After they leave the store LiMei looks at her watch it is 3:30 shit he said to be back by three. “Rui I need to call work the CEO said to return to the office at three.” She blushes thinking about why it took so long shopping.

     Rui nods as he watches her reach into her purse for her cell. Why does she need to be Chen Jianyu’s assistant she could work at the hospital with him. He doesn’t like the fact Chen Jianyu sent her to buy clothes that is a rather personal gesture for a CEO towards an employee. If he wasn’t in a battle over the CEO position at Qiao Corparation he would ask her to marry him right now. But he doesn’t want her caught up in his stepmother’s web.

     “CEO Chen, this is Feng LiMei.”

     “Where are you and where is the screenshot of your new clothes?”

     She totally forgot about the screenshot, “I forgot about that, but I got quite a few new clothes.”

     “Why don’t I see it on my account?” He is checking the store account on his computer.

     “You know the friend I told you about they purchased the clothes for me.” She walks away from where Rui is standing. “I don’t like the idea of being indebted to you so I didn’t use your account.”

    “So you bought a bunch of cheap crappy clothes.” Chen Jianyu isn’t sure why but he is really pissed over her not doing what he told her to do.

     LiMei’s face turns red she is so mad right now. He doesn’t own her, she works for him. “CEO that isn’t an appropriate response. They are extremely fashionable and you will be impressed.”

    “ Get back here now.”

     “Yes CEO Chen.” Her voice doesn’t reveal the anger she is experiencing from his arrogant comment.

     Rui starts walking over to where she is standing he isn’t happy she doesn’t want him to hear their conversation. Is she hiding something from him. He overhears Chen Jianyu’s demanding voice because LiMei was holding the phone away from her ear.

    She smiles awkwardly at Rui she can see by the look on his face he heard Chen Jianyu. “I don’t have time to go to the Sportswear Store do you mind taking me to the Hushang Group now.”

     “I don’t mind but LiMei if you aren’t happy at Hushang Group you could work for me at the hospital.” He would love to be able to see her everyday.

     “Rui that is really sweet of you but I like my job, it is just an adjustment to work for a CEO like Chen Jianyu.”

     “If he bullies you I want to know, I am going to his Penthouse tonight I am going to tell him you are my girlfriend. Then he wouldn’t dare.”

     LiMei pulls on his sleeve looking up at him with pleading eyes, “Please don’t tell him, I want to keep my personal life private away from work. You can understand can’t you.”

     Rui thinks she looks adorable as she holds onto his sleeve, “If that is what you want, but eventually he will have to know I don’t want to keep our relationship secret in the future.”  For now it is true the less people that know about them the better in the next couple weeks he is going to raise hell reorganizing the management of the Qiao Corporation.There is no way he will let it fall into his stepbrother Xiaotong’s hands. 

     “But LiMei although you are his employee you can’t let him bellow like that at you. Seriously,  if he tries to bully you I want you to tell me.” He lifts her chin as he tells her with a serious look on his face, then he kisses her forehead.

    “I won’t let him.”

     “That’s a good girl”, he takes her hand as they walk to the exit. He calls his driver to pick them up.

    “Rui I didn’t get a chance to properly thank you for necklace and the clothes. You are too generous to me.” She touches her white jade necklace.

    “LiMei I want to spoil you.” he bends over and kisses her, “You are my girl after all.”

     She blushes, he is the most handsome and sexy man she has ever seen and the only man with whom she has been intimate.

       A different driver from earlier pulls up in a black Maybach then opens the door for them to get in the back. He is puzzled who this girl is, her face is pretty but she looks like she is from an ordinary family. Qiao Rui’s father told him to report on his activities but he has no idea who this girl could be.

     Once they are in the back Rui motions for LiMei to slide over next to him, he likes having her close to him. LiMei leans on his shoulder. “Rui have you known Chen Jianyu long?” She wants some insight as to how his mind works, he is moody and tyrannical.

    Rui has jealous reaction when she asks him this. “Why do you ask?

     “Well my impression of him he is arrogant and a bit of a tyrant sometimes, but not a bad person. ”

     Rui laughs that does describe Chen Jianyu. “We grew up together so yes, since we were young.”

     LiMei yawns she hasn’t got enough sleep lately, slowly her eyes close and she snuggles up against Rui. Before long she is asleep. Rui brushes her hair off her face, her clean fresh scent is filling his mind. She is very beautiful while she is sleeping, her long black eyelashes are fluttering and her pink lips are slightly parted. He watches her sleep for a few minutes then looks at his phone he missed a call from Bai Chiyu he will stop by the hospital after he drops LiMei off at work.

