What An Imagination

 LiMei returns to the living room carrying the icy cold cloth and the headache remedy. It appears Leng Shaui is sleeping, should she wake him up? She would like to leave on the glass coffee table and leave, as she is setting it down he opens his eyes, “ I can’t sit up feed me the medicine and wipe my forehead.” LiMei has decided she will acquiesce to his demands maybe if she softens him up he will let her leave early.

     Smiling she puts the two pills into his mouth then holds up the glass of water for him to drink. He leans his head back. She begins to gently wipe his forehead then moves the cloth down his cheeks, her fingers brush against his skin and he can feel her soft tender touch. He pushes her hand away in an abrupt tone he says, “That’s enough go make lunch.” He wonders why that give him a warm feeling as she gently touched his skin.

     Damn, he isn’t going to fall into her seduction trap! He is going to make her regret her rude behavior and harming him, he still can’t figure out how he was knocked out in the airport.

     LiMei bows without saying anything points to a hallway on the left, “Is the kitchen this way?” Leng Shuai nods and takes out his cell phone after she leaves, “Jason, I want you to run a background check on Feng LiMei and who she associates with in Pushong City. What her relationship is with Chen Jianyu.

     Also I want you to have a nurse named Gao Lani sent to work at The Seaside Medical Facility and have them raise her pay twenty per cent from what she is receiving at the Public Hospital.” He stops… thinking for a moment… is she related to Gao KiKi he doesn’t remember her having a sister or cousin. Find out her relationship to Gao KiKi, when you are finished with that have a doctor named Norman fired for sub par treatment of patients.” I, Leng Shuai pay kindness back with kindness but if you cross my bottom line I show no mercy.

     “Okay Boss. Anything else?”

     “Did Yi return with the clothes I asked him to purchase for my house guest?”

     “…” { Houseguest? You mean the woman you forcibly brought here against her will?} “No not yet.”

     “See what she is making in the kitchen. Remind her I don’t like green peppers.”

      “I will.” Jason knows his Boss well if he isn’t pleased the food will be thrown off the table. Why isn’t Cook preparing his lunch? The Cook knows all his picky likes and dislikes.

     Jason walks into the kitchen whatever she is making smells delicious. LiMei is bending over stir fried vegetables, on the stove a Chicken Ginseng Soup is simmering, she sees Jason, “Come here taste this soup.” She is holding a spoon up. “No Miss Feng I can’t do that.”

     “What do you mean taste it!” She shoves the spoon towards his mouth, he has no choice but to taste it. Really tasty, some carrots, yams. He smiles, “Very delicious I think B..I mean Leng Shuai will enjoy it.”

     “Good, I don’t want that annoying man to complain. Who usually cooks for you guys? Why does he get special treatment?”

     “We have a cook and in answer to your second question, because he is Leng Shuai. I need to go. Oh that’s right he doesn’t like green peppers.” This girl is funny calling the boss ‘annoying man’ does she have any idea how many women would love to hug his golden thigh!

     “…” He must be a terror to work with this guy Jason seems nervous, he even warned me about the green peppers. LiMei takes the spoon removing the green peppers from the stir fry, she isn’t going to remake it. She adds soy sauce to the vegetables, she is almost done all she needs are a few more spices on the noodles. 

      Looking around the kitchen is state of the art, it is beautiful, marble counter tops, stainless steel, whoever designed this house really thought of unique features. Over to the one side is another floor to ceiling window with a view of a waterfall and bamboo forest. What a spectacular view! LiMei imagines sitting at the table in front of the window having coffee.

     This is definitely the most beautifully designed home she has ever seen, she sighs wondering what the owner is like, he must have a very aesthetic eye. She finds the spices sprinkling them on the noodles. She brews some tea, ready!

     LiMei takes the tray of food into the living room, setting it on the table, “Are you sure you want to eat here? The table in the kitchen has such an awesome view.”

     “Here is good.”

     Dammit! She wanted to enjoy the view in there. “ So, I made you a healthy light lunch since you are injured, Chicken Ginseng Soup,     Vegetable Stir Fry, no green peppers,Beef with Snow Peas, lightly seasoned noodles, tea.”

     Leng Shuai looks at the dishes a little surprised she would be considerate in her choices of food to prepare What is her angle, trying to kiss up to him so he will relent? No Way! Lets see how far she will go. “Feed me.”

     LiMei glares a him,“What the hell!… I mean I think you could do that yourself.”

