Rebecca Wants Rui

Chen Jianyu can’t help but laugh out loud while enjoying the disgruntled look on her face, she is getting  red all the way up to her ears. Her strange blue eyes behind those glasses have a murderous gleam in them but he knows she is powerless to do anything if she wants to keep her job.

      Why is teasing this little girl so fun… that is what she gets for disrespecting him when they arrived at the hotel.

     “Excuse me CEO Chen may I ask what is so funny?” LiMei rolls her eyes,what a jerk, she can’t hold it in any longer she is ready to explode seeing his amused expression. 

     Obviously he wants to humiliate her, her hand holding the wine bottle is shaking she wants to pour it not in the glass but on his head! But she needs the job at Hushang Group if she gives into the urge there goes that job too.

     Chen Jainyu  wants to tease her further when his phone rings, “Yeah Rui I’m finishing eating right now, you are almost here?” he motions with his finger for her to finish pouring the wine.

     LiMei hears him and panics her green eyes widen..shit.., Rui is on his way? She forgot he was coming by to see Chen Jianyu. She needs to leave ASAP! Well if she loses this job for leaving right now, whatever, he can’t fire her from Hushang Group for it.

      Thank the gods she didn’t dump the wine on his head. After she pours the wine she patiently waits for him to get off the phone, standing by the table with her hands clasped behind her back like an obedient servant.

     He hangs up the phone taking a sip of his wine. “My friend will arrive in a few minutes I am out of wine I need you to get me a bottle of the best Cabernet, I want you… only you to get it make sure it isn’t tampered with and bring it back here.” After the aphrodisiac incident he doesn’t want an unknown server bringing it.

     Tampered with what does he..oh right he was drugged wonder he didn’t order wine and has his own..stupid drunk..he drank all of his own bottles I see. Perfect screw him my shift is over in ten minutes, I will get the Kitchen Manager to bring it personally he can’t complain and I can leave! Yeah..I’m so smart!

     LiMei smiles brightly at Chen Jianyu he is baffled at her sudden change of demeanor. Oh she thinks she can escape. “Remember I said for you to bring the wine.”

     “Of course.” LiMei hurries to the door, Chen Jianyu watches her as she scurries out. His lips curl up thinking about having fun teasing her some more when she comes back. He tips the bottle of wine it is empty, dammit. He goes into the kitchen then pours himself a whiskey over some ice. 

     The image of her tucking the blouse in her skirt with her tiny hands flashes through his mind, he saw a glimpse of her tender looking stomach as she lifted her blouse. 

     Taking his drink over to the table with the bottle of whiskey he eats the shrimp dumpling tapping his chopsticks on the table he grins picturing her angrily dropping it onto his plate as she rolled her strange blue eyes, her pouty pink lips as she was holding back her little temper. 

     He might need her to serve all his meals from now on. His personal room service girl… Good idea.

     LiMei has an impish grin on her face in the elevator, the Kitchen Manager is a kind man she will tell him she has a date. Screw you Chen Jianyu! Happily strutting into the kitchen looking around for the Kitchen Manager, she sees he is in his office doing paperwork, “Kitchen Manager?”

     He looks up from the employee schedules, he was preparing next week’s schedule. She sees the papers and she is reminded she can’t work this weekend. “Kitchen Manager I have two favors to ask of you.

     First, I’m sorry I can’t work this weekend I have to go out of town for my day job if that is okay.” He nods, “That will be fine.” He is happy she asked now before another server requested time off. “What else did you need?” 

     She smiles sweetly at him, “Umm..Chen Jianyu wants a bottle of the finest Cabernet, I was wondering if you could take it to his room. He doesn’t want another server besides myself bringing it but I have a date, he would trust you though I’m sure.”

     The Kitchen Manager sets his pen down, “LiMei if he requested you can’t you just run it up to him?” He certainly doesn’t want to do it, who knows if Chen Jianyu will be angry.

     “Pleeeeease, I’m begging you I can’t go up there again.”

     “Why was there a problem?”

     “No! just need to meet my date.”

     The Kitchen Manager looks at her pleading expression and can’t resist, it is like looking at his own daughter begging him. “Fine, go.”

     LiMei wants to hug him but knows that would be inappropriate, she smiles, “Thank you!” Running to her locker she takes out the bag with the track suit in it and her purse. She waves at the Kitchen Manager as she leaves.

     In the Penthouse Rui has arrived, he looks at the whiskey and the empty wine bottle then at Chen Jianyu, “Are you drunk?”

     “No.” He won’t admit to Rui he is very drunk, having the whiskey with the wine was probably a bad idea the effects kicked in when he walked to the door.  He is having trouble focusing on him, where is the little hot tempered bunny she should be back.

     “I can only stay for one drink I have a date” He looks at his watch it is nine o’clock, taking his cell out of his pocket he calls LiMei. She is changing when she hears her phone in her purse, shit Rui! He must be here. She lets it go to voicemail, she will text him. After she zips her jacket she quickly texts him she is changing to please meet her in the lobby. He responds he will be there in fifteen minutes.

    “Who are you tessshhting?”

    “My girlfriend, where is the wine?” He is in the kitchen the wine rack is empty.

    “I shhent the shherver ..” Right then there is a knock at the door, “Room Service.” Chen Jianyu is surprised, she didn’t return? Who brought it? He walks unsteadily to the door opening it to see the Kitchen Manager.

     When he sees LiMei isn’t with him he growls,“Where the fuckkk is the shherver I shhent down?”

     “Her shift is over and Sun Yichen sent a directive last week no overtime for kitchen staff.”

