LiMei springs off the chair grabbing her bottle of water, Rui can’t help be amused at her sudden shy appearance. His pajama top on her looks as though it could slide off her shoulder with his slightest touch. He quickly pulls her to him, kissing the top of her head. “Ready to go back to bed?”


     He holds her hand resisting the urge to take her body right here in the kitchen..he chuckles to himself as he pictures her wide green eyes if he put her up on the counter and slid the black silk pajama top off her. He shakes his head, there will be a more romantic setting this weekend. “What time do you need to be at work?’


     “Will your landlord let Bai Chiyu into your apartment to retrieve an outfit for you?”

     “No need, I leave the key under the mat by the door.”

     He stops as they are at the top of the stairs, he lifts her chin for her to look at him, “LiMei that isn’t a good idea, that is where many people leave a spare key, anyone could check there and enter your apartment while you are sleeping.” His face is etched with worry imagining that scenario.

     LiMei wants to laugh she would kill anyone who dared. Oh right no more killing… well she would restrain them until the police arrived. Oh yeah no police..hmmm.. “You are right I won’t do that anymore.”

    “Good girl.” he gently kisses LiMei, when they reach her door he holds her into his arms, “Are you sure you don’t want to come to my bed, it is very comfortable”, he has a devilish grin on his face as he teases her.

     “Rui!” LiMei’s cheeks are flushed thinking about him sucking on her fingers. If she didn’t control herself who knows what would have happened next, she can’t stop her body from reacting when this sexy man in front of her starts kissing her.

     Rui smiles she looks like a shy little bunny like right now.“Get some sleep, I will call Bai Chiyu to bring your clothes then drive you to work. “

    “Thanks. Please tell her I appreciate her doing that.”

     Rui opens the door for her then kisses her one more time thinking he needs to persuade her to move in with him living alone isn’t safe. She is such a little idiot leaving her key under the doormat.

     LiMei lies on the bed thinking about Rui. What a perfect man, definitely too good for me, what if he knew who I really am would he still be willing to be with me? No way.. he would toss me away in a minute disgusted. 

     LiMei stop dreaming of a perfect life with him! Not to mention his family would never even accept me as Feng LiMei, what will I do when he is with someone like the woman in the lobby.

     Obviously she has her eyes set on him and is of equal social status, LiMei’s stomach tightens up thinking I can’t compete with an elite beauty like her. This weekend he will be only mine away from Pushong City, when we return I will distance myself from him. 

     I just want one last special memory with him. LiMei closes her eyes drifting off to sleep..Rui…

     In the morning Rui calls Bai Chiyu to stop by LiMei’s to pick up her clothes, she is flustered when he tells her. That little slut spent the night at Dr. Qiao’s and he is sending her like a servant to get her clothes! Her fingernails dig into her hands as she restrains herself from commenting on the girl’s age and background.

     She politely agrees and drives to LiMei’s apartment. When she arrives she bends over and retrieves the key, what a poor neighborhood, no wonder the girl wants to cling to Qiao Rui’s thigh. 

     She enters and sees a rack of clothes from Chloe of Henri Couture, the room is very small the rack takes up half the space between the bed and the kitchen.

     Bai Chiyu runs her fingers over the plastic covering. This collection must have cost hundred of thousands, her deep brown eyes are ablaze with envy, did Qiao Rui buy these clothes for that little girl? Where does she work she needs designer business clothes? 

     She looks at her own outfit that cost her half a month’s salary it doesn’t compare, she wants to rip these clothes up thinking about how hard she has worked to get close to him and he doesn’t put her in is eyes. When that little girl was a patient how did she seduce a man as cold and indifferent as Qiao Rui.

     In a huff she sits on a chair next to the counter tapping her fingers trying to calm down, this girl must be a temporary plaything. Looking around the apartment she sees the mangas on the table and recalls the hospital room when she thought the girl was his young cousin. 

     Next to the mangas she sees a crumpled up invoice she is curious as to how much the clothes were maybe it is a receipt. Bai Chiyu picks it up, what the hell, it is a grocery delivery receipt paid for by Henri Armand…did Henri himself give her these clothes?

