LiMei Meets Her Idol

 As Chen Jianyu is dragging LiMei to the gate her stomach is growling, she wishes she had heard the bad news after she ate. How long is this flight? Will they serve food? While they are passing a small shop she smells meat buns, she needs sustenance. She takes her high heel and ‘accidentally’ steps on Chen Jianyu’s foot with a bit of force. He stops immediately, “Feng LiMei what are you doing?”

     “Sorry Boss my foot got caught up with yours.” When he lets go of her hand and looks at his foot she swiftly enters the shop grabbing three meat buns some candy and a bottle of tea, she stands in line. The aroma is driving her crazy if she doesn’t eat she will faint! She gives a sidelong glance towards the door. Oh shit! Here he comes and he looks like he could skin her alive. Yikes!

     Well a girl needs to eat! Quickly paying she doesn’t wait for her change and slips around a corner aisle shoving the buns into her purse, bending down she creeps towards the door her skirt dragging on the floor. All of a sudden she feels her skirt is caught on something, dammit, she turns to loosen it and sees her hem of her skirt under the black leather designer shoes she recently stepped on. Looking up at a pair of long legs she shivers, with wide eyes she sees his face has a devilish look as he sneers, “Did you drop something?”

     “Yes, when I reached into my purse some coins rolled away. I was gathering them.”

     His handsome face is contorted in anger, this little girl is quick with the lies…he saw her shoving the buns into her purse with a greedy little smile on her face…”Get up! If I miss this flight I will sue you for the loss I will take!”

     LiMei hurries to her feet clutching her purse that contains her precious breakfast. Bowing with a fake smile she says, “We should hurry!”

     “Pfft..”Chen Jianyu shakes his head when he sees her large blue eyes that are magnified by her ridiculous glasses, he will enjoy punishing this little girl.

     They are the last two people to board the plane. Wang Li is already on board in the economy section, his long legs scrunched up seated between a fat balding man and a thin young girl. He is trying to get comfortable it will be a long flight, he went ahead trying to get an aisle seat but failed as the fat man insisted he needed to be able to use the plane’s toilet at a moment’s notice.

     Chen Jianyu and LiMei are in the first class section, LiMei glances around such luxury, why didn’t Chen Jianyu put her in economy with Wang Li? As they sit down in their seats, LiMei is still looking at an extremely handsome man in the seat across the aisle, is that Kang Jin from her favorite idol drama? OMG he is so handsome in person! She is almost drooling when Chen Jianyu grabs her sleeve pulling her down into her seat. “Feng LiMei stop drooling at that man and sit down! The plane will be taking off soon you need to fasten your seat belt!”

     He looks at her blatantly staring at the man, Chen Jianyu glances over sizing him up, the little mouse never looks at him with that look and he is much more handsome than that third rate actor. They are announcing the emergency procedures, he closes his eyes, this meeting is crucial to the project he will need to be at his best. His head is still pounding from the hangover. 

The plane begins its ascent he suddenly hears a little squeal out of Feng LiMei as she lurches forward, she hadn’t buckled and the plane made a sudden jerking motion.

     Chen Jianyu reaches over “You little idiot! I told you to buckle up!” LiMei’s face turns red as she meets Kang Jin’s eyes, her squeal made the few people in the cabin turn her direction. He gives her a slight smile, she swoons a little, his smile is gentle as a warm breeze and LiMei’s heart flutters, so handsome! He is like a god! Ever since he debuted she has been following him, he doesn’t currently have a girlfriend and is never involved in any scandals. 

     Meanwhile Chen Jianyu is leaning across her body buckling her, she tries to swat his hands away, “CEO Chen!” His body is leaning against hers as he tries to manage the buckle she is very slender he is adjusting the belt so it is tight on her. His face is close to her she can smell a clean fragrance coming from his body..too close..

