looking at the neatly stacked pile. She pictures in her minds eye a blue white flame then aims. She chants the few words she said previous to the globe exploding.

     Suddenly blue lightening comes from her finger,surrounded in blazing flames shooting  towards the pile of wood engulfing it in flames. She jumps up and down in joy until she realizes the flames might be too large. She grabs a gourd and hurried throws some water on the flames bring them down to a reasonable level.

     Am I glad we are close to the stream, that could have been disastrous!

     Zhen comes out from behind the rock when he hears her panic, but he sees her sitting on the ground on the part of the ripped robe, putting the seasoned palm leaf wrapped fish on skewers, a nice little fire going.

     Wow! She did it!

     She slices the vegetables with a jagged piece of rock they look pretty like I intentionally made them with irregular edges. I wish I knew where Siyu got those red potatoes, I could use lemon too.

     “ Zhen come here I heated up some medicine for you but its only warm, The gourd can’t take too much heat. If it tastes nasty I grabbed a few grapes when we were by that vine. They will be sweet and get rid of the horrible after taste.”

     She pulls out a couple juicy purple grapes and lays them on the cloth next to the medicine bowl.

     He looks at her and rubs his paw on his eyes. I can’t believe she is so thoughtful to this ugly little beast this King has become..

     I will reward her heavily when I return to power. She could enter my harem as my Empress. Yes..my Empress.

     XiXi tends the fish while Zhen takes his medicine, Yeesh she was right it tastes horrible and shoves two sweet grapes in his mouth.

     He lays on the cloth and falls asleep from the medicine. XIXi pats his head and covers him with part of the cloth.

     I wouldn’t mind being on my own in this world with little Zhenny as a friend. But, I need to get back home..I wonder where Dad and Feng Tian are.

     I don’t know how I will explain what I’m wearing. Maybe Yun Tai will return to his home then I can retrieve and clean that dress.Yun Tai,.. Please God don’t let anything have happened last night.  I was drunk from that wine and Yun Tai was drinking from that leather flask.

     What if?..She shivers..

     No, I won’t even think about that. I will just avoid him at all costs.

     Back at the hut Yun Tai is just waking up. The Old Master was right if you drink too much from the flask it is like ‘The Sleep of the Dead’.

     I haven’t slept that soundly in a hundred years, his mouth feels so dry and his head is pounding.

     He thinks I will cultivate for awhile and practice my breathing to get rid of the headache, but I am so thirsty.

     He rolls over to see the little Spirit Cat is gone. He squints his eyes and looks around the room. So it decided to leave while I was asleep..angrily he sits up, Damn cat, not appreciating my kindness.

     Yun Tai looks at his half naked body and barely remembers falling into bed last night. His dreams were so vivid though they are etched in his mind. He puts his hands behind his head lays back on the pillow recalling his dream he had last night.He was dreaming of a woman next to him..it was so real, that wine does have hallucinatory qualities if you drink too much Siyu had told him once.

     He felt her soft supple naked body and long silky hair next to him. He couldn’t resist, moved her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her sweet pouty pink lips. His body growing hotter by the minute, he pressed his lips tighter and pried her lips open with his tongue She was softly moaning as his tongue intertwined with hers, his slender fingers moving down her body.

     Her creamy white skin was heating up, he could feel her losing control. He brushed her hair away from her face and looked into her deep eyes, her long eyelashes leaving them half veiled. 

     She grabbed him around his neck as though she didn’t want to ever let go. Their bodies on fire molded together, he continued to deeply kiss her. Their intimate embrace was sending what felt like Dragonfire through his body, his heart was pounding next to hers.

      Right as his body was aching to make them as one, his tongue moving down her soft neck, his hands on her delicate waist,  about to slip the cover down to expose the rest of her pure white body .. in a soft voice she whispered no..no..

     That is all he could remember, not her face or anything else, just that he was mesmerized by her eyes and couldn’t resist her body.

     The fact he couldn’t picture her and it seemed so real is very disturbing.

     No Succubus could break through my protective array formation on my land . I am resistant to their charms after fighting Demons for so long.. 

     Who was she that she would appear in my dream!

     Yun Tai shakes his head, I don’t think I will drink the old man’s wine for quite awhile. I need water, he looks around for a pitcher, there is none.

     Dammit! My throat is as parched as the Blue Iguana Desert in the Wastelands.

     I guess I need to go to the stream, he looks around the room.

     Where is my robe?

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