Surprising Guest

  Chen Jianyu paces around his Penthouse, he glances at his watch it is only seven thirty. He wants Qiao Rui to come so he can order room service to request that ungrateful plain girl to deliver. Thinking about her running away from him when they arrived he is very irritated. Walking into his bathroom to take a shower he looks into the mirror any woman should be happy to be his assistant what is her problem! 

     After his shower he chooses a gray sweater and some casual black pants, he blow dries his hair, grabbing a bottle of wine and a glass he takes a few long strides to the balcony.

     He lights up a cigarette blowing a smoke ring into the air, the view at night is spectacular from his Penthouse, he leans on the railing, looking down over the city his thoughts are jumbled.. Pouring a glass of wine he contemplates the strange happenings of the last few weeks, Kang Mei is a ghost none of his men can find her, now he has this strange little assistant who tempts him even with her plain looks. It’s their lips.. their lips are similar… pink and soft looking.

     In his twenty seven years he has never been rejected but he suddenly is on the losing end, should he go out on some blind dates as his grandfather suggested the last time he was at home. Lately his body that doesn’t become excited over the beautiful women he encounters is reacting to an odd little assistant. Drinking his wine he calls Rui, “When are you getting over here I’m hungry.”

     “I’m finishing up at the hospital that crazy brother of yours brought one of his models with a broken nose to the hospital He wouldn’t let anyone else treat her but me. I guess her ex boyfriend is a little gangster, Huan wants to keep it quiet because she is one of his ‘Fresh New Faces’ ” Rui starts laughing.

     “Shit, he needs to screen those sluts better before one of them has a big scandal. Are you finished?”

     “ Not quite, I have to check on another VIP patient. You might as well eat I won’t be there until 8:30.”

     “Whatever, tell Huan to call me.”

     In the hotel kitchen LiMei is talking to the Kitchen Manager apparently the vegan in room 2080 wants more food delivered, he requested LiMei. “He said he is having a special guest and would like you to serve them, he is paying the additional fee for that service and mentioned he will compensate you extra for your time. It looks like it will take up the rest of your shift. Are you alright with that?”

     LiMei likes the idea of the extra compensation, “Thank you Kitchen Manager I will do a good job!” The man appeared harmless so LiMei agrees. She doesn’t look at the dishes, the Kitchen Manager loaded her cart while she went to get the two bottles of wine he ordered. The bottles of wine he requested are very expensive, she is surprised the man only had green tea earlier.

     The other servers that are having a slow night wonder who she is, she looks rather ordinary, but the Kitchen Manager skipped over them to give this new girl the special order. When a guest has this service a person can make thousands of yuan as a tip LiMei can feel their greedy stares on her, she smiles politely as she wheels out the cart. As she leaves she feels a distinct chill in the air, she misses working with QiQi and Marie, these people are like vultures waiting for orders.

     When she is in the elevator she lifts the covers on the dishes, there was a distinct aroma of beef and spicy noodles wafting up from the cart, there are pork dumplings, maybe his guest is a carnivore. She is right, oh my the dishes are delicious looking, all her favorites.

      She knocks on the door, when he answers she rolls in the cart, “Did you want your meal on the balcony again?” She looks around for the other person maybe they haven’t arrived yet.

     The man answers yes from where he is working on a laptop. LiMei sets it up and looks out at the view, Pushong City certainly is beautiful at night. The tall buildings are lit up, you can see the bridge over the river the lights on it reflecting off the dark river below. What a pretty scene, eating out here enjoying the view must be nice.

     Suddenly she feels a slender hand on her shoulder she whips around ready to strike the man, so he is a pervert. He casually grabs her small wrist and says “Daiyu it has been awhile.” Startled beyond words as she looks up into the man’s face, Uncle Xinghi! He has removed his skin mask from earlier revealing his true identity.

      LiMei faints at the sight of him fear overtaking her at the sight of the unexpected figure in front of her. Xinghi catches her and carries her into the room setting her down on the couch.

     He smiles down at her, she has lost weight since the last time he saw her making her appear even more fragile and vulnerable. He uses his internal energy and waves his hand across her face to wake her up. The look in her eyes as she opens them is one of shock and surprise, but she knows he won’t hurt her. In a depressed tone of voice she quietly says“Kuang Bo found me?”

     Xinghi lifts the little girl who is like a daughter to him into his arms, hugging her he replies, “No, fate seems to have brought you and I together tonight.”

     LiMei hugs him putting her slender arms around him, “I have missed you Uncle.”

     His lips curl up in a smile, he is known as a cold and aloof medical genius, a madman who lives in a secluded Compound in the mountains of Cambodia. Yet when he sees her he exhibits a rare warmth, he has only loved two people in this world this little girl in his arms and her mother.

