Missed The Plane

Rui continues, “I am going to find a way to marry LiMei after I become CEO. I won’t have that old man who cast me aside once have power over me again. If it weren’t for the situation our stepmother and her son created five years go I wouldn’t have had to go down the path I had to take. I love LiMei and she is the only one I will make my wife.

     I will take over as  CEO of Qiao Corporation and once that is accomplished, fuck them all! I have enough money to destroy my enemies and between my hospital and  other investments I will be powerful enough to control my own destiny with the CEO position at Qiao Corporation.”

     Delun was only sixteen when that happened but he recalls how they humiliated Rui and drove him out of Pushong City. He didn’t have contact with him until he returned a year ago, he understands why Rui hates them. His own mother was collateral damage in their stepmother’s destructive path, so he is on Rui’s side. “Rui of course I will keep your relationship a secret I don’t think it would be good to expose Feng LiMei to our toxic family, she is a nice girl. I’m happy for you.” he puts the waffles on a plate. “Go see what is taking your girl so long to come down.”

     “Thanks Delun.”

     A taxi approaches LiMei, she gets in and tells him to take her to the Hushang Group. She sits in the back seat, her heart feels like a huge rock is sitting on it. Quietly crying she thinks about him playfully waking her up this morning, his scent as he laid on top of her, his deep obsidian eyes she loves.

     Stop it LiMei she tells herself..you knew you didn’t deserve him don’t be surprised about what you heard. She touches the necklace he gave her she will need to send it back to him and they can come collect the clothes he bought her. Leaning her head back her cell rings, she glances at it, Stupid Tyrant displays  on screen what does he want! If she doesn’t answer he will keep calling, “Yes CEO Chen?”

     “Where are you?” he sounds frantic what is up with him, “I’m on my way to work I won’t be late.” She doesn’t need him bugging her right now.

     “Go directly to the airport.”


     “I just got a call Jing Bo that bastard pushed the meeting up to early tomorrow morning. The only way I can get there on time is to catch the 10:30 flight this morning, I booked two seats for us. Did you do the research on him I requested of you?” 

     Chen Jianyu’s head is pounding he planned on staying in bed this morning after last night. He has a huge lump on his forehead also he wanted checked out.

 He is getting impatient she hasn’t answered his question, “Dammit are you listening to me?”

     LiMei is nervous she went to work at the Crescent Moon Hotel then was with Rui and forgot.“I will have it for you to look over tonight. I don’t have any clothes, can I go home and pack something?”

     “Do you have your ID and passport?”

     LiMei always has her passport in case she needs to leave in a hurry. “Yes.”

     “Then we will get you clothes on the island, you are dressed properly now aren’t you as I told you.”

     “…” LiMei can’t believe this man. “Yes I am wearing new clothes.”

     LiMei can see she has an incoming call from Rui, she ignores it, “CEO Chen I will be there where should I meet you? Is Han Nuying coming if she knows him maybe she can be of help to you.”

     “Go to Terminal Three, Wang Li and I will be in the VIP Lounge. Don’t miss this flight or you are fired Feng LiMei!” he is still pissed she didn’t come back to his room with the wine last night and had the Kitchen Manager deliver it.

     “Yes CEO Chen I will be there.” LiMei leans back in her seat, “Driver please take me to the airport.”

     She has three missed calls from Rui she will call him back when she is about to board the flight. It will be the last time she speaks to him.

     At Rui’s house he is frantic, he and Delun searched for her everywhere. “Why would she leave like that without a word to me?”

     Delun doesn’t want to say it but maybe she overheard their conversation in the kitchen and misunderstood. He puts his hand on his brother’s shoulder he has never seen him upset about a woman before, when he and Lau An would fight he wouldn’t say a word. “Rui maybe she heard our conversation in the kitchen..”

     “Do you think she only heard the beginning and thought I was trying to hide her from grandfather?”

     “That would explain her taking off like that. Girls are sensitive.”

     Rui slams his hand on the wall, dammit LiMei, why didn’t you ask me. He grabs his jacket he is going to the Hushang Group and talk to her right now. “Delun I’m going to find LiMei.”

     Delun watches his usually cool and aloof brother dash out the door in a panic, he must really love Feng LiMei. He looks at the breakfast on the table and sits down he is thinking about LiMei, what an impulsive girl. 

     He eats a waffle and gets out his phone, “I need you to pick me up at Rui’s.” Rui’s cook comes into the kitchen, “Young Master the waffles you made look delicious, where is Qiao Rui?”

     “He had to leave Mary, eat with me.” He pulls her hand over to the table.

