Coming For You

 Leng Shuai leaves the ward looking for the main lobby’s reception desk, when he turns the corner he witnesses a chaotic situation , people lining the walls with various injuries. There was an accident, a bus heading to Mushin Mountain collided with a truck on the narrow highway. 

     One man’s head is bloodied and he is leaning on a young girl for support he can barely stand but there are no seats. People are yelling to be seen by a doctor a couple stretchers are pushed to the side with more heavily injured people. 

    Leng Shuai feels nauseous the smell of blood is heavy surrounding him, “Nurse where is the public phone?” She is pushing a wheelchair and points to a desk to the side, there are five people standing in line for the phone.

     Fuck! If he doesn’t get out of here he is going to vomit. Lani  has come to the lobby to help with the victims she sees him leaning on counter waiting to use the phone.

      She has her cell phone in her pocket because she came from break then was called directly to help deal with the emergency situation. “Sir, did you need to make a call to a family member? You can use my phone.” She is very attracted to him. He looks up at her, isn’t she the round faced nurse..”Thank you.” He takes the phone from her dialing his vacation house, “Jason, you need to go by the airport and pick up my backpack in Ba Hu’s plane then come to the Public Hospital, hurry!”


    “Don’t ask any questions just get here immediately!”

    He hands the phone back to her, “What is your name?”

    Lani smiles her eyes shining is he interested in me also? “ Gao Lani is in a daze when she hears his voice. “Yes?”

    “Is there another place I could wait for my car?”

    “No, this is the only area.” She can see he is struggling to stand and is sweating, “Let me get you some water.” She walks away and returns with a bottle of water, “ I need to get back to work”, she stands there hoping he will ask for her phone number, he is drinking the water looking towards the door. Should she offer him her phone number? 

     Before she can decide another nurse calls over to her, “Lani help me take this man to X Ray.” She doesn’t want to lose her job and that particular nurse loves to gossip. “I need to go.”

     “En.” Dammit, Jason you better get here quickly. He finishes the water then crushes the plastic bottle in his hand. Feng LiMei you are going to wish you had never met me!

     At the hotel LiMei has finished her breakfast and taken the headache remedy she is laying on the bed in the beige dress. The black belt tightened it up enough, the dress is a little short but it will do, sighing she stares at the ceiling tomorrow she is going to stay in the room and sleep..sleep all day! 

     Looking at her watch she should call Chen Jianyu to find out where the meeting is being held. This is not going to be fun.  Dialing his number she closes her eyes waiting for him to scream at her, when he answers in a concerned voice he says, “Feng LiMei are you all right? Where are you?” he could barely sleep worrying about her last night,Wang Li couldn’t come up with any news of her. LiMei is shocked by his tone, is he worried? “I’m sorry CEO Chen there were some complications but I’m at the hotel now, where is the meeting?”

    “What complications?”

    “I can tell you later.”{After I make up a good lie, I’m too tired right now.}

    “Han Nuying and I are in the restaurant having breakfast come here now then we will go together.” he doesn’t know why he doesn’t want to scold her he is happy she is not injured or lost somewhere. The scenarios that went through his mind made him nervous.

     Han Nuying is shocked he didn’t reprimand Feng LiMei he actually sounded concerned for her. “CEO Chen where was Feng LiMei?” she is curious herself.

    He recovers projecting  his usual cold demeanor,“It doesn’t matter she is here now and coming down to meet us.” He picks up his chopsticks eating some eggs.

     LiMei gets off the bed and straightens the dress then puts on the high heels. After she adjusts the wig she places the blue contacts in her eyes then puts on her glasses. Ready! This routine is tiresome maybe she should just tell Chen Jianyu she is Kang Mei but she has no interest in him. Now that Qiao Rui isn’t going to be in her life what does she care, it would make getting ready for work much easier and her eyes wouldn’t be as strained. 

     Yes she will do that tomorrow why is she afraid of these men. Screw them all, if it is such a problem she will look for another job. He can’t fire her from the hotel anway without a good reason.

     In the restaurant LiMei looks around and sees them sitting by the window. Walking towards them she trips over a man’s feet that are stretched out, stumbling trying to maintain her balance she reaches and grabs onto a man. Chen Jianyu saw her trip and jumped up o catch her before she fell. Han Nuying’s mouth is agape, her boss just caught the little assistant in his arms?

     He holds onto LiMei, her fresh scent is drifting up, he quickly lets her go as he is tempted by her soft body pressed onto his. No, he isn’t attracted to her it is the scent she wears reminds him of Kang Mei. “Little idiot you almost landed on the table, my orange juice would have spilled all over me.” He sits back down at the table ignoring the look Han Nuying is giving him.

     LiMei is embarrassed in front of Han Nuying, she blushes, stupid tyrant she could have stabilized herself. She fixes her shoe then sits at the table.

     “So you are CEO Chen’s assistant Feng LiMei, it is nice to meet you in person. Was the information I gave you on Jing Bo helpful?”

