Rui Arrives

  Jason leads LiMei into the living room, LiMei lets out a gasp the floor to ceiling windows offer a spectacular panoramic view of the mountain and forest below. The furnishings are modern the décor is in black and white. There are several large modern sculptures one is particularly eye catching it is a painted ceramic sculpture of a fearsome dragon.

     The room although it has an open design gives her a suffocating feeling from the oppressive aura of the owner. He must be a demon, LiMei shudders. Jason is watching her what is she thinking about she has a strange look on her face, what a weird girl the CEO brought here.

     He has never seen Leng Shuai bring any woman to this private getaway. “Miss please wait he will be here in a moment.” The Boss has informed him he doesn’t want her to know his identity. What game is he playing with this girl she looks young and simple minded.

     “Excuse me, Jason is it? May I ask you a question before you leave?”


     LiMei has a serious look on her face as she tries to convince him to let her escape.“Aren’t you worried you will lose your job when your boss finds out Leng Shuai brought a strange woman to his home? Leng Shuai seems to be in charge of you men but you don’t need to listen to him. Do you want to risk losing your job to help him seek revenge on a poor innocent girl like myself?” 

     LiMei flutters her long black  eyelashes and looks at him shyly.{Jason is thinking is this the same girl that threatened the boss she would kill him in a menacing tone in the car}

    She continues, “Maybe you could convince him to accept the necklace as payment for the plane ride. I mean seriously with his arrogant and stubborn personality you probably don’t even like him. He probably bosses you around and with his bad temper it must be unbearable taking orders from him.”

     Getting closer to him she puts her hand on his shoulder looking deeply into his eyes, “ I don’t see how you work with an obnoxious man like him. Or just give me the car keys I can find my way back to Shingu City. You could say I stole them from you.”

     “…” Jason wants to keep his body intact he will follow whatever orders the Boss gives him. He removes her hand from his shoulder stepping back from her.

     As LiMei is rambling Jason can see Leng Shuai standing in the doorway behind her he can feel the temperature of the room dropping several degrees. His boss has a frightening look on his face as though he will explode any minute. He doesn’t want the fall out… he is just listening to her politely.

    “Miss Feng I will go and get you something to drink please sit.”

     LiMei watches him hurry away, she stomps her foot, what the hell was he even listening to her. She hears footsteps coming towards her from behind as she turns around Leng Shuai grabs her arm pulling her into his chest, “Trying to start a mutiny are we?”

    “Ahh..ahh..” He must have heard everything, shit. “Leng Shuai honestly no matter how much your boss values you as a pilot or bodyguard or whatever it is you do for him do you think he would approve of this situation?”

   Leng Shuai snickers then lifts her chin with his slender finger, “He is a vindictive stubborn man with an arrogant and bad tempered personality so yes I think he would be fine with me seeking repayment. He would do no less if he suffered a loss at someone’s hands.”

    Jeez his boss must be unbearable no wonder they get along they have the same warped personality. LiMei can see she is not going to make headway with him he is still too angry about what happened. “Leng Shuai fine I will do the tasks you need me to do this weekend but then you promise you will take me back and give me back my necklace. Get me a piece of paper I will write you an IOU and send repayment when I get back to Pushong City. “

    He leans down so close to her face his lips almost touching hers, “Miss Feng I don’t think you are in a position to negotiate.”

    LiMei frowning pushes him back, “Stay away from me, you make me sick!” She might just kill him if he continues to bother her.

     Leng Shuai’s eyes show a murderous glint as he lets go of her, “I’m hungry go to the kitchen and prepare me lunch.”

    LiMei is hungry too she can eat then also, she decides to be pleasant if all he wants is for her to cook, maybe clean she can get through the weekend then go back to Shingu City. She changes her expression, smiling she agrees, “Any preferences?”

     “No.” What is this new approach? Now she is smiling sweetly accepting his demands? Cooking must be too easy, he thought she would protest. He lays on the couch his headache is coming back the medicine is wearing off. ”First ask Jason, he should be outside the door, to give you my medicine and bring it to me with a cool cloth.”

     LiMei her lips raise in a fake smile gritting her teeth she bows deeply and leaves. Leng Shuai chuckles to himself what an interesting girl. This weekend should be fun.

     Back at the hotel Han Nuying arrives back at her room and flops on the bed. Her girlfriend walks over sitting on the edge, “Nuying why are you back so early?”

     “Babe working for Chen Jianyu is never easy but today I thought he was going to explode!’

    “What happened?”

    “I’m too tired to go into details now I will tell you later.” She had thrown LiMei’s purse onto the chair the phone inside begins to ring. She sits up should she answer her phone? “Alix, hand me that purse.”

    Her girlfriend brings it over to her, whose purse is that? When Nuying takes out the phone she sees Handsome Doctor on the screen, who could that be? She doesn’t answer but she sees there are multiple missed calls from whoever it is. Hmm..that little girl is more complicated than she appears.

    “Nuying whose purse is that?”

    “Chen Jianyu’s other assistant she left it in the conference room.”

     “Damn I’m mentally exhausted! Alix I am going to take a nap then do you want to go sightseeing? I have the day off we weren’t able to continue with the meeting and I don’t have any more work except to research Leng Shaui.”

    “Leng Shuai?”

    “Yes, from the sound of your voice do you know him.”

    “I guess you could say I do, when I was working for an architectural firm in Shenshuan he was good friends with my boss Liu Mingli, you remember him don’t you?”

    “Of course I remember him he is a such a flamboyant man how could I forget him.” They both start laughing Liu Mingli has an outrageous personality and wears very colorful designer clothes . “He is friends with Mingli?”

     “Yes they went to University together apparently Leng Shuai wanted to study architecture but his family forced him into the business program. He would audit classes in the design program. Why do you need to research him does he want the land your company is here to buy?”

