Ungrateful Girl

  LiMei clings onto him, slowly the crying stops, in her drunken state  she snuggles into his chest falling asleep. He can feel her calming down, he holds her for a few minutes then he carefully lays her down on the blanket. It is only an hour hike back to the village he could carry her when he was in the military they would carry other soldiers for miles when they were injured.

      His lips curl up in a faint smile, what a little pain in the ass, at least while she is sleeping she won’t be unreasonable demanding to continue down the mountain.

     Leng Shuai gathers up her things placing them in her backpack he then fits it inside his larger backpack. Putting out the fire he picks her up into his arms,beginning up the mountain.

     In Shingu City Chen Jianyu and Wang Li arrive at the hotel when they check in Chen Jianyu asks if Feng LiMei has checked in yet. He has tried her cell several times and it is turned off. Where could she be it is ten o’clock at night. He calls Nuying’s room, “Have you seen Feng LiMei?”

     Nuying just returned from dinner with her girlfriend she brought along to the island. “No, I don’t have any messages from her.”

    “Did she call you for information on Jing Bo?”

    “Yesterday.” Nuying wonders why Chen Jianyu sounds concerned.

    “She should have arrived hours ago. Why would she turn off her phone.”  Chen Jianyu tightens his hand around his phone where the fuck could she be?

     “ Maybe her phone ran out of battery. Chen Jianyu she might have gone sightseeing then out to eat. I wouldn’t worry.”

     “Who said I was worried about that little idiot? We were supposed to go over some additional paperwork tonight.” He is annoyed he never should have allowed her to fly over to the island. “The meeting is at 9 in the Blue Poppy Room on the first floor, meet me at 8:45 in the lobby.”

    “Will do, if Feng LiMei contacts me I will let you know.”


     “Wang Li call the airport and make sure there wasn’t any delay with the plane.”

     “Yes Boss.” he just spent three hours on the ferry from hell with him now he needs to chase down Feng LiMei. Fuck! He wants to go take a shower and call his wife.

     Wang Li calls Asian Air, the flight arrived at 6:30 but there was no passenger listed named Feng LiMei. Shit when he tells the boss he is going to flip out. Feng LiMei where the fuck are you?

     Leng Shaui gazes down at LiMei sleeping in his arms as he climbs back up the mountain. She is talking in her sleep but he can’t understand what she is mumbling about. She doesn’t want to do it..do what?..who is Bo? Her boss ? is she that familiar with him? He can’t think of a CEO he knows named Bo. Well as soon as he drops her off in Shingu City he won’t need to worry about her anymore. 

     If their paths didn’t cross he would be sleeping comfortably right now then wake early to look for the rare Silver Thread plant by Kinkgo Precipice. Now he is going to have to come back wasting time.

     LiMei begins to stir in his arms smacking her lips so thirsty. Leng Shuai quickens his pace he needs to get back to the village quickly if she wakes up who knows if she will try to go down the mountain again. He takes longer strides he can see the village up ahead, her head is bobbing and she is touching her lips with her finger. She pulls on his jacket, “Thirsty..thirsty..Rui I need water.”

     Fucking Rui again..the man probably calls her LiMei, “LiMei hold on a minute longer and I will get you a drink.”

     “Rui..you are the best.” She sweetly smiles her hugging him tighter in her sleep.

      “…” { Weren’t you crying over him awhile ago?} 

     When they arrive at Hong Cui’s residence he knocks on the door it is 11:30 he is wondering if she will answer. After a few moments the door opens, Hong Cui answered knowing it might be him returning. Putting on a worried act she asks, “Is she alright? Is she hurt?”

     “She is fine, thank you letting us in this late at night.” After years of dealing with pretentious women he has honed an ability to see through women’s outer appearance to their heart. It only takes one look at her smile which doesn’t reach her eyes to instantly  determine she is faking her concern, but whatever… she opened the door anyway. He heads down the hallway, Hong Cui opens the bedroom door for him. “If you need anything the phone on the nightstand, push one to connect to my room.”

     He lays LiMei on the bed, leaning her up he takes off the jacket, then removes her boots noticing without socks her tender feet have became red and a little swollen. Undoing her belt he slides her pants off of her they are filthy from sitting by the waterfall. He should at least wash her face and try to soothe her feet with a warm wet cloth. 

     What was she thinking wearing hiking boots with no socks, he can’t imagine how raw her tiny feet would be if she had continued down the mountain. As he wipes her face with the cloth, Limei licks her lips, taking a water bottle from his backpack he holds her head up, “Drink this.”

     She clutches her hand around his holding the bottle, her eyes half open drinking the water she seems in a daze. “Rui..” She lifts her head puts her arms around his neck then presses her lips onto his, Leng Shuai at first is enjoying the sensation of her soft lips on his then comes to his senses, removing her slender arms from around his neck pushing her back gently by her shoulders onto the bed. “You should sleep.” 

     LiMei grabs his hand, “Don’t go…please stay with me…” he takes his hand out of hers. He is a man after all even though she thinks he is someone else his body is responding to her soft kiss, her lips wet from drinking the water, her seductive voice begging him to stay.

     Dammit! He forgot to tell Hong Cui he will be needing a separate room, he picks up the phone pressing one. No answer, didn’t she just say if he needs something to call, well he needs another room now! 

     His eyebrows are furrowed as he feels his body heating up seeing her laying on the bed her hair is messy spread on the pillow, the shirt slipping down revealing her snow white skin. He tries again no answer. Fuck! Well it is a large bed he will control himself he isn’t a beast. She has small body she won’t take up much space he can put something between them. He needs to wake up early call the airport and make sure he can have a landing time.