     “Very much so I was able to compile a personality profile on him. I think he has several weak points CEO Chen can capitalize on while negotiating the price of the land and obtaining the necessary permits.” 

     She had quickly researched him it wasn’t in depth but she feels it was enough to give Chen Jianyu the initial edge in the meeting. Unfortunately she didn’t have time to prepare a detailed report for him to study she will need to give him the main points now.

     LiMei drinks some water she needs to hydrate, “CEO Chen if I could tell you what I learned from my research I didn’t have a chance to compile the information into a report.”

    “What did you find out?”

    “He is a narcissist like you. He has an edge in that he has underlying issues because of his background whereas you have never had to face difficulties, he has struggled so he can compromise when needed. You are unable to bend in negotiations which at times grates on the other parties nerves. Even small concessions can make the other person more receptive to your terms.”

     Han Nuying wants to laugh out loud, she puts her hand over her mouth, indeed that is an accurate description of the two men. Chen Jianyu’s face has darkened and his eyes are narrowing, “Feng LiMei you have no idea what you are talking about, did you even do the work I assigned you?”

     “CEO Chen right there exemplifies your narcissistic personality, no that can’t be true… I am perfect. I will give you an example to compare your negotiating abilities with Jing Bo’s. When you were negotiating for the merger with the Zhao Corporation for their textile subsidiary I witnessed your flaws personally. 

     The reason you were able to finalize the agreement was due to the pressure within the Zhao Corporation and your ability to throw more money down the toilet to achieve your final goal.”

     Chen Jianyu’s fists are clenched he is known as the Golden Negotiator! He is seething with anger at her comments,“Feng LiMei stop right there! You are going too far!”

     “Well if you won’t listen I can’t help you. He will win the land and proceed to get the permits, so I should leave now I’m tired.” She starts to stand up this job is too much trouble, he is too overbearing.

     He stands up and forcefully puts her back in her seat,“Feng LiMei you aren’t going anywhere until I say you are, do you understand!”

    “I will tell you how Jing Bo was able to negotiate for his last client, you might know them the F Group from Shenshuan City. Their Mega Mall Project, they wanted it to be built on a acreage where an abandoned structure was located, their competitor for the land was Leng Enterprises from Hirachi City. Supposedly the CEO from Leng Enterprises is..may I draw the comparison… similar to you, a formidable opponent with vast monetary resources, family backing. He assumed it would be an easy win to buy the land they wanted to also capitalize on the Mega Mall concept.

     What Leng Enterprise didn’t count on was the fact they family that owned the land kept the abandoned structure because they believed the spirits of two Buddhists monks who had saved their family two generations back lived there. Chen Jianyu interrupts her”What kind of rubbish  is this you are spouting.”

    “Have you been to the Mega Mall at Senshuan City? It has an unusual design”


     “Let me pull it up on my phone, look what is that right in the middle, it looks out of place doesn’t it.” There is a tea house in an ancient style building.” Let me finish the story. The CEO of Leng Enterprises had a vision for the Mega Mall, ultra modern, glass stainless steel he wouldn’t deviate from his design. He offered more than the F Group but ended up losing the bid for it. Why? Little known fact Jing Bo did research on the family and the building in question. He guaranteed they wouldn’t tear down the building, he had monks come to testify the spirits would be comfortable .

      Jing Bo told them the F Group  would renovate it without tearing it down and 30% of the profits from the tea house would be donated to the Budhist temple of their choice. The Mall would reflect their Chinese heritage in it’s design. Bottom line the family respected the sincerity of the F Group.”

     Han Nuying is impressed, no one knew how the smaller F group was able to obtain the land when its competition was Leng Enterprises. “CEO Chen I think Feng LiMei has a point Jing Bo is the type of man to look at every angle and do what is necessary to win.”

     “Thank you Han Nuying. My point CEO Chen is money doesn’t always guarantee victory.” LiMei’s stomach is grumbling she needs to go to the bathroom before the meeting. “May I meet you at the meeting I need to go to the toilet first.”

     “Go. You have ten minutes meet us at the conference room.”

     After she leaves Chen Jianyu arches his eyebrows as he taps his chopsticks, “Nuying you agree with her assessment?” He trusts her to tell him the truth.

    “I think she was right, a little harsh in the way she put it, what you should pay attention to from what she said is you need to listen and be willing to compromise. ”

    “Hmm..let’s go to the meeting.”

     LiMei is waiting outside the conference room for Chen Jianyu and Han Nuying tapping her foot wondering what happened to Leng Shuai. While she is waiting Jing Bo walks past into the conference room, she recalls he is the handsome man on the plane who helped her get the briefcase out of the overhead compartment. He has a determined look on his face as he brushes past her, she can feel his domineering aura. He will be a formidable opponent she can tell. Chen Jianyu and Han Nuying walk up to where she is leaning against the wall , Wang Li stares  with a quizzical look wondering where she was last night, he spent half the night trying to locate her whereabouts.

     Chen Jianyu and Han Nuying approach the conference room, Nuying waves for her to follow behind them. LiMei is wondering why she needs to with them she contributed all she could the thought of the stuffy room full of these people makes her head spin.