     “Be quiet  and let me..” his head is by her chest the words are ambiguous as it could appear he is hugging her.  LiMei is about to protest when Chen Jianyu says,“There.” He got it tight for her, he leans back, “I’m going to rest for awhile then I want to go over some of the paperwork with you.”

     “Before you rest CEO Chen may I ask how long this flight is to Shingu Island?”

     He turns her direction didn’t he just say he wanted to rest. “We are flying into Hirachi City we will arrive there in five hours, we are going to have a meeting with Meng Construction then take a ferry to the island.”

     “I thought we are flying straight to Shingu Island?” But this is good she can call Du Chang to cancel when they are in Hirachi City, but a ferry? Nooo…

     “We could take a connecting flight from Hirachi City but it is a small plane, they don’t have a large airport there. Asian Sky transfers you to one of their smaller aircraft.”

     LiMei hates taking a ferry, she gets seasick every time. “Well CEO Chen wouldn’t it be faster and more convenient to take the small plane?”

     He glares at her he isn’t going to tell her he hates being confined in a small space, particularly one that is in the sky. “Enough questions let me sleep or I will dock your pay.”

     “…” LiMei leans back he is so prickly!

     A beautiful dark haired stewardess comes by asking people if they would like a meal. LiMei clutches her bag, she should order a meal and save her buns for Hirachi City in case the tyrant doesn’t want to stop for a meal. She shows the menu to Limei to look over. 

     It all looks like gourmet food choices of Chinese or Western food. LiMei glances at Chen Jianyu he is sound asleep his head falling towards the window, she picks up a pillow and puts it behind his head, she doesn’t want him to wake up, then she reclines his seat.

     Turning the air jets away from him she suddenly feels as though she was taking care of a big baby..haha.. Looking at his forehead a few wisps of hair are falling over the large lump, that must have really hurt.

     By the time she finishes making it comfortable for him the stewardess stops by to get her order, LiMei orders a steak with a side of eggs, some orange juice. The stewardess says, “We have Mimosas that are made with orange juice would you like one?” LiMei responds, “Thank you make it a tall,” thinking it is an orange blend with other fruits, sounds yummy. This flight shouldn’t be too bad Chen Jianyu is sleeping the meal sounds delicious and there is eye candy directly across from her.

     Kang Jin across from her appears to be reading a script LiMei wonders if it is for a new drama, the one he is presently appearing in is almost over, she knows they were finished filming it last month. LiMei reads all the fan sites information to keep up with her favorite dramas and mangas. Glancing over she sees the title, OMG are they making a live action version of her favorite manga, ‘The Prince of the Host Club’. He would be perfect for the lead role of Ming Yifan.

     Her meal arrives it looks fantastic, she smiles at the woman as she takes the tray from her. She forgot to say rice but there is some fragrant jasmine rice in a bowl also. Wow being rich must be nice, she wonders how Wang Li is doing in economy class. Her glass of juice is in a crystal goblet, it is bubbly do they add sparkling water to it? She takes a sip, oh my the bubbles tickle her nose very tasty.

     LiMei eats her lunch while sipping her Mimosa, it is almost gone, should she order another? She looks up the stewardess is taking her empty glass replacing it with a fresh Mimosa, the service up in the sky is amazing! LiMei’s eyes are hurting from crying earlier she is trying her best not to think of Rui, she takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes, taking a quick look over at Chen Jianyu he is sound asleep. She puts her glasses in her purse, that is better, looking through the contacts and glasses can be irritating.

     She doesn’t realize someone is watching her as she greedily eats her steak, sipping her drink. This meal is delicious but not as good as the orange juice beverage. Kang Jin has been watching this little girl drinking the champagne doesn’t she know if she drinks any more she will be drunk? Obviously she is the assistant to the man next to her. Well it is none of his business, he continues to read the script. It is interesting Hushang Entertainment contacted him for this role, they must not know of his rejection of Song Hua when they were in school abroad together. His food is sitting there getting cold as he reads all of a sudden he hears a small voice, “You should eat while it is hot it is quite delicious.”