     “I can’t.” She is a plump middle aged woman who has worked for the Qiao family since these two men were young. Looking at Qiao Delun’s bright smile she thinks what different personalities they have, Delun is open and friendly while Master Rui is a very cold and indifferent man.

     “I want you to try the waffles, I started to enjoy cooking because of you. Remember me following you around the kitchen?”

     Mary laughs, “Master Delun…yes I was always tripping over you. Congratulations! I hear you are graduating from the Culinary School in Paris in May.”

     “Thanks, yes then I plan on opening a restaurant.”

     “Does your father know?..I’m sorry it is none of my business.”

     “Mary it’s fine, no I haven’t told him yet. I don’t want to work at the resort I want my own business.”

     “I need to leave my driver is here, you and Butler Zhong should enjoy the food so it isn’t wasted.”

     Delun walks out the front door and gets into the car, “Take me to Honey Cakes Bakery”, he doesn’t want to go back to the mansion yet.

     Rui is speeding in his black Porsche towards the Hushang Group he needs to tell LiMei the whole story, about his grandfather, the CEO position and what he is trying to accomplish for them to be together. He screeches into the circular driveway in front of the building. He runs through the lobby to the elevator, he suddenly thinks about the fact she doesn’t want Chen Jianyu to know about them.

     As he is going up to the 35th floor and Chen Jianyu’s office he decides he will say he is here about the project then find a way to speak to LiMei privately. He exits the elevator, walking over to Suzi’s desk he calmly tells her, “I’m here to see Chen Jianyu. “ Suzi recognizes him he is CEO Chen’s handsome friend Qiao Rui, she smiles brightly at him, “I’m sorry Dr. Qiao but CEO Chen will be out of town until Tuesday.”

     “What? I thought they weren’t leaving until tomorrow.” He is clenching his fists at his side, she left for the island already without answering his calls.

     “The meeting was moved up unexpectedly so he is catching the 10:30 flight.”

     Rui looks at his watch, maybe he can get there before the plane takes off. “Did his Assistant Feng LiMei go with him?”

     “Dr. Qiao I’m not sure, he left from the office by himself after he received the news of the change of the meeting time. His assistant Nuying might know she books his travel, she is in the office next door.” Why did he ask about the little eyesore?

     He quickly turns and goes to the next office no one is at the desk, Dammit! He will just go to the airport. He hurries to the elevator when he arrives in the lobby Wang Rebecca is coming towards him with her partner in the Consulting Firm, Wu Ting they have an appointment to see Chen Jianyu, “Qiao Rui what a surprise.” she reaches her hand out towards him, he knocks her hand away glaring at her without saying anything he keeps walking in long strides to the door.

     Wang Rebecca’s face turns red she glances around to see if anyone besides her partner saw that. Several people are staring at her, she takes Wu Ting’s arm and smiles walking towards the elevator. Once inside it is only the two of them she stomps her feet, “Damn that arrogant man! Who does he think he is swatting my hand away like that.”

     Wu Ting is used to her temper tantrums although he has to admit that had to be embarrassing for her, isn’t she about to be engaged to him. “Calm down Rebecca he looked like he was angry about something and in a hurry.” He could tell by the black lines on his forehead, he heard Qiao Rui is a calm man something must have really angered him.

     “I don’t care Ting, I am about to become his fiancee he can’t treat me like that in public.” She smooths her dress as they approach the 35th floor she needs to be composed when she meets Chen Jianyu.

     They walk to the secretary’s desk, “We have an appointment with Chen Jianyu at 9:30”, Wu Ting hands her his business card. He is relying on Wang Rebecca’s contacts to establish their firm in Pushong City. the only reason he puts up with this obnoxious bitch is because of her backing. When they graduated from Harvard she promised him an easy road to success if she followed him.

     He will ditch her as soon as he builds his own reputation but she is an heiress to a huge Electronics firm,with many connections. He thought about dating her for her money but he can barely stand to be around her, he feels for her fiance, no wonder he blew her off in the lobby.

     Suzi looks at the appointment schedule, “I tried to call you to cancel, CEO Chen won’t be available until Tuesday.” She has instructions not to tell anyone of his plans, the only reason she told Qiao Rui is because she knows he is his good friend. Wang Rebecca is about to lose it, “I never received a call, this is very discourteous of CEO Chen, do you know who my father is?”

     “Miss Wang it was an emergency situation, I did leave you a voicemail.” Suzi is very good at maintaining a smile when she deals with these entitled elites. “I can reschedule you for Wednesday if it is convenient for you.”

     Wu Ting is a very handsome man with a pleasing smile he doesn’t want to alienate this secretary he knows some CEOs place a great deal of trust in their executive secretary. He smiles at her, “That will work for us, would 9:30 still be a good time?”

