Qin Daiyu

 Chen Jianyu gets back to work at his desk, he laughs at what he was just thinking, shaking his head at his thoughts  about the little plain girl. This isn’t a TV drama she isn’t going to take off her glasses and be a beauty, the man is probably a relative who took pity on her for being an orphan.

      She did say she took days off from work at the hotel for family leave, maybe someone died and left her money. He rifles through the stack of papers Nuying dropped off, Meng Construction will be the right choice.

     LiMei is working on her computer wondering why Chen Jianyu keeps bothering her about the way she looks, Lasik surgery, what a joke!  But if she and Rui stay together her appearance can’t stay hidden, that is a problem though for another day. Wow, there is no information on the web about this man Jing Bo, did Chen Jianyu get the name right? She doesn’t want to ask but maybe she heard wrong. “CEO Chen?”

     He looks up, “Did you need something?”

     “I want to make sure I have the spelling of his name right, J I N G BO?”


     “Do you have any information about him, he must be a very private person.”

     “ He went to your Alma mater A University but left his senior year that would be eight years ago he went to school with Nuying.”

     “She knew him?’


     “Would you mind if I ask her some questions, then I can broaden my search.”

     “I don’t like talking across the room, come over and get her number and email. Also,in the future if you want to ask me a question walk over to my desk don’t be lazy.”

     LiMei tightens her fists, this man! She gets up and strolls to his desk. “CEO while I am here at your desk {which definitely is in speaking distance from mine.} may I ask how long this Special Assistant job lasts?”

     He grimaces she is always trying to test his patience, “As long as I want you to be my Special Assistant.”


     He hands her Nuying’s phone number. “Go make me a cup of Blue Mountain coffee.” LiMei is almost drooling when he says coffee she desperately needs a cup, her eyes can barely stay open, in a cheery voice she answers, “Certainly Boss!”

     Chen Jianyu watches her sprint out of the office, he knows a little of her personality, she wants a cup of coffee. He waits a few minutes and decides to catch her in the break room she should be back already.

     LiMei brews two cups of coffee then sits to drink hers quickly before she goes back to the office. Oh so tasty, the warm cup in her hand, the aroma, the smooth taste, drinking this special coffee really is a treat for the senses. She has her back to the door when she hears a deep cough behind her, she spits out her coffee and takes her legs from the chair she had them on and jumps up.

     Chen Jianyu wants to laugh, the startled expression on her little face is hilarious. “Is it good?”

     LiMei can see he is amused by her reaction and it pisses her off, bastard he knew after the last time she couldn’t resist having a cup. “CEO I need some coffee I have been rushing around all day following your orders, could you deduct it from my pay?”

    Taking his coffee off the counter he brings it over to sit with her. Stretching his long slender legs out he puts his head on his hand looking serious he says, “From now on when you get me a cup of coffee you may also have one, but.. “ He is staring at her face,” I would like you to at least consider getting contacts, our eye care program at the company will pay for them.”

     LiMei decides to concede, he did say consider so I don’t have to do it, and this coffee is delicious. “I will consider getting contacts since it is covered by insurance.” She brings the warm cup to her mouth and sips some.

     Chen Jianyu is sitting very close to her and the liquid on her small pink lips makes them glisten, he quickly stands up, “Take your coffee to your desk and finish working.”

    After he leaves LiMei savors her coffee, he never ceases to amaze her with his obsession about her looks. When she returns to her desk she emails Nuying with some questions about Jing Bo. If he is this secretive she has her sources she can utilize to find out about him, but she needs it to look like she used the information Nuying provides to fish him out. 

     It is a little past five o’clock, should she ask him when he is leaving, she will need to change for her shift. Before she asks he turns off his computer and puts his work away. “Finish, I need to leave.”

     LiMei logs out she will research him on her secure laptop at home. Wow, she is thinking about Kuang Bo again, he is a computer expert and taught her so much. Most of what she knows she learned from him patiently teaching her, teasing her when she would make a mistake. He is her best friend in this world and she screwed him over big time when she escaped.

    For a moment she feels very guilty and sad they couldn’t have left together making new lives for themselves still being friends. No one knows Qin Daiyu they only know Feng LiMei, would they even accept her as Daiyu probably not, would Rui like her.. no..she isn’t a sweet girl. Would she have this job..no..she didn’t graduate high school let alone A University.

      LiMei sighs thinking about the adventures they shared together. She gets her purse, Bo I hope you find your escape from that sadistic brother of yours and make a new life for yourself.

    She walks out following Chen Jianyu like a little shadow, he tells the new secretary he is leaving for the day she can go. The secretary can’t help but notice the little girl following behind his tall figure. Is that his new assistant? Eeek… They take the elevator to the underground parking to his car. LiMei is wondering where Wang Li is she hasn’t seen him. Is Chen Jianyu going to drive himself?

     When they get to his car he tells her to get in the passenger side, she sits in the seat feeling a little strange, the last time she rode in this car she was Kang Mei and they were racing down the highway being chased. She giggles remembering the look on Chen Jianyu’s face when she pulled the gun from her purse. That’s right it is still under her mattress she hasn’t disposed of it yet.

     Chen Jianyu hears her giggling is she excited to ride in his car? He smiles he has never heard her laugh, “Buckle your seat belt.”

