Not Afraid

Leng Shuai reaches in and with one hand throws LiMei out of the plane  onto the ground, “Who are you? ”  The girl who bothered him earlier to go to Shingu island isn’t this girl.

     LiMei smiles brightly at the dangerous looking men surrounding the plane,  is the man in front a bandit, where the hell is she? All she can see are forests with a mountain in the background. Didn’t the pilot say this plane was going to Shingu Island? She rubs her arm she shouldn’t anger him, he looks like a beast looming over her as she is sprawled on the ground. “Hello.”

     Hong Yi has Ba Hu’s letter confirming the pilot’s information but the girl on the ground? He studies her, she looks innocent enough, he pulls her up to stand, “Miss let me see your ID.” He is the chief of the village and not quick to jump to conclusions. How could this little girl be a threat, but he needs to check her identification. She motions to the plane, “My purse is in there by the blue pad.”

     She is surveying the area, really it looks like no place to try to escape , she needs to find out where she is first then make a decision. A man hands Hong Yi the purse, he dumps the contents out on the ground, a brown wig, glasses, candy, some sandwich wrappers, a contact case, a wallet. Hong Yi picks up the wig, why does she need a disguise. He opens the wallet her ID card is in there, Feng LiMei from Pushong City. “Miss Feng why do you have a wig in your purse?”

     That’s his first question? “I don’t want to be harassed by my boss.”

    “…”  So this is the same girl? yes, the clothes are the same. What a little nuisance. Leng Shuai can feel the atmosphere getting tense, “Listen Hong Yi is it?” The leader of the men is looking back and forth between him and the girl on the ground. “I had no idea she was on board, I think though she is harmless, she had inquired about a ride to Shingu I refused.” He gives her a look that could kill, “Apparently she doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.”

     Leng Shuai takes a good look at Feng LiMei, he wants to laugh, his secretaries do everything they can to catch his attention and this girl wants to cover up her beauty. Who is her boss anyway? He is probably an old pervert. {Chen Jianyu would choke if he heard this.}

    LiMei ignores him, obviously he is also powerless from the way he is speaking to the man in the brown jacket. She knows men like this Hong Yi character only want the facts to see how it will affect their situation so she doesn’t say anything.

     “Miss Feng what do you have to say?” Hong Yi wants to take the supplies back before dark.

     “Is this Shingu Island? Can you take me to The Grand Reef Hotel?” LiMei really doesn’t care what these men are up to she doesn’t want the tyrant to fire her if she misses the meeting in the morning.

    Hong Yi points to Leng Shuai, “ He can. We are in the mountains about 100 km from Shingu City where that hotel is located. This part of the mountain is isolated which is why we have our supplies delivered by plane.”

    “Oh, hmm..” She looks over at Leng Shuai.

     He isn’t going to offer her any support, she blatantly disregarded his refusal to take her at the airport, in a matter of fact tone he says,“Don’t look at me. You made the wrong choice by hiding on the plane, figure it out yourself.” He walks over to Hong Yi, “Did you read Ba Hu’s letter?” He will let her suffer for her impudence then relent on Monday and take her to Shingu City when he is returning to Hirachi City. Obviously from the looks of her and her attitude she is a spoiled brat used to getting her own way.

    Hong Yi approaches Leng Shuai,   “I did read the letter and I will allow you to hike into that territory but be aware it is dangerous. If you don’t return it is not our responsibility. If you are able to find what you are looking for you may leave with it but we will inspect your person and your plane before you leave. This will ensure you don’t take any additional herbs without paying for them. Ba Hu in his letter vouched for your honesty and ability, informing you is merely a formality.”

     LiMei purses her lips, well he will be no help. Whatever, she is Qin Daiyu and she has Chen Jianyu’s black card she will figure it out. She runs over to Hong Yi tripping on a rock she flies forward barely maintaining her balance. “Excuse me Mr. Hong?” Are they going to leave her here?

     “Yes?” he thinks she and Leng Shuai have a relationship and he is playing a game with her to frighten her. He doesn’t want to get involved in a domestic squabble, that never ends well.

     LiMei blurts out, “May I accompany you fellows to your village, I will need to find lodging and buy suitable clothes and supplies to hike down the mountain in the morning. What is the closest town I will get transportation from there.” Her voice is calm showing no fear from the situation.

     Leng Shuai can hear her, she is probably pretending to be brave thinking he will change his mind. He wants her to reflect on her actions then she can get a ride to Shingu City when he leaves on Monday. Her acting skills are top notch.

     Hong Yi replies, “Miss Feng you may stay at my daughter’s house overnight and purchase supplies from our town store, but I must advise you trekking down the mountain is treacherous. The nearest town is 20 km from the base of the mountain across a river.”

     “Can I rent a boat at the river?”

     “…” This girl is crazy, Leng Shuai can’t believe she is serious. She is bluffing. His lips curl up she is playing this to the hilt. No way will he cave in to take her to Shingu City in the morning, she can wait in the village until he leaves on Monday.

     Hong Yi admires this girl’s guts to consider hiking down the mountain, if she is serious.“Yes.” He glances over at Leng Shuai he really must have no connection to her, he is ignoring her considering hiking down the mountain.

     “Very good. I will need a map if that won’t be too much trouble. Do you have anyone willing to be a guide?” Even if she misses the meeting she can call him from the town and give him her final thoughts on the presentation, Monday and Tuesday are more crucial. He will need to understand she is doing her best to get back there who knew the plane was going to this remote area.