     How does the slut know two powerful men! She puts the receipt into her purse, maybe Qiao Rui doesn’t know about her relationship with Henri Armand, it is an intimate gesture to buy groceries for someone. Bai Chiyu has an evil smirk on her beautiful face, she needs to dig a little deeper then ruin Feng LiMei.

     It is bad enough her cousin told her she should step up her plans to ensnare Qiao Rui because rumor has it Wang Rebecca wants an engagement between herself and him. She looks at her watch she needs to pick out an outfit for the little bitch and go.

     At Rui’s house LiMei is sound asleep downstairs Rui is on the phone with the Resort Planning Department. He has been busy with hospital affairs and only checks in with the Qiao Corporation to keep an eye on Xiaotong and his Uncles.

     The supervisor is surprised Qiao Rui is showing interest in a possible partnership with Hushang Group’s upcoming Shingu Island project. He listens then replies, “Yes, we could do that and have it ready by this afternoon, but it wouldn’t be a detailed plan with such a time constraint.”

     “I only need to put forth our interest at this point and what we are willing to contribute to the project. I am contacting Chen Jianyu this morning.” Rui merely wants to show interest and accompany Chen Jianyu to the island this weekend.

     Supervisor Kang understands what needs to be done replying, “I will make it our first priority this morning but just to let you know Qiao Xiaotong attempted to get on board this project with Hushang Group when he heard about it a few days ago and his informal proposal was rejected by them before we could even prepare a partnership plan.”

     “Do you know why they refused him? Why wasn’t I informed?” Rui slams his hand on his desk, he never heard of this project until LiMei mentioned it to him she needed to go to the island this weekend.

     “I think Qiao Xiaotong was embarrassed by the instant refusal, he came back red faced then told us if it was leaked it would mean our jobs. I am only telling you now because you asked for the department to prepare a plan for you. I would hope you wouldn’t mention this to Qiao Xiaotong. I just thought you should know.”

     “Thank you Supervisor Kang, if Qiao Xiaotong approaches you feel free to tell him I asked you to prepare the papers for me.” Hmm..why does Xiaotong want to partner with the Hushang Group, he hates the Chens.

     Rui’s interest is aroused, this was just a way to go to the island now he is actually interested in the project if he can get Chen Jianyu to agree his grandfather will be impressed. He definitely wouldn’t stop him from going forcing him to go to Wang Rebecca’s party on Saturday. 

     Now he needs to call Chen Jianyu. Before he can call him his brother pops his head into the study, “Rui I am going to make breakfast is Feng LiMei awake?”

     Rui looks at his watch, she should get up Bai Chiyu should be here with her clothes soon. “I will wake her up, what are you making?”

     “I think I will make Belgium Waffles.” Delun recalls how Feng LiMei liked them at the resort.

     Rui runs up the steps, he knocks on LiMei’s door no answer, he quietly opens the door, he stands in the doorway for a moment. She is hugging the pillow her hair is messy hanging down onto her face. The quilt is pulled up to her chin so only her little head is sticking out from under it.

      He sits on the bed watching her sleep, his heart is pounding she is a very beautiful young girl.

     He brushes her hair back her delicate jade like face looks exceptionally innocent and pure, Rui doesn’t want to wake her up yet, she looks peaceful, her pink lips are parted tempting him. 

     He runs his fingers across her lips, In his heart he makes a promise he will find a way to marry her.

    Downstairs there is a knock at the door, Qiao Delun answers it, “Bai Chiyu hello! It has been awhile you are more beautiful than the last time I saw you, come in.”

     She blushes Qiao Rui’s younger brother is really cute too bad she heard he is gay. There was a scandal in Paris as she recalls last year something about his roommate named Taylor. “Qiao Delun nice to see you where is Dr. Qiao I brought the clothes he wanted. I locked the door and brought the key as he requested.”

     “He is upstairs with Feng LiMei, you can leave them on the couch.” he takes the key from her and puts it in his pocket.

     She is thinking, what.. they are still in bed, he called me from bed with that little slut. They are so comfortable in their relationship his brother can make such a casual remark!  She composes herself hoping Qiao Delun didn’t notice her agitation, “I have a question for him about today’s schedule do you mind telling him I am here?”

     “Rui told me not to go upstairs, you could call him tell him you are here.”

