Surprise Cargo

The thought of being seasick and with the tyrant she shudders, now she can arrive before him to  relax a little. Perfect! When she gets to the airline counter LiMei happily hands the card to the man behind the desk, “One for Shingu Island.”

     “I’m sorry Miss the flight is sold out.”

     LiMei’s face pales, “No seats at all?” What is she going to do, does she need to chase after Chen Jianyu and take the ferry? “When is your next flight?”

     “Not until 7:00 AM.”

     “Do you know if any other airlines fly to the Island tonight? I need to get there or my boss will throw a fit.”

   The ticket clerk looks at the line forming behind her, “Miss you can check at the information desk.” he points to a circular counter down to the right. “I need to help other customers.”

     LiMiei scrunches up her nose, dammit, I knew this was too easy to get away from the tyrant. “Thank you.”

     She walks over to the information desk, “Sir?” An old man in a uniform is dozing behind the counter, “Sir?” He still doesn’t awaken, LiMei is getting impatient, she slaps her hand on the counter to get his attention, he is startled awake, “Huh?” he quickly sits up looking at the strange looking girl in front of him, “Yes..Umm..can I help you?”

     “I need to know if there is another plane heading to Shingu Island this evening.”

     He looks at the departures, “Only a private cargo company has a plane leaving tonight but they don’t take commercial passengers.”

     “What is the name of the airline?” LiMei doesn’t mind squeezing in with their cargo. If she is late Chen Jianyu will dock her pay and make a big stink for sure.

     “Miss I just told you it is for cargo. You don’t want to deal with the pilot either, he is..” Well he shouldn’t gossip, “Let’s just say he isn’t an agreeable sort of man to accommodate you.”

    “Just give me the name.”

     The old man reluctantly gives her the name of the airline and points towards the exit, “It is located by the back airstrip used for cargo planes the name is WildAir.”

     “Thank you.” LiMei walks away, what kind of name is that for an airline? It is almost scary …she looks toward the exit, it must be this direction. She hurries along hoping she can catch a ride to the Island.

     After she walks awhile behind Terminal Two she sees the airstrip and some hangers, a burly man in gray overalls stops her, “Miss this area is for cargo planes, are you lost?”

     “I’m looking for WildAir.”

     “Why are you looking for Ba Hu?” He looks her up and down, she is wearing a dress with high heels, not your typical WildAir customer.

     “I have an urgent special delivery that needs to get to the Island tonight.”

     While he is scratching his straggly black beard he points to a small plane by a hanger two buildings down from where they are standing. 

LiMei asks, “The plane with the girl painted on the side?” 

     He nods watching her disdainful expression he chuckles, this little miss looks as out of place here as he would at an opera.

     LiMei rushes over a man is packing the cargo on the plane to leave. As she approaches she can see the picture on the plane, what kind of company has a skimpily dressed Island girl painted on their plane? Very unprofessional! But she is desperate, she approaches a man who is loading boxes onto the plane, he is bent over examining them.

     “Cough..cough..excuse me Sir?”

     The pilot looks up with a cold and icy gaze, LiMei thinks yessh are all the men she meets these days icebergs, his glare could freeze her. Not quite Chen Jianyu’s level of cold arrogance but close..“I need your assistance”,  LiMei asks in a sweet voice, she flutters her eyelashes with a flirtatious look. Then she remembers what her appearance is with the wig and glasses that won’t work. She will use money to get his attention.

     The man at the counter said this man doesn’t take passengers, she will need to make it worth his while to take her. She reaches into her purse for the black credit card, surely when he sees it he will be willing.

     “Get the hell out of here, I need to finish loading and take off.” He starts to walk away from her, she grabs his arm, “Wait..wait..I will make it worth your time if you listen to me.” Waving the black card in his face, “I will make it worth your while”

     Leng Shuai takes her small hand throwing it off his arm, his eyes exuding a dangerous gleam, “Leave little girl before I throw you to the dogs.” He smirks expecting her to scream in fright. He even gets nervous looking at them baring their teeth.He  points with a slender finger  to a fenced in area with several ferocious looking animals.

