Wrong Bedroom

LiMei and Leng Shuai come back to the table, “Miss Xia would you care for some more wine?” LiMei takes her glass filling it, she sees Leng Shuai’s glass is empty as she fills his glass he pulls her down onto his lap holding her waist tightly as she attempts to squirm out of his hold. Smiling stiffly she says, “Babe we have guests.”

     His hand is on her thigh, “I want you to feed me, I haven’t had any of the chicken yet.” LIMei grits her teeth, what is he doing!

     She is embarrassed in front of Kang Jin but she smiles picking up his chopsticks, she takes a piece of chicken with vegetables and places it to his lips. He savors the flavor the chicken is moist and flavorful, and her irritated expression is good too. LiMei continues to feed him, Kang Jin is looking at his phone not paying attention to them.

     He received three urgent messages from his manager, he will check them after dinner,he puts his phone in his pocket he reaches for the last dumpling with his chopsticks.

     Xia Lixue is frustrated, weren’t they fighting in the kitchen a moment ago. She couldn’t hear what they were saying but the tone of Leng Shuai’s voice was angry. How is she going to manipulate the situation now. LiMei sees she hasn’t eaten, “Miss Xia is the dinner to your liking? If not I can prepare you something else.”

     “It is delicious, I’m not used to eating this late so my stomach is upset.” She frowns pushing her plate back hoping Leng Shuai will reprimand Feng LiMei for delaying their meal.

     LiMei can see that Xia Lixue is interested in Leng Shuai and is trying to cause a problem between them LiMei chuckles to herself Miss Xia doesn’t know his personality, he only cares what Kang Jin thinks not a woman, he is obviously a misogynist. LiMei knows he is punishing her by acting affectionate .. Her acting skills are top notch though, the added touch of rubbing her stomach was very good.

     “Shuai do you have some medicine for Miss Xia’s stomach?”

     He wasn’t listening he was savoring the unusual taste of the meal, “What?”

     When she sees Leng Shuai frowning towards her for interrupting his meal Xia Lixue immediately says, “I will be fine, may I trouble you Miss Feng for a cup of hot water?”

     LiMei smiles at Xia Lixue, “I will be right back with it. Also please call me LiMei.” She needs to thank her for getting her out of the annoying man’s grasp. LiMei motions for Leng Shuai to let her waist go when he doesn’t she pushes his chest with her small hands, “Your guest isn’t feeling well”, in a very low voice she says, “Let me go.”

     Reluctantly he releases his arm, as soon as she get up he glares at Xia Linxue.”If you aren’t feeling well you should rest early. I will have my assistant take you to your room.” He takes out his cell phone, she quickly stops him, “I will be fine in a minute I want to discuss our drama with Kang Jin after the meal. If you don’t mind I will wait for you gentlemen in the living room.”

     She leaves the table and walks into the other room plopping down on the couch. Brrr.. with Leng Shuai’s ice cold demeanor it is going to be hard to seduce him I will need the aphrodisiac Ashley gave me.

     Xia Lixue picks up the remote and turns on the television the evening news is on, wow, the weather girl is saying the storm as been upgraded to a level four, looking out the window the rain is pounding on the glass. The storm might work to her advantage, if they are stranded up here for the weekend she won’t need to rush her plan anyway.

     As she is about to flip the channel to see if any entertainment news is interesting the news anchors begin talking about a new power couple that is announcing their engagement in Pushong City. They show footage of a beautiful woman wearing the latest design from Chanel, her choker necklace is embedded with diamonds and rubies. Her exquisite makeup and hair style look like they were done by the famous Salon de Soleil. She is standing next to her father and the Chairman of the Qiao Corporation as they make the announcement.

     What a rich bitch she must be from an influential family. Tapping the remote on the couch Xia Lixue is jealous she comes from a working class family in Shenshuan, if she wasn’t discovered by that pervert photographer as she was leaving her high school she would still be stuck there.

     The banner behind the podium has the logo of Wang Electronics, is she the heiress of the Wang family that has been abroad studying at Harvard? Life isn’t fair the slut is rich, beautiful and smart no wonder she hooked a a golden bachelor like the handsome heir to the Qiao Corporation. 

     Video of Rui at the hospital fundraiser is being shown on a screen in the back.Wang Rebecca is discussing their collaboration on the new Holistic Healing Wing.Totally absorbed listening she doesn’t see LiMei standing to the side holding the cup of hot water.

    LiMei is staring at the television, her hand holding the cup is shaking and her face has lost its color. Listening to what they are saying her eyes are getting misty,the woman anchor is smiling, “ The happy couple is vacationing on Shingu Island this weekend.”

    Liar Rui! Liar!

    Xia Lixue heard LiMei come into the room turning around she says “Set it on the coffee table.” She doesn’t want to miss any of the story, she met Qiao Rui at a fundraiser six months ago for his hospital, he is extremely handsome.

     Some hot water splashes on LiMei’s wrist as  her hand shakes putting the cup on the table, she can feel pain as her delicate skin turns red and blisters but she doesn’t care. In a daze she leaves the room her body shaking as she walks past Leng Shuai It is true Rui is going to get married, her heart feels as though it is splintering into a thousand pieces right now.

