Taken Away

  Leng Shuai’s white Land Rover SUV pulls up in front of the Grand Reef Hotel, he tells Jason his assistant he wants the men to follow him into the hotel but they are to wait in the lobby for him. Jason walks over to the first black Land Rover SUV informing the head security chief of the plan. 

     They are all dressed not in their usual black suits but wearing black leather jackets, jeans and black combat style boots. When he is vacationing on the island he lets them enjoy their time here and they are seldom all called at once to accompany him. 

     He allows them to dress casually so as not to attract too much attention he will rotate having one or two men as bodyguards. This will be perfect they are fearsome looking men, he is planning on scaring Feng LiMei when he takes her out of the conference room.

      Let her think he is a dangerous man and her life is in danger from harming him. He laughs picturing how terrified she will be when they follow him out with her.

     In the conference room the introductions have been completed and Gao KiKi begins the meeting. Chen Jianyu is surprised he assumed their lawyer would take charge. Jing Bo made Gao KiKi’s acquaintance when he was in London last year so he isn’t surprised she would take over the negotiations. Han Nuying whispers to Chen Jianyu, “CEO Chen do you know her?”

     “No, she is the daughter of the largest landowner on the island.”

     LiMei leans over to them, “She was staring at Jing Bo when we arrived, I think they know each other by the flirtatious way she is looking at him right now.”

     “Hmm..” Chen Jianyu studies Gao KiKi, she has the appearance of an astute businesswoman she won’t let personal feelings affect the outcome. Her hair is shoulder length, tidy and businesslike. The way she is dressed is well thought out, the designer pantsuit is black presenting a serious look, a bright pink blouse  denotes she has confidence. 

     She is a  tall statuesque woman but she is wearing 10cm heels to make her appear intimidating to the men who are sitting at the conference table. 

     She has studied abroad from her pretentious air, disguising the fact she is an island girl. If he didn’t know she is the daughter of an islander he would think she is from an elite family on the Mainland.

     Gao KiKi asks both parties to submit their proposals to the Shingu Group, afterwards they will each have a chance to give a presentation of their plans. “We want to see what your plans are for the land besides considering the bids for the prime real estate itself we want to ensure the property will be used for a commercial endeavor that will benefit the island in the future.” Her voice has a confident tone of a no nonsense businesswoman, LiMei is impressed by her commanding presence.

     Jing Bo takes his proposal up to her personally, as he hands it to her his hand lingers on hers, this doesn’t go unnoticed by LiMei. “CEO Chen I think you should give it to her personally.”

     “What? You can go give it to her.”

    LiMei pinches him on his arm, in an annoyed tone she urges him, “That is what I am talking about! You need to hand it to her and make eye contact. You are a handsome man too, don’t let Jing Bo get her attention. You are a rich Young Master, use it!”

    Han Nuying holds her hand over her mouth, Feng LiMei just pinched and scolded the boss. Oh my god too funny!

    Chen Jianyu stares at LiMei her strange blue eyes are wide and her face is scrunched up as she is leaning into his ear. “You ever pinch me again I will have you beaten!”

   LiMei ignores what he said and continues,   “Show your sincerity like Jing Bo, she is waiting for Hushang’s proposal. Hold her hand lightly for a moment when you hand it to her.” LiMei kicks him under the table. Do it. ”

     Chen Jianyu glares at her as he picks up the proposal then he walks up to the front of the conference table. He quickly hands it to her then comes back to his seat.

     When he returns LiMei scowls at him shaking her head, “Chen Jianyu! Would it have hurt for you to smile at her. When you are smiling you are quite handsome, and what was that quick hand off did you not hear what I said? Jeez!”


     Han Nuying can barely control herself, that little girl says the most outrageous things to Chen Jianyu, She can’t believe he hasn’t thrown her out of the room yet.

