At The Mall

 Downstairs LiMei and Suzi are silently waiting for the driver to pick them up. Neither one wants to initiate a conversation, finally the driver pulls up outside the entrance to the Hushang Group. The idea of spending time with this woman is annoying LiMei. Who does Chen Jianyu think he is the guy out of My Fair Lady, going to transform her into a swan? She is a swan who wants to be an ugly duckling. She wants to sit at a desk doing her work not go shopping at a mall with this stiff bitch.

     Suzi’s cell rings, she whispers into it, “I can’t meet you for lunch I have errands for CEO Chen.”

     LiMei can hear their conversation on the other end she hears an angry man’s voice, “Fuck that bastard I need you to come to the hotel.”

     Suzi leans as far into the window as she can,covering the cell with her hand in a very low voice she says,“Honey, I’m with the CEO’s new assistant.”

     Sun Yichen kicks the table in the hotel room, he needs to vent on Suzi now, he looks at his watch he told her to come by the hotel on her lunch hour. That stupid ugly assistant again! He would like to toss that scrawny bitch to his dogs but there isn’t enough meat on those bones to satisfy them.

     Suzi can tell Sun Yichen is about to explode she heard the table being kicked,“Baby, I will try.”

     “If you don’t get your **** here in a half hour you know what will happen to you. ” He paid her placing her in Chen Jianyu’s office to get information then after she got in deep he blackmailed her into having sex with him. Now she is at his beck and call when he needs a woman. 

     Right now he needs a woman, Zangwa Yi is all over him about the money he owes him after the bid was rejected. His mother is bitching at him about the upcoming board meeting and his slut of a half sister Hua is back from America. Sun Lanying he has under control but Song Hua is a conceited troublemaker.

     “I will be there.” Suzi begins to sweat, she is more afraid of Sun Yichen than the CEO. She will tell the little eyesore next to her she has a family emergency when they get to the Mall.

     LiMei wants to laugh out loud, she can barely hold it, she recognizes the voice. This haughty woman is Sun Yichen’s sex slave. For a moment she almost feels sorry for her, that man sounds like he has evil intentions. If she wasn’t spying on Chen Jianyu and took the report she might feel sorry for her.

     When they arrive at the Mall Suzi pretends she has a phone call, “Yes..yes..I understand I will be right there.” She reaches to grab LiMei’s hand , “Feng LiMei I have a family emergency.” She has tears welling up in her eyes. LiMei thinks she could be an actress if she wanted to with her skills. “Can you shop for yourself, just ask the salesgirl to help you find clothes that match and fit. Please don’t tell CEO Chen he isn’t an understanding man.” 

     LiMei thinks even though she doesn’t like Chen Jianyu he did let her put her scarf back on when he realized why she was covering her neck. He would understand a family emergency if it really was a family emergency.

     “I hope it isn’t too serious, yes you should go.”

     “Thank you Feng LiMei.” LiMei is thinking no, thank you! Now she can have some lunch and chill maybe buy a few mangas at the bookstore, where she lives it isn’t convenient to go the Mall last time she was here was to buy presents for the Orphanage. 

     Oh at lunch she can call Father Lam she saw on his website they are starting construction on a new school with her anonymous donation. She walks into the food court everything looks delicious what should she order. She choose the spicy noodles with chicken and finds a seat. Her phone rings, she quickly swallows her noodles, gulping down some water she answers, “Rui, hello.”

     “Are you at lunch?” When he went to the Hushang Group yesterday at this time she was in the cafeteria according to his driver.

     “Yeah, I’m in the food court in the Mall.”

The Mall,  shouldn’t she be working? “The Mall?”

     “Chen Jianyu said my clothes aren’t business appropriate so he sent me to get new clothes. He said it could be part of my salary.” She is staring at her noodles they will get soggy if she lets them sit she didn’t have breakfast she is really hungry.

     “Which Mall are you at? I’m not busy I can meet you.”

     “Well it is the Mall that is on the other side of the river do you know that one? But I need to go back to work after I get some clothes.”

     “I can drive you back.”