     LiMei struggles with her tiny hands peeking out of her sleeves to buckle it, Chen Jianyu can’t watch he reaches across her to buckle her as he does he smells that refreshing scent of hers. He brushes across her chest with his lean body and LiMei blushes. For a moment he is stunned their faces are inches apart and her lips are tempting him. He quickly retracts his body and starts the car, that was fucking weird, he puts on some loud music and drives off trying to get that thought out of his mind.

 Looking straight ahead not moving in her seat, for a moment she thought Chen Jianyu was going to kiss her. She shakes her head it was a strange illusion. Her phone is ringing it is Du Chang, “Hey Chang what’s up?” She feels bad she is going to have to tell him she can’t attend his Swim Meet.

     Chang is calling because even with Nuo’s help he didn’t pass his math test so he can’t participate until next week. “LiMei I can’t swim this week I failed my test.” She feels bad for him but breathes a sigh of relief.

     “Oh that sucks, I’m off tomorrow night, I’m on my way to the hotel now, do you want to come over for dinner we can enjoy the lights on the patio before it gets too cold.”

     “Yeah I can definitely come!” He almost is glad he can’t participate in the Swim Meet. “Just you and me, no old man?”

    LiMei can’t help but start laughing the way Du Chang said that was too cute. “ No my handsome darling old man won’t be there, and  stop calling him the old man!”

    She forgot for a moment the stupid tyrant is next to her, she can feel him staring at her again. “Hey little boy {she wants to tease him for calling Rui ‘old man’} study hard I want to see you win next week! I have to go, come by at seven tomorrow.” She is smiling she loves Du Chang, he is like a little brother.

    Chen Jianyu is more curious than ever, old man.. little boy..is she juggling a rich old man and a flower boy? She is his assistant he definitely should have her investigated.

    They arrive at the hotel and get out of  Chen Jianyu’s car. He gives the keys to the valet and starts to walk in with Feng LiMei. While they are still outside she doesn’t want to be seen with him so she bows, “Thank you for the ride Boss.” Then runs through the door down the lobby to the kitchen, she needs to get her uniform and go change in the restroom, they have no changing rooms.

     Chen Jianyu didn’t have a chance to say a word she ran away so fast. That thank you didn’t sound sincere either, why did she dart off like that, she doesn’t want to be seen with him?

      He is angry for some reason, first in the car she was talking happily with someone ignoring him, smiling, laughing as though he was her chauffeur. Well, he is going to order Room Service and request her to deliver it when Rui gets here then reprimand her being rude.

     LiMei runs through the kitchen doors, she takes her glasses off as she sees the Kitchen Manager come out of his office. “Kitchen Manager, hello!” LiMei likes his personality he is fair and shows respect, unlike Chen Jianyu, she shivers working for that insane man won’t be easy but eventually she can go back to the Accounting Department where she wants to be.

     “Hello Feng LiMei your uniforms are in my office let me get one for you.” he looks at her outfit she has a slender figure whose clothes are those she is wearing they look two sizes too big. When he returns LiMei goes to the restroom to change, she didn’t recognize the other servers in the kitchen when she arrived must be different people on Wednesday. Well, at least that horrible man wasn’t there Han Wu. 

     Once she is ready she still has ten minutes before her shift, maybe she should get something to wear to Rui’s for dinner, she asks the girl at the front desk where the dress shop is located. The girl wants to tell her she won’t be able to afford it but a guest comes to the counter.

     LiMei walks down the lobby and around a corner, she sees Suzi getting out of the elevator, OMG she looks terrible. LiMei quickly hides. Suzi looks disheveled and can barely walk and there is a red hand print on her face. LiMei wants to go see if she can help her but she knows it will only humiliate Suzi further they do have to work together.

     After she leaves LiMei continues to the shop, she can see the prices are high maybe just a simple track suit it is just going to be Rui and his brother, she can wear it when they go hiking also. She picks out a simple black one in her size without trying it on, after she pays she puts her card away, money really goes fast.

     She heads back to the kitchen, it is busy, she waits for her turn, wishing QiQi or Marie was working tonight, these girls look unfriendly. Her number comes up and she wheels the tray to the elevator, when she arrives at the floor she moves the cart down the hallway to room 2080. She knocks, “Room Service.”

     A thin handsome older man wearing a black embroidered oriental style long coat over pants opens the door holding a paper in his hand, he must have been working. “Where would you like me to set up your meal?” he doesn’t look up he motions towards the table on the balcony. She turns the light on the balcony and places his dinner on the table, oddly it is all raw vegetables,some fruit and a cup of green tea, is he a super vegan of some sort?

     Hearing her walk back into the room he looks up from his paperwork, she smiles brightly, “Your meal is ready for you.” his mouth drops open then it is as if he is going to say something but stops abruptly.  LiMei is a little worried why is he looking at her like that, she always carries her silver needles on her at the hotel so if he tries something… but he is so skinny what could he do. 

    The man says “Thank you. You may go” in a pleasant tone then signs for the meal giving her a huge tip. LiMei wheels her cart out, what a strange man, he looked at her with a shocked expression then composed himself in the blink of an eye.

     In the hallway LiMei smiles looking at the tip.. just another wierdo… haha..

    Xinghi walks out to the balcony, his hands clasped behind his back , looking out at the lights of the city he mutters to himself,

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