     Gao KiKi is looking over the proposals and sharing the reports with the three gentlemen with her. LiMei can see her pointing back and forth, Chen Jianyu is confident in their bid he is drinking a cup of tea when the door bursts open, he spits out the tea what the fuck! A tall muscular man enters the room and approaches Gao KiKi her eyes express her surprise, she drops the papers in her hand, he bends over and whispers something in her ear, the men with her stand and bow towards him.

     Feng LiMei only sees his back as he took long strides towards Gao KiKi oh my god! It’s him! Chen Jianyu wonders what is going on, Jing Bo recognizes him as Leng Shuai, he better not be here for revenge since he won the Mega Mall land away from him. Feng LiMei whispers to Chen Jianyu her stomach hurts she needs to go the restroom before he can answer Leng Shuai is by her seat in a flash. “Going somewhere babe?” LiMei’s face pales, the devil is here.

     Chen Jianyu is stunned as the handsome man places his hand is on the top of Feng LiMei’s head. Leng Shuai picks LiMei up and tosses her over his shoulder. Then with a devilish grin he announces, “I will be taking my girlfriend now.” He swiftly moves to the door, Chen Jianyu stands up his mouth open he reaches out to grab Leng Shuai but Leng Shuai uses his foot to kick the chair knocking it into Chen Jianyu, Wang Li rushes over to Chen Jianyu, he growls,“Get her now!”

     LiMei is pounding Leng Shuai with her fists, she can’t strike him with her palm again she could kill him hitting him again in the same spot. His strong arms are holding her securely, she is screaming in his ear, “Let me go you bastard!” She is kicking him as he carries her through the lobby.

    Leng Shuai responds,  “Too noisy.”

    He exits the hotel his driver opens the back door then Leng Shuai tosses LiMei inside the Land Rover SUV, “Drive.”

    Wang Li pushes the conference room door open and is met with a group of several formidable looking men, he rushes into them his fists flying, there is no way he can fight them all but he is determined to get Feng LiMei back. The men have orders not to hurt anyone , they dodge his kicks with defensive moves but don’t attack him. He can see Leng Shuai is almost at the door as Chen Jianyu comes out. Chen Jianyu grabs one of the men, “Who is your boss? Where did he take her.” The man ignores him not answering he takes Chen Jianyu’s hand off his shirt then motions for the men to head outside the boss has the girl no reason to hang around.

     Inside the conference room no one is speaking, Gao KiKi can’t believe Leng Shuai the man she has had on a crush on since she was young just called the homely assistant of Chen Jianyu’s his girlfriend. She is numb, as she watched him leave with her she felt her knees weaken. Her father said there was no news that Leng Shuai had contact with any women. Jing Bo is smiling this should get interesting.

     “What do I pay you for anyway!” Chen Jianyu glares at Wang Li as they enter the conference room. Furious he walks up to Gao KiKi and the Shingu Group, with a forceful attitude he approaches Gao KiKi,  “You seem to know that man who is he?” Right now he doesn’t care about the land deal, he is consumed with anger Feng LiMei was dragged away.

     Gao KiKi calms herself down, “He is someone we can’t interfere with his activities.”

    “What the hell do you mean by that?” he turns to Han Nuying, “Call the police, I don’t care if he is her boyfriend or not she obviously didn’t want to leave with him!” His face has darkened and he is clenching his fists.

     “Chen Jianyu I wouldn’t do that if I was you, he is Leng Shuai.” Gao KiKi is still shaken by the scene she witnessed. Everyone knows Leng Shaui’s temper he looked extremely angry when he grabbed the girl. He told Gao KiKi not to proceed with the sale of the land until he takes care of some unfinished business.

    “Leng Shuai..I don’t give a damn who the hell he is! Feng LiMei is my assistant.” Is that who gave her the white jade necklace, he is her boyfriend? What the fuck!

     “Calm down CEO Chen call her and see what is going on, if you still feel you need to call the police then that is up to you.” Gao KiKi tries to diffuse the situation, she doesn’t like being put in this position. Keeping face is very important to her and now she needs to deal with the aftermath of Leng Shuai’s actions.