     Suzi is  mesmerized by his charming smile, he is pleasant and seems to understand the situation better than the bitch he is with here. “Mr. Wu that will work for the CEO, I will put you in for an hour appointment on Wednesday.”

     “Thank you, we will be leaving now.” He holds onto Rebecca’s arm leading her away, whispering in her ear, “Throwing a fit won’t get us a contract with Hushang Group, she will relay your behavior to CEO Chen. You need to control yourself.”

     She knows that is the way these secretaries work but she is still angry at the way Qiao Rui treated her in the lobby. Wu Ting pushes the elevator button, when they are in the elevator he looks at her she is biting her fingernail although she is a beautiful woman her actions are unbecoming. 

     He turns to look at the woman who entered the elevator with them she is stunning, she must work with CEO Chen also he is the only person with an office on that floor.

     Wu Ting smiles at her hoping to ask her a question as to where CEO Chen went urgently. He likes to gather any information that might be useful, unfortunately she is ignoring him. The elevator arrives at the lobby he allows the two women to exit first he watches the woman who occupied the elevator with them walk away, she is chic and aloof.

     Her cold attitude is alluring to him he would like to know who she is, on their way out he stops at the information desk, “Excuse me the lady that just walked by in the ivory suit, I think I may have been a classmate of hers.” The woman sees Nuying walk past, “You mean Han Nuying?” he nods, “Yes, that is her I must try to catch up with her, thank you.”

    Wang Rebecca watches him, what is he doing, she is about to walk over when he comes to where she is, “Let’s go.”

     At the airport LiMei is looking around for the VIP Lounge, she has put on her wig and glasses, the blue contacts are bothering her eyes because she had been crying she can barely see out of them. 

     Squinting she sees Wang Li looking around as she is walking towards him he hurries over, “Miss Feng we need to board soon, CEO Chen told me to find you.” he pulls her arm towards the VIP Lounge. 

     The CEO has been complaining for fifteen minutes that she was going to make him miss his flight. {He could go without her.}

     “Okay Wang Li stop dragging me, I can barely walk in these heels.” Wang Li looks down at her legs, they are wobbling. He takes a moment to look at her, her figure in this dress is very nice, the boss will be pleased. “Sorry Miss Feng but you know how the boss is.”

     “I know, how do you work for him, he is such an arrogant tyrant and can be so dense.”

     “…” He is thinking you also work for him.

     LiMei’s phone is ringing again she can’t talk to Rui right now she will get upset and she doesn’t want Chen Jianyu to see her cry. She ignores the call.

     “Where is the stupid tyrant?” She can’t see Chen Jianyu in the VIP Lounge.

     Chen Jianyu walks up from behind her he heard what she said to Wang Li. He is about to explode, he grabs her hand, “I’m right here, hurry up we are going to miss the plane because you are late.” he starts to drag her over to the gate.

     LiMei’s cheeks turn red did he just hear what she said about him? Uh oh..this could be bad. In a sweet voice dripping with honey she says “Oh there you are CEO Chen I was worried about you.” As he drags her along she can barely keep up with his long strides she is tripping on her heels. She looks up at his face he is really angry, what the hell happened to his head he has a huge bruise and bump in the middle of his forehead.  She blurts out,”CEO Chen what happened to your forehead?”

    “…” He is going to have fun  teaching this little girl a lesson for her impudent behavior. If she had been prompt with his food last night he wouldn’t have drank too much then banged his head on the table!

     Rui is in the airport heading for Terminal Three he is going to buy a ticket and get on the flight with LiMei. He rushes through the crowd, when he gets to the counter the clerk tells him it is in the final boarding stage.

      He tells her he is a doctor and needs to get to Shingu Island for an important surgery. She asks to see his passport. Fucking Shit! He doesn’t have his fucking passport on him.

     He shows her his ID and tells her he is Qiao Rui and his Corporation is an important investor in Asian Sky Airlines. She looks frightened she doesn’t want to lose her job by denying him a ticket, she calls the Supervisor over explaining the situation, he makes a call then with a worried look on his face he says, “Dr. Qiao the plane has taken off. There is too much air traffic at this time to call it back or I would. Believe me I would.”

     Rui looks dejected, “When is your next flight?” The man checks the schedule we have another flight at 7:30.”

     “I will take a first class ticket on that flight”, he takes out his black card to pay. Well this way he can take the plan for a partnership with him and inform the Chairman he won’t be attending that bitch’s party on Saturday.

     The woman nervously runs his card, her hands are shaking. “Thank you, please check in a half hour before your flight and please have your passport.” Rui nods and walks over to the window,  looking out he can see a plane in the distance, LiMei… please don’t leave me, let me explain. 

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