The Black Abyss Beast

 A deep threatening voice meets Xialian as she swirls down into the depths of the abyss.“What’s your name little girl? Why have you disturbed my slumber?”

     “My name is Xiaolian.” The sound of her own voice echoes in the darkness, a tiny unremarkable voice she suddenly thinks. All she can see are two narrow red eyes looming above her, she begins shivering because of the cold as she waits for a response.

      I must not be afraid! Why is there no response? This is frightening. Is it a beast? It must be, maybe a guardian of this place, but it is empty what is there to guard. Her mind  is racing as she continues waiting for a response, anything…. I want to leave but how can I ? What is the purpose of me being here? 

        A deep emotionless voice comes from above her in the darkness.“I want to be left alone, go.” 

     Suddenly, she feels the pain of loneliness like a shroud of emptiness covering her body. The chilly air surrounding the voice  is so thick she feels her bones will turn to ice. Tears began to well up in her eyes and her mind fills with images of her parents dying in front of her so many years ago. The terrifying feeling of being alone in the world. The tears roll down her cheeks turning to ice as they float into the nothingness.

    “GO! Do you want to die little girl?” Another irritating cultivator has arrived to disturb me.

     Her mind is quickly accessing the cultivation manual. First, you must contain your fear to exit the abyss. If you allow your fear to overwhelm you, a frozen grave lies within the darkness.

    Shivering from the bone piecing cold of the abyss she blurts out with her teeth chattering.“If you wanted me dead I’m sure I would already be dead.” 

     The sound of sinister laughter comes from the beast, “Aren’t you brave!”

     “Not really, I’m quite afraid”

     “Honest I see”

     “Why are you here in this vast darkness?” It would be torture to live with no light, no sounds just silence and blackness.Why would a creature live in this forsaken  darkness.

     The Beast of the Black Abyss has never been asked that question in the thousand  years he has been banished here. It’s been so long he forgets himself, he sleeps and has no dreams of the past. He hates to be awakened by these cultivators, he then becomes conscious of the emptiness. This girl though seems different besides being the prettiest her aura has a pure silver light that entrances him a bit. He doesn’t detect the usual selfish motives most cultivators have in their minds.

     “I’m here, that’s all you should worry about little Miss.”

     “If you want me to go I need to know how, I have no qinggong and there are no walls to climb. Could you help me?”


     “Well can I have some time to figure it out?”


     “Hmm, could you come down from there so we can discuss it?”

     “No” The beast is amused listening to her trying to negotiate. The last cultivator just rushed up to him and tried to kill him with swords made from the dark wind in the abyss. He crippled his meridians by merely turning the man’s own swords back to him.

     Xiaolian’s teeth are beginning to chatter even louder from the cold, she can feel her toes are going numb, she needs to convince the beast to help her. Luckily he doesn’t seem in a rush to kill me.

     When she thinks she sometimes begins to sing, it seems to calm her mind. Right now she has no ideas on how to convince this unfathomable beast to  help her leave.

     She begins to pace around and glances up at the red eyes above her that seem to not have moved from her. It must be huge, its voice is so formidable and it seems unrelenting.

     “My love how could you leave me I gave you my heart..My soul is now empty with only dreams of you..”she continues to sing this song her mother used to sing.. It is a sad song of loss and regret, for some reason the emptiness of this place brought the song to her mind. Loneliness, darkness, the loss of one’s soul to love.

     The beast hears her singing and feels something stir inside him, a memory. He hasn’t felt any emotion since he was banished here. That girl’s voice and melody is making his heart ache.


     “Don’t you like that song? I can sing another”

     Suddenly the Beast flies down and stares at Xiaolian in the eyes. She is startled, her blue eyes are like a frightened small animal looking straight into his beastly red eyes.

    The Beast roars in her face.“Who are you?” 

     “ I told you I’m Xiaolian”

     “Where did you learn that song!”

    “My mother used to sing it when she was in the garden.”

     He waves his wing and she feels warmth surrounding her. The Beast has waited an eternity to feel the chains of loneliness break from around his heart. Although what he is feeling right now is heartache, he can feel emotions.

     “Thank you, I was so cold.” she is wondering why he decided to help her.

     “Stay here with me.”

     “What? No I can’t I need to go to the Soaring White Cloud Continent I have things I need to accomplish.” This is bad she is thinking, how can I convince him to let me leave. “Why don’t you leave with me?”

     “I can’t. Now you have disrupted my thoughts, I will feel loneliness if you leave.”

     “Why can’t you leave?”

     “I was banished here by someone, I don’t remember who now it’s been too long.”

     “Have you tried to leave?”

     “ No”

     “Then how do you know you can’t leave. Maybe it has been so long whoever did this to you is dead or has forgotten about you.”

     The Beast is wondering why he is listening to this girl. He will just bind her spirit here and keep the little beauty with him.

     “Let’s leave together, you can go with me and be my spirit beast. I feel an affinity with you. Or you could just be free to roam the Seven Kingdoms, the magical island is neutral land, has many beasts that live on it.”

     “You will just stay here with me”

     “I told you I can’t”

        The beast snarls at her with a terrifyingly loud voice, “If I say you will! you will!” 

     “ Please, I know you are lonely here but I wouldn’t survive a week being locked here. Only my mind is here you know that, my body will die in the gazebo if you keep me here. When my body dies my mind will also die of course.”

     The Beast realizes what she says is true, but he is feeling very lonely right now. This girl Xiaolian is very beautiful and has a kind heart he can tell. She reminds him of someone but he doesn’t know who.

     “Why don’t we try to leave together, I mean really what do you have to lose?” Xiaolian is feeling sorry for this poor beast locked in this darkness. She is willing to try to help him. If her cultivation isn’t completed as long as her meridians aren’t destroyed she can try again another day. If there is a problem she will call Wang Li Jie to help her escape.

     “Once we exit the abyss you can either go your own way or come with me.”

     The Beast is feeling confusion right now. Many emotions are twisting his mind into knots. This new consciousness makes staying here nearly impossible. He will be tortured every time he is awakened by cultivators since these emotions  have surfaced. Who knows he might even be tormented by nightmares now, instead of the comfort of not dreaming at all. “You could die with me if there is a mechanism in place to keep me here.”

     “I will take my chances with you. I will also tell you I have a friend who is willing to enter the abyss to save me if I am in danger.”

     “Why are you telling me this, don’t you realize I could kill you before your friend arrived? Then kill him. You are a very stupid girl.”

     “I don’t think you are bad, I don’t sense evil coming from you.”

     “I have crippled and killed many cultivators.”

     “You probably had your reasons,” Xiaolian is getting nervous but really wants to help him along with her  leaving this dismal place.

     The beast has never thought of escaping as far as he can recall. He just accepted his fate, maybe he should just try. If he died so what, but for some reason he doesn’t want this girl to die though. “Get on my back and close your eyes. Don’t open them if you don’t want to be blinded. Clutch tightly to my neck and don’t loosen your grip!”

     The beast leans down so she can get onto his back. She hikes up her dress and leans into his body putting her slender arms tightly around his feathered neck.

     “Sing for me as we ascend, it might be the last thing I ever hear.”

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