     She continues,“In light of the chaotic situation created by Leng Shuai we will resume the negotiations on Monday. It would be unfair to the Hushang Group to try to continue at this point.” Gao KiKi is going to drive to his mansion and find out what he wants from the Shingu Group . At the same time she will find out the relationship between him and that unsightly girl. No way is she his girlfriend! She speaks quietly to the men at her table, they are nodding and gathering their papers.

     LiMei is int the back seat of Leng Shuai’s car, “What do you want with me Leng Shuai!”

     “I think you know the answer to that question. You owe me money and dared to knock me out. You should call your boss and tell him you will be spending the weekend with your boyfriend.” He hands her his phone.

    “You are crazy! Let me out here they will have called the police by now.” LiMei is not sure the reaction Chen Jianyu would have to her being taken away but she hopes Wang Li or Han Nuying would worry about her.

    “I doubt that, but if you don’t call your boss I will call the police hand you over for stowing away on my plane and assault.”

     “Hmmph.. you kidnapped me from an important meeting!”

    “The meeting is canceled I’m sure, call Chen Jianyu now I don’t want him bothering me this weekend I have plans for you.”

    LiMei hugs herself her eyes widen looking at him like he is a wolf with his prey, “Leng Shuai I will kill you if you touch me.”

    He starts laughing, “I believe I told you before I am not attracted to you, I like a woman with a little more to offer. You have 10 seconds to make that call.”

     She grabs the phone dialing Chen Jianyu’s number, he answers before he can say anything he hears Feng LiMei’s voice, “CEO Chen I wanted to let you know I’m fine I hope you could continue with the meeting… I apologize for Leng Shuai..he loves me too much and we had a fight when I said I was leaving him. I will need to stay with him this weekend I fear he is suicidal.” 

     LiMei gives him a dirty look, he grabs the phone from her hanging it up. Leng Shuai’s face is dark and his eyes have a dangerous glint to them as he leans over towards LiMei she moves into the corner of the back seat.

     “I love you too much..I am suicidal?” His face is inches from hers she can feel his hot breath on her face. “Let’s see who is suicidal by the end of the weekend.” He moves back over to the other side leaning his head back with his hands behind his head. “Take off that hideous wig and those glasses.”

     LiMei shivers his temper is scarier than Kuang Fu’s. What does he plan on doing with her. All those men outside the conference room is he part of a gang? A smuggler? She really should have just paid him, his threat of calling the police is terrifying. What if they do an in depth background check she doesn’t want her ID scrutinized, she has confidence in the old man that prepared it but doesn’t want to test it.

     Chen Jianyu looks at his cell should he call her back? Dammit who would imagine the little plain girl is involved with a crazy bastard like Leng Shaui. He doesn’t know much about him they haven’t had dealings with Leng Enterprises, but his shameless abduction shows he has power. Gao KiKi and the Shingu Group bowed to him even in light of his intrusive action of disrupting the meeting.

     Why was she in Pushong City did she run away from an abusive relationship with him. “Nuying find out what there is to know about Leng Shuai… No never mind.” He doesn’t like the fact he is bothered by what just happened.

     Everyone has left the conference room, Han Nuying asks Chen Jianyu, “Is Feng LiMei okay?” It was like out of the  drama her girlfriend  Alix likes to watch, the way Leng Shuai barged in and carried her off over his shoulder.

    Chen Jianyu is angry Feng LiMei let her personal life interfere with this project he has been working on for the past couple months. He doesn’t like the fact he was worried about her last night and now what happened today.“Apparently so. It is not my problem. I didn’t have a chance to tell her but she no longer works for the Hushang Group.”