     Standing up he puts the covers on her then goes in to take a shower, his body is sweaty from hurrying up the mountain with her in his arms.

     He washes his body pondering as the water runs down him how did a simple favor for Ba Hu turn into such a pain in the ass! Leng Shuai gets out of the shower, taking pajamas out of his bag he changes, what a fucked up day! It was supposed to be easy, drop the supplies get a weekend hiking looking for the rare herb his friend wants. Who knew this little trouble would screw up all of his plans!

     LiMei is sound asleep wrapped up in the covers in a corner, Leng Shuai climbs into the bed putting a pillow in between them, at least with that tiny body of hers she isn’t taking up much space in the bed. He sets his alarm on his watch for six, it will take forty five minutes to get to Shungu City and at that time there shouldn’t be any problem asking to land. The sooner he gets rid of this temptation beside him the better. Stretching out his long legs he is exhausted, loading the plane then carrying her up the mountain was tiring, lately he has been bogged down with work barely finding time to use his gym. He can feel his arms and legs got a workout his muscles are sore. pulling a piece of the blanket from the girl, he closes his eyes falling asleep.

     During the night LiMei becomes restless while she is sleeping dreaming of walking down the stairs  hearing Rui and Qiao Delun talking. Not meant to be… she is not in his world..he is going to marry the woman from the hotel lobby. She softly cries in her sleep, it is her karma .. she hasn’t earned the right to be happy she has killed men, tricked men. Rolling around she kicks the pillow from between them,..but she is trying to make up for her past deeds, she saved Chen Jianyu, helped Rui when he was drugged, donated to the Orphanage.

     She rolls on the bed then grasps onto the warm body next to her, “I will be a good girl.. I want you to be mine Rui.. ” her slender body is pressed into Leng Shuai, as he feels her softness he wakes up, hearing what she is saying he pushes back her back over to the other side of the bed. Stupid girl now she is even dreaming about this man. He looks at his watch only two more hours to sleep. 

     He turns his head away from LiMei his heart is beating erratically thinking of her tear stained face and her warm body stuck to him. A delicate beauty with an alluring innocent face is hard to resist, if he were another man she would be eaten up after tempting him with that seductive voice of hers.

     In the morning the alarm goes off Leng Shuai opens his eyes, Feng LiMei is still sleeping. He gets up and puts on a fresh pair of jeans and a casual black sweater, tying his tennis shoes he hears LiMei rustling in the bed. “Get up, we need to leave in a half hour.” LiMei drowsily looks around didn’t she start down the mountain last night? She shakes her head seeing him tying his shoes while sitting on the edge of the bed. Flustered she pulls the cover up around her, “Leng Shuai what the hell!”

     “Don’t flatter yourself a troublesome brat like you is not my type. Also, I like a woman with a little more developed assets. Get dressed I am flying you to Shingu City we need to leave in a half hour.”

     “You..you..” LiMei’s face turns red, what an obnoxious man. But if she insults him will he still take her, with his temper. “ How did I get back here I was at the waterfall?”

     “You are wasting time, do you want to make your meeting or not.”

     She decides not to make an issue out of it if she can make the meeting she will still have her job. What made him change his mind? “ I will pay you for the plane ride.” She doesn’t want to be indebted to him.

     “Good. Get ready.”

      LiMei looks in her backpack for her dress, where is it? Dammit that’s right when I was fishing around in my backpack i set it on the rock and must have forgotten to put it back. I will need to wear the clothes I bought from Hong Cui I can buy a dress when I arrive in the city. She sees her pants on the chair, she wraps herself in the blanket and walks over grabbing them then runs into the bathroom. Leng Shuai starts laughing does she think he will attack her.. Haha..Haha.

    Looking in the mirror at herself she frowns I look a mess! She rinses her mouth out, yuck..it is a good thing I always carries a little toothbrush and toothpaste in my purse. LiMei sighs why didn’t I just take the ferry with Chen Janyu I would be in the hotel sleeping in a luxurious bed not here at Leng Shuai’s mercy . 

     She washes her face, brushing her hair she looks in the mirror again, her eyes are swollen from crying. A flash of images come to mind,  she was upset over Rui and was crying while she was at the waterfall after she drank the wine. How embarrassing! That brute saw her crying, he probably thought it was funny, he has a warped sense of humor. 

     She can hear him laughing in the other room, what a despicable man she can’t believe they slept in the same bed last night. 

    LiMei takes some healing cream from her purse applying it around her eyes. Her feet are very painful, sitting on the toilet she smears her feet with the cream. No time for a shower she puts some scented lotion on her arms and neck. 

     When she is finished she walks out of the bathroom her head held high thinking I won’t let that shameless man bother me at all, as soon as we get to Shingu City I will pay him then have nothing to do with him again.

     As she walks into the bedroom Leng Shuai stares at her in the over sized dirty clothes, how can she go to an important meeting dressed like that. Why isn’t she wearing the dress from yesterday. “Why are you wearing those clothes?”

     “None of your business, let’s go.” She has no intention of telling him she accidentally left the dress by the waterfall, opening the door she turns back. “Come on.”

     “Don’t you think you should say thank you to me first?” 

     “I will pay you when we arrive in Shingu City.”

     “…” Does she think I need the money that is why I am taking her there? Black lines are forming on his forehead, good..very good.. His obsidian eyes have a wicked gleam in them. I will teach that ungrateful girl a valuable lesson when we arrive in Shingu City.

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