      LiMei stomps her feet,that’s it I’m sick of men…really sick of men, “Throw me in there and I will kill every one of those dogs before they come within an inch of me!” She is tired of being a docile pushover for these arrogant men. She is Qin Daiyu!

     Leng Shuai starts laughing uproariously looking at the fragile girl in front of him. Her glasses are too big on her small face and her strange blue eyes have a murderous glint. She is petite and wearing the latest fashion from Paris, she couldn’t probably swat a fly without her butler’s help. “Stop..that is hilarious!” he continues to laugh, LiMei’s face is burning up with anger, “Do you think I’m not capable?” Her tiny fists are clenched at her side her knuckles are turning white.

     “What are you going to do hit them with your high heel?” He can’t remember when he laughed so hard. Leng Shuai is holding his side while he is laughing, what a silly little girl.

     LiMei realizes how ridiculous what she said sounds and she doesn’t want to kill the dogs. Although it would be a simple matter to wipe them out with a few palm strikes from her. “Listen, I need a ride to Shingu Island I will pay top dollar for you to take me with your cargo.”

     “I don’t take passengers.”

     “Why not?”

     “I don’t need to explain .You should go.” He needs to finish loading and get to Shingu Island, his childhood friend Ba Hu called him to help him out. His wife is having a baby and is in the hospital in Hirachi City, he shakes his head thinking of that scrawny little guy doting on his plump wife. They make an odd looking couple but they have been together as long as he can remember. Ba Hu was in a panic when he called him earlier because she isn’t due for two more weeks.

      He agreed immediately but didn’t know he had to load the cargo also, he didn’t arrive with enough time now he needs to hurry. This girl is holding him up, his tone is abrupt, “Move.”

     LiMei can see he is unbending, dammit is she going to need to take a ferry. She looks at the back of the plane, if he finishes with those boxes there should be enough room for her to fit between them. All she needs to do is distract him when he finishes before he closes the door.

     She stares at him, he won’t change his mind she can tell. The man was right he isn’t a pleasant man at all. “Fine go ahead with your loading can I get a water somewhere?”

    Motioning to a machine by an office door, Leng Shuai watches her walk away, what a ridiculous girl wanting to ride in a cargo plane. He continues to place the boxes of supplies for the mountain village in the plane. He is looking forward to returning to Shingu Island, since he has been back from New York if his friend didn’t need his help he would be in Hirachi City stuck in a stuffy office.

     LiMei gets a water bottle from the machine sipping it she can’t take her eyes off the ruggedly handsome man loading the plane his muscles are bulging through his shirt, he is very tall and manly looking. When he was laughing at her she wanted to slap him to wipe that smug look off his face… bastard!  Looking at the plane LiMei wonders who modeled for the picture on it, she has a carefree look on her face, is that his girlfriend. 

     Who could put up with that attitude of his she gives him a sidelong glance. In the midst of her reverie she snaps out of it when she sees the last box is placed inside, she quickly walks over.

    Leng Shuai can’t hide his irritation, “ Listen little girl I told you to leave there is no way I am taking you to Shingu.” His nasty tone makes LiMei’s blood boil. “I went to ask at the office about finding another plane, just thought you might want to know your credentials have expired and you aren’t allowed to take off anyway.” LiMei sticks her tongue out at him. He wants to throttle her for wasting his time when he sees her childish behavior  but he needs to rush over to find out about the problem, his pilot’s license is good until next year. LiMei starts laughing looking at his back as he runs over to the office. 

     When he is out of sight she sneaks into the back of the plane wedging herself between the boxes she crouches down.

    Arriving back at the plane he angrily looks around for her, was she getting back at him for not taking her! Her attitude really pissed him off thinking waving a black card in front of him would ensure her a ride, now she plays this trick on him she better hope she never comes before his eyes again! Whoever her family is he will make them suffer at his hands or he isn’t Leng Shuai! 

     He rushed in there and they had no idea what he was talking about! His face darkens as he recalls the stunned look on their faces when he barged into the office demanding to speak to a supervisor.

     He glances at his watch then angrily slams the back down, “Damn little brat!” He is scheduled to take off in three minutes that little troublemaker wasted valuable time he could use to make sure the cargo is packed properly.

     LiMei has to cover her mouth so she doesn’t giggle, I’m getting a free ride now you idiot!

