My Fiancee

 Chen Jianyu throws the report into his briefcase how was she able to scan the pages and find the error so quickly. He should be happy she discovered the numbers were wrong but the way subtle way she insulted him dark lines are forming on his head. “Miss Feng if you don’t mind me docking your pay feel free to take a nap. Do you need this pillow?” He smirks holding the small pillow in his hand.

     “…” LiMei regrets making him comfortable and ordering him lunch, she should have ordered him greasy food that would upset his stomach further! Stupid tyrant! She sweetly smiles at him pushing the pillow back to him, “No need. I am allowed to go to the restroom without losing pay aren’t I?” Her eyes are still irritated from crying this morning.

     “Just don’t be too long.” Chen Jianyu’s lips curl up, he can see she is holding back her temper.

     LiMei huffs off down the aisle, when she leaves a beautiful woman walks up to her seat, “Jianyu is that you?”

    Chen Jianyu looks up from the report he was going over, in a cold voice he asks, “You are?”

     “Zhong Yumi, I was Lau An’s roommate in University”, she puts on a fake smile, he is as cold and arrogant as he used to be. She slips into LiMei’s seat, “I saw Lau An last week.” When Lau An told her they were engaged she was shocked. While they were in University he let her follow him because they were childhood friends but never let her too close. She wants to hear it from him personally.

     He remembers this woman now as he studies her, she is heiress to the Zhong Corporation. He pictures her as she was in University overweight with a bad complexion, she had a crush on Qiao Rui. She must have had some plastic surgery also from the size of her chest. “Is there something you need?” He can’t be rude although he would like to kick her away her perfume is making him feel nauseous,Hushang Group collaborates with the Zhong Corporation on the River’s Edge Project.

     “I’m bored, I wanted some company.” She rests her manicured fingers on the seat rest, she wants to ask about Qiao Rui she got back from London last week and heard he had returned to Pushong City. Also feel him out about Lau An. If she is really engaged to him that leaves her ex boyfriend Qiao Rui free.

     LiMei comes out of the toilet to see an elegantly dressed woman sitting in her seat. Who is the woman? Well it doesn’t matter now she can sit in the back row and close her eyes for a minute. She sits down reclining the seat, for a moment she looks at the clouds outside the plane window while thinking about Rui. 

     How could I have been so naive to think he was sincere in his pursuit of me. It is a very good thing I overheard him and his brother or I would have given him my precious first time this weekend.

     When she was forced into the Black Sky Organization she had to use her beauty to attract men for Kuang Fu’s purposes, to find out their secrets or make it easier to assassinate them. She was very skilled knowing if she was not perfect she would be beaten by Kuang Fu, learning how to find a man’s weakness and use it against him. How did she forget everything Kuang Bo taught her about men when she met Qiao Rui? LiMei tightens her fists in her lap, so stupid of me! 

     Slowly closing her tired eyes she drifts off to sleep, curling herself up she pulls the blanket over her slender body.

     Meanwhile a few seats up Chen Jianyu is losing his patience with the gossiping woman sitting next to him. Why didn’t Feng LiMei return that would have been the perfect excuse to rid himself of this bothersome woman. He can’t look around from his seat, did she go back to talk to Wang Li, if so they will both pay the price.  Fucking Shit! His head is starting to throb again listening to this woman drone on about people in their circle. She is spoiled by her father and will definitely make a problem if he doesn’t act attentive to her.

     “Are you listening Jianyu, you didn’t answer, when are you and Lau An getting married? I heard your two families entered into a marriage contract.”

     Chen Jianyu gulps down his anger is that what Huan kept trying to tell him? His parents went behind his back for this marriage arrangement! There is no way he is marrying Lau An he is still hoping to find Kang Mei! He needs to end this now or this bitch will spread it all over Pushong City and for his family to save face they will force him to do it.

     His smile gets bright and he motions to the back, “There must be a misunderstanding I am engaged to Feng LiMei the girl who was sitting next to me.” He is going to kill that plain girl for leaving her seat!

     Zhong Yumi has a quizzical expression on her face she hasn’t heard of a prominent family named Feng.

     “I’m not familiar with her family is she from Pushong City?”

     “You might not be familiar with her family they are from Shenshuan, her family is prominent in mining.” It is a very good thing she is wearing a designer dress so she doesn’t look poor and the jade necklace she is wearing..he will need Zhong Yumi to get a good look at it.

     His voice has a doting tone,“Will you excuse me Zhong Yumi she went to the toilet she was feeling ill I should check on her.” Then I am going to strangle her! My head is pounding form that woman’s shrill voice talking nonstop nonsense.

    “…” Chen Jianyu checking on a woman’s condition? She must be a rare beauty for this cold and arrogant man to worry about her. She didn’t get a good look at her earlier. “Certainly, maybe you and your fiancee can join me for dinner while you are on Shingu Island, here is my business card please give me a call.”