     Chen Jianyu’s face contorts in anger, that cheap ass Sun Yichen just ruined his fun. Bastard!

     He grabs the wine from the Kitchen Manager’s hand .”Get out.”

     After the Kitchen Manager leaves he is grateful he got that memo last week from Sun Yichen, it just saved his ass. Chen Jianyu looks very drunk and angry. No wonder LiMei didn’t want to come back. from now on he will only send male servers to deliver food to him.

     Chen Jianyu staggers over to the table, “Here, open it yourshelllf..” The room is beginning to spin, he plops down awkwardly onto the chair.

     Rui pours himself a glass, Chen Jianyu doesn’t look like he needs any more. “I want to apologize like I said on the phone for our altercation in Xiaobo’s room. I overreacted.”

    Chen Jianyu waves his arm, “Who wa sheeee..”

    “Someone special to me.” he downs his wine in one gulp. “I need to go.” He said what he came to say and LiMei is waiting for him.

    “Have anothhhherrr glash. ” Chen Jianyu tries to stand up then falls back into his seat.

     “Jianyu, why didn’t you eat your dinner before drinking so much?” He sees the uneaten food on the table, Rui gets pissed at him but he is still his oldest friend.

    “Shee took tooo long to come…” his forehead bangs onto the table as he passes out.

     Dammit! Rui looks at Chen Jianyu’s pathetic appearance, he yanks him up holding onto him supporting him over to the bed. He tosses him onto it shaking his head, what is with him lately? He doesn’t usually drink to the point he can’t talk. Glancing back at him as he leaves maybe it is because of the mystery woman he can’t locate. 

     He dials Wang Li’s number, “Li, this is Dr. Qiao, in the morning when you pick up your boss bring hangover medicine.” He hangs up as he enters the elevator anticipating seeing LiMei he smiles.

     Downstairs LiMei is sitting in the lobby in the black track suit she bought earlier, she put her wig and glasses in the bag with her uniform. She threw out the pantsuit she won’t be wearing it again in the bin in the restroom. Her long black hair is in a pony tail with the blue contacts gone her eyes are back to their brilliant green hue.

     She is playing a game on her phone when she hears footsteps approaching her, looking up she sees Rui smiling at her, “What level are you on?” he recognizes the MMO as one his brother Delun likes to play, he never got into gaming himself but his brother is an avid player. LiMei scrunches up her nose, “I keep getting defeated by the Magoa Guild right as I am about to ascend, I have lost all my treasures now. I don’t belong to a guild yet so I’m on my own.” Her serious tone makes him chuckle.

     Standing up she spontaneously hugs him, her head resting on his chest. He looks down at her as she lifts her smiling face to him. Her sparkling green eyes are crescent shaped and her pink lips are asking to be kissed, in the middle of the lobby he presses his hungry lips on hers, wrapping his arms tightly around her. Limei’a body is getting weak from his kiss. They are so into each other they don’t notice the two women standing over to the side watching them. 

     He let’s go of her whispering in her ear, “We can continue when we get to my house.” His teasing tone makes LiMei blush, she shyly holds his hand as they start walking towards the revolving door.

     The two women watching are Song Hua and the other is Wang Rebecca. Song Hua pulls on Rebecca’s arm whispering, “Isn’t that Qiao Rui, who is that girl, she looks young.” She is her best friend and knows how much Rebecca wants him. Rebecca pushes her arm off her, and walks up to Rui, hips swaying and her 10cm heels clicking on the marble floor. She is going to find out right now. Whoever this girl is she will destroy her then get Qiao Rui to be hers.

     She boldly says, “ Doctor Qiao.”

    “Miss Wang.”

    She glances over at LiMei in her track suit, she looks like she is in high school. “Did you have a chance to think about my offer?

    LiMei looks at this woman in front of her she is beautiful, her cleavage reveals she must be at least a D cup, her breasts are straining to pop out of her low cut dress. Her hair is styled fashionably in a retro look, her makeup is gorgeous. 

     The deep purple dress she is wearing is tight around her small waist and her body is very curvy. LiMei glances down at herself feeling lacking in all departments.

    Rui doesn’t want to linger speaking with her, “I think I informed you Chen Jianyu might be a better fit for your needs than I am.”

     Rebecca understands his clever wording, but ignores his intent. Smiling she slyly tells him, “My grandfather spoke to yours and he mentioned your entire family will be at my graduation party, so I will see you then, maybe we can discuss a collaboration that would be mutually beneficial then.”She quickly walks away swinging her hips before Rui has a chance to respond.

     If his grandfather tells him he needs to attend he has no choice but to follow his wishes or he will be seen as unfilial. Rebecca knows the CEO selection is coming up and Rui needs to secure his position. 

     She walks over to Song Hua with a smug look on her face taking her arm to continue into the hotel cafe. The girl must be a fling he didn’t even bother to introduce her.

     After she leaves LiMei feels self conscious, is Rui always surrounded by beautiful women, Bai Chiyu, this woman, glancing at her body she wonders what he sees in her. She let’s go of his hand thinking it isn’t going to work, she can’t compete with these sophisticated women. It was obvious the woman was hinting at a beneficial connection between their families if they were together.

     Rui notices the change in LiMei and takes her hand back holding it tightly, he wants to reassure her without embarrassing her. He can’t stand these women who approach him because of his name and status. “That was annoying, I wonder what Delun is making for dinner?”

    LiMei is happy,  Rui doesn’t like the attention the woman was  giving him? It was obvious she wants to get closer to him. She smiles brightly up at Rui, “I’m sure whatever it is it will be delicious! I can’t wait to try it.”

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