     “No but it seems he has a volatile relationship with Chen Jianyu’s assistant Feng LiMei. Can you grab me a water bottle I guess I have enough energy to fill you in on what happened this morning.”

     Alix comes over to the bed handing her the water bottle then begins to massage Nuying’s shoulders. Nuying relates the details, Alix can’t control her laughter picturing the cold faced Leng Shuai carrying a woman. “Oh my God Nuying I thought he is gay!”


    “You know Mingli is very open about his preferences and I never saw Leng Shuai with a woman. Mingli said many times how he finds Leng Shuai sexy with his cold demeanor and perfect body. ” {Leng Shuai would vomit blood if he heard this comment.} CEO Leng would be very abrupt with the secretaries in the office and at one business dinner I saw him shove a woman to the floor who tried to sit on his lap. He got up and immediately went to the washroom. “

   “Alix, my god, you should see Chen Jianyu’s assistant! I don’t want to be mean but she is hard to look at, she has short dull brown hair, huge out of date glasses with black frames and the strangest blue eyes I have ever seen. She was wearing unfashionable over sized clothes until the CEO insisted she dress better. At least once a day CEO Chen  tells her the company offers an eye care program and she could get contacts!” They both start laughing picturing the scene.

     Nuying holds up LiMei’s phone to show Alix, “Look she has several missed calls from someone named Handsome Doctor. Honestly Alix she is a plain girl that you wouldn’t notice in a crowd, should we look in her phone, I am dying of curiosity. Maybe I should research her too, haha..”

     Alix thinks about it for a moment,“Why not, I’m curious myself maybe she has pictures of them together, to be honest I would like to see the girl that captured Leng Shuai.” They sit with their heads together swiping her phone, it isn’t password protected. Nuying scrolls to the gallery, there are several pictures of a young boy who looks to be in high school maybe her brother?

     Scrolling down she suddenly drops the phone onto the bed, there are three pictures of Qiao Rui at his resort in the mountains, she recognizes the garden. Could he be Handsome Doctor? No way! How does Feng LiMei know him?

     “Nuying?”Alix has never met Qiao Rui and has no idea why Nuying suddenly dropped the phone. She picks up the phone staring at picture of a handsome man sitting at at a table in a garden, another one he is standing smiling leaning on a gazebo, very sexy, the third one looks like a selfie a girl is sitting on his lap hugging him so you can’t see her clearly but he looks very happy. “Do you know him?”

    “He is Chen Jianyu’s best friend Dr. Qiao Rui One of Pushong’s most eligible bachelors.”

    “A love triangle?”

     Nuying is still trying to process this… the little mousy girl has two high profile, handsome lovers? “Wierd! If you saw her you would never believe it. ” She looks for a picture of LiMei on the phone but there are only those few pictures.

     “Are you going to answer her phone maybe he is worried about her, that is quite a few missed calls.”

     “I don’t want any involvement in this situation I am going to forget I saw these pictures and saw the missed calls. It is none of my business and CEO Chen fired her for what happened at the meeting.”

     She hugs Alix, “I’m not sleepy now where do you want to go?” She puts the phone back into LiMei’s purse then sets it on the floor next to the nightstand.

     “I would like to go to the hot spring what do you think?” Alix has been looking forward to spending time with Nuying she has been incredibly busy lately at the Hushang Group.

     “Good idea maybe that will relax me, let me change and we can leave.”

     “I will meet you downstairs I want to buy some sunscreen.”


     Alix picks up her purse and leaves when she is in the lobby she walks to the counter to ask where to buy the sunscreen. Next to her is a very handsome man, she notices he looks exhausted, looking closely she recognizes him as the man from the pictures on the assistant’s phone. She tries to hear what he is saying but there are several women chatting waiting to check into the hotel.

     Moving in closer, “Excuse me..excuse me..” she works her way through the middle aged ladies closer to Qiao Rui. He is asking for Feng LiMei’s room number, interesting did he follow her here? Alix is the type of person who is fascinated by dramas, her favorite show on television is ‘Caught by the Aloof President’. She is leaning in closer when the other counter person says, “May I help you?” Alix moves over and smiles, “Yes I want to buy some sunscreen.”

     He replies, “We carry that in our tourist shop it is past the Boutique to the right.”

     “Thank you.” She walks away a little disappointed, dammit she didn’t hear what the doctor was saying to the desk clerk. The elevator opens and Nuying exits, Alix runs over and quickly grabs her arm, “Nuying look over there isn’t that the handsome doctor in the pictures we looked at on Feng LiMei’s phone?” Nuying glances over towards the front desk, it is Qiao Rui what is he doing at the Grand Reef Hotel?

     “Yes it is, let’s hurry before he sees me I don’t want to be involved.”

    “Ahh..I wanted to find out what is going on.” Alix looks up into Nuying’s eyes with a pleading expression.

    “Forget it you’re not going to get me to walk over there.”  Nuying knows Alix loves gossip, “Those people… it is better to not to know.” She holds onto her sleeve dragging her in the opposite direction.

     The desk clerk won’t tell Qiao Rui any information so he gets his phone out to call Chen Jianyu. LiMei isn’t answering and he is distraught he didn’t sleep on the plane because he is worried about her. His flight was delayed in Hirachi City just arriving in Shingu City thirty minutes ago. “Jianyu, it’s Rui. What are you doing?”

     “Rui? I was resting the meeting this morning was ruined.”

     “I’m in Shingu City meet me at the Jasmine Cafe downstairs in forty five minutes.”

     “What are you doing in Shingu City?”

     “I will explain when I see you.” Rui gets into the elevator he will take a quick shower then find out where LiMei is, he needs to see her and straighten out the misunderstanding.

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