The Dressing Room

LiMei hangs up the phone how did I get such an unreasonable and strange boss! She has forgiven him for his previous behavior but his personality is hard to comprehend. He seems obsessed with how plain she looks. 

     What CEO micromanages their assistant like that. Seriously he is going to pick out my wardrobe? She smiles at Rui, “That was the CEO he wanted his secretary but she left for a family emergency.” Pointing at the name of the store on the left, “Rui are you sure you want to come with me?”

     What if the tyrant comes here because Suzi left, she is getting a headache trying to juggle Chen Jianyu and Rui. Maybe she should just admit she was pretending to be Kang Mei but she is Feng LiMei {LiMie giggles out loud but in reality I am neither I am Qin Daiyu..haha}

     Rui gives her a strange look, why is she giggling, Chen Jianyu is stepping over the line as a boss telling her what to wear. He could hear LiMei’s conversation, good if he shows up he will tell him Feng LiMei is his girlfriend. She must be naive to think this is appropriate behavior, he will set Chen Jianyu straight.

     “I do want to come with you, maybe we can pick out a few clothes for our camping trip at the Sportswear Store on the second floor.”

     “That is a good idea!” She has the urge to hug him, he is very considerate. Rui is surprised when she wraps her slender arms around him. He lifts up her chin, “LiMei if you don’t let go I won’t be responsible for kissing you right now.” LiMei quickly lets go, Rui starts to laugh, she is blushing.

     They walk into the store holding hands, a saleswoman rushes over but stops in her tracks when she sees the outfit LiMei is wearing. She can barely contain the urge to laugh, then she feels the chilling aura surrounding the handsome man next to the girl. “Hello, what can I help you with today?”

     Rui glances around the store, “Show her your latest collection by Chloe of Henri Couture suitable for a CEO’s Assistant.” The saleswoman understands now the sloppily dressed girl is his assistant and he isn’t happy with her style.

     LiMei was going to walk around the store and pick a few items out, how is Chen Jianyu going to react if she has clothes from the latest collection of a famous designer. “Ahh..Rui “she motions him to lean down, whispering in his ear, “I don’t think I need designer clothes, just a few mix and match pieces. Chen Jianyu might think I overstepped.”

     Rui can’t resist her hot breath on his ear and her sweet worried voice is too much. He turns his face towards her and kisses her deeply. The saleswoman is shocked at the PDA, the handsome man is kissing his little assistant in the middle of the store. LiMei gently pushes him away feeling the salesgirl staring at them. “Rui..” Her heart is pounding, what is he thinking.

     He leans down and in a low sexy voice says, “Do you think I would let another man buy clothes for my woman?” He teasingly flicks her forehead

     LiMei’s cheeks turn bright red, even her ears feel hot, she doesn’t know what to say. The saleswoman is not moving as she watches the scene. Rui knows LiMei is uncomfortable because this woman is staring at them. In a commanding tone he reprimands the saleswoman, “I thought I told you to go get the new collection.”

     “I’m sorry Sir.” the woman is flustered she doesn’t want to lose the commission if he asks for her to be replaced. “Please come into this private lounge and I will bring the collection to you.”

     The woman leads them to a private area and wheels in the latest business wear for women. LiMei takes a black and white dress with a short bolero jacket then goes into the dressing room. Rui tells the saleswoman to leave when they are finished he will call for her. He sits on the couch opening a bottle of water while he is waiting.

      LiMei puts on the dress as she tries to zip up the back she can’t do it, she peeks out thinking the saleswoman is still there, “Miss could you help me zip this?” Not paying attention she pulls her head back , Rui opens the door to see her is twisting and turning trying to zip it, he starts laughing watching her, “Need some help?”

    LiMei is embarrassed, “Where is the saleswoman”

     “She left.” He turns her around and begins to zip her dress up for her. He looks at her creamy white smooth skin, the back of her pink  lace bra, all he would need to do is unsnap it and unzip her dress to see all of her body. He stops himself but as she lifts her hair with her small hands so he can button the top button he kisses the back of her neck. LiMei feels a tingling sensation go down her spine.

     Rui puts his hands on her tiny waist turning her around to face him, her small pink lips are tempting him he presses her to the wall of the dressing room. His lips are hot and LiMei is flooded with those feelings again, she doesn’t care they are in a dressing room, ever since last night she has been thinking about the way he makes her body feel. She can’t resist him she puts her slender arms around his neck and closes her eyes, letting his tongue play with hers. His fingers are lingering on her soft black hair that is hanging down.

     LiMei is learning to tease his tongue too, he can taste her sweetness as her small tongue is intertwined with his. They are both breathing heavily as he tightens his grip around her waist with one hand, his other hands reaches up to undo the button on the back of the dress. LiMei leans her body into his arching towards him moaning in his ear. “Rui..”