      He gently brushes her hair from her face, “Your disguise isn’t very clever.” His eyes have a mischievous gleam in them, “You left in a hurry, from what Kuang Bo told me.”

     LiMei grabs his sleeve with wide eyes questions him “How is Kuang Bo?”

     “Let’s go out to the balcony and eat before your noodles get soggy.”

    LiMei follows behind his slender back to the balcony, for an older man he is quite handsome, he has beautiful Phoenix eyes , his hair is silky and ink black. He has a penchant for oriental style clothing which gives him the air of being from an ancient era.  “You ordered all this for me?” She loves him he always treats her affectionately.

      Sitting at the table she picks up her chopsticks and begins slurping up the delicious beef and noodles. Then she picks up a dumpling shoving it into her mouth. Normally she would have at least had a snack but since Chen Jianyu was bothering her then drove her to work she didn’t have time. “Oh thank you I was so hungry!” Xinghi wants to hear how she has been living since she escaped.

     He knew she had been in Pushong because his technician at Qiao Rui’s lab informed him his antidote was used to treat Chen Jianyu when he was given the potent aphrodisiac. He didn’t think she would remain here with Kuang Fu looking for her, he assumed she would move around. What is her connection to him and why is she working in Room Service at the Chen’s hotel.

     Xinghi watches her devour the food, LiMei’s mouth is greasy he reaches with his napkin wiping her lips. “You still eat like a starving mouse I see.”

     He pours himself a glass of wine, “Do you want a glass?”

     LiMei figures why not he booked her as a server until she gets off work, “Sure.”

     “I don’t like looking at you with those strange blue eyes and terrible brown wig. I want to see your beautiful green eyes.” Xinghi caresses her cheek as though  he is coaxing a small child. He loves the way her eyes sparkle with the golden specks in them she resembles her mother Xiaofei so much. The same beautiful green eyes, delicate face, the way her smile is bright and honest.

     She obediently goes into the bathroom and removes the contacts and takes off her wig. When she comes out Xinghi sighs, how did such a beautiful little girl end up with the Black Sky Organization. 

     If he would have known her circumstances five years ago he would have paid her worthless father’s debt off. Once he found out and offered to pay the money for the shiftless bastard Kuang Fu had made up his mind to keep the girl. At the time Xinghi didn’t have enough backing to try to rescue her she would have ended up dead at Kuang Fu’s hand.

     “Much better.”

     LiMei sits at the table she has so many questions for him, sipping her wine she asks him again “How is Kuang Bo, what happened when I left?”

     “He is working on leaving the Organization, you knew that, to be honest I am more worried about you Daiyu, Kuang Fu has been too busy to prioritize you but eventually..Why don’t you come to my Compound I can protect you until he is no longer a threat.”

     “Uncle how long are you going to be in Pushong City? Could we spend some time together and catch up? I like it here I have a job there is someone I like.” LiMei drinks more wine she wants to tell him all about Rui, before she can there is a knock on the door, “Room Service.” It sounds like the Kitchen manager’s voice. LiMei jumps up, why is the Kitchen manager knocking at the door.

     She whispers to Xinghi, “That is the Kitchen Manager I need to see what he wants.” She runs to put on her wig forgetting to put her contacts in her eyes.

     She opens the door and walks into the hallway, the Kitchen Manager and another girl are standing there “The guest asked me to see what you want.”

     “LiMei I need you to take another delivery, Diana can finish serving this guest.”The Kitchen Manager is sweating that damn Chen Jianyu is throwing a fit he wants Feng LiMei to deliver his dinner no one else.

     “But..won’t this guest be offended?” LiMei doesn’t want to leave Xinghi to go serve that arrogant man!

     “We will have to take the chance, you don’t know Chen Jianyu’s temper, it’s my job on the line.”

     LiMei has a murderous glint in her eyes thinking oh I do know that tyrant’s temper! Why is he insisting on me, does he want to humiliate me, I have had enough for one day! But seeing the utter despair on the Kitchen Manager’s face she has no choice but to submit to Chen Jianyu’s request.

     Diana looks LiMei up and down what kind of ‘special’ service does this girl provide for these rich men to request her.

     “I will go in and inform the guest there will be a change of servers so he will accept it. I will say I have a personal emergency.”

     The Kitchen Manager nods, Feng LiMei always appears calm, she will handle it well.

     LiMei walks out to the balcony she knows if she doesn’t take Chen Jianyu’s dinner to him tomorrow at work won’t be pleasant, why did she blurt out she works here.

    “Uncle I need to go back to work” she picks up her wine and finishes it. “My phone number is xxxxxxx please call me before you leave town I have so much to tell you and I want to hear about you and Kuang Bo.” She kisses his cheek, “I have missed you.” He pats her head, “LiMei be careful don’t trust anyone and remember what Kuang Bo and I have taught you. I will call you before I leave.”