     He looks across the aisle the little girl’s cheeks are pink from the Mimosas and she has egg on her chin. He picks up his napkin reaching across the aisle he wipes her mouth with his slender fingers, “It looks as though you are enjoying it.” He drops his usual cold demeanor as he smiles at her, without those thick glasses she is cute.

     LiMei drops her fork, my idol just touched my face. She gulps down the orange juice, “The orange juice is refreshing also.”

     He noticed that is her third tall drink, when her boss wakes up she could be in trouble. He doesn’t know why he cares about this little girl but she has an innocent look that reminds him of someone he used to know in high school. He was a senior and she was a little freshman, he would see her walking to class not paying attention to where she was going. 

     One day a bunch of girls surrounded her because a boy one liked was chasing after the girl to be his girlfriend. He heard the full story later from his younger sister after it spread around school he rescued her.

     She tried to run away but they were hitting her calling her names. When he approached, he told them to get lost! They scattered but she was kneeling on the ground with her hands over her head. He picked her up off the ground, what he remembers were the bright green eyes with specks of gold as she smiled at him, obviously holding back tears she brushed herself off. “Thank you hero for saving me!” She waved at him and continued on to school. He laughs at the recollection, when he would see her around school she would blush and go the opposite way. But this girl has very strange blue eyes.

    He crooks his finger motioning her to come closer, LiMei leans across the aisle, he says in a low voice, “You know the orange juice drink has alcohol in it.”

     LiMei looks at her empty glass, no wonder she was feeling so relaxed and warm, it didn’t taste like a cocktail. A little buzzed she doesn’t know why but he reminds her of someone she blurts out,“Thank you for saving me!” LiMei smiles at him brightly, if she had one more she would be drunk and Chen Jianyu would fire her for sure!

     Kang Jin opens his eyes wide her intonation is similar to the girl’s but she had beautiful green eyes and long black hair. It was a long time she doesn’t look like her, he doesn’t even remember the little girl’s  name to ask her, he is very curious.

     LiMei continues to eat her lunch, a little embarrassed that her idol told her that, she must look stupid right now. She doesn’t want to look his direction but she feels him drilling a hole into her with his eyes. After she finishes she glances over at Chen Jianyu he is actually snoring, haha..well at least he won’t wake up soon.

    She will ask for a coffee the next time the stewardess comes by. LiMei decides to go to the restroom and use eye drops then put her contacts back in, she walks to the back, good she still has her balance, her senses just feel a little dulled. My god that drink was delicious she never would have guessed it had alcohol in it. Someone is in the toilet so she waits outside, when it is her turn she enters, looking in the mirror she is a little flushed, she takes her contacts out.

     Reaching into her purse she grabs the eye drops, what a relief. Leaning on the sink she composes herself, there is a knock on the door she doesn’t want to leave yet but the knocking continues, well she can put the contacts in when she is in her seat the eye drops need to work a little longer. 

     She puts them in their case and opens the door. A young girl gives her a snotty look and pushes past her, LiMei glares back at her, no manners as expected from a rich girl.

     As she walks to her seat Kang Jin touches her arm startled she loses her balance landing in his lap, what the hell! He saw her walking back without the blue contacts in her eyes, he 

recognizes her unusual eyes, it is her! 

     He quickly apologizes he didn’t think she would lose her balance like that. “Miss I’m very sorry I just wanted to let you know”, he points to the piece of toilet paper stuck to her high heel. He smiles to himself that was good he noticed that as she was walking. No one is sitting next to him he motions for her to sit down, LiMei on one hand is excited on the other hand she is humiliated.

     He looks at her face closely, LiMei wonders why he is examining her his handsome face is inches from hers, “Is something on my face Mr. Kang?” She takes her small hand brushing it across her mouth, her heart is pounding he is too handsome.

     Kang Jin says, “Did you go to Mountain Ridge High School in Fenshwan Province?”