      He  unzips the dress, slipping it off her slender shoulders it falls to the ground she is standing there in only her pink lace bra and high cut panties with the white jade necklace against her flawless skin. His eyes are glazed with lust as he is tempted by her perfect body in front of him.

     LiMei steps towards him he looks very sexy right now she decides to be daring and take his shirt off. She smiles at him seductively as she reaches for his shirt.

      Rui’s body is reacting as LiMei’s tiny fingers are unbuttoning his shirt. Rui has lost his mind at this point looking at her alluring body in only her underwear. 

     He can’t believe her tiny fingers are trying to strip his shirt off him. Her body was made to be his and she wants him too, his heart is pounding, he wants to eat this little bunny right now.

     LiMei becomes adventurous and begins to kiss his neck, sucking and taking little bites. The sensation of her small tongue and tender moist lips on his neck as he holds her tightly is making his taut body on fire. His hand is on her lace covered breast, he can feel through the lace she is getting more excited as he teases her . Rui wants to be deep  inside her and let her feel the pleasure they can share together when they become one.

     His body is hard is pressing against her lower body but she doesn’t want to stop, even if he is only hers for these moments she is willing. His shirt is unbuttoned, LiMei runs her fingers over his smooth bare skin feeling his muscular chest. Intense heat is consuming her body as her hand can feel his heart pounding wildly  for her.

     Rui looks down at her delicately beautiful face as she is exploring  his body with her soft  small hands. She is seductively biting her lower lip as she stares at him with her eyes clouded with desire.  His body is on fire from her touching him,  he begins passionately kissing her again as his hands roam over her soft skin. 

     LiMei can hardly breathe as his kisses intensify. She doesn’t want him to stop, it is as though her body craves his taste. As he hears her moan with pleasure Rui can’t control himself  he needs to have her now. In a low sexy voice Rui whispers, “I want to have all of you LiMei.”

     LiMei is overwhelmed by how her body is trembling with desire for him as he teases her.Her delicate face is flushed, “Rui..” she softly moans. 

      Rui unbuckles his belt his adoring eyes not leaving her supple body that is like a ripe peach in front of him waiting to be fully enjoyed  There is a knock on the dressing room door, “Miss do you need anything?”

     LiMei suddenly comes back to reality  pushing Rui backwards she hurriedly pulls up her dress putting her finger to her lips she goes, “Shh..” her hazy green eyes open wide from the sudden interruption.

     Rui is still breathing heavily he grabs her whispering in her ear,  “Just send her away”, he kisses her earlobe then nibbles on it. His desire has been  fueled from  her wantonly passionate behavior.

     He touches her neck with his slender finger then kisses her neck. She can feel chills going down her spine. In a sweet low voice she says, “Stop.”

     She calls out to the saleswoman,“I’m fine, I will let you know when I need you.”

     LiMei puts her ear to the door, “The saleswoman left..” OMG! What was she thinking..she wants to stomp her little feet, what an idiot she is.. they are in a dressing room at an exclusive store, what if that woman saw them..ahhh..

     Rui lips curl up now  she looks like a scared little bunny,  he hugs her to him, teasing her he he lifts her cute face with his warm hand “Should we continue..”  Knowing the atmosphere has turned awkward he is annoyed. Dammit he is going to have that woman fired for disturbing them.

    LiMei turns bright red, thinking I am a slut… yes I am a little slut.. “Rui..I..I.can’t.”

     Rui just holds her , brushing her hair behind her ear, “It’s my fault I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking.”

    “I’m going to put my clothes back on could you wait outside.” LiMei is ashamed of herself letting her emotions run away with her. She doesn’t even want to think about what might have happened. 

     Didn’t she just tell herself last night she wasn’t going to sleep with Rui, now she was practically naked in a dressing room with him. LiMei shakes her head.. Where is my willpower!  I actually was stripping off his shirt ..

     It is a good thing the saleswoman interrupted us or it would have been a disaster for my heart! Why is it when he touches me I can’t resist, this is bad I need to not let my emotions control me or I’m doomed!  When he kisses me my reason leaves me..ahhh..

     LiMei nervously  comes out of the dressing room holding the black and white dress, “I think one dress is good I will wear the clothes I have at home.”

     Rui can’t help but feel guilty for his actions in the dressing room. “LiMei come here.”

     She walks over to him he takes her hand, walking out of the private room he tells the saleswoman,” We will take all the clothes in that collection.”

     LiMei starts to protest, he puts his finger on her lips. He hands his card to the saleswoman, “Send them all to this address today.”

     After they leave the store LiMei can’t hold it in anymore, “Rui I don’t want all those clothes that is too much!”

     “I want you to have them, I’m going to tell Chen Jianyu tonight you are my girlfriend and if anyone is going to buy you clothes it will be me.”

     LiMei is freaking out inside he can’t do that! How can she prevent that from happening!

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