     LiMei doesn’t want to say no but there goes her plan of looking at the new mangas after grabbing some clothes quickly. “Okay I am eating at the food court should I wait here for you?”

     “Yes,  I will be there in fifteen minutes.”

     “Alright I am sitting by the noodle restaurant.”

     “Wait there.”

     Oh shit! LiMei realizes she is wearing a frumpy pantsuit, her wig and contacts, and the big glasses. She quickly finishes her noodles and enters a restroom to change. She puts her wig in her purse and the contacts into their case, the glasses she places in her side pocket she forgot their case today. She puts some eye drops into her eyes she uses after she removes the contacts. She tucks in her shirt, then brushes her hair putting it in a ponytail.

     Hurrying back out she orders another bowl on spicy noodles no chicken she is still hungry. When she is almost done she looks up to see Rui standing there.

      She takes a deep breath, my god he is handsome. He is wearing a black suit and a black silk shirt no tie. His top two buttons are open too sexy. LiMei gulps, “Rui, that was quick.”

     He sits, “Don’t rush enjoy your noodles.” Rui loves watching her eat she has a look of satisfaction on her face.

     LiMei leaves some noodles, “That’s enough I already had a bowl.”

     Rui smiles two bowls? She really likes to eat. LiMei stands up, he looks at what she is wearing, he has a quizzical look on his face. LiMei can see what he is thinking, “All my clothes are dirty so I borrowed this from a friend of mine she is a little bigger than I am. I guess that is why Chen Jianyu thought I looked unsightly.”

   Her tiny body  is drowning in the pant suit, so cute. Rui picks her up and hugs her, “Baby, why didn’t you tell me you need some clothes for work?” No way is he going to let Chen Jianyu pay for her clothes. LiMei’s face turns red, she can see a couple women next to them are whispering and staring. “Ahh..Rui put me down.”

    He kisses her and puts her down. Now she needs to tuck her shirt in again. “So I guess he said to go to this store”, she wrote the name down on a piece of paper, knowing the tyrant if she doesn’t get the right clothes he will make a stink.

     Rui is glad he called if he found out later Chen Jianyu bought her clothes he might lose his temper. “I know that store it is that direction, he points towards the third level. He takes her hand as they walk along, the feeling of her small hand in his makes his lips curl up in a slight smile.

      He never expected he would see her today, he couldn’t stop thinking about her after last night. LiMei longingly looks at the bookstore as they walk along. Coming out of the bookstore is Qiao Delun he came down to Pushong City today to get a hold of Kang Mei but her phone is off. He is at the Mall to pick up some cooking books he had ordered.

    “Delun what are you doing in town?” Rui is surprised to see him, usually he stays at the resort on his break from school.

     LiMei puts her head down, isn’t that the cute chef from the resort? He must know Rui because his family owns it.

     “I came to visit a friend but she isn’t answering.” He sees LiMei staring at her shoes, her clothes are ridiculous, who is this girl? He has never seen his elder brother holding hands with any girl.

     Rui can see LiMei is nervous, but now is as good as time as any to introduce her to his younger brother. He is the only member of the Qiao family with whom he has a good relationship.

    “Delun, this is Feng LiMei my girlfriend. LiMei, look up, he gently raises her chin..don’t be shy.. this is my younger brother Qiao Delun.”

    Did Rui just announce I’m his girlfriend and the cute chef is his brother. OMG! I am going to be exposed as Kang Mei! She looks up and smiles brightly towards Qiao Delun her eyes are pleading for him not to expose her. She reaches out her tiny hand, “So nice to meet you.” 

     Qiao Delun almost drops the books in his hand. Her name isn’t Kang Mei and she is his cold and indifferent elder brother’s fucking girlfriend! His face pales, he has been thinking about her so he decided to come down to Pushong City and call her to go out.

     There is an awkward silence then he decides fuck it, it is nice to see Rui happy. He never liked Lau An and Rui always has been isolated from people never letting them close. 

     He loves his elder brother and Feng LiMei is cute the way she is shyly blushing looking at Rui. “I’m happy to meet you Feng LiMei.” He smiles at her, he also didn’t tell her he was a member of the Qiao family. “What are you two doing at the Mall?”