     Bai Chiyu thinks about it, no… he might get angry if she interrupts them. “I will not disturb him then. Please have him call the office to let me know when he will be in today, the architects finalized the blueprints he had them revise last week.” 

     She likes to maintain a professional appearance her curiosity will have to wait. But if Qiao Rui bought her those clothes she will tell him about the grocery receipt he doesn’t seem like the type of man whose pride would allow the little slut to play him.

     “I will.” He shows her to the door and returns to the kitchen.

     Upstairs Rui gently touches her shoulder, “LiMei wake up.”

     LiMei brushes off his hand in a soft voice says, “Sleepy..go away”

    Rui smiles and bends over kissing her cheek, he whispers in her ear “LiMei get up.” His hot breath on her ear tickles , she scrunches up her nose and her fingers touch his cheek pushing him away “Five more minutes..” her eyes are still closed but her pink lips are open he really wants to kiss her.

     He has a better idea he pulls her quilt down and when he does he lightly spanks her bottom that is exposed. She jumps up before she can say anything he holds her in his arms, “That is what happens to bad little girls that won’t wake up.”

      He starts laughing as she pounds his chest with her little fists, then reaching behind her she grabs a pillow and swats at him “Rui..I was getting up!” Her cheeks are red and Rui can’t hold back he pushes her down underneath him then kisses her.

     The black silk pajama top slips down revealing her creamy white collarbone, his lips move down her neck, LiMei pushes him, “Rui..”as she pulls the top up, “Didn’t you say I need to get up!” he rolls off of her, Why is it he can’t resist that tender body of hers. She jumps off the bed and trips, running towards the bathroom. He leans up on his one arm watching her escape smiling, soon I will capture you little bunny.

     Rui can hear the shower, he walks to the door, opening it slightly through the fog on the glass doors he can see her silhouette.“LiMei I will see if my assistant brought your clothes.” He walks away thinking she has such a perfect slender body what would it be like to run his hands down her soft white skin while they shower together. Rui laughs to himself he can’t get his mind off of her… he is possessed. 

     When he goes downstairs he sees the clothes on the couch as he picks them up Delun comes out of the kitchen, “Your assistant asked if you could call her the architects finalized the plans.”

     “Thanks Delun, I’m going to give LiMei her clothes then I will call her.” He picks up the dress and shoes, he notices clean underwear in a bag, he thinks that was thoughtful of Bai Chiyu. He feels lucky to have such a capable assistant. He takes it upstairs placing it on the bed she is still in he bathroom.

     When LiMei is finished she dries herself off and walks over to the bed, the dress is very beautiful, black with white polka dots on a skirt that flares out, a black short jacket to go over it. She notices his assistant brought her underwear, that was very thoughtful of her she will need to thank her. A pair of black heels are by the bed also.

     LiMei reaches in her purse and puts on floral scented lotion, she needs to get more of the vanilla but they were out of it last time she was at the drugstore. Afterwards she looks in the mirror and applies a little lip gloss, when she gets to the company she will wear a bulky sweater she left in the office, this dress is too form fitting.

     Of course she will need to stop and put in her blue contacts and her wig. She wants to look pretty for Rui this morning. She really looks  ridiculous as Chen Jianyu’s Special Assistant. The white jade necklace Rui gave her looks perfect with the dress. She puts her tracksuit in her bag then makes the bed, even though he has maids she doesn’t want to leave the room messy.

     She walks down the stairs as she comes to the bottom of the stairs she can hear Rui and Delun in the kitchen, she sets her bag on the couch smiling she is about to enter when she hears what they are saying.

     Delun is making the whip cream picturing it all over LiMei’s face at the resort.“Tell her to come down then breakfast will be ready. Can you drop me off at the mansion after you take her to work or should I call for a car?”

     “I can drop you off.” In a domineering tone Rui tells him, “Remember Delun under no circumstances mention Feng LiMei to grandfather. I know he is going to push me to marry Wang Rebecca… I don’t want to complicate matters with Feng LiMei.”

     LiMei hears them she puts her hand over her mouth as she gasps, a thin mist forms over her green eyes, her face suddenly turns pale, grabbing her bag she rushes out the front door down the driveway.

     He is playing with her.. what was she thinking falling for him…life isn’t a fairy tale

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