     The meeting begins with introductions and formal greetings. There are four men and a stylishly dressed woman representing the Shingu Group, Jing Bo and the three of them from Hushang. LiMei contemplates why Jing Bo doesn’t have a secretary or assistant with him. He really fits into the lone wolf image she has of him after doing the research on him. The blonde woman he was with on the plane obviously was his girlfriend, maybe he left her behind because of the woman across the table in the Shingu group. LiMei notices the woman is staring at Jing Bo. Does she know him personally? This might be bad for Chen Jianyu.

     While they are settling in and preparing their proposals Leng Shuai’s assistant Jason arrives at the hospital. He quickly rushes over to Leng Shuai, “Boss what happened to you?” Leng Shuai tells him “Go pay at the front desk, I will wait in the car. “ He exits then gets into a white Land Rover waiting outside.His vision is normal and his head isn’t throbbing as bad as it was earlier. 

     When Jason is at the front desk he hands the clerk the corporate card from Leng Enterprises, the woman’s eyes widen, the man with the head wound is the CEO of Leng Enterprises? Why was he brought to this hospital, and they put him in the indigent ward. Her face pales this isn’t good, he looked angry when he came from the ward, she will need to inform Dr. Norman. Smiling she gives him the card back and a receipt. Jason gets into the front seat of the car as he does Leng Shuai is on his phone, “Have them meet me outside the Grand Reef Hotel now.” He hangs up, telling the driver “Go to the Grand Reef Hotel.”

     Jason can detect killing intent coming from the back seat the Boss is angry..very angry..he hesitates then speaks up, “Shouldn’t you go home and rest?” According to the discharge papers he sustained a head injury in the airport.

     “I have something to do first, call the hotel and see who reserved a conference room for nine o’clock and which room.”

     Jason knows not to question the CEO he calls and speaks to the manager. When he is finished he turns around, only one room is being used this morning, The Blue Poppy Room.The Shingu Group is meeting with two different parties that want to purchase the land at the base of Munshin Mountain for a luxury Spa and Resort.”

     “Who are the two parties?”

    “The desk clerk said it was a private meeting and that is all the information he could divulge.”

    This is interesting, he recently returned from New York and had no idea The Shingu Group was putting land up for sale. Besides locating that pest of a girl he doesn’t want the island over developed, he enjoys its untamed beauty, a Spa and Resort would attract the type of people he comes here to get away from in Hirachi city. He picks up the phone, “Get me Huang Fan on the phone this is Leng Shuai.” After a moment a hearty laugh resonates, “Shuai when did you get to the island.”

     “Yesterday, Brother I heard some disturbing news, those old farts are really selling land for a luxury Spa and Resort?”

    “Yeah Bro do you believe it ever since Old Man Gao’s daughter came back she has been badgering him to sell.”

    “KiKi wants him to develop the island?” Leng Shuai remembers her as a shy little girl who always followed him around when he came to visit when he was growing up. He holds his head, “Jason pass me a water bottle.” He drinks the water, after he grabs that dead girl he is going to lay down.

     Huang Fan continues,“She isn’t the cute girl you probably remember, she studied Finance in London and I didn’t recognize her when she returned. She changed, now she is haughty and arrogant wearing the latest designer fashions. I tried to have a conversation with her when my wife and I ran into her and old man Gao outside The White Pelican restaurant, but all she asked was if I had seen you. When I said no she walked away. I heard her talking to the old man telling him it is a waste not to develop the island.”

    “What do you think?” Huang Fan’s family owns the Grand Reef Hotel and several hotels on the Mainland. Against his father’s wishes he married an island girl after he graduated University, reluctantly his father allowed him to run the Grand Reef Hotel instead of one of their larger hotels.

    “I told my family they should buy the land and make a preserve out of it, issuing permits to hikers and people who come here for the wild herbs. That would save the island from being overdeveloped,

    “What did they say?”

    “No.” Huang Fan starts laughing, “You know my father is not the environmentalist type. He was interested in the idea when he heard about the land going up for sale, but we are building a new resort new Shenshuan right now, since that Mega Mall was built the area has become very popular for tourists.”

     Leng Shuai grimaces, his only failure was losing that property to the F Group three years ago. They are almost at the hotel, “So Fan, who are the two interested parties.”

     “Russians, the Rushkov Corporation and Hushang Group from Pushong City.”

     “Brother Fan I will be arriving at your hotel in five minutes ignore the scene I am going to make. Actually you should probably leave so you aren’t culpable.” Leng Shuai hangs up.

     He has a sinister laugh as he hangs up, I’m coming for you Feng LiMei and I am going to scare the living daylights out of you! 

      Huang Fan is staring at his phone, Shit! What is that crazy bastard going to do! He tells the desk clerk he is going to his home for awhile his wife called. He is pulling out of his parking spot when he sees four black Land Rover SUVs pull up to the front. Fucking Shuai! You will owe me if the Chairman finds out you caused a problem at the hotel!

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