     Although she was telling herself earlier to forget him after he called she had a flicker of hope for them to be together. He called her while Wang Rebecca is on the island with him? What was he thinking, why would he do that? Leng Shuai stops walking when he sees the burn on her arm, “Did you spill hot water on yourself?” LiMei keeps walking ignoring him, He pulls her to look, “What is wrong with you..too careless! Come with me.”

     He starts walking down the hallway to his room he has several ointments. Glancing back LiMei is standing there in a daze, taking two long strides back to where she is standing he lifts her chin, “Didn’t you hear me?” her eyes are misty and have a blank look he assumes it is from drinking too much wine and injuring herself.

     “Huh?” LiMei looks at her wrist, she doesn’t want him to know she is upset about Rui, it is none of his business. She tries to brush him off, “It is nothing, I will put some ice on it when I am in the kitchen cleaning up. Did you need something?”

     LiMei’s cold demeanor infuriates him he was going to apply the special healing lotion he obtained recently from a renowned herbalist on her injuries they have been bothering him. Her attitude towards him really is pissing him off. “Make sure you don”t break any of the dishes, you couldn’t afford to replace them.”

     “All right.” LiMei is anxious to get into the kitchen to calm herself.

    Her docile attitude surprises him. He was expecting her to say something rude after his comment but she calmly walked into the kitchen, maybe something happened between her and Xia Lixue. He shakes his head what the fuck does he care anyway.

     When he enters the living room Kang Jin is on his phone and Xia Lixue is still watching television. Kang Jin looks up from his phone “Is Feng LiMei in the kitchen I wanted to get the fan site information from her then I’m going to my room to study my script if you don’t mind.”

     Leng Shuai doesn’t particularly want to be left to entertain Xia Lixue. He should have told LiMei to come into the living room with them. Fuck! “I have some paperwork to do in my study. make yourself at home if you need anything call Jason on the intercom #4. Unfortunately with this weather I don’t know if we can go hiking tomorrow. ” The storm is raging outside, the rain is torrential and the thunder and lightening hasn’t abated.

    “Shuai it was worth the trip up here to see this house. I have never seen such a panoramic view from a mountain home, that you have created with the placement of the floor to ceiling windows.You should let them photograph it for Architecture magazine your innovative design is impressive.”

     “I appreciate your compliment, but I value my privacy. This home is remote and only a few of my close friends know the route here through the forest. I’m sure you can relate being a high profile person privacy is a luxury in itself.”

     “That’s true.”

    Xia Lixue loves the attention of the media as she listens to these two men she doesn’t understand their perspective. She turns her head towards Kang Jin, “Do you want to study the lines together, I brought my script in my purse.” Maybe she should go with her original plan and drug him.

    He is kicking himself for saying that. “I would love to go over the script with you but don’t you want to watch Hushang Entertainment’s New Face Variety Show? You mentioned to me earlier? The one your friend Chen Hua is appearing in later.”

     The show is filmed live and she has been waiting to see it hoping Chen Hua makes a fool of herself. “I do but..” Before she can finish he interrupts, “We have all weekend enjoy the show.” He leaves the room to look for LiMei in the kitchen.

    LiMei is putting the dishes away when he enters, she has been holding back her tears replaying the news program in her head. Watching him as he approaches she tries to act pleasant, “Kang Jin did you need something?”

    “No, I was bored, Leng Shuai retired to do some work and Xia Lixue is watching a Variety Show. I have no interest in keeping her company. Let me help you.”

     “I’m almost finished, can I get you some tea or another glass of wine?”

    “I can get it”, he walks over to the wine rack and takes a bottle of Cabernet. “I will sit and wait for you, I want to see your fan site, what is the name of it?” He pours himself a glass of wine and one for LiMei placing it on the table by the window.

     LiMei brightens up a little, she shouldn’t let the news she heard about Rui ruin the time she can spend with her idol. This might get her mind off Rui a little. Her grandmother was a strong willed woman, she taught her not to cry over what she can’t change, accept it and move forward.

    “Don’t laugh, it is called  ‘Soaring Star’ ,my name is Fleeting Flower.” It is named after a nickname a reporter gave him when he first started out. She wraps the last of the dishes, then thinks about Jason what does he eat? Leftovers probably go to waste with Leng Shuai’s picky tastes. Pressing #4 on the intercom when Jason answers she sweetly says, “Did you eat? I made too much food and I doubt Leng Shuai eats leftovers, come to the kitchen.

    Jason only had a sandwich earlier because the cook left his stomach is grumbling, the aroma in the kitchen earlier smelled delicious. “I will be right there.”

     LiMei heats the dishes glancing at the door she sees Jason, “Do you mind dishing them out yourself?” She doesn’t want to mention her wrist is starting to hurt badly.

    “Not at all, thank you.” He has never seen two of the dishes he is anxious to taste them they  look interesting.

    LiMei walks over and sits down with Kang Jin wondering where the annoying man went, “Where is Leng Shuai?”

     “He had work to do.” He hands her a glass of wine while he looks at her fansite. It contains many photographs of his early days when he was a newcomer in a boy band. The pictures bring back memories of his old group. “LiMei how did you get these photographs some were when we were performing in Germany.”

     He points to one from six years ago, LiMei leans over to see, he can feel her breath on his cheek and her light fragrance. He gazes at her flawless face with no makeup if she wanted to be a model she could easily.

    “I was a nanny and the girl of the family wanted to see your show.” {The truth is she sneaked out when she and Kuang Bo were on an assignment in Berlin. She used Kuang Bo’s top of the line zoom lens the Fujinon Premier to get the pictures.}

   She sees Jason is eating at the counter, “Jason sit at the table with us. It isn’t healthy to eat standing up.”

    “I’m fine, the meal you made is quite delicious.” He envies Leng Shuai to be able to have her cook for him, these dishes are very simple but flavorful.

     LiMei nudges Kang Jin whispering “Invite him to sit with us.”

    Kang Jin realizes Jason must be uncomfortable since he is a guest of CEO Leng’s. “Please, I have a couple questions for you, it will be convenient to ask you while you are here.” He likes the way LiMei is a considerate person wanting Jason to sit with them.

    “LiMei, your fansite is the best one I have seen, why don’t you monetize it you could make a lot of money.”

    “No..no..I do it because I am one of your biggest fans, not to make money.”

    “I will definitely give you some candid photos you can upload.” Scrolling through the comments he is impressed by her posts and insights, he likes this girl more and more. She is like an adorable little sister. “I don’t see any mention of the new drama series?” Other fan sites are speculating and have caused problems trying to get inside information, she works for Hushang yet hasn’t revealed what she knows.

     “It wouldn’t be ethical to reveal what I know, it would cause problems. I can wait until your press conference.” She considered telling her followers but decided against it.

     “It is next week and I will bring you with me.”

    LiMei almost spits out her wine, “Wow! You would do that?”

     “Sure. I will contact you when we get back to Pushong City with the details.”

     Jason is eating watching them, this girl certainly attracts the bees and the butterflies. He can see the doting look on Kang Jin’s face while she is talking. He is glad for Feng LiMei’s sake the CEO isn’t here. He detected Leng Shuai is interested in Feng LiMei, he has never seen the CEO pay any attention to a woman before. Leng Shuai didn’t need to bring her here to ‘punish’ her he has a thousand methods to use.

     “Miss Feng the meal is delicious.”As he places an egg dumpling into his mouth his cell rings,he quickly chews it, “Yes?”

    “What are you doing, I’m going over the information on Chen Jianyu. I have some questions for you.”

    “I will be right there.”

    “Mr. Kang what did you want to ask me?”

    “Nothing important it can wait.”

    “Thank you Miss Feng, I will be going then, Leng Shuai has some matters to discuss with me.”

     After he leaves LiMei and Kang Jin reminisce about their home in the mountains. It brings back many memories for LiMei, continuing to drink wine they both are enjoying talking about high school.

     He tells her a story of visiting her grandmother’s clinic when he was in Middle School, saying he had never met an old woman who was fierce yet gentle at the same time.He had been in a fight with his classmate she lectured him about the pitfalls of letting your anger get the best of you as she bandaged his wounds.

     Kang Jin asks her about University but she really doesn’t want to lie to him. She changes the subject to his departure from the boy band and entering the acting circle. It is a very harmonious atmosphere as they sit by the window watching the storm outside. Both of them at this point are drunk, Kang Jin is staring into LiMei’s eyes, they have a sad look in them as she quietly watches the storm outside.

     “LiMei is something bothering you does Leng Shuai bully you?” he saw his possessive attitude towards her earlier.

    “No, I was thinking about choices I have made, choices other people make. Fate can be cruel.” Her eyes are starting to tear up thinking about Rui.

     Kang Jin is upset by her sudden melancholy, he gently turns her head towards him, “LiMei fate can be cruel it is true but it can also bring people together to find happiness.” He wipes her tears away with his slender finger. LiMei leans into him resting her head on his shoulder, her tears starting to flow. His warmth, remembering her grandmother, her village she had such hopes when she was in high school. Her petite body is shaking he holds her, “LiMei don’t cry.” he brushes her hair back kissing her forehead. “I’m here I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

     As he soothes her with his tender words LiMei falls asleep on his shoulder, he thinks he should carry her to her room,which one is it? It must be Leng Shuai’s since she is his girlfriend, the fourth bedroom seems like it. He carries her down the hallway opening the door to the bedroom, he sees the woman’s clothes on the bed, this must be it.

     He puts her into the bed pulling the quilt up on her, her cheeks are flushed from drinking. Kang Jin gazes at her innocent face, her long black eyelashes fluttering while she is sleeping. What could have upset her causing her to cry all of a sudden? Leaving he clenches his fist to his side whoever dares to bully this girl he will use all the power of the Han Family to crush them.

     Kang Jin enters his room laying on the bed instead of studying his script he pulls up  LiMei’s fan site on his phone. He thinks for a moment smiling he posts a comment. 

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