     LiMei goes into the bathroom putting her blue contacts in her eyes, what a pain the ass Chen Jianyu is!

     She puts the empty plates on the cart to wheel out of the room, hugs Xinghi one more time before she leaves, “I’m so happy to see you”, her eyes are misty as she says goodbye.

     LiMei wipes her eyes with her sleeve then goes into the hallway. LiMei tells the Kitchen Manager the guest was understanding the meal was finished, he doesn’t want anymore interruptions to disturb him and his guest. The Kitchen Manager breathes a sigh of relief, he had confidence LiMei could handle the situation.

     They arrive back at the kitchen and the cooks put up Chen Jianyu’s order to be delivered. LiMei is still thinking about Uncle Xinghi, she didn’t recognize him the first time she delivered, his skin masks are top notch, maybe she should ask him for a couple when she sees him again. 

    She takes the cart to the elevator, dammit Chen Jianyu why did you need me to deliver your dinner!

     In the Penthouse Chen Jianyu is fuming, he has finished his bottle of wine and is starving but Feng LiMei is in another guest’s room serving them. Who is this guest to reserve her for an hour and a half? Since when does the hotel allow a guest to occupy a server’s time in that manner. He opens another bottle of wine and pours another glass, dammit he wants her up here now with his dinner.

    Chen Jianyu calls Room Service and demands to speak to the Kitchen Manager. The Kitchen Manager respectfully listens to his tirade, he sounds drunk..shit.. hopefully he doesn’t make a problem for LiMei and she quits. LiMei reminds him of his daughter LingLing and he is very protective of her. Should he go check under the pretense of making sure everything is to his liking. 

     Chen Jianyu hears the knock at the door,then slams the phone down. LiMei pulls her shirt our of her skirt, she looks a little sloppy but her shape is hidden. She had grabbed her glasses out of her purse and is wearing them

     Smiling at him as he opens the door she stares at his dangerous set of eyes she is worried, he obviously has been drinking. His aura is dark and oppressive. “CEO Chen where do you want me to set up your dinner?”

    He grabs her tiny hand that is resting on the cart, “Whose room were you in for an hour?” He has a penetrating gaze that is tinged with anger.

     “CEO Chen please I was serving a guest as the Kitchen Manager requested.”{She thinks it is none of your damn business.}

     “Put it on the table by the window.” he watches her petite figure as she wheels the cart over while continuing to drink his wine. The shirt hugs her chest, her legs are creamy white and slender in the short skirt, her figure is perfect , why does she dress in baggy clothes to come to work at Hushang. “Tuck your shirt in you look too sloppy,” he wants to see her waist. 

     What the hell is his problem! LiMei has no choice but to follow his order he is her boss here at the hotel too. Reluctantly she tucks her shirt in revealing she has a tiny waist, Chen Jianyu can’t take his eyes off her. Her slender body is alluring, he needs her to take her hideous glasses off to see what her face looks like without them

    “Here can you sign I need to get back to the kitchen.”

     “No if you want a tip you have to stay and serve me”, after the ride over in his car where she ignored him then ran into the hotel he wants to make her pay for her impertinent behavior.

     It is eight fifteen Rui will be here at nine to pick her up she needs to get out of here. “I don’t need a tip just sign it.” her voice is curt and full of irritation.

    He stands very close to her he can smell a light flowery scent coming from her body,  “Is this the way you treat my guests?”

     LiMei had some wine with Xinghi and is tired of listening to Chen Jianyu’s provocation. “He was quite a generous tipper so I served him well.”

     Chen Jianyu has black lines forming on his forehead, what the fuck does she mean by ‘serve him well?’

    “Serve me well and I will double what he gave you.” He pours another glass of wine.

    LiMei stares at him, his dark eyes are glazed, his black hair is messy it reminds her of the night he put her in his bed after he found her asleep in the closet. Is he a pervert when he is drunk? She should leave before this gets out of hand.

   “If you are in need of a woman CEO Chen I’m sure the hotel could provide you with one. If you don’t want to sign whatever, you own the hotel. I’m leaving my shift is almost over.” LiMei starts towards the door.

    He steps in front of her smirking “ Do you like working here? I suggest you serve me my meal, I have no intentions towards a plain little thing like you. Beautiful women line up to date me I don’t need to have the hotel supply one.”

    LiMei’s face turns red, ‘plain little thing’ she has to hold herself back from slapping the smug look off his face. She stomps over to the table placing some shrimp dumplings on his plate, then pours him a glass of water. 

     He leisurely sits at the table crossing his legs, seeing the annoyed look on her face he smiles. Her pink cheeks are puffed out and she is pursing her lips. “Why are you pouring me water, pour me some wine.”


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