    LiMei’s face pales, what should she say? How would he know her? “Ahh..ahh..”

     He smiles , “I guess you did.”

     She pulls him close, “How do you know me?” LiMei is afraid right now she can’t escape from a plane what if he exposes her as Qin Daiyu to Chen Jianyu, but why would he? He is Kang Jin an idol. Her mind is blank.

    “Don’t worry I see you are disguising your beauty is your boss a lecher?” He looks at Chen Jianyu sleeping. He noticed the way the man held her body as he fastened her seat belt earlier.

     What should she say that would be the easiest answer, first how does he know her?

     “How do you know me?”

     “I went to that High School, I changed my name when I went abroad to University. My family doesn’t approve of my acting career, you might remember me as Han Chao.”

    LiMie eyes get wide she grabs his arm staring into his eyes, “Han Chao?”

    He puts his finger to his lips, “Shh keep it down.” She looks adorable as she is clutching onto his arm, “Only my manager knows my family name.”

     “Oh sorry!” LiMei recalls him in High School he saved her from some girls that were bullying her, he was handsome but now he is godlike! His features now are manly and strong looking in high school he wasn’t quite as tall either.

     He watches her as she is sizing him up, “Do you like what you see?” He has an amused look on his usually indifferent face.

     LiMei’s face turns red, “I should get back to my seat”, she doesn’t want to explain anything further.

     Kang Jin begins to laugh, “I’m just teasing you stay, your boss is sleeping and you never answered me. Why are you disguising yourself?” He looks over at Chen Jianyu again, “To protect yourself from advances from your boss?” It happens a lot he has heard to beautiful women working for powerful men.

     LiMei decides this might be the right way to go with this. She has a downcast look on her face,“Yes, I wanted this job but I heard he his last assistant quit because of his advances.” She wants to laugh thinking how angry Chen Jianyu would be if he heard that comment.

     Kang Jin gives a dirty look over at Chen Jianyu. Who is he anyway? “I’m sorry I forgot your name”

     LiMei is relieved he doesn’t remember her as Qin Daiyu. “Feng LiMei. Call me LiMei”

     “You should call me Jin then.. Who is your boss?”

     “His name is Chen Jianyu of the Hushang Group.”

    Kang Jin twists the script in his hand, “Is he associated with Hushang Entertainment?”

   “ His brother Chen Huan runs that division as far as I know.”

    LiMei can see the script in his hands Hushang Entertainment is under the drama name, “If you don’t mind me asking are you going to be in this drama series for Hushang? It is my favorite manga series and you would be perfect for the lead Ming Yifan!”

     He sees her bright green eyes light up, maybe he could have her transferred to be his assistant to get her away from that pervert boss of hers over there. He was undecided but now he has made a decision , “Yes, I am.”

     “That is awesome!”

     Chen Jianyu stirs in his seat who is the little idiot talking to so loudly. He turns his head to see Kang Jin talking to someone next to him, it is her he recognizes the dress but can’t see her face. Suddenly LiMei hears Chen Jianyu’s voice, “Feng LiMei get over here!” How does the plain girl attract all these men!

     LiMei panics she needs to quickly put in her contacts, “Jin could you block me from my boss for a moment I need to put my contacts in and my glasses on first.” Her beautiful green eyes have a pleading look in them. 

     Kang Jin doesn’t like seeing her having to disguise herself for that obnoxious man who just yelled at her in a domineering tone. He leans his broad chest towards her blocking Chen Jianyu’s view, he can smell her fresh scent and is very close to her flawless face, she is very beautiful. 

     She still has the innocent look he remembered. Chen Jianyu is getting very annoyed from where he is sitting it looks as though they are being very intimate.

    When she is finished she straightens her wig, whispering, “Thank you Han Chao. Maybe we will meet again at Hushang.” She stands and crosses the aisle, “CEO Chen you are awake! Did you enjoy your nap?”


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