    “I will,” He has no intention of calling this woman for any reason. His blood is boiling how dare you Lau An!

     Zhong Yumi walks back to her seat, who is this under the blanket next to her? The seat was vacant the whole trip.

     He stands up he is going to find Feng LiMei right now. Before he can get to the aisle the stewardess asks him to sit down they will be landing soon and everyone must be buckled. Damn you Feng LiMei! 

     Cheng Jianyu sits down gripping the seat rest, the thought of Feng LiMei as his fiancee he laughs that is absurd no one would believe it, now if they see Zhong Yumi on the island he will need to pretend. He looks at the business card… the old man made her head of his Acquisitions Department? I wonder if she is going there to compete with him for the land and permits for a resort?

     The plane lands in Hirachi City, Kang Jin pushes past him as Chen Jianyu is reaching into the overhead compartment. Kang Jin’s face has a sly grin,“ I’m looking forward to taking your little assistant away from you, you don’t deserve her.”

     What the hell she talks to him for ten minutes now he wants her to be his personal assistant. He ignores what he said as though he didn’t hear him, his brother needs him but he will remember his cocky attitude and pay him back when he is no longer useful to Hushang. 

     After he gathers his briefcase and carry on bag he walks down the aisle, as he gets to the last seat he sees a small body curled up in a blanket that isn’t moving. He can hear her snoring and there is drool on her chin. He rips the blanket back, “Feng LiMei wake up!”

     Jing Bo and the woman he is with walk by as Chen Jianyu sits next to LiMei shaking her awake. The woman is holding onto Jing Bo she whispers in his ear, “Honey do you know them?” He is staring intently at the girl whose eyes are closed her glasses are hanging off her face.

     “No”, He has a strange feeling as he looks at LiMei, he pushes the blonde woman off him, “I told you I don’t like you hanging on me.” His eyes narrow dangerously, the woman Kuang Fu sent along is irritating he misses Qin Daiyu. This girl’s smile reminds him of her like the girl did in Xiaobo’s private room that night. Is he becoming obsessed with finding her? That reminds him Uncle Xinghi told him to call him. He never did get the rare herb from Qiao Rui because Kuang Fu called him back to the Compound.

     “Sorry Jing Bo.” Sarah has a hurt look on her face as she turns away from him, she tries to get close to him but he always pushes her away. Kuang Fu said to ignore his temper and get the job done or he will punish her. 

     Sarah lets go of his arm and walks behind him as they exit the plane. Kuang Fu wants to know what his brother is planning she is to report his every move to him directly.

     LiMei suddenly feels cold, she slowly opens her hazy eyes halfway “Let me sleep a little longer before the tyrant finds me..” She feels around for the blanket. “Feng LiMei if you don’t get out of that seat right now there is no year end bonus for you!”

    She jumps up her glasses fall off her face, “CEO Chen we arrived?” She quickly catches them then puts them on smiling at him. 

    “Yes and you are causing me to be the last person to exit the plane. Why didn’t you return to your seat?”

     “I saw you flirting with a beautiful woman and didn’t want to interrupt.” LiMei straightens out her glasses. “Here let me take your bags”, she grabs them from him stumbling towards the exit. What is so heavy in his carry on bag?”

     When they walk into the airport Zhong Yumi s waiting to see his fiancee, is that her dragging the bag? She starts laughing no it can’t be..haha. She is a young girl that barely comes up to his chest. Although the dress is from the latest Chloe collection, she has short mousy brown hair and those glasses are hideous. She takes a pic with her phone as the little girl trips, he doesn’t even try to steady her, his bodyguard barely was able to catch her. She snaps a picture she can’t wait to send them to Lau An, what a joke. 

     The haughty Lau An lost out to an unattractive little girl, her family must be very influential for Chen Jianyu to agree to marry her. She informs her assistant she needs to snap a few pictures when she walks over to talk to them.

     “Chen Jianyu why did you stop suddenly?” Irritated LiMei almost falls onto the ground as she yells at him. Wang Li caught  her arm or she would have face planted. “Thanks Wang Li.”

     “Shh..keep your voice down!”

     What the hell it is a crowded airport who is going to pay attention to them?

     LiMei gives him a dirty look which is not lost on Zhong Yumi, she hurries over she needs to see this girl up close. “Chen Jianyu is this your fiancee?”

     He quickly grabs LiMei’s hand, “Yes, this is Feng LiMe.” he squeezes her little hand. Dammit where did this woman come from..was she waiting for them to exit the plane?

     Feng LiMei opens her mouth to refute that when Chen Jianyu bends down pressing his lips onto hers, holding her tightly to him then whispers in her ear, “If you contradict me you are dead.”

     LiMei’s face turns bright red she wants to wipe off her lips, how dare him! She touches the jade necklace Rui gave her, Rui..I only want to kiss you.