     Leng Shuai turns the plane and taxis down the runway, this little plane isn’t as luxurious as his personal corporate jet, but it will be fun to fly. When the air traffic controller gives him the go ahead he takes off, the skies are blue a few clouds, it feels peaceful, he puts it on autopilot while he looks at the map, Ba Hu uses a private airstrip on a plateau by the mountains, it makes it easier to transport the supplies to the mountain village of Mushin Falls.

      It should take about an hour to arrive so he should get there right before dusk, Ba Hu said they would meet him there. Maybe he will stay in the mountains a few days he doesn’t have any important meetings until the middle of next week.

     The boxes are moving around, LiMei wonders why he didn’t secure them they are knocking into her as they slide around. “Oww..” one box falls onto her leg falling off a stack next to her. 

     She quickly covers her mouth, OMG if he hears me will he throw me out of the plane, in her mind she pictures him finding her then tossing her into the sea, “I told you to get lost brat!” She shudders at the thought, maybe she should look around to see if there is a parachute.

     What is that sound? Leng Shuai isn’t used to flying such an old plane, Ba Hu keeps on the maintenance doesn’t he? Dammit he should have checked the plane out first, no Ba Hu wouldn’t let him fly a faulty plane. LiMei doesn’t hear a reaction from the pilot she breathes a sigh of relief, she gets on her knees fixing the boxes so they won’t fall on her again. 

     On the wall are some straps , using them she secures the boxes so they won’t slide around. Brushing off her hands with a satisfied look on her face she has a nice space she took a pad from a spot towards the back for a cushion. This is better than the spot she found on the boat in Bashu City when she escaped!

Her stomach is growling… so hungry! Grabbing the buns from her purse she is happy she saved them. She stuffs one in her mouth then takes a gulp of water from the bottle she just bought, that worked out well, she smiles. 

     After she finishes the third bun she curls up on the floor of the plane, now she is tired, she never got the nap on the plane earlier. Taking off her glasses she removes the blue contacts, pulling the wig off her head she takes out the pins, placing them in her purse then she lays down. Oh it feels good to take the contacts out, she might need a better pair when she gets back to Pushong City. Using her purse as a pillow soon she falls fast asleep curled into a ball with a pad pulled over her.

     Leng Shuai lands the plane on the plateau, he is sweating profusely, Ba Hu didn’t tell him it was short and there is a cliff at the end of the runway and it is surrounded by a dense forest. He only mentioned he was glad he is a skilled pilot he shouldn’t have a problem. Relieved he made a perfect landing he hops out of the plane, several men are waiting for him by the edge of the forest with wagons.

     A short man wearing jeans and a brown jacket approaches him, “Where is Ba Hu?” It is Ba Hu’s plane but he doesn’t recognize this man and is suspicious. Several men pull out weapons, the mountain by their village is the source of rare medicinal herbs and they don’t allow strangers on their land. Only Ba Hu is allowed because he grew up on the island and is trustworthy.

     Leng Shuai sees several men with the weapons glaring at him he replies, “I’m his friend Leng Shuai, his wife is having a baby so he asked me to deliver the supplies.” keeping his voice is calm and assured.”I have a letter from him.” He pulls the envelope from his pocket. {Ba Hu you didn’t mention they would have guns and be suspicious of me!}, He sees the automatic weapons and smiles at the men.”If you could help me unload I would appreciate it.”

     “En.” The leader motions for the men to come over to the plane. Leng Shuai opens the door and looks inside, he didn’t think he secured the boxes because that pest of a girl interrupted him. He takes the invoice Ba Hu gave him and follows the leader over to discuss payment.

     The villagers begin removing the crates and boxes when they are almost finished one of the men sees LiMei under the blue quilted pad, he motions for the boss. Leng Shuai looks over at the men gathered by the plane, “Is there a problem?” He takes long strides over to see what they are  looking at inside the plane.

     Leng Shuai towers above the short men looking over their heads he yells, “What the fuck!”

    LiMei hears a loud noise it wakes her up, she lifts her head up, brushing her messy hair out of her face she opens her mouth but no words come out, in front of the door are a group of rough looking men holding guns staring at her.

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