     “…” Han Nuying knows Chen Jianyu well enough to not say anything he is extremely angry right now. She picks up the file and sees Feng LiMei’s purse on the ground so she takes it with her. Chen Jianyu tells her, “Find out the relationship between Gao KiKi and Jing Bo. I think they might be colluding together.” He pictures Feng LiMei’s worried look when she pointed out the interaction between them, maybe he can use this delay to his advantage. “Afterwards see if Miss Gao is available for dinner with me this evening.”

     “Yes CEO Chen.”

     Winding though a dense forest on a narrow road LiMei stares at the scenery, where are they going? They have been traveling for a good forty five minutes after leaving Shingu City. She takes a sidelong look at Leng Shuai he has his eyes closed leaning back on the seat. Why didn’t she just pay him when they landed?

     She would still be in the meeting with Chen Jianyu not sitting in this car with this psycho going god knows where with him.The car suddenly veers to the right to avoid a deer that has crossed onto the road, LiMei falls onto Leng Shuai’s lap she never bothered to buckle her seat belt. Her face is planted between his legs. He opens his eyes in a low voice he lazily says, “Don’t try to seduce me, I told you you aren’t my type.”

     LiMei immediately sits up her face crimson red, “D..d..don’t flatter yourself.” She buckles her seat belt her fingers shaking with anger. Leng Shuai feels his body has a reaction to what just happened, Dammit! He glances over at her she is staring out the window her hands are clenched in tiny fists resting on her creamy white thighs that are exposed.

     He hadn’t noticed before how short her dress is she is wearing, not exactly business appropriate. Maybe Chen Jianyu likes her wearing these type of clothes, but how could he be attracted to her when she is wearing that horrible wig and unbecoming glasses. He thought her boss was an old pervert not a young one. He doesn’t know much about Chen Jianyu but now he is interested.

    The car finally comes to its final destination, an iron gate opens and they enter onto a long winding driveway that leads to a mansion on the side of the mountain. LiMei is stunned by how beautiful the home is, it is a modern design surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountain it makes for a stark contrast that is breath taking. His boss must be very wealthy, stunned she blurts out, “Your boss must be super rich!”

     “…” The driver and Jason exchange glances, doesn’t she know who Leng Shuai is?

     “Yes he is very wealthy.” Leng Shuai is amused , she really has no idea who he is.

     His assistant Jason marvels at how shameless his boss is being with the girl lying with a straight face.

     “Isn’t he going to be upset with you bringing a strange woman to his home? Using his men for your personal revenge?”

     “He won’t mind.”

     LiMei decides to try to get out of this situation one more time. “Leng Shuai take this necklace in payment for what I owe you and your troubles. How you got injured at the airport I have no idea, but this should compensate you I’m sure it is worth at least 10,000 yuan.” LiMei takes off the white jade necklace Rui gave her and puts it in Leng Shuai’s hand. “You could turn around and take me back without your boss even knowing I was here.”

     Leng Shuai looks at the flawless white jade necklace in his hand, did Chen Jianyu give her this, it is worth a quarter of a million USD easy. He saw it was auctioned in Pushong City recently, does she have no idea of its value? She really is an idiot. “Miss Feng you just confirmed you had something to do with my injury, I never mentioned where the incident happened.”

    “I’m sure you did.”

    “No I did not. I think I will keep the necklace and you.” He runs the white jade down her cheek then onto her pink lips.

    LiMei reaches her hand up trying to retrieve the white jade necklace from his slender fingers, he tightens his grip on it, smiling at her, “Naughty girl, giving it to me then trying to take it back..tsk..tsk..” 

    “Give it back you bastard!” She tries to pry it out of his hand, her fingers are not strong enough, he moves his hand away while laughing at her attempt. LiMei is livid, she will get her revenge on this miserable man for this!

     Leng Shaui is enjoying her angry expression she looks like she wants to kill him right now. Her cheeks are puffed out and red her pink lips are pursed and her beautiful green eyes have sparks in them.

   “Get out. Jason escort Feng LiMei into the boss’ living room I will be in after I talk to the men.”

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