     Leng Shuai likes this she let her true feelings out, “It’s getting cold.” He points towards the soup.

     LiMei begrudgingly picks up a spoonful of soup and feeds him. His obsidian eyes light up her soup is quite delicious. She can see he seems pleased with it, “Do you like the soup my grandmother used to make it for me when I was injured. I was surprised there was ginseng and goji berries in the kitchen.”

     “It’s adequate.”

     LiMei tightens her hand on the soup spoon, really why did she bother! She slams the spoon down on the table a spray of soup splashing on the glass, “I think you can feed yourself I need to use the restroom.” Storming down the hallway she is muttering to herself..”How am I going to survive this weekend..I really might kill him.”

     Smiling at her eyes that are shooting daggers at him and her cheeks turning red from the anger boiling up inside her, Leng Shuai devours the dishes she prepared, each one has a unique flavor. Seeing her agitation makes the lunch taste even better. He feels satisfied as he finishes the last bit of noodles, she will need to cook all his meals this weekend. His answers his phone, “Yes, what do you want?”

     “Shuai you asshole! You can’t kidnap one of my guests!” Huang Fan got calls from his staff, Gao KiKi , and her father, who told him that he would be in contact with the Chairman of Huang International.

     Leng Shuai lips turn up in a faint smile, “I didn’t kidnap anyone, she came willingly, she is my girlfriend.”

     “Your girlfriend my fucking ass! Gao KiKi told me you carried her out screaming not to mention you disrupted her meeting she was using expletives when she called not even maintaining her usual demure appearance.”

     “They have no right to sell the land in the first place did Gao Peizhi forget who has the deed to several parcels of the prime area?”

     “What do you mean?”

     “Remember when his illegitimate son was in debt to the Serpentine Syndicate, who bailed him out? He gave me the deed as collateral must have slipped the old man’s mind it was six years ago”

    “Are you going to block the sale?”

     “No, but I haven’t decided what would benefit me the most. I might have to cause some problems for the two buyers, I don’t like either one of them.” He would like to wipe the smug look off of Jing Bo’s face and Chen Jianyu well he wants to mess  with Feng LiMei.

    “Shuai I have to go my wife is bitching at me we are celebrating our anniversary tonight. Let me know what you decide, this should be interesting.”

     “I will.”

     Huang Fan saved this for last he wants to hear Leng Shuai’s reaction,“Oh I almost forgot, some man was looking for Feng LiMei according to the desk clerk. He didn’t give him any information especially after you abducted her ..but the man said she is his girlfriend. Haha..haha..”

     “What did you say? Fan..Fan..”

     Huang Fan hangs up the phone laughing, this should be good. He has never seen his good friend with any woman let alone one he referred to as his girlfriend.

     Leng Shuai looks towards the hallway, this is an interesting twist. His girlfriend? Where did she go anyway? He stands up and is about to look for here when a man carrying several articles of women’s clothing walks into the room, “Ceo Leng” Leng Shuai interrupts him “Shh..I’m Leng Shuai while my guest is here.”

     The muscular man gives him an odd look, well it is none of his business, “Here are the clothes.”

     “Take them to the third bedroom down the hall.”

     He calls Jason, “I need you to find Feng LiMei tell her the third bedroom is hers. I’m leaving for awhile. How are you coming on the research?”

     “Good, but it is strange when I checked my sources in Pushong City they told me I wasn’t the only one interested in this girl in the last week they have had two other inquiries checking her information.”

     “What for employment?”

     “It doesn’t appear to be the case one was a detective hired by Wang Rebecca.”

     “The Wang Electronic heiress?


     “I will discuss it when I get home I’m going into town to meet a friend of mine for drinks.”

     “Should you drink after a head injury?”

     “You are my assistant not my mother.”


    Leng Shuai goes into his bedroom to shower, what a coincidence Kang Jin is in town this weekend, he hasn’t seen him since he was in Senshuan City a year ago when Kang Jin was filming an idol drama and they used one of his homes in the film. 

He takes off his clothes and gets into the steaming shower, letting the hot water run down him he washes his hair, ow..the lump hasn’t gone down all the way.

     While he is showering the man carrying LiMei’s clothes meets her coming out of the gym, she had been wandering around checking out the house. “Miss here are your clothes. Leng Shuai requested for you.”

    “Wow, he really runs you guys around doesn’t he?”

    “Huh?” He is the CEO after all. He wasn’t paying attention when Jason told him is it the fourth room..or third room..well “He said the fourth room down the hallway is your room.”