      “We are shopping for some clothes for LiMei she is Chen Jianyu’s assistant, you remember him don’t you?”{LiMei is dying inside his brother knows she was hiding from Chen Jainyu at the resort. He must wonder what her game is.}

      LiMei lets out an awkward laugh.. she gazes up at Qiao Delun he is almost as tall at Rui and as they stand together he looks like a younger version of him. How did she not see the resemblance when she was in the kitchen with him at the resort.

     Qiao Delun chuckles as he sees her expression, “I’m not busy do you mind if I tag along? Rui what are you two doing for dinner? I could come over to your house and cook dinner for the three of us.”

     LIMei is praying Rui is busy tonight and says no. Rui looks at LiMei, “Do you want to come over for dinner?”


     Rui thinks she is being shy, she said she didn’t want to meet his friends but Delun is different. Both the brothers are staring at her waiting for her answer.

     “I’m a chef Feng LiMei, I think you would enjoy the meal I create for you and Rui.”

     Now she can’t say no he is obviously teasing her with exposure, “I would like that.” She tries to hide her apprehension.

     Rui’s face lights up he hopes LiMei and his brother will get along so she feels comfortable when he asks her to marry him. He bends down and lightly kisses her. LiMei’s face turns crimson when she sees Qiao Delun’s amused expression.

    Qiao Delun can’t believe his eyes his brother is obviously in love with this girl. She is being very  demure compared to the unruly girl she was at the resort. He has never seen Rui show affection to any woman in public not even Lau An.

     His phone starts ringing, he reaches into his pocket, “No I can’t I’m at the Mall I ran into Rui. I’m going to hang out with him…Shit! Whatever..but only this afternoon.”

    “Rui, Feng LiMei something has come up but we are still on for dinner. Rui I will be by your house at five o’clock. Is that good for you?”


     Qiao Delun runs off, this is why he hates letting his family know he is in town. He is here one day and they want him to meet a friend’s daughter.

    “Oh Rui I forgot I need to work at the Crescent Moon Hotel tonight.”

    “LiMei isn’t working two jobs hard on you? Let me help you if you need money.”

    “ I couldn’t let you do that. I only work a few days at the Hotel, I like it. I switched with a girl for tonight I can’t let the Kitchen Manager down.”

     “I never see my brother he studies in Paris and on break he works at our resort as a chef. I would like you two to get to know each other.”

    “Well would you mind eating a little later? I get off at nine would that be too late?”

    “No I will tell my brother and pick you up from the Hotel, how does that sound?”

     “Fine.” But she really needs to get some sleep tonight.

     LiMei’s cell starts ringing, The Tyrant, dammit why did she give him her number before they left. “Yes CEO Chen?”

     “Let me talk to Suzi her phone is off.”

     “Umm..she had a family emergency she had to leave.”

    “Who is going to help you pick your clothes out? I will meet you there.” If he leaves it up to her she has no style she will purchase ill fitting designer clothes. It will be a waste of money.

     LiMei walks away a little from Rui, “CEO Chen a friend met me who has excellent taste.”

     Chen Jianyu doesn’t have confidence in her ability, “Feng LiMei I need you to look presentable, which store are you at right now?”

     “Listen CEO Chen we are almost finished I will send you a screenshot so you will be assured I will fit your specifications.”

     Rui walks over, in a tense voice he asks, “Is there a problem?”

     LiMei motions to him no, “CEO Chen I need to go so I can get back to the office later.”

    “Who is the man?” He heard a man’s voice talking to her. Did she meet her lover there?

     “What man?” LiMei can’t believe he is bothering her like this. Rui looks impatient, he is frowning. 

     Li Mei is getting pissed {Dammit Chen Jianyu, don’t you have more important matters to take care of there!}

     “Be back to the office by by three o’clock.” For some reason Chen Jianyu is annoyed. He distinctly heard a man’s voice why would the little plain girl lie if she wasn’t with her lover? He decides he will go to the Mall and see her progress with the new clothes.

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