Dessert Part 2

 LiMei wakes up thirsty in the middle of the night disoriented when she gets out of bed. Where is she? She turns on the light oh that’s right I’m at Rui’s house. She looks at her track suit she is still wearing then sees the pajama top on the end of the bed. That would be more comfortable to sleep in for sure. She slips out of her track suit then removes her bra, putting on the pajama top.

     Once she buttons up the pajama top she hugs herself, the top smells clean and fresh like Rui. She rolls up the sleeves, so thirsty.. so thirsty. She opens the bedroom door down the hallway she sees the staircase, she walks down past the living room to the kitchen.

     Opening the refrigerator she gets a bottle of spring water out, she is about to go back upstairs when she sees the cake still sitting on the counter. They wouldn’t mind if she had another piece would they? She opens a cupboard and gets a plate out, after opening three drawers she finds the silverware. 

     LiMei slices a nice size piece sitting down at the counter she  digs her fork into it savoring its creaminess when she is startled from a voice behind her, “You little piglet!” She spits out the cake that was in her mouth, turns around with her eyes wide to see Qiao Delun standing there still in the clothes from last night.

     “Qiao Delun what the hell you scared the shit out of me!”

     He starts laughing holding his side, she has cake all over her mouth and it is sprayed all over the counter. “ really are Kang Mei!”

     LiMei pulls on his sweater, “ can never tell Rui about that!”

     “Why it is funny, I just saw at the Mall you wanted it to be a secret so I respected that.Why would Rui care?”

     “Honestly Qiao Delun it is complicated…very complicated. I will explain another time to you. It involves Chen Jianyu looking for Kang Mei and I work for him as Feng LiMei.”

     “You are an interesting girl LiMei..and call me Delun, I will call you Sister in Law..haha”

     “Shut up and sit down did you come in here for cake.”

     “Unlike you little piggie I came for a glass of water.” He sits across from her leaning on the counter with his head on his hands watching her.

    “I came for water but couldn’t resist your friend’s cake. Seriously it is the lightest and most delicious cake I have ever tasted.” She continues to eat the piece of cake. “Delun if you stay here why aren’t you wearing pajamas?”

     “Would you like to see me in pajamas?”

     LiMei blushes, then tosses a piece of cake at him. “You idiot!”

    He likes teasing her, she is really cute when she has an angry face. “Rui told me not to go upstairs it might disturb you, all my clothes are in my room up there.”

     “Oh sorry.”

     “It’s fine I was up playing a game anyway.”

     LiMei reaches for another slice of cake. Delun can’t believe she is so tiny with her appetite. “LiMei how can you eat so much cake and be so thin?”

    LiMei laughs, “I have always been like that, my mother wanted to have me checked to see if I had a tapeworm.” Delun is amused at her playing with her cake while she is talking, she is funny too.

     “Really though I exercise a lot, I like to run do Tai Chi practice Martial Arts. What game are you playing?”

     “I’m playing Demon’s Treasure.”

    LiMei grabs his sleeve with her tiny hand “No way!”

     He looks at her in his brother’s over sized pajama top she looks like a little girl excited about the game. Delun is about to say something when he hears Rui coming down the stairs. He knows how jealous his brother can be. “LiMei I hear Rui coming we can talk about the game tomorrow.” He grabs his water and goes through the back of he kitchen before Rui comes into the kitchen. He likes being around LiMei she is fun and cute, if Rui saw them playing around he would be pissed and put an end to any friendship they might have.

     “Ahh..ahh..” She watches his back as he hurries through the kitchen, what is he running away for they weren’t doing anything wrong. Then she recalls Rui’s reaction to her asking if Delun could teach her to cook. Dammit she wants to know how to join a guild. She can hear Rui approaching she stops eating her cake, will he think she is a little piglet too?” She wipes her mouth with her napkin and takes a sip of water. LiMei then turns around her face is beet red, “Rui.”

     Rui can tell she is embarrassed she is eating the cake, he smiles,“I see you decided to change.”

    “Thanks, yes this is much more comfortable.” She sets her fork down somehow the cake doesn’t taste as good right now.

     He walks to get a bottle of water, he sits down next to her, He runs his slender finger across her lips then licks his finger, “It is hard to resist.” His face is too close to her right now, he has an unfathomable look in his eyes, did he see Delun run out, that would be awkward.

     LiMei has her small hands clenched in her lap, between eating the cake and Delun running out of the kitchen she feels guilty for some reason.

    Rui can see the conflicted look on her face, it is too cute, does she feel that guilty about having the cake.”LiMei give me a bite.”

     She reaches for the fork, Rui puts his hand on the fork laying it back down. In a deep sexy voice he whispers in her ear,”No with your fingers.” She nervously takes a piece and places it in his mouth, did he see Delun in the kitchen, he is acting strange. He holds her hand licking her fingers that are in his mouth. She feels a warm sensation running through her body as he sucks on her fingers. When he is finished licking them  he picks up a piece to feed her.

     LiMei  smiles as he places the cake into her mouth, so delicious. She nervously drinks some water sensing the atmosphere is getting too dangerous, “I should go to bed I need to get up early.”

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