     “I can see if my son in law can take you.”

    “Excellent I will pay him well.”

     LiMei hops on the back of a wagon, she leans her head back on a sack of rice. Taking her shoes off she rubs her feet, she is actually happy, it has been a long time since she has used her survival skills. Gazing up at the sky turning dark she thinks about Kuang Bo and her life with the Black Sky Organization, if it weren’t for the training she received she would be petrified right now. What a bastard Leng Shuai is to stand there and not say he would take me back. Well whatever who needs him. LiMei takes out a chocolate bar and savors the flavor, leaning on her side she asks the driver, “How long to the village?”

     He turns around smiling with only two teeth in his mouth, “We will arrive in about a half hour.”

     “Thank you.”

    She can see Leng Shuai is sitting with Hong Yi on the next wagon back they are laughing. Men are strange creatures she is thinking, how can he be so very cold to her plight. It is true it isn’t his problem but if it was her she would send the person back then return.

      Obviously it was important enough for me to stow away on his plane, where is his compassion. Well if he had any sympathy in the first place he would have told me he was going to a remote area not the main airstrip in Shingu City. I would have run to catch the ferry and not be in this predicament. LiMei finishes the chocolate bar, looking up at the night sky… Rui what are you doing right now.

    Rui is at his grandfather’s mansion, he knows LiMei was on the plane but she should have arrived in Shingu City by now. He keeps trying her phone but it is turned off, he wants to call Chen Jianyu but she asked him not to let him know she is his girlfriend. 

     How can he explain it to her, she totally misunderstood what he said. He tightens his grip on his cell, dammit his grandfather hasn’t returned and the flight is in about one hour. He can’t leave without speaking to the Chairman.

     Qiao Delun enters the living room, “How long have you been here Rui?”

     “I got here an hour ago after I picked up some paperwork from the company. Where is grandfather?”

     “I think he went to pick up Chen Hua from Hushang Entertainment. She called to complain about Chen Huan and the Chairman went to personally straighten out the situation on her behalf.”

     “Why does he spoil her she isn’t even his granddaughter.” Rui finds it disgusting the way his grandfather looks at Chen Hua.

     “I think you know why.”

     “Whatever, just because Xiaotong wants to marry her she has grandfather wrapped around her finger. The way she flatters him is nauseating.”

     “If he isn’t here soon I’m leaving you can explain the situation to him about the Shingu Project.”

     “Rui I don’t mind doing that but you know his temper. If he has his mind set on you marrying Wang Rebecca it will take more that a resort project to change his mind.”

     “There is no way I am marrying that scheming bitch.”

     The Chairman walks into the living room with Chen Hua, he directly walks over and slaps Rui. “What did you say about Rebecca?’

     Rui glares at him, “I think you heard clearly.” There goes any chance of negotiation for now, fuck! 

     “You will marry who I say you will marry!”

     Chen Hua steps back she can’t believe what she just witnessed, the Chairman slapping Qiao Rui. OMG!

     Wait until she tells Rebecca, that will be so fun to see the look on her face. He called her a scheming bitch… said he would never marry her!

     Rui stands up facing his grandfather as he looks at Chen Hua with a disgusted look, “It never ceases to amaze me how you allow Xiaotong his way but hinder me at every turn. He doesn’t even have the Qiao blood running through his veins but you favor him over your own flesh and blood. “

     Rui turns to leave the room, the Chairman bellows at him, “If you aren’t at the party at the Wang’s mansion on Saturday night I will use all my power to block you as the next CEO.”

     “Do you think I actually need your support at this point old man?”

    Delun is stunned, why would Rui after all he has done to meet the Chairman’s demands throw it away now. Is Feng LiMei that important to him?

     The Chairman’s face is beet red watching Rui’s back as he leaves, why did he let that unfilial grandson back into the family? That little punk will bend to his will or pay the price! He wants Wang Electronics in his pocket, the only way that will happen is a marriage between the families. 

     He will pay the Wang family back for what he found out recently. Knowing his enemy’s precious grand daughter will suffer being married to a cold bastard like Rui will give him great pleasure.

     Rui touches his face as he walks down the hallway, he mutters to himself, “Mother do you want me to sacrifice my love for control of the Qiao Corporation, I don’t know if I can do that.” He picks up a vase and throws it at the wall smashing it to pieces as he leaves. He will destroy that old man who abandoned him and take control one way or another. There is no way in hell he will let those bastards take his legacy away from him.

     He holds onto the paperwork about the resort, if he secures this partnership the board will be impressed. Afterwards he needs to find out who owns the shares that are held through the Russian dummy corporation his investigator discovered. If he can acquire those shares that will give him an additional edge, with only ten days until the CEO selection he needs to move swiftly.

     Getting into the back of his black Maybach he tells the driver to go to the Pushong airport, nothing is going to keep him away from seeing LiMei. Rui looks adoringly at the pictures of her on his phone, he can’t wait to hold her in his arms and explain. 

     His eyes linger on his favorite picture of her. LiMei is sitting on his lap with her slender arms around his neck smiling up at him, her green eyes sparkling in the sunlight. It was taken by him when they were in the garden at the resort. He anxiously looks at his watch, 6:45, “Hurry I need to catch a plane.” His driver weaves through traffic speeding towards the airport.

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