    When they arrive at Hushang Group he gently tries to wake up LiMei , “We are here baby, wake up.” He is smiling she is burrowing herself deeper into him. He lifts up her head and kisses her, she feels his lips and she stirs, her eyes are half open looking around. She realizes she is in front of the Hushang Group she was planning on having him drop her off down a little from the entrance. She is going to need to run into the restroom and put her wig. “Thank you Rui.”

     Before she can slide over to get out Rui pulls her into his arms to kiss her, prying her lips open with his tongue he wants to taste her one more time before she leaves him. LiMei knows she could get lost in his kisses if he continues so she gently pushes on his firm chest, “Rui, I’m late.” 

     Reluctantly he kisses her one more time then lets her go, “Remember you have me so don’t let Chen Jianyu bully you.” He caresses her cheek as he tells her this. “I will pick you up at the Crescent Moon Hotel at 9:00.”

LiMei impulsively kisses him, “See you at nine.” She puts the green and white scarf from in her purse on her head as she gets out of the door waving at him as the car pulls off. Rui touches his lips he loves it when she does little things like that surprising him. He looks out the window, why does she have that ridiculous scarf on her head.

      He smiles as she waves, in that outfit she shouldn’t look seductive at all but he can’t take his eyes off her thinking about her slender body underneath those baggy pants in her pink lace underwear. He wanted to tear her bra and panties off of her earlier but was afraid of frightening her. He never thought he would almost make love in a dressing room with his beautiful little girl.

     He closes his eyes fantasizing… what would it have been like to hold her lithe naked body up against the wall  with her soft creamy white legs around his waist, looking at her beautiful face as he moved deep inside her. 

     He has never been that turned on by a woman as when he was watching LiMei’s tiny hands touching his chest with desire written on her flawless little face. Her soft inexperienced touch made him all the more excited knowing that no other man has tasted her pure body. 

     If that fucking saleswoman hadn’t barged in.. his phone starts ringing, he ignores it. The little bunny has to be his alone, no other man can touch her or see that innocent yet seductive look on her  beautiful face. He will spoil her endlessly until she can only see him in her eyes.

     “Go to the hospital.” There must be a problem Bai Chiyu has called three times. He makes a call, “Delun, Feng LiMei has to work until nine can you do dinner then?”

     “Yeah, did you know Grandfather wants you to go on a date with Chairman Wang’s granddaughter Rebecca?”

     “Shit, I ran into them when I was buying LiMei a gift. Don’t tell Grandfather I have a girlfriend.”

     “I won’t, do you really like this girl?”

     “I want to marry her after all the fucking bullshit is taken care of with the CEO election.”

    “Marry her?”

    “She is the only one I want.”

    Qiao Delun is shocked when he hears this he needs to find out more about this girl who Rui is smitten with she is obviously not simple. His cold and indifferent elder brother seemed like a different person earlier. He saw a warmth in Rui’s eyes that he has never seen before.“Well you know you have my vote, but Xiaotong has been trying to discredit you as a last ditch effort to gain control.”

     “I know, we can talk later don’t come at five I will alert the servants you will be there 7:30 is that enough time to prepare dinner? I have to go to the hospital then Chen Jianyu’s Penthouse.

     “Alright, I will be there seven thirty, see you at nine.”

     At Hushang Group LiMei quickly keeps her scarf covered head down then runs into the restroom, she puts on her brown wig then her blue contacts finally her big glasses. Dammit, this masquerade is getting tiring.

     Upstairs Chen Jianyu is looking out his window when he sees Feng LiMei get out of a black luxury car at the entrance. He would recognize that hideous scarf and baggy pantsuit anywhere. Was the friend she was shopping with at the Mall her lover? The car is a limited edition Maybach..he is pondering this when the office door opens and Feng LiMei enters.

     LiMei is always struck by how cold and handsome Chen Jianyu’s profile looks when he is standing by the window bathed in sunlight. He turns around she is still wearing those ugly clothes.

    “If you bought new clothes why aren’t you wearing them.”

     LiMei didn’t think he would expect her to come back wearing a new outfit. “They are sending them to me this afternoon so tomorrow I will be dressed according to your requirements.”

     “Feng LiMei didn’t I tell you the purchase of the clothes would be considered part of you salary. Why would you put your friend out to pay for them?”

     LiMei’s face starts to turn red, can’t he drop the whole conversation about the damn clothes! “CEO Chen didn’t you say you wanted to go over a few bids today, there is an hour left before I am off could we do it now.”

     “Nuying is back, she took care of it, a company named Meng Construction will be suitable, their bid was clear and concise.”


     “Yes my Assistant.”

     “Oh now that she is back may I return to the Accounting Department?”

     “No!” Why does this little mouse want to run back there. I gave her a position most women in the company only dream of having,  Chen Jianyu is getting extremely irritated. “Have you heard of Meng Construction?” he wants to see if it was her that informed them Hushang was accepting bids for the Shingu Island project.

    “Meng Construction…​ never heard of them.” LiMei is an expert at lying when interrogated.

     Chen Jianyu studies her face, it is hard to tell if she is telling the truth with those big glasses, he usually can tell by someone’s eyes. “Feng LiMei have you ever considered contacts or Lasik surgery?”

    Lasik surgery? {I have perfect eyesight.} Now he wants me to get rid of the glasses? He is a complete nut. “ CEO Chen may I ask you a question?”


     “Is there any other work you would like me to complete right now? I get off work in forty five minutes.”

     “…” Her attitude is annoying him what is wrong with him suggesting a little self improvement to her?

     LiMei stares at him what is the point of her rushing back here if his assistant is back.

     Chen Jianyu looks at her is she angry at him? “I need you to research a negotiator for the Shingu Island Group his name is Jing Bo. You can begin right now then finish in the morning, you might need to stay until six o’clock you will receive overtime for the extra hour.” Really she is pissing him off with the disgruntled look she has on her face.

     “CEO Chen I need to leave at five today I have a second job.”

     “Where do you work Hushang Group doesn’t allow their employees to have a related second job, it could be compromising.”

    “I work at the Crescent..” LiMei stops she doesn’t want him to know she works there.

     “You work at the Crescent Moon Hotel?”

    “Ahh..yes.” Dammit if she wasn’t so tired she could have thought quicker. Well whatever who cares. Oh that’s right he wanted me fired for that one incident. Holy shit! Would he remember? Probably not.

    “What department?”

     She would protest but he owns it so it wouldn’t matter he could find out. “Room Service.”

     “Why have I never seen you I live in the Penthouse and order Room Service frequently.”

     “I just started recently and had to take off some time for family matters.”

     “I thought your resume said you are an orphan.”

     Jeez is this an inquisition. “I am.”


     “Get to work on the research I am going to the Crescent Moon Hotel when I leave I will give you a ride.”

     LiMei’s mouth drops open she doesn’t even have a response. Her new uniforms are there but her brown contacts are at home, she could say she is trying out new colored contacts Why is he butting into her business anyway! “Thank you CEO Chen I will start the research now.”

     Chen Jianyu watches her as she sits down at her desk, if her lover is rich why does she work two jobs. He needs to find out who the man is who brought her back to work today.

     LiMei can feels his intense stare as she looks on her computer for information about Jing Bo. She decides she will ignore him. She smiles this man has the same first name as Kuang Bo. LiMei sighs sometimes she misses him and the adventure, not the killing or Kuang Fu but traveling to different countries, taking on different identities. The excitement of escaping with  Kuang Bo, he could be very funny he would make her laugh so hard sometimes.

   Chen Jianyu studies LiMei’s appearance. Her smile is very pretty, but she seldom smiles,  her teeth are white and perfect, her skin is flawless, if she got rid of those glasses.. maybe she doesn’t wear them when she is with him, but how would she  be able to see without them… Could she be one of those girls who when she takes off her glasses and clothes she is stunningly beautiful. 

     Seriously it is hard to tell what her body is like under the baggy clothes she wears. Maybe she is wild in bed driving the man crazy… the necklace she is wearing makes him think she must be special in some way..a man wouldn’t give such an outrageously expensive gift for no reason… Chen Jianyu begins to imagine what she might look like without her glasses and..before his mind wanders further.. 

LiMei turns towards him glaring, feeling his intense stare  is making her very uncomfortable. “CEO Chen I can’t work with you staring at me.”

 He didn’t realize he was staring, he quickly retorts, “ I was checking to see if you were working over there I did find you sleeping at your desk downstairs.”

“Pfft!” LiMei puts her hand tightly on the stapler on her desk wanting to throw it at him..

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