After they leave Chen Jianyu stands up then walks to his window that overlooks the river, that girl’s recommendations and insights are perfect. He also received a bid this morning from Meng Construction which could be considered the best offer. He hadn’t thought of contacting a company on the coast because they are unfamiliar to him, when he called to speak to the owner he was curious how they had heard of the project.

     The owner was hesitant but gave a vague answer that one of his niece’s friends works at Hushang Group. When Chen Jianyu tried to press him for a name he tactfully replied she had asked not to be mentioned.

     He furrows his brows could it have been the little plain girl taking the initiative to find a suitable Construction partner? What a strange girl, later he needs to find out more about her she has peaked his interest. He pictures the love bites on her neck, the way she was blushing removing the scarf and the jade necklace against her soft looking skin. Her looks are very ordinary but her skin has a flawless quality about it. Who is her lover he must be a very rich man, what does he see in Feng LiMei?

     Chen Jianyu’s phone is ringing, “Yes?” What does that bastard Qiao Rui want? He is still pissed over the fight they had.

     “Jianyu I want to apologize for the other night. Are you free for dinner tonight.” He doesn’t want to make things difficult for LiMei since he is meeting her on Shingu Island this weekend. He plans on telling Chen Jianyu she is his girlfriend.

     Pfft..What the fuck did the sun just rise in the West! He has never received an apology from Qiao Rui and he has known him most of his life. “I have work to do at the Penthouse we can eat at one of the restaurants in the Crescent Moon. 8:00.”

     “See you then.”

     Chen Jianyu wonders what has come over Qiao Rui that fucking Demon Lord must have an ulterior motive. That is the only explanation, well this dinner should be interesting.

     He calls for a secretary to come up while Suzi is gone. They better come back with the plain girl at least with clothes that fit. He had the urge to tuck her blouse in for her. His phone rings, “Nuying are you back?”

     “I arrived this morning I finalized the negotiations on my end, how is the project proceeding.” She is exhausted from all the business dinners and the drinking.

     “I have a new assistant, Feng LiMei she found the problems in the Zangwa bid. Have you heard of Meng Construction Company in Hirachi City?”

     “​Are you thinking of using them for the Shingu Resort? That is quite a smart move to use someone closer to the Island. Did your acquisition planning team recommend them?” 

     Who is Feng LiMei she has never heard the name before. He never employs a female assistant he hates working with women, the only reason she has the job is because she prefers women over men.

     CEO Chen thinks all the women who surround him have intentions towards him and it makes him uncomfortable. She laughs to herself and most of them do because of his handsome good looks and his position. Nuying will need to see this new assistant of his that he hired.

     “No, that’s why I want you to quickly check them out, their bid was reasonable.”

     “I can do it when I get to the office this afternoon.”

     “I need it done now.”

    Nuying barely has taken her high heels off she has jet lag, “Now!”


    “Connect me to Suzi. I can have her do some research.”

     “She is out of the office right now and I don’t want the information I am considering this company known. I have had a security issue and I think she might be passing information to Sun Yichen. You can do it from home have a reliable messenger deliver your findings to my Penthouse, don’t use my email.”

     At least she can work from home, she is going to soak in the bath and wear comfortable clothes. That is actually surprisingly considerate of him to allow her to do it from home. “Are you going to need me to accompany to Shingu Island for the meetings?” She doesn’t want to go her father is having a family gathering on Saturday and her girlfriend is back from a modeling assignment in Spain.

     “No just be available if I need your opinion, you went to school with Jing Bo didn’t you? He is the negotiator for the Shungi Island Group.”

     “He is the negotiator?” Chen Jianyu is going to go up against a true shark, that man is known to be shrewd and ruthless. In University he never gave anyone face when he was on the debating team. He would crush any argument that was presented, grown men would cry when he was done with them. For some unknown reason he disappeared from school his Senior year citing family issues.

     “Yes, and I heard through my sources he has ties with the Black Sky Organization, they also are interested in the land we are going to discuss. They are hiding behind an unknown Russian Company, using it as a front to legitimize their operations. No one knows who is the head of it he is a mysterious figure.

     “I will be available but let me warn you CEO Chen that man takes no prisoners.”

     In a teasing tone he says“Nuying do you not have confidence in me?” He knows she is concerned but he isn’t known as the best negotiator in Pushong City for no reason.

     He seldom is playful he must be in a good mood, “You will defeat him it just won’t be easy.” She laughs, “Make sure your figures are extremely accurate because he will call you out on any discrepancies.”

    Her roommate dated Jing Bo for awhile, she never felt he had an ounce of warmth in him. His eyes were black and cold, when he smiled it never went to his eyes. He actually had the aura of an Azura come to earth, flawless features, devilishly handsome but cold and indifferent, if you were lying in a pool of blood at his feet he would step over you as an inconvenience, not sparing a glance.

     “I have an appointment, Wang Li’s brother Shanyuan will be at the Penthouse make sure only he can sign for the envelope.”

     “Out of curiosity what is your new assistant like?”

     “Hard to describe you will meet her tomorrow. Get that done.” Chen Jianyu wants to laugh how would you describe that little plain girl. He looks at the papers concerning Hushang Entertainment Huan sent over to him, how can a variety show have a budget that size.

     He dials Huan’s number, “Huan I thought these singers and dancers are all newcomers how does the girl named Song Hua warrant such a high salary?”

     “Jianyu don’t you recognize the name?” He came back to the office yesterday to find her throwing a fit she was the girl who said he promised her an audition. He had casually mentioned to his father about the variety show,Song Da Chun must have overheard. He never promised her anything but she came into the audition throwing a temper tantrum.

     She is the illegitimate brat their father had with Song Da Chun.. Then he received a call ,when the Chairman told him she needed to be on the show and be the highest paid participant he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

     “Song Da Chun’s other  daughter? I thought she was studying abroad.”

     “She came back after she decided she wanted to be a star.”

     “Can she sing?”

     “She has a decent voice if she worked with a voice coach she would be able to be in a girl group but she wants to have a solo career. With auto tune she might be able to pull it off but her personality is terrible.” He is recalling the screeching scene in his office he is getting a headache.

     Chen Jianyu shakes his head, “Agree to the terms if that is what the Chairman wants but don’t let her ruin your show. I will sign off on it.”

     “Jianyu have you spoken to Rui? Henri Armand left suddenly I wondered if he mentioned anything to you. I left them at lunch yesterday to deal with this mess.”

     “It was strange Rui called me today to have dinner, he actually apologized about the night in Xiaobo’s private room.”

     “Yeah right I can’t believe that”, he starts laughing, Qiao Rui wouldn’t apologize if he was being tortured.

     “You can believe it or not but he did. Something is going on with him, first the scene with the girl, then him losing it, now he calmly apologizes. I want to have dinner with him just to find out about the girl. You know he doesn’t get involved with women and the way he looked insanely jealous I wonder who the girl is.”

     “Well when you are done satisfying your curiosity ask him about Henri, I don’t want him to cancel his investment. He hasn’t returned my calls, his secretary said he has urgent business to attend to the next few days.”

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