     Zhong Yumi is shocked by the sudden kiss she glances back to see if her assistant got a picture. “Nice to meet you Feng LiMei I am a classmate of Jianyu’s from University, Zhong Yumi.” She notices the white jade necklace did Chen Jianyu give her that it is worth at least 200,000 USD. It must be serious. “Your white jade necklace is beautiful”

    “Thank you my boyfr..”  Chen Jianyu interrupts her,”Yes the white jade is beautiful I thought it was perfect on LiMei.” Chen Jianyu  intimates he gave it to her.

     LiMei reaches out her small hand she can feel the oppressive atmosphere around Chen Jianyu, she is going to make him pay for this! “I’m happy to meet an old classmate of Jianyu’s,  Auntie,  please call me LiMei.”

     Zhong Yumi is irritated ..Auntie!.. ‘old’ classmate… she slightly frowns then catches herself, “We should have dinner together on Shingu Island.”

    “I would love to Miss Zhong but I will be very busy I’m sure Jianyu will be able to accompany you in the evening.” She smiles brightly with a mischievous glint in her eyes as she looks up to Chen Jianyu. “Honey you and Miss Zhong should reminisce about the old days at University.”

     Zhong Yumi clenches her fists at her side if she says old one more time! “Call me Yumi..I would like to get to know you LiMei, so I will accommodate your schedule.”

     LiMei is laughing to herself, she can see both of them are getting angry, “Auntie, I think with the difference in our ages we wouldn’t have much in common. I will be hiking this weekend, do you like to hike?”


     “Darling we should go don’t you have an appointment?” LiMei gives Zhong Yumi a bright smile, she could see the ridiculing looks she was giving, what a bitch! She obviously wants to make fun of me to her friends. Chen Jianyu I really hate you!

     Chen Jianyu admires LiMei’s ability to piss people off with a few words. He takes her hand, “Thank you LiMei for reminding me. They walk away leaving Zhong Yumi fuming, little ugly slut! How did she get engaged to Chen Jianyu and he is unusually affectionate towards her. The only upside is Lau An will lose it when I tell her. She hurries over to her assistant, “Did you get some good pictures of them?”

     “Yes Miss Zhong.” She shows her one where Chen Jianyu is kissing LiMei. Zhong Yumi sneers, “I will wait for the perfect time to release this to the press.” She touches her face, LiMei saying old keeps ringing in her ears.

     After they are around a corner away from Zhong Yumi, LiMei throws off Chen Jianyu’s hand that was holding hers, “Chen Jianyu are you crazy! That is the worst kind of harassment. Engaged to you! Not if you were the last man on the planet!” She wipes her sleeve across her lips.

     How can she be this upset most women would love the opportunity to be engaged to him. She is a little plain secretary. “Listen Feng LiMei do you think I wanted to kiss you? She wouldn’t have believed it with your looks if I didn’t show affection for you.”

     With my looks! ERRRRRR..! She raises her hand about to hit him with a palm strike and completely lose it when she remembers Rui is his best friend. Even though she can’t be with Rui she doesn’t want him to know this violent side of her. Chen Jianyu would definitely tell him..shit..She puts her hand down.

      “CEO Chen I will need to be compensated for your shameless action or I will inform her you are a bold faced lying bast..{that might be going too far} liar..”

     “Fine, but if we see her you need to play along with me.” The sweet taste of her pink lips is lingering on his mind. She smells so fresh with the light flower scent she wears. He stares at her soft lips in a daze. Suddenly he hears her angry voice.

     “I have a few rules, Absolutely no holding my hand..I will think of other ones.”

     “Don’t worry, that was an emergency situation I have no desire to kiss an unattractive girl with no allure at all like you.”Chen Jianyu looks at his watch, “I will video call with Meng Construction while we are waiting for the ferry, I want to get to the Island and rest before tomorrow’s meeting. Let’s get the next ferry.”

    LiMei really wants to beat him up, but decides she will take her compensation now. “CEO Chen in that case I want to fly to Shingu island, I don’t want to take a ferry. If you don’t agree with this small concession I will find Zhong Yumi and tell her I am not your fiancee.”

     He looks at her glaring at him, he can’t be a passenger in a small aircraft. “Think of something else.”

     “No and I need to hurry to catch the plane.”

     Chen Jianyu has no choice, he hands her over a corporate card, “Here but you better be in the hotel waiting for me when Wang Li and I arrive.” Little blackmailer! Why did he say his fiancee was her?

     LiMei’s eyes light up, no ferry ! Hurray! She grabs the card out of  Chen Jianyu’s hand then runs over to the counter. She smiles  waving at Wang Li. He can’t believe his boss said the little mouse is his fiancee. He smiles and waves back, she is cute in a strange way. Chen Jianyu gives him an annoyed look, “Wang Li, don’t encourage her!”

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