     “Thank you, but really stop doing his bidding. He is an irritating man isn’t he.” LiMei is picturing his face as he said the soup was adequate. Hmmph!

     “Miss you should be respectful of him.” He shudders if the Boss heard that she would be thrown off the cliff outside.

     “I would spit in his face if I could.” LiMei takes the clothes from him stomping down the hallway. Fourth room, one..two..three..there it is off to the side. What an unusual door, it is more ornate than the others, she pulls the heavy wooden door open . Holy Shit!

     LiMei walks in the room it is huge, more floor to ceiling windows, my god it is gorgeous! She tosses her clothes on the luxurious bed then walks to the window there is a beautiful garden behind it that extends out to a cliff . This house is like out of a magazine who could design such a simple yet subtly elegant house.

     It embraces modern design but allows the scenery to steal the limelight. There is a spiral staircase that leads up to another floor that is lined with books. The owner must not only be rich but intelligent also. She walks up the stairs marveling at all the books, on the back wall, are those mangas?

     She hurries back there are rows and rows of them, she is in paradise..but what old man likes romance mangas, there are two sections of them. Maybe he has a young wife who likes them and he indulges her, oh what a prince he must be!

    She pulls down one of her favorite mangas and curls up on the sofa to read it. This weekend might not be so bad if I can come up here to read after I do the chores he wants me to do.

     In the bathroom below Leng Shuai has finished his shower and comes out wrapped in towel, he dries his hair and selects his clothes out of his closet. He chooses a smokey dark gray cashmere sweater and lighter gray pants with a casual jacket. He puts on a Cartier watch, looking at the time he should leave soon.

     He sees the woman’s clothes on the bed, he shakes his head, the idiot brought her clothes to the wrong room he will call after he leaves. He strides down towards the garage, he takes the white Land Rover SUV. While Kang Jin is on the island they should go hiking and he can show him his new home. Ever since Kang Jin played an architect in the series he is interested in design.

    LiMei reads a manga then decides to take a shower and change it looks like the annoying man at least got her some more comfortable clothes to wear. She will go eat then come back and read some more mangas..yeah..well I guess after I do chores. She goes into the bathroom to shower… so refreshing she looks around this shower is big enough for two people, maybe the owner and his wife like to shower together she giggles as she is shampooing her hair.

     When she is finished she picks out a dark blue track suit, not bad it fits perfectly, he even got her some Adidas tennis shoes, a little big but they are all right. She sits on the bed drying her hair.

     When she finishes dressing she leaves the room and walks down the hallway, Jason sees her as she is about to enter the living room, “Where is Leng Shuai?” He isn’t laying on the couch and the dishes have been cleared away.

     “He will be back later.”

    Her smile brightens, Jason is mesmerized by how beautiful she is when she smiles, he has only seen her with an angry look on her face.  He quickly composes himself, “He said for you to vacuum and dust the living room and he will expect you to have dinner prepared for him when he returns at eight o’clock with a guest.”

     “He is allowed to bring guests to the house whenever he wants? What is his job title he gets so many perks and orders you fellows about all the time?

    “Leng Shuai is an integral part of the Organization.”

     “Shit! Your boss who owns this house is a member of a Syndicate? Is Leng Shuai an enforcer when he isn’t a pilot, or a smuggler?” LiMei’s face has a perplexed expression, she is tapping her finger on her chin.

     “…” This girl has quite an active imagination. But she doesn’t appear afraid, shouldn’t she be frightened if she thinks we are part of a Syndicate.

     “Miss Feng follow me and I will show you where the cleaning supplies are located.”

     LiMei is daydreaming picturing Leng Shuai dressed all in black with a mask, only his deep black eyes exposed holding a gun with a silencer on it scaling a wall then  running through a wooded area to his plane with ten men chasing him.”

     “Miss Feng?” What is she thinking about, her mouth is open and her eyes look dazed.

     “Ahh yes cleaning supplies.” The last cleaning job she did was quite a bloody scene, this should be easy.

    LiMei looks Jason in the eyes while thinking about his plane with the busty woman on the side her long hair blowing in the wind she is curious, “Doesn’t his girlfriend, you know the girl painted on the side of Leng Shuai’s plane, mind him bringing me here? Where is she anyway? Does she work at one of your Clubs? A dancer maybe? I would think he would want to impress her staying here while your boss is away.Or is the friend he is bringing back a woman?”

Jason can’t take any more if she says one more word he will burst